Grenfell firefighter Dowden targeted by convicted ‘7/7 cyber-stalker’

dowden lowde.png
Michael Dowden and convicted cyberstalker Felicity Lowde

London Fire Brigade (LFB) incident commander Michael Dowden has received huge support – and an #IAmMichaelDowden hashtag – after many feared he was being set up as a scapegoat for the huge loss of life in the Grenfell Tower blaze.

Dowden testimony subsequently exposed the role of Boris Johnson’s cuts to the LFB in the Grenfell death toll – Dowden had only six engines available at a ‘ten-pump’ incident – but Johnson will not face the inquiry any time this year, as the first phase will examine only the immediate circumstances of the fire.

Dowden was forced to manage an incident for which he was too junior in the fire service. But in spite of that he has been the target of a small number of strident critics – including one Felicity Lowde, of whose series of tweeted condemnations two are shown below:

fjl md.png

Lowde has publicly attacked Dowden’s – and the LFB’s – competence, integrity and honesty in her tweets, including equating his reportedly flashback-driven answers on the first day of his testimony with guilt.

More broadly, she even commented that only a few firefighters did any work during the blaze – a comment made ridiculous by well-known images of exhausted crews after hours battling it and by the frank comments made firefighters about the events of that night at the risk of their jobs.

Her tweets have provoked outrage, with numerous Twitter users criticising her comments and one stating,

“It must be awful to be trapped inside that twisted little mind”

But Ms Lowde has a history. In 2007 she was arrested – typing at a keyboard in a London cybercafe – while reportedly on the run from the authorities after being convicted in her absence for cyber-stalking rape victim and survivor of the ‘7/7’ London terror bombings, Rachel North, who reported that the harassment had left her ‘living in terror‘:

lowde cyber.png

A second complainant also alleged that she had targeted and harassed him online for fifteen months before her arrest.

Ms Lowde was contacted for comment. Her response was ‘See you in court’.

A further opportunity was offered to comment. This was the result:

You’ve been reported to the police for this intimidation, which is no less than criminal harassment and interference with justice. Desist forthwith.


The trauma suffered by firefighters at Grenfell Tower that night is second only to that of the residents and their families. None of them should be targeted or blamed for events outside their control – and certainly not until the inquiry has reached its conclusions.

Ms Lowde has published a blog insisting on her innocence and that the charges and her conviction were persecution and a miscarriage of justice. In spite of that, she has demonstrated a reaadiness to attribute guilt publicly to others without due process.


It transpires that Ms Lowde opted to go public against this blog for offering her the opportunity to comment, describing the offer as intimidation, harassment and abuse:

lowde alleg0lowde alleg1

In the interests of transparency – and as Ms Lowde did not put any of the conversation off the record – here are the DMs that constitute the only conversation that took place:

lowde dms bizarre.png


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  1. Pot kettle black she accuses you of exactly what she is doing to Michael Dowden furthermore what he is doing in no way helping the victims and survivors of grenfell as they are all solidly behind every fire officer that night

  2. She sounds exactly like a substantial proportion of the Labour Party Members of Parliament.

  3. Obviously this person is in need of mental health help and seems to have deep routed issues .
    But thanks to Tory cuts she is unlikely to get that …. and we the rest of society then has to suffer the consequences of those cuts allowing people who need mental health support to carry on damaging those innocents in society.

    1. Further more looking at her responses to SB requests for comment and threats of civil legal action , I would say it will probably be her who has a case to answer for liable against Commander Dowden

  4. Oxford Mail, 7th. June 2007:
    “Lowde has previously declined a request to speak to the Oxford Mail, but maintained her innocence on her blog, in which she claims to be ‘an authorised Special Branch researcher’.”

    Poor woman seems to have lost touch with reality. When delusion leads people to attack others – rather than just claiming to be David Icke/god/Napoleon – it’s probably time for chemical intervention in a nice, safe place.

  5. We have seen many instances of individuals claiming intimidation where no intimidation seems to be exist and this perhaps results in the allegation losing credibility which is a tragedy for thos who suffer genuine threats and harassment

  6. Oh dear. Looks like one of those borderline psychiatric cases given the history. Deeply unpleasant and plenty to hide presumably. Well done Skawkbox for giving her the publicity she deserves. Far too much of that sort of gratuitous unpleasantness on Twitter. Criticism of public servants is one thing but malign and slanderous comment is something else altogether.

  7. And everyone thought that kate hopkins is a crank?! Some serious competition going on here…

    Although it’s exactly as I predicted. They’ll try and blame everyone except those what profited or ‘saved money’ (i.e. the fire bobbies, the labourers what applied the cladding etc).

    As I’ve always said….Sh*t rolls downhill . 🙁

  8. Why is still on Twitter it needs complaints. She should be taken off. Complain to Twitter it can be done. I think she’s deranged but that is not consolation to you. All people on Twitter make that complaint

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