Boris Johnson ‘demanding safe seat’, fears loss of 5k 2017 majority

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Johnson: casting anxious electoral glances at Corbyn?

A number of parliamentary sources report that Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson – currently in Afghanistan to ‘duck’ today’s vote on the expansion of Heathrow Airport, according to even mainstream media – has been frantically demanding a move to a safe seat at the next general election.

The reports – which even a close and extremely well-connected Johnson supporter today declined to deny outright – would appear to make a mockery of recent ‘MSM’ propaganda claiming that the UK has reached ‘peak Corbyn’.

Johnson’s majority in Uxbridge and South Ruislip was halved by the ‘Corbyn surge’ in 2017, reduced from 10,695 in 2015 to just 5,034 last year. While a couple of new and Labour-leaning wards may be added to the constituency by the Tories’ boundary review, the differential voting numbers in a couple wards would not be enough to dramatically affect the arithmetic.

But if the reports are accurate, he thinks there is a serious risk that his majority will disappear altogether at the next general election, which many observers consider may not be all that distant.

Johnson’s parliamentary officer was asked for comment but has not responded.


For all the media’s rather desperate insistence that the UK’s impetus toward a Corbyn government has lessened or stalled, it seems that at least one senior government figure may be seeing through the smokescreen to the real underlying electoral trends and is trying to insure himself against the serious threat to his parliamentary tenure.

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    1. Afghanistan is now the worlds leading exporter of heroin/opium. Helmand province is one of the main growing areas.

      1. 3rd runway at heathrow heroin/opium export from afghanistan to britian perhaps they may have found a job for boris, he could work with the tribal groups supplying the stuff

  1. It’s hardly surprising that Boris is preparing to abandon his constituents after putting his own self-interest before theirs

    It is disappointing that the government didn’t support the Swansea lagoon power project as a way of offsetting some of the extra CO2 from a third runway.

  2. No idea how Tory internal politics work, but is it in Theresa’s ‘gift’ to make him stay where he is and face his defrauded constituents? If she knows she’s going to lose anyway, that might be a pleasing revenge.

  3. If we do find that he is suddenly moved to a ‘safe’ area then we will definatley know who is calling the shots in this government of fools

  4. To the tune of Chirpy, Cheap, Cheap:
    Where has Boris gone?
    To Afghanistan.
    Where has Boris gone?
    To Afghanistan, far, far away.
    Last night I heard resigning would not help his ambition.
    Whooh Wee Tory, Tory, Creep, Creep!
    In search of the bus Boris?
    They see it here, they seek it there, they seek it almost everywhere.
    Eagerly pursuing the latest publicity stunt.
    They are dedicated followers of Thatcher!

  5. His duplicity over Heathrow expansion will probably be very damaging to his re-election chances.

  6. A safe seat, Guantanomo Bay, Gulag, Kim probably has some good places for aspiring examples such as boris, offers please, he could always find a job as a despatcher on the third runway at heathrow

  7. Just noticed that according to Electoral Calculus, if the boundary commission’s final recommendations are passed by the House of Commons this autumn, Boris Johnson’s seat of Uxbridge and South Ruislip will be replaced by a new seat of Hillingdon and Uxbridge which is estimated to have, in 2017 terms, a Labour majority of just under 500. Perhaps that’s why Boris is getting windy.

    1. “Perhaps that’s why Boris is getting windy.”

      That’s just Boris talking out of his arse as usual, he’s finding it more and more difficult to hide the smell.

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