Video: ‘ejected just after we chanted’ – so who’s this giving an interview at #LabourLive?

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As the SKWAWKBOX covered on Monday, a small group of ‘centrists’ tried to disrupt Jeremy Corbyn’s speech during Saturday’s ‘LabourLive’ event in London – and two of them, including a right-wing candidate in this summer’s NEC elections, told Sky News on Saturday that they were immediately ‘ejected’ from the venue.

The NEC candidate, Jasmin Beckett, told the SKWAWKBOX that journalists witnessed their ejection – but the only one she could name was PoliticsHome’s Kevin Schofield. He was not at the event.

Ms Beckett has previously been accused of inciting false allegations for political gain.

The other Sky News interviewee, Richard Brooks – ‘co-director’ of an anti-Brexit company ‘For our Future’s Sake’ – told the broadcaster that the group had shown its banner and started chanting as Corbyn’s speech was just starting and was then almost immediately ‘ushered’ away from their spot and out of the venue.

But right-wing hack Ross Kempsell posted an interview with Brooks and another protestor on Twitter. The video was recorded in the venue – while Corbyn’s speech continued in the background:

Other video footage already published by the SKWAWKBOX shows the protesters walking away from the site of their initial protest with no apparent security personnel in attendance.

Right-wing rags including the Daily Mail have run with the story of the ejection. The available evidence does not appear to support the claims.

Mr Brooks was contacted for comment on Monday morning, but has not responded so far.

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  1. I was there at Labour Live and saw the banner go up. I was a couple of metres behind them. I couldnt see what was on the banner from behind but the only thought that came to my head was, ‘Who are these twats blocking so many people who were standing right behind them from seeing Jeremy’. I blinked and they were gone in an instant.

  2. There is another one Melantha or something she said “we left”, not that they were chucked out. She tweeted it.

  3. So what if they were chucked out? Poor behaviour, ruining things for other paying guests they SHOULD have been kicked out.

    It’s high time Jennie Formby got to grips with this BS & started banning ppl from the party for lying like this, issue a few lifetime bans & all this backstabbing will have to stop.

    1. 100percent agree Richard
      The NEC leadership now has to impose strict discipline to stop this destruction of the Labour Party from within.
      It does the unity of the party no good and there are agents within the party who want to see it’s destruction . By all means they can protest against the policies and issues but to lie on TV with the intent to smear Corbyn and henceforth the Labour party can only be seen as bringing the party into disrepute and dragging it down in the publics eye.

      Sadly for them I don’t think there can be any other options now other than to resign and go join the Conservatives or better still the NEC to flex its muscles and impose some discipline and expel them especially as Beckett appears to have previous past form for lying.

    2. S’ what I said Saturday night when they were 1st claiming they’d been chucked out. If a bunch of Brexiteers had done the same they wouldn’t like it so why do they think it’s ok for them to be so selfish? Which is what this ‘cunning stunt’ was.
      If they want to win hearts & minds they need to get out and about talking (politely) to people who would vote Leave again if there was a #PeoplesVote. Which they poss dare not do because that would mean going to very deprived areas and talking to very poor people.

  4. Psychology student, beckett, I believe.

    A proper psychologist could write volumes about the attention seeking pathological liar. As for brooks – the effin’ state of the meff.

  5. If members appear on national TV and have obtained wide publicity for allegations that they have made about their treatment by the Party their claims need to be investigate. If the allegations are found to be untrue and to have been made with malicious intent appropriate action should then be taken by the Party.

    As a former trade union rep I have encountered plenty of employers’ codes of staff conduct that have warned staff about the possible consequences of bringing the company into disrepute and making untrue and malicious complaints . It’s all quite reasonable and pretty standard stuff that it practised by most organisatons

  6. Perhaps just as a thought , SB could cover more of the positives of the event and how successful it was , to counter the negative crap from these RW.
    Push them off the pages and starve em of oxygen ,, being pilloried on SB is no doubt seen as a badge of honour to them , so lets take that and their 5 seconds of fame away , leave em in a world of irrelevance as Corbyn’s Labour with its 1/2 million members moves towards Govt.
    For the many and NOT these few !

  7. For our Future’s Sake Ltd has 3 directors: Jason Arthur, Richard Brooks and Amanda Nicola Chetwynd-Cowieson.
    Ms. Chetwynd-Cowieson’s Google results suggest she must be working full time on profile-building so… bog-standard politically ambitious media junkie? By Blair, out of Thatcher?

    Mr. Brooks would do well to change his name to something similarly toff-ish if he wishes to keep up with that one.

    I’m guessing the other hooray might be the same Jason Arthur who was a Crouch End councillor and “finance chief” of Haringey?


  8. Solomon Hughes (amongst others) point out the links between this group, the likely corporate funders and Peter Mandelson:

    ‘The “Our Future Our Choice” (OFOC) anti Brexit/Anti Labour Billboard vans campaign is supposed to be funded by “Crowdfunding”. The funding target was £40k. They raised only £12k from just 347 people. Meanwhile they get office space from Peter Mandelson’s group. Astroturf’

    No wonder Beckett and Brooks were able to access national media air time.

    (Astroturfing – Wikipedia

    Astroturfing is the practice of masking the sponsors of a message or organization (e.g., political, advertising, religious or public relations) to make it appear as though it originates from and is supported by a grassroots participant(s).)

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