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Urgent: right tries to neuter left exec in Unison. If you’re a member, here’s how to fight them in crucial election

‘Unison Labour Link’ elections could prevent left exercising its democratically-earned influence. Yet again, left members must step up

Earlier this summer, the left won a landslide in the elections to the national executive of the Unison union – a win that threatens the right’s entrenched dominance in the UK’s largest union.

The right has already begun trying to reverse the democratic win, suspending the union’s new president Paul Holmes in the hope of ‘decapitating’ the left caucus on the Unison’s ‘NEC’ and ensuring that Holmes, who would have won the Unison general secretary election had the left establishment not ignored his obvious popularity to divide the left vote by insisting on keeping a different candidate in the contest.

And now, the right is also trying to ensure that the new left executive cannot exert any influence on the Labour party’s NEC, where Unison holds several seats. The following message (Skwawkbox has removed the names of the right’s candidates to avoid confusion) went out from a Labour right pressure group to its supporters today:

Are you a member of Unison?

Or, with more than 1.3 million members, do you have friends, family or colleagues who are Unison members?

A crucial ballot is starting today to elect regional representatives on Unison’s Labour Link Committee.

This committee makes all the decisions about Unison’s relationship with the Labour Party and how it votes in internal Labour elections and selections.

Control of it is on a knife edge, and mainstream Labour supporters need to win 4 of the 7 regions with contested elections to have a majority on the committee.

In the 7 regions where there is a contested ballot we would recommend that Unison members vote for these candidates:

East Midlands –

Greater London –

Northern –

North West –

South East –

South West –

Yorkshire & Humberside –

Please let anyone you know who is a Unison member aware of this ballot, the recommended candidates, and the importance of voting.

The ballot is conducted entirely by post and votes must be returned by 13 October

The Labour right might claim its inappropriate for unions to try to influence Labour’s direction, but behind the scenes they pull every string

A left majority on Unison’s ‘Labour Link’ committee – in line with the massive vote for the left on the national executive – would open the door to the appointment of new, left NEC members to represent the democratic mandate of the new Unison ‘exec’ and against the interests of the dire right, despite more than a year of the right’s rigging of the Labour system. The right is, of course, desperate to prevent this.

The left slate of candidates for Unison’s Labour Link committee

So, as the right has told its supporters, if you are a Unison member or have friends, family members etc who are, then you know what to do. Make sure the right is thwarted in its attempt to neuter the democratic choice of Unison members – and ensure that the entire left slate of Labour Link candidates wins the available seats.

The left slate is:

  • East Mids – Anjona Roy
  • Greater London – Ruth Cashman
  • Northern – Helen Smith
  • North West – Joanne Moorcroft
  • South East – Billie Reynolds
  • South West – Aileen McLoughlin
  • Yorks and Humber – Paul Holmes

Ballots need to be returned by post by 13 October. If you haven’t received yours yet, make sure to contact your union rep or office to obtain one.

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  1. Around 100 people joined a solidarity rally for victimised union rep Paul Holmes on Monday as his disciplinary hearing began.

  2. Tony Blair left the hated trusts in position after the Labour landslide.I had spent more of my time with Unison than my family fighting for a better NHS protected from the privatisation by… a bunch of Tory carpetbaggers.Along with PFI Labour led us up the creek by making sure that the NHS was oven ready for privatisation.

  3. Well I did feel a little bit sorry for you Steve H Hall centrist Dad and probably many other aliases…..just an old softy sure I am..And the old queer fella the knight I’m sure its almost a penance in itself with himself being such a liar.regards mr Steve H Hall.

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