Excl: protesters’ vile behaviour to #LabourLive-goers


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A tweet critical of the protesters and their claims.

The reality of the ‘protest’ at last Saturday’s LabourLive event has begun to percolate into the wider awareness after evidence challenged protesters’ claims to have been ‘ejected’ from the event – and the facts about the Tory-funded, Mandelson-hosted organisation involved came to light.

But more information about the behaviour of some of the protesters can now be revealed, thanks to eye-witnesses who were standing within feet of them as they prepared their protest – and were the victims of some unpleasantness.

A woman eyewitness told the SKWAWKBOX:

I was right in front of banner-wielding group at LabourLive. They all wore T-shirts saying CORBYN I LOVE EU. I asked them who paid for their shirts. They said they got together to fund them, which I doubt.

They were disrupting the speech and blocking views, so people were cross. They’ve claimed a lot of the crowd were supportive, but I didn’t see anyone praising them. Then they left with photographers in tow.

We said ‘shame’ and ‘don’t you know what solidarity is?’. One of the young women in the group called me a Tory apologist and said “f*ck you” with a northern accent in response to my cry of shame on you. Lovely. Here are her friends:

A man who was nearby had a similar experience, being called a “f*cking pr*ck” by a male protester described as having a US accent.


Just two accounts from an event of thousands – and only involving two of some twenty protesters – but entirely in line with the entitled and arrogant behaviour evident during the protest and since.

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  1. Not surprised. You only have to see the comments from middle class liberal Labour EU fanatics in the Indy & Grauniad to see where they’re coming from.

  2. They’re kids who have had their future stolen by Brexit being endorsed by JC. The have very right to be bally angry and I for one support them. I don’t condone bad language any more than I condone JC’s intransigence on Brexit despite 72% of his voters wanting to remain. I not sure what the answer is but perhaps it’s time he was put out to grass.

    1. They have every right to be angry about Brexit – but perhaps they should focus that anger on the Government which is ploughing ahead with it rather than Corbyn who is working hard to try and derail it. Some people just can’t see the wood for the trees, it would seem. We know who is bankrolling them though, and that explains their obsession with Corbyn.

    2. If only it were that easy. I see that 72% figure being quoted a lot but little reference to the fact that 75% or thereabouts of Labour MPs represent leave constituencies. Numbers of MPs are what it’s all about.
      Now, I might not like that nor may you but it is a hard political fact and as we saw yesterday without Tory ‘rebels’ JC can do little tangible about Brexit.
      IMO he has had a fine line to tread and done it pretty well

    3. Carol , putting JC out to grass isn’t the answer , but putting this Mayhem Govt out of it’s misery IS .

      These Kids as you call them ( not really Kids now at mid 20s I ‘d have thought ) do not in ANYWAY aid that end game by joining with and providing the Tories and their puppet masters in the MSM with more ammunition to grind down Labours chances of election.
      Especially by straight out lying on national TV just to ” have a go ” and undermine Corbyn and hence Labour ,,,, this is known as ” bringing the party into disrepute ”

      By all means they can protest the issues but DON’T lie about them on MSM TV to undermine Labours chances .
      They were not ejected or kicked out , but that is what the whole story became and the message ,,, how intolerant Labour is under JC ,, “he has to go” , and you swallowed it !
      .One assumes you are a Labour member and can thus see the logic of this ?

      I suggest to you that these ” kids ” , nice turn of phrase BTW trying to paint them as childish innocents not knowing what they are doing , is in fact an utter fallacy.
      They are intelligent, experienced and in some cases , Becketts , University educated people .
      No,,,, they know EXACTLY what they are doing and thus should accept the consequence undiminished of their actions . In Becketts case there being NO CHANCE of her attaining any position of power in the Labour Party and in fact should now be expelled .

      A more constructive and positive approach would’ve been for them to direct their anger at the heart of the cause of all this hatred and division in our Country and that is the Tory Govt that caused it all , not Corbyn and certainly not other Labour Members at the event .

      Just remember Corbyn is NOT the cause, he is trying , very cleverly and well , to prevent a rock hard Brexit and the destruction of any chance those “kids ” as you call them , have.
      If he capitulated to the RW in Labour ( Labour First and the other NeoLibs falsely masquerading as Labour MPs ) then pretty much most of the Labour MPs in the North where a majority voted leave will be wiped off the political map. You saw that happen in Scotland with the Blairites conceit and arrogance to ignore the voters .

    4. The “kids” are highly organised and financed fanatics who have bundled two obsessions into one: remain in the EU by any means, and crush Labour’s left forever.

  3. I think your use of the word bally seems to mark you down as an aged tory troll

  4. I say, Dolly 34061, isn’t that Jeremy Corbyn taking the bally cud out of our mouths?
    Bally ruffian!

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