Coyne humiliated again as appeal judge says ‘inconsistent, confusing and weak’


Gerard Coyne’s latest dead-horse-flogging attempt has ended in another humiliating failure after yet another attempt to legally overturn the democratic decision of Unite union members to re-elect Len McCluskey as their General Secretary was witheringly dismissed by an Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) judge.

Coyne had claimed confidence and anticipation in a tweet to his followers yesterday:

coyne appeal tweet

As with all his many, many previous attempts, that confidence was ill-founded, as the Honourable Justice Choudhury dismissed Coyne’s appeal in its entirety and described it as:

inconsistent, at times confusing and weak.

A Unite insider told the SKWAWKBOX:

They were all over the place. The judge dismissed all points, totally upheld the Certification Officer’s judgment, accepted the rule change was exactly as members would have expected, referenced no member compliant (including Coyne) until this application.

The EAT doesn’t award costs, although we asked it to, saying Coyne’s arguments had been contradictory and misconceived. Although he wouldn’t award costs as the application had made it through the ‘sift’ he did say agree with our description of the opposing arguments.

You really have to wonder when Gerard Coyne intends to accept that he simply lost an election and stop wasting the union’s time and money.

It’s a fair question – especially considering some of Coyne’s supporters have recently tried to smear Unite for ‘wasting members’ money’.


Justice Choudhury’s verdict is pretty much what this blog has said about Gerard Coyne’s case at every point so far – and his appeal against the thoroughly-considered original judgment of retired judge Jeffrey Burke never looked very wise.

However, the unimpressive Mr Coyne, whose behaviour during this case has sometimes crossed the line into the bizarre, does appear to have a bottomless appetite for punishment – and a seemingly-inexhaustible supply of funds to throw down the drain of ‘confusing and weak’ legal action.

His tweet also mentioned his return to the Certification Officer’s hearing in front of the judge whose finding he has just tried to overturn, just under two weeks from now, to present the rest of his points – which have not only already been rejected at every level, but in large part were said to be things Coyne himself had done rather than McCluskey.

Given the Information Commissioner’s confirmation last week that the handing of Labour member data by former Labour leadership challenger Owen Smith’s campaign to Coyne’s during the Unite contest was a breach of data protection laws, Coyne would appear rash to hold out any confidence in the outcome of his remaining arguments.

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  1. Give it up Coyne you’re wasting your time and more importantly everyone else’s. Its over done finished now pack up go away join a charity perhaps and do something useful!

  2. He ran a nasty campaign (backed by The Sun) which painted the Labour party in a horrible light. No real union person would help the Tories like that.
    And then there’s the mysterious access he had to personal details of Labour members who had nothing to do with Unite. The man is dodgy AS.

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