Enjoyed Danny Dyer’s Cameron-Brexit rant? Here’s the free ringtone (bleeped/unbleeped)

Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer achieved cult-hero status in the eyes of many on ITV’s Good Evening Britain last night by expressing a very forthright opinion about the Tories’ confusion on Brexit and former PM David Cameron’s failure to take responsibility for his decision to call Brexit for internal Tory political purposes:

Dyer seemed to tap into a seam of public anger about Cameron’s weakness – both in the decision to call the EU referendum and then to immediately step down so he didn’t have to take responsibility for it.

There have been a lot of comments by appreciative viewers indicating they were so impressed they’d use it as a ringtone if they could – and now they can.

Below are bleeped and unbleeped version of the ‘best bits’ (parental advisory/explicit lyrics in the uncensored version), so you can have one for public use and switch to the full-on version when you don’t need to worry who’s listening:


To download the file, touch and hold or right-click here for the censored version or here for the uncensored, then select ‘save target as’ (or equivalent on your system).


The ringtones are entirely free, but if you’d like to make a donation to the SKWAWKBOX to support its work, click here – see here for reasons you may want to.


      1. He only repeated what millions up & down the land have been saying forever…So what, like?

        But to turn him into some sort of cult idol and make a ringtone out of what he said?

        As Herschel Krustofsky’d say: ‘Oy, Gevalt!’

  1. Mr. Dyer asks where that twat Cameron is – well, he’s delayed the book about his time in No.10 until next year apparently so if he’s in his writing-shed it’s not his book he’s polishing.
    Maybe he’s finally figured out that there’s no ending where he comes out of it not covered in shit.
    Or maybe he’s waiting until next year so he can make his predictions about how it’ll happen after it’s happened.
    Once bitten… 🙁

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