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Exclusive: Labour right mounting delegate-expulsion blitz to save Evans and prevent MP accountability at conference

Unite’s unanimous decision to reject Starmer’s acting general sidekick and likely backing for a move to force right-wing MPs to answer for their conduct triggers all-out right-wing war on party democracy

Labour’s right-wing regime is mounting an all-out expulsion war on left delegates to the party’s annual conference later this month – and on even the notion of democracy in the party – in a desperate bid to save David Evans from an ignominious rejection as Labour’s acting general secretary – and to block a motion that would make MPs accountable to conference, instead of the current contemptuous autonomy they exploited to bring the party down under Jeremy Corbyn.

According to party insiders, the right has been spooked by giant union Unite’s recent unanimous decision not to confirm right-winger Evans to the permanent general secretary position and the likelihood of smaller left unions following suit. Unions hold 50% of voting rights at conference and a Unite block vote against Evans poses a serious threat to his chances of staying in post – all the more so as Labour cannot be certain about the intentions of GMB or even the right-managed Unison.

GMB’s new general secretary Gary Smith has already ordered a total review of the union’s donations to Labour on the grounds that GMB is not getting value for its money from the Starmer regime and the union has already ended funding to the London party over Labour’s treatment of employees.

Unison, meanwhile, has a newly left-run national executive and while they have not yet had chance to remake the union’s image at conference level because of an anti-democratic rearguard action by the union’s right-wing management, Labour is taking no chances and has decided to expel as many left delegates to conference as it can before the event takes place.

As delegates are directly elected by local parties, this represents a(nother) direct attack on members’ democratic rights – but this is of no importance to Starmer’s and Evans’s factions in the Labour staff machine. Despite months spent gerrymandering delegate selections as far as possible, the right cannot be sure that Unite’s declaration of intent does not put their hopes of cementing permanent control of the party – always their ultimate aim since Corbyn’s leadership election wins and his success in the 2017 general election terrified them, no matter what claims they make to the contrary – at risk.

Shift of focus

And so the ongoing purge has shifted focus onto conference delegates specifically. Skwawkbox has received reports from around the country of delegates receiving ‘auto-exclusion’ notices from the party at a rate many times higher than would be merited by the number of delegates compared to members.

In Liverpool, delegates have received auto-exclusion notices for innocuous reactions to comments on their Facebook profiles, while all three ‘CLPs’ in the London borough of Ealing have seen delegates told they will be summarily kicked out of the party before conference.

In the south-east, one delegate received an auto-expulsion notice from the party – even though her recent Twitter feed has been filled with tweets about the death of her husband and her recent cancer diagnosis. The party trawled through her feed to find an excuse to exclude her – and opted to ignore her obviously stressful circumstances and the threat to her mental and physical health that being not only expelled but prevented from attending conference and meeting friends and comrades there intrinsically entails. She contacted Pamela Fitzpatrick – also a target for auto-exclusion despite being a sitting councillor and a parliamentary candidate at the last general election, who commented on Twitter:

The dozens of reports of such conduct by the party appear to be just the tip of the iceberg – and party insiders warn that the only reason the assault has not been on an even greater scale so far is because the party does not have enough staff to get through more at a time. One told Skwawkbox:

They’re limited by how many staff they can throw at this, but they have no intention of stopping and we need to tell left-wingers to temporarily close down their Facebook accounts until this is sorted and lock down their Twitter or there will be hardly any left delegates at conference. They’ll stop at nothing to protect Evans and prevent right-wing MPs being answerable to conference for their behaviour.

Industrial scale

Despite limitations on staff numbers, it’s clear that the expulsion operation is on an industrial scale. Some screenshots sent to victims of the purge have given away how many tabs an individual staffer has open, each showing a different member’s social media pages – details have of course been redacted – by Skwawkbox, not by Labour – in the example below to protect privacy:

Lawyers have said that this kind of social media trawling is very likely to be a breach of data protection laws

Modus operandi

Significantly, the ‘blitz’ on left delegates bears a strong similarity to the disgusting attack earlier this month on Young Labour chair Jess Barnard. Under threat from Barnard’s lawyers, Labour ‘rescinded’ the notice of investigation sent to her, claiming it had been sent in error – there was no error, but the party’s usual processes had been ignored and circumvented in a spiteful attack on Barnard by a ‘senior staffer’.

And many of the auto-exclusion letters also appear to have binned any notion of due process. Where they should be sent by ‘GLU’, the party’s ‘governance and legal unit’ that is supposed to manage any investigations and potential disciplinaries, they have been sent from the ‘assessments@’ email address – the unit which, as its name suggests, should be doing no more than a preliminary assessment of potential cases.

The Labour right is acting as judge, jury, police and executioner – and this purge comes on top of other measures that can be used to winnow out left delegates administratively.

Belt and braces

Where the party is unable to find an excuse to suspend or expel delegates, it is using its networks in CLPs – local parties – to prevent members from telling them how to vote on the confirmation of Starmer or the accountability of MPs. Just tonight, in one Liverpool constituency, members were prevented from voting on the following motion to ‘mandate’ delegates how to vote on those issues:

David Evans once wrote a report recommending that “representative democracy should as far as possible be abolished in the Party”. It seems his acolytes and sponsors are prepared to shred it entirely in order to protect him and the ability of right-wing MPs to destroy any notion of real change in the party’s outlook.

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      1. saw it coming ages ago, 6+ mths, Truss’s been trussed up 2 Foreign Sec.
        I’m surprised dep party chairman dismissed. She defended indefensible Tory mess with confidence on Monday. Disagreed with every word; BUT she did what we sadly fail 2 do; turn up + speak up.
        We have truth on our side, yet hide. Tories like Widdecome & SIR starmer only have filth yet defend that boldly🟨🔳

        Similarly, SIR Keith was told he’s not the person to take Labour 4wrd. He replied; I AM. He remains filthying this very day.
        Ditto Raab. V unfit, yet fought his case 4 OVER an hour with a PRIME-MINISTER, not with Mandelson / Hodge / Harman / Phillips number two… A PM!!! He did not limp away. Now he’s Dep PM, Lord Chancellor, Justice Sec and STILL insisted Johnson’s minions proclaim “It’s NOT a demotion”🟨🔳

        I expect the dreadful Patel will also remain EXACTLY where she is, 4 the same confidence. WHY? FACT – Johnson de Piffle is also “Confrontation Averse” just like Jeremy. Johnson, contrary to the ‘opinions’ fed them by MSM esp BBC TV anaesthetic effect on independent observation & thought, has almost ZERO friends in the PCP & CHQ. His support is ONLY Tory BASE… not even the shires but THROUGHOUT the country; many of “the many”. He focuses on them and only does the MINIMUM to Tory high command🟨🔳

        Jeremy: The difference? Jeremy handed away his USP + his way ahead of the curve position in SYNC with the majority of the electorate – ie Give Leave a Try or make it permanent!!!
        BASIC LOGIC, disentanglement from the European Project will b as creeping a process as entanglement. as BLINDINGLY obvious as Johnson being as concentrated a REMAINIAC as ALL his family INCLUDING his grand parents🟨🔳

        BUT charlatan Johnson charlatan was handed the ONE & ONLY General Election KEY to 2019 victory by Jeremy.
        He gilded the key, embellished it with lavish gems, & on his knees, presented it on a silver platter to Cummings’ Johnson. WHY? ONLY to appease his OPEN enemies & Parasites; Mandelson, Blair, Hodge, Coyle, Khan SIR Keith. Why? CRAVING to be “loved” by them. DETERMINED 2 do “EVERYTHING they asked”. NB “ASKED”; not on pain of torture or death as people face in other countries and even here🟨🔳

        We will NEVER create, nor sustain progressive change here nor anywhere else, unless we deal with these FACTS instead of feasting on dripping damp nice USELESS pap. OBVIOUS but the self-proclaimed “smart” & “well educated” r busy gorging on TV propaganda esp BBC. ¿”smarter” & “better educated” than the mass of “deplorables”❓ ❓ ❓

    1. Wirral In It Together: a “new workers’ movement would sweep all this SH** away”.

      TOO TRUE!!! A strong broom to sweep the SH** away in & out of Labour.

      Eg Gavin Williamson swept away but will b replaced by another SH**. Easily swappable with SIR starmer’s lot. Ask steveh davidh SH, it is their speciality.

      1. Raab 2 b swept away too, 2 make way 4 more SH**

  1. I am struggling to think of the answers to the bad infection of parasites at southside hq..I can only go back to the tried and trusted method of cleansing by cutting the money supply.or better still a mass burning of members cards in front of the cameras outside the “Coven” centre. “.The rupture of members leaving is the only final solution to a force for evil that the Labour party have proven to be.IN many countries not held down by a class ridden establishment system of government the security services would be looking very closely for the involvement of a foreign country in the downward spiral of the “official Opposition” and most especially the leadership of the Labour party.

    1. Every government is run by a kitchen cabinet, everyone else does their bidding or is kicked out
      At end of day its a handful of toerags that needs to be cleaned out, it really is as simple as standing upto to them and mounting a challenge
      I think most PLP members know this scorched earth policy cannot be allowed to go on much longer

  2. If it wasn’t for Skwawkbox how would any of this be known to Party members? The BBC and others are doing their best to protect Starmer and keep his anti-democratic purge hidden.

  3. I love the caption with the Starmer cup on the desk and the hand pointing “get out” ..Very creative and I am sure fawlty towers have now got a copy of it.Steve Walker must be a target for the Labour party leadership whos probably into a mental breakdown judging by the panicked reactions against the membership…Keep safe Squawkbox who are fast becoming the “official Opposition” to the conservative and unionist party.with the Labour party alarmingly only interested in the witchunt.

  4. I disagree that the Labour Party needs to be reformed by a rupture
    of members. As pointed out elsewhere – the Labour Party struggled
    on with very much fewer members for a long time. In fact I think
    Starmer and his Instrument would be happier with fewer members.

    The most sensible thing for conferences delegates in the short
    term is to shut down everything -face book, twitter, anything
    which can be used against them.

  5. Well, this was a bolt from the blue…Said nobody, ever.

    Two-amd-a-half hours in, and not a peep from the resident democracy champion. …Coincidence? No such animal.

    1. Deary me Toffee I hope himself hasn’t fallen in the gutter,or a snake has bitten him on his foraging in the jungle that I recommended for keeping him fit and off the sauce…ITs not easy for any of us ,it really is a jungle out there don’t you know!.Maybe hes been let go again and another DCM was too too much?

      1. Apart from Winning The Future you’d hope 🙂 sorry Baz just adding a bit of levity when it comes to the Labour right being a pack of c*unts this is par for the course

  6. OMG,these tactics can only be described as an example of FASCISM. I define fascism as the subversion of democratic structures.
    This is exactly what Evans and Starmer are doing: we have a Rule Book approved democratically at Conference. However, the rules are been subverted to guaranty that Evans is confirmed as GS and Labour MPs could carry on escaping democratic accountability.

    1. Apparently this site has received in recent weeks, on impeccable authority, cast iron guarantees that a new set of processes will be so water tight that it will never ever, honest to God and cross my heart and hope to die, be possible for anyone acting in bad faith to misuse and gerrymander the system for sectarian political purposes.

      The originator of this claim is, apparently, a modest soul. As a result it would not be fitting to identify them. Though, doubtless, some diligent readers will no doubt emulate the current approach of the Party’s Matthew Hopkins Brigade by trawlin this site’s below the line comments for the evidence.

  7. When Starmer agreed to abide by the recommendations of the ERHC, that included a fair and independent disciplinary process, free of political interference. This behaviour must leave the leadership open to a challenge, but that would take time, not to mention money.

    The unions are unhappy with the direction of this Stalinistic Labour party and this appears to have triggered this latest round of targetting political opponants, a tactic favoured by authoritarian dictators.

    Yesterday, Marsha de Cordova quit as shadow equalities minister, to concentrate on fighting the Tories, that’s if the rumours are to be believed. Maybe the treatment of Jess Barnard, disciplined and threatened for supporting a trans gender person also had some bearing on her decision. Shadow womens minister Charlote Nichols also stepped down for personal reasons, which if the Grun is to be believed is not connected to any political issue.

    Even “soft” left members are starting to find Stalin and Evans methods unpalatable and I’ve heard at least one MP previously a Starmer supporter, has growing concerns about Starmers decisions and authoritarian tendencies.

    This smacks of desperation.

  8. It seems reasonable to suggest the key question is who would trust people who operate in this way, from whatever political wing*, to run a Government Department? Or, for that matter, their local Council?

    * Because, unfortunately, from experience, this kind of approach is not a monopoly.

  9. Well Well Well.What a Pleasure it was this morning Reading All The Posts.Without the Horrid Individual..

  10. I am a member of Sefton Constituency Labour Party (Merseyside). Can anybody guess what has happened to our CLP chairman? Am I allowed to say that?.

    1. Steve Richards, I’m guessing he is a conference delegate and has been suspended. Close??

      1. Comrade JackT…………close enough to merit a cigar! I wonder why Starmer & Evans are so frightened of free & open debate? Can anybody guess?

  11. One fine day, not far off into the future, all manner of unsavoury, damaging information will be prevented from leaking out. In fact it will never have actually happened in the first place when you look for it inside the forthcoming, carefully polished version of reality.

    That day will arrive when Labour HQ has successfully elevated itself to “Ministry of Truth”.

    Or at least, that’s the dream 😑

  12. From my personal experience as a ex Labour councillor the Labour councils are run in exacly the wrong way that most of us would wish for.and very rarely reflect the wishes of the members or the public that elect them.There are a few notable exceptions including ken Livingstone and Corbyn McDonnell GLC and Derick Hatton (degsy)that sacrificed themselves against the march of Thatcher and the right wing..Contrast that today were many Labour councillors automatically think that they are owed a living by any means and sod the expenses claims…The few good ones and mps have sustained my beliefs in the Labour party alarmingly though like many others I am tired of fighting the same old ideology thats been there in my life time and I will very soon be seventy one and extremely depressed that the Labour party a force for good could have been submerged so quickly by the right wing fascists of the knight.The cancer permeated the whole corpse from top to bottom its just a matter of the burial now and when..When a good friend of mine died 3months ago I was called out at five in the morning just before the sun 🌞rises to check for any sign of life even a pulse or a breath,the body still being warm in a climate were even at 5am the temps rarely drop below mid twenties centagrade.He was in a traditional Buddhist ceremony burnt on a pyre a has the sun went down at six pm and then the celebrations began of a respected family man who had survived with his wife and children as part of the slave Labour force for the khmer roug.In the morning the relatives and especially children are allowed to share out the bones and preserved in a mini Watt for the the prayers and offerings that he will return as a man of great standing and wealth.I tell you this story of what its like on the commune were I live to try to make you understand that theres a time for living and a time for dying and the Labour party need to be put out of their misery and disposed of before the body starts to disintegrate and the corpse falls apart completely.Understand that no matter how long we are members and how much we respected the Labour party its our duty now to see the corpse disposed of so has to stop the infection spreading.

    1. Joseph
      You don’t blow up the building just because it’s full of scumbags
      Nowt wrong with the Labour party, members and supporters, what we have here is a failure to communicate
      Red Tories are in the wrong party and off they must fuck, unfortunately we have not made that clear to them, there are still pillocks who think the party can unite

      1. Doug “You dont blow up the buiding” ?…We can especially if the laeder and the misfits are inside metophoricaly speaking.We can build another buiding one with proper planning and implementation and regs. “Nowt wrong with the Labour party members” ?There are some very good people who are being weeded out and over a hundred thousand members many of them activists that have dumped the Labour party and more witchunted.I will reserve judgment on the members despite the clowns who voted for suicide with the knight nailed onto his head.and the obvious statment of intent with a title….Has they say we will see and I hope I am completely wrong and the knight will waive his wand and all will be wonderful in the Star studded kingdom of Labour land..regards and give the dog a vote next time doug if there is a next time?

  13. I have little knowledge of the law but if these suspensions are as wide spread as the article suggests is there no avenue for legal challenge as a class action, I would suggest fund raising for such a course of action would be well supported .I believe Ms Fitzpatrick has initiated a legal challenge to her investigation.

    1. Reply to Jim
      As far as I am aware temporary injunctions can be taken out against the party by members threatened with expulsion or exclusion from Conference. This process is relatively easy and means that until the case has been heard in court the party cannot take the proposed action against them. Court hearings are usually held quite quickly and a ruling is given to either lift the temporary injunction or make it permanent.( don’t know how the Covid situation will affect the timescale)
      The problem in taking this course of action is that it is expensive but most of us would be happy to crowd fund a number of cases and expose the ruthless tactics the party is prepared to use against its own members in order to exert complete control over them and squash dissent.

      1. Thanks for the info. I will bear it in mind when my inevitable expulsion letter arrives.

      2. Smartboy
        Cherry pick those you want at conference
        Been proved the money can be raised, its one way members and supporters can fight back

    2. Jim, we could of course crowdfund and mount a legal challenge, but it is most likely to be too late as the start of Conference is 10 away.
      We could perhaps take a legal injunction and stop Conference from taken place at all, until such a time as all this is sorted.
      However, in the meantime Evans would still act as the Party’s General Secretary. Thus, the best solution could be for all members of the SCG to leave the Labour Party and to form a new Party and take with them most of the affiliated if no all of the Trade Unions, so that the new Party start on a sound financial base.
      The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour and noticing the way Starmer and Evans are behaving as soon as Johnson issue a date for the next General Election, Starmer most likely is going to withdraw the whip of most Labour MPs members of the SCG and with no time for CLPs to select the PPCs it would be a rigged NEC that will parachute the Labour candidates.
      Members of the SCG will be thrown in disarray with no much time to prepare for a General Election and without financial support in place. Hence, the sooner they leave and form a new political Party with over 30 MPs the better.

      1. Thanks maria your words are better put even if I have been pleading this action for months.You mention the socialis mps some not all will be on the witchunt list and soon off loaded.Time is short and its got to be a new working-class movement now and just think over a hundred thousand members and subs union involvement and finance and a few sitting mps in the new party and all thanks to Sir keir starmer and his misfits….tell that scumbag to Tel Aviv you bunch of traitors..And most certainly mr Corbyn as lifetime achievement member for the Socialist revival.and the replacement of the Labour party..Ps why I say not all is because the socialist group were infiltrated and we wouldnt want to inherit the enemy within again….

    3. Trouble is, the Labour Party is legally [constitutionally] a private members’ club, that can make up its own rules unless they go against some wider [external] legislation. 2 of my friends in Liverpool were in the, recently lost, class action, which was lost. The Labour Party is no longer *fit for purpose* as a reforming, social-democratic, party. It may well go the way of other similar *outfits* in Europe;overtaken on the more *radical* Left [who then, in turn, become compromisers].

  14. just tidying my desk and found my two membership cards, children of JC, and idly read the back page which i hadn’t previously. ‘where we live together freely, in a spirit of solidarity, tolerance and respect’. ha, ha ha.

  15. Good idea to pick out a few cases and take the LP to Court. I have
    already given small sums towards court actions of LP members – only
    partially successful though. (They were through JVL).

    However an injunction is not the same as the sort of court action JVL
    organised – so it might be worth while.

    I know diddly squat about the Law but maybe those that do would help
    with this – or possibly someone from JVL could give advice – ? Maybe
    co-ordinate or something with Ms Fizpatrick?

    1. Holby fan mw I have given large sums to those who are members or not,some thrown under a Bus and denied membership just like Corbyn was initially expelled from the Labour party….would you fund him or Chris Williamson mp who was expelled by a pill poping(admitted)NEC?.PS my company also donated large sums via the elitist thousand club under bliar until I realised that the scumbag ivor caplin mp for hove who introduced me to the club was a Israeli plant via his international business consortium.Dont judge a book by its cover membership of the Labour party is effectively a liability.

  16. I appreciate what you say Maria about it being too late
    for the Conference – but it seems that legal action
    was efficacious in Jess’s case – ?

    Meanwhile I hope everyone is telling Conference delegates to
    suspend their Facebook and twitter accounts for the time being.

  17. Occurs to me that the Unions have the finances and a good reason to get a court injunction to stop this affront to democracy and to retain their own credibility.
    They are being disenfranchised even more overtly than the membership and doing nothing will show that they are a pushover.

  18. If you can’t beat them(fairly), cheat them!

    Labour’s right-wing bringing the Lance Armstrong approach to UK politics. And these are the same people demanding to be taken seriously when hypocritically complaining about the Tories forcing a return to FPTP for all English elections; changing constituency boundaries and needlessly bringing in photo ID requirements (having presumably learned their DE voter suppression tactics from the US?). Consistency is needed if the Tories are to be challenged over their gerrymandering. Labour’s leadership are little better based on this evidence.

    1. EVERYTHING is connected. If we connect KEY issues, + practise connecting BASICS, i believe much progress would have been made DECADES ago in building a better world. Those who sincerely want a better world do the world in general and us in particular a GREAT disservice. Worse yet a few use ALL their energy trying to keep things just as they are. The status quo could never survive without the immense efforts of those who have succeeded in infecting us with CONSTANT timidity and the sad scampering into deep bunkers. RESULT? Bunker dwellers understandably believe the myth that the world is inhabited only be the soles of feet, toes and pants & undercarriages sans underwear.

      22:00hrs Johnson will make a joint security address č Biden, Australia’s PM whoever it is.

      No wonder he conducted his reshuffle 2day despite their upcoming Conference & his dear mom’s passing. (Without whom he would have been even more heartless than he is).

      But, PLEASE connect tonights’ announcement, and ask why have the self declared “smarter and more educated than the general public” r repeatedly outsmarted by the “stupid”, and why r the “smart” always surprised by the EASILY predictable and predicted, over and over again.

      HISTORY & FACTS prove that things need not be this way. HISTORY is a catalogue of the most spectacular changes, taken 4 granted by many, but oddly by those who should know better. An excellent example is Jeremy. HE changed the “centre-ground”. HE moved the “centre”, NOT the war criminal who only carried out Margaret Thatcher’s plans, but with MUCH more military bloodshed and with DECEIT. At least Thatcher hissed / croaked ‘what it meant & meant what it” hissed / croaked.

      1. once again, it seems we who condemn other nations r about 2 announce a collaboration č the USA & Australia to ferment nuclear proliferation by putting nuclear submarines to provoke China.
        No other nations provoke others as we do, THOUSANDS of kilometres away.

      2. Nuclear-POWERED signpost! NOT carrying nuclear weapons!!

  19. I called them ‘Stasi-lite’ and some may think that’s a ridiculous exaggeration. But look at how HQ is operating under Starmer. Suppose they want to remove someone for factional political reasons, or someone simply falls out of favour with the leadership. They employ people to trawl through years of social media posting history(possibly using Twitter OSiNT, or some other Open-Source Intelligence application?) trying to find some semi-incriminating post that can plausibly be used as justification for that person’s expulsion.

    Needless to say, this is not the way any voluntary political organisation that relies on subs and the goodwill of members -who campaign asking nothing in return – should behave. It’s obnoxious, deeply factional behaviour and an abuse of power. Moreover it’s an affront to privacy, and the basic dignity of members. It’s totally unethical, they’re treating members like cattle.

    1. And a reliable guide to how such incompetent sectarians will act, behave and operate if ever elected to any kind of public office – be it Government or any level of local authority.

      When people act on the basis of having the “wrong kind of member” they will also act in the same way to voters and constituents.

      The only thing keeping this incompetent shower of charlatans of a Government in power is the reality that the Official ‘Loyal’ opposition are even worse incompetent charlatans.

      Neither Party, their bureaucracy and hierarchy, are fit for purpose in terms of running themselves never mind a Government. It is little wonder that the largest bloc of voters in British elections are NOTA.

      As economist Micheal Hudson notes here:

      ….our institutions operate “just as the Roman Senate blocked reform with veto power over popular legislation, and Europe’s upper houses of parliament such as Britain’s House of Lords used similar chokehold power to resist government control in the public interest.”

      Looking at the systemic corruption and a system no longer operating with any kind of efficacy we are likely to be heading in the same direction as the former Roman Republic.

      1. Dave Hansell
        Michael Hudson is a complete LegEnd, read his solutions to the current financial pandemic ‘A Debt Jubilee ‘
        To big to fail was the end of any pretence to a Free Market, Capatalism died but they refuse to hand over the body
        It has become socialism for the 1% and Capatalism for the 99%, profits are privatised and losses nationalised, they the 1% are no longer allowed to lose any money, no business cycle, no creative destruction and worst of all no moral hazard
        Bottom line is they own our so called democracy, the politicians, MSM and toilet papers
        Now wheres my pitch fork, guillotine, firing squad

  20. Apologies for this, but I have just heard that Liz Truss (a.k.a. Alice Tinker from the Vicar of Dibley) has been appointed as Foreign Secretary – and we thought that nobody could be worse than Raab.

    1. 😂 Wow, I bet she has a profound understanding of geography and geopolitics…..Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran bad. Saudi Arabia, Columbia, Qatar, Israel good. Palestine doesn’t exist.

    2. She’s almost like a parody act, but it’s a real person apparently.

      Should give foreign govts a chuckle if nothing else.

      1. Just realised – With Truss, and Antony Blinken in the US, we now have the most inept pairing in living memory. A safer world has just become even more remote.

      2. And tonight biden, johnson and the Australian PM are announcing close cooperation on military technology. Which means China is the target.

  21. Why are the Left standing by watching these Thugs Destroy the Party, There is one simple way to close this Corrupt Cabal of Rich Elite Right Wing MPs, All Left Wing MPs to Resign en Masse all Grassroots Members who agree with the Policies of Jeremy Corbyns Socialist Labour Party to Cut up their Cards and stop Paying money to this thuggish corrupt regime, Starmers New New Labour Party are so far away from the Beliefs of the Socialist Labour they could be on the Moon Then All Left Wing Trade Unions and their Members withdraw all payments from this Useless Incompetent Non-Party and its Leader Leave this Clueless Cabal of Right

    1. Hold your fire kidda, keep your powder dry for just a couple of weeks, if nothing happens at conference then on Labour Day, Tuesday 5th October we withdraw funding and bankrupt the fuckers

  22. Good discussion of the reshuffle on Ch4 news which should be a warning to Starmer. A politically varied cabinet means policy gets a road test inside the government. A cabinet of yes men/women produces a weak government. Not that Starmer will ever see government.

  23. From 2016-18 our Exec effectively stopped any delegates going to conference on the preface that the money was not there. It was. In 2018 they gerrymandered it so that one right and one left delegate went. By this time I was beggining to realise the depth of chicanery and dishonesty in the party. Apart from a small minority they’re a bunch of self serving runts.

      1. Stop fretting lad. You’ve more than earned your place on that list.

  24. The Right in Labour can’t beat the Left on IDEAS so in desperation they crush democracy and utilise procedural methods.
    They are actually bourgeois acts of intellectual weakness.
    Their days are numbered.
    You can’t kill ideas.
    What happened to Labour in Scotland (following Blairism) is Right Wing Labour in England’s fate.
    Right Wing Labour stand for nothing.
    Whilst the world will know that we Left Wing Democratic Socialists existed!
    Solidarity to the Socialists on here and readers.

    1. Starmer after all his deceit, is making vaguely left sounding press releases which his supporters call policy at the moment. This is probably due to conference coming up and he wants the unions and soft left onside plus good press from the likes of Owen Jones and the Guardian.
      I really can’t fathom how anyone could be taken in by him now.

    2. Bonapartist all. Murderous to tee. They hold their noses when talking at the unions and members. They loathe the working class and democracy. Nasty, nasty party.

  25. Here’s a list of some of the rule changes that will be put before Conference. The NEC will consider 83 pages of rule changes on Friday –
    Read and weep

    “Members must meet all relevant qualifications for the role, including undertaking any course of training that the NEC may prescribe”.
    It also allows waivers to the one-year membership requirement “to be delegated as the NEC sees fit”,

    Another new rule change would see a “probationary period of provisional membership” formally introduced,

    The rule changes also include giving Labour’s NEC the power to “consider any conduct” by Labour representatives and candidates that does not comply with party guidance as “prejudicial and grossly detrimental”.

    …..any member who “instigates, brings, lodges, issues or funds” legal action that is partly or wholly unsuccessful must reimburse Labour for costs incurred.

    … members will also need to go through a form of mandatory alternative dispute resolution by the Labour NEC before issuing some types of legal proceedings against the party.

    Other changes implement the rules legally mandated by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, such as ensuring that:

    Labour’s national constitutional committee (NCC) will not hear disciplinary cases involving protected characteristics after the end of 2021;
    An independent review board (IRB) of lawyers is introduced to review disciplinary decisions involving protected characteristics;
    An independent complaints board (ICB) is introduced to adjudicate cases involving protected characteristics, made up of four lawyers, four Human Resources or other regulatory expert professionals and four members who have been in the party for at least five consecutive years. These board members will be picked by a ‘standing recruitment committee’, the members of which will in turn be picked by the general secretary.

    The ‘Charter of Members Rights’ section of the rulebook will become the ‘Charter of Members Rights and Responsibilities’. This is among other changes, such as:

    The cut-off date for those eligible to vote in internal elections will be no more than eight weeks before ballot opens;
    Constituency Labour Parties will need the permission of the NEC affiliate with organisations;
    The priorities ballot may be held before Labour conference;
    The new local party post of ‘political education and training officer’ will be introduced.

    1. So that’s where all the money’s gone. Paying lawyers to stitch the party up. Talk about managed democracy, this is full on inverted totalitarianism.

    2. lundiel – It shouldn’t come as a surprise, ‘the left’ have spent months ‘showing off’ about how they are going to screw the Labour Party.
      When will you learn?
      This is what happens when you show your hand too early

      1. Steve H…..The penny dropped for you hasnt it and even you despite your comments must by now realise that this leader and his misfits are unhinged. This is the moment of truth for you and I hopd you use it in a practical way by disowning this lunatic leader you have let loose on the Labour party members.Everyone has a moment of truth and yours is now.?

      2. Joseph – The party has every right as well a duty to protect itself from those that seek to undermine it.

      3. SteveH
        The Left will finish Temporary Embarrassment and his Red Tory spivs and Thieves for the very good reason
        They are in the wrong party
        Now Joseph gave you chance to save your sorry soul and join us in getting rid of the fuckers, what is your red line, do you even have one

      4. Doug – The self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ are only a small minority, you just don’t have the numbers.

      5. SteveH
        When you live so close to the cliff edge it doesn’t take much to push you over
        Temporary Embarrassment and his fellow Fascists are anathema to the Labour party, I have detailed the quickest way to take the fuckers out with one financial punch
        Now remind us how you build up reserves of £13 million on a negative cash flow, you pillock

      1. Wobbly – Oh dear, I don’t post for a day and you get all concerned about my welfare. You’ll be pleased to hear that I can reassure you that I am fit and well, we’ve just had a busy day that’s all.

    3. That’s it is it steveH. The “new” all singing all dancing procedures which are going to stop the sectarians you cheerlead for abusing the system which you promised us?

      This is a gerrymanders charter. Coming from anywhere else and anyone else you would screaming the house down about “Stalinism” etc etc on grounds this protects the leaders and bureaucracy whilst disenfranchising the members who do all the donkey work.

      If you were a commercial trader you would be liable under the Trades Descriptions Act because, frankly, in terms of what is required this is underwhelming.

      It will certainly be interesting to see a managerialist bureaucracy and hierarchy, which is so inept it cannot even send an exclusion letter to members of a newly proscribed organised initiative when an NEC member who voted in favour of that proscription has the equivalent of a signed confession in their hands, identify members who, having exhausted all internal avenues to achieve proper due process, are forced into funding legal action against these incompetent charlatans.

      The strategy here is quite clear; based on former Blair speech writer Philip Collins observation “The party contains two ideological groups who ought not to be glued together – the social democrats and the socialists. A split would be traumatic but, in the end, cathartic.” seems to be the objective.

      Sadly, for those instigating and cheerleading for this it will merely lead to electoral oblivion and make explicit what is presently implicit – the effective organisational merger of the Government and Opposition in all but name as this pantomime plays out.

      Simply because this provides yet further evidence that those behind, like their fellow brethren on the opposite benches of what is rapidly descending into the kingdom of Liilliput, cannot be trusted to run a Government or with power over anyone.

      The loss of 5 million votes between 1997-2005 saw the NOTA vote rise to 18 million plus. On the present trajectory that looks set to exceed 20 million come the next election unless an alternative to this unworkable madness is presented.

      Bottom line: The Labour Party cannot win a non gerrymandered election without the Left.

  26. we’ve just had a busy day that’s all.

    Yeah. Time-and-a-half for the not-so-brief briefing you were at, was it?

    And all you can push out are the same default wee stevie bingo replies.

    It’s a miracle any of you lot can push a turd out.
    Small wonder the party’s on the bones of its arse. 😕

    1. Toffee – Most people grow out of an obsession with childish toilet humour before they leave the junior school playground.

  27. Well, I did caution against tempting fate.
    We have a government that has combined viciousness with complete ineptitude and an “opposition” which conspires to make the PM and ministers look statesmanlike.
    There are many more things to occupy us than getting involved in sparring with the resident fly in the ointment.
    For example – the arms fair at the Three Counties Show Ground is in th first week of November. Anyone who can get there would be welcomed I’m sure.
    As for LP Conference – I’m sure some will have decided to get T-shirts printed with the picture of the little boy from Kes on the front to wear at Conference.

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