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Labour to put 90 staff out of work because of cash shortage – while splurging on 30-50 contractors to snoop on members

100,000+ members leaving Labour empty party coffers – and Starmer/Evans squander what’s left on ‘temporary investigation officers’ to purge more

The Labour party intends to put at least ninety of its staff out of work – saying its accounts are almost empty because of the number of members who have quit. This is the latest in a series of job-cuts as the party machine tried to adjust to the consequences of its appalling politics.

And at the same time, it is advertising for 30-50 ‘temporary investigation officers’ to accelerate its purge of yet more members.

Acting general secretary David Evans has told staff today – without any opportunity for them to ask questions and with not even a mention of staff welfare or mental health – that Labour’s cash reserves are down to no more than a single month’s payroll.

This comes after the Labour right denied reports that Labour was in a financial crisis and tried to claim everything was a glowing success – and they cannot blame anyone but themselves, as Labour’s 2019 annual report confirmed that the party’s finances were ‘intact’ despite the costs of the general election and other campaigns:

At the same time, the party is advertising for temporary investigators on a 6-month to pursue members who haven’t yet quit – but anyone applying for the job must have their own laptop and wifi, presumably because the party can’t afford to provide one:

Basically, Starmer’s diseased version of the Labour party is splurging its last remaining pennies on more purges, to drive out more members to join those whose departure has left the party near-bankrupt.

Labour was, only recently, the most cash-rich party in Britain

What an appalling and lightning fall from the days of vision, hope, energy and full bank accounts (for the first time in decades) that Labour saw under its last leader, even in spite of endless sabotage by the faction now in charge.

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  1. I prefer George Best’s summary, “I spent most of my money on wine & women; the rest I just wasted”.

    1. Temporary Embarrassment where did it all go wrong
      No really how did you manage to fuck up on such a spectacular scale, is it a uniquely Red Tory thing, New Labour would be proud of you, have you spoken to the architects of this complete and utter fuckwittery, war criminal and mushy peas
      Are you trading whilst insolvent, hope so

  2. It has long been the aim of the imperialist wing to destroy the Labour Party by emptying it of its socialist members, reducing the Trade Unions to Personnel management and, just in case the corpse should attempt to revive itself, to erase all traces of democracy in the organisation.
    This objective was very close to achievement under Blair, (that was what the Clause IV moment was all about) now it is clearly in sight.
    Next step? The sugar daddies jump in with lots of money- this already happened in Scotland, didn’t it ?,(when Leonard was ‘resigned’ and funding restored.)
    It is important not to be sentimental- all the good the Labour Party ever did, such as the NHS, was forced on it by an enlightened, largely working class, opinion, and despite the imperialist right wing. What is needed now is for socialists to take what has happened to heart and re-organise. In doing so we must recognise that the cardinal rule must always be democracy-socialism is democracy. We must resist the temptations of ‘charismatic’ leaders and sectarian vanguards. And we must withdraw, as the slaves who made Haiti did, and form our communities beyond the siren sounds of the media/academy which built imperialism and which imperialism leans on.

    1. yes Bevan the obsession of the UK and else ware with so called charismatic leaders has not got the UK or anyware else decency and democracy look at them Hitler Thatcher Blair Trump Bojo the list is endless. Why this juvenile need to be lead ? Why not facilitators rather than egotist’s who we are supposed to worship than let them do what they like.

  3. Doesn’t members resigning from the Party indicate to this idiot that his policies and actions are not those that fit with true Labour values?
    Perhaps he should come clean and become a Tory.

    1. Chriskitcher, he is already a Tory, between a full Blue Tory and a fake Red Tory like Starmer, he is in reality a deepest shade of blue, why not to vote for the genuine article and vote Tory?
      I fully understand by Hartlepool when Tory and why Kim Leadbeater was presenting herself as a local candidates staying well clear on mentioning Labour or Starmer. Only hearing Starmer’s name if make you consider voting Tory for the first time ever. What the heck Risi Sunak has placed himself on the left of Starmer.
      No contented with his performance at last May’s elections and the embarrasing result in Batle & Spen now plans to purge even more members.

  4. I warned the English Members on the Left The New New Labour Party under Starmer Lansman and the other TRAITOROUS Fifth Columnists would finish what Thatcher Started And Blair Brown and Darling tried to finish but couldn’t, I wrote an open letter to Mr Corbyn Pleading with him to Purge the Extreme Right Wing or they would have him removed through hook or by crook and to The Left of the English Parties Eternal SHAME you Let them Crucify Mr Corbyn, When JC came in New Labour became Labour again and Watson Murray Phillips Eagles both of them Cooper Smith and all the rest of the Scum including the Labour Lords and Baronesses and Knights of the Realm and the Right Wing Facist Jews set out to make sure this would not last long, I am now and have been for a while a Card carrying Member of the SNP and a Rabid advocate For Scotland’s Independence, I was a member of the Labour Party from age 18 in 1970 until Blair got in I cut up my card I was a Shop Steward for many years on Union Committees and fought tooth and nail for equal pay for our Sisters for years I rejoined when JC came in and we in Scotland looked on in Horror as this Great Honest Good Decent Human Being was Betrayed by his own his alleged left Wing Friends this finished Me With Labour forever, I Hope you Brothers and Sisters in England the Real Labour Movement get some cajones and lay Waste to the Despicable Corrupt Right Destroy them in the name of Jeremy Corbyn, Keir Hardy Clem Attlee and The NHS which the Corrupt Criminal Tory Party and the even more Corrupt Starmer and Evans New New Labour Party have started SELLING OFF You guys better get a grip or England’s NHS will be no more These Corrupt Basturds cannot sell Scotland’s NHS or the Welsh or indeed Ireland’s NHS You had better Fight NOW like My Generation and the Generations before mine FOUGHT but you lot now Haven’t Got the Guts.

    1. peej: So you warned English members on the Left, did you? Well I was an English member on the left when Jeremy was leader, and I don’t recall you warning me. And you wrote an open letter to Jeremy as well. So where did the letter appear given that it was an open letter?

      As for the left letting the right-wing crucify JC, I take it yur not so bothered about the right-wingers crucifying him, as you put it, but you ARE bothered by the fact – as you see it – that the Left let them do it. So how exactly could the Left have prevented the Right – along with the MSM and the Jewish newspapers and the BoD and JLM and CAA and LFI et al – from doing what they did? As you obviously seem to think there’s something they could have done, but chose not to.

      And given that you talk about the Left as if you are not on the left yourself – ie as a separate entity to yourself – where are you on the political spectrum?

      So on the one hand you condemn the Left, and then at another point you say ‘Hope you Brothers and Sisters in England the Real Labour Movement get some cajones and lay Waste to the Despicable Corrupt Right Destroy them in the name of Jeremy Corbyn’, implying that everyone who follows and posts on this blog are goodies. And yet if you follow this site to any degree – although I don’t recall you ever posting a comment on here before – then you must surely know it’s infested with shills who smear Jeremy and the SCG mps on pretty much a daily basis, and have been doing so for the past three years or more, so I really don’t know how you could have concluded that they are Brothers and Sisters and part of the Real Labour Movement.

      They are paid fascist shills posing as left-wing Jeremy Corbyn supporters whilst falsely discrediting him every-which-way they can think of, and endlessly repeating their falsehoods so as to brainwash readers with their black propagandist malevolent Nazi-type shite

      1. Allan as a non English living in England, the English left felt into a sort of adoring stance towards JC, you bought hook, line and sinker into the “kinder” politics advocated by Corbyn.
        Don’t get me wrong Corbyn is a principle man with impeccable integrity and a democrat, but he was wrong in his naive believe that he could get the right of the Party to accept him. After every concession he made, the right wingers were the more determined to fight Corbyn tooth and nail.
        The English’s left naively colluded with the right because Corbyn never stood up to the right members of the PLP. The right PLP managed to persuade many Corbyn’s supporters that they could have their cake and eat it and encourage many to support the mirage of the “people’s vote” that is what ultimately destroyed Corbyn’s leadership, but Corbyn failed to be open and call the “constructive ambiguity” over Brexit for the con it was.
        Corbyn should have stood firm and make clear as early as 2017 Labour Conference that we have just fought the GE 2017 with a manifesto promising to implement Brexit and that Brexit policy wasn’t up for discussion.
        Any MP wanting to reverse the policy on Brexit to challenge him for the leadership and better win it against him as otherwise any member of the PLP talking againts implementing Brexit as promised on the manifesto will have the Labour whip removed.
        Hence, I agree with peej the majority of the English left including Corbyn lacks “cojones” in comparison to the Celts. Look at Beckett he is Irish and the man has “cojones” Unfortunately, the English that are the majority within Unite were never going to back Beckett in enough numbers.

    2. peej52, first it is “cojones” no “cajones” I am sure the English left has enough “cajones” (drawers) but agree with you they lack “cojones” (balls), starting with Corbyn’s kinder politics.
      Instead of bestowing his kindness and waste it with the right of the Party bending backwards trying to accommodate them, JC should have got ride of them when he could.
      If I was living in Scotland I would have leave Labour and join the SNP in a heart beat. Right now the SNP is the true opposition to the Tories. Starmer is a Tory enabler.

      1. PS And it had nothing whatsoever to do with cojones! If you were a left-winger and voted to stay in the EU in the referendum, and did so because you felt strongly that leaving the EU would be the wrong thing to do, for whatever reasons, then what have cojones got to do with it, either having them or not? What you – and peej – are accusing them of – ie having no balls, and because they had no balls they were somehow coerced into supporting a ‘peoples vote’ – is specious and divorced from reality. As for Jeremy, HE was put under unrelenting pressure over a period of months and months to change policy on Brexit, and obviously ‘worked on’ by people he regarded as trustworthy advisors to do so.

        The reality is that had Brexit and the referendum never happened, the dark forces ranged against him would have done everything they could to make absolutely certain he never got anywhere near Downing St.

    3. Very odd that you should respond with a post that has nothing whatsoever to do with what I said*. Very odd indeed Maria. Are you in the habit of completely changing the subject so you can get some digs in at Jeremy Corbyn and the left……. seems like it. Oh, right, and THAT is exactly what signpost does every single day in practically every single thread!

      Funny, isn’t it, how on a left-wing news blog there are so many incredibly regular posters who post in practically every single thread practically every single day all day long, and do so month after month after month, year after year, and claim to be on the left and Jeremy Corbyn supporters, and yet between them have posted literally thousands of negative comments about Jeremy, and socialist MPs in general, AND, as the poster I was responding to above does, fraudulently criticise left-wing members – or some ambiguous left that isn’t part of the ‘Real Labour Movement’ – and in THIS instance, come out with complete and utter garbage lies about the Left letting the Right crucify him, as he puts it. It is of course complete B/S and, as such, a Big nazi-type Lie.

      Oh, and it is odd how ‘peej1952 has more-or-less the same ‘presentation style’ as skellyknelly! As I say Maria, I think it’s more than evident to anyone with even a little acumen that this site is infested with paid shills who are conducting a massive psyop against the readership. And the amazing thing is that Steve Walker must know that that is the case, and yet he just lets them continue doing it, as they have been since about three years ago.

      But you don’t appear to have noticed it yourself Maria. Very odd! I mean signpost, for example, concocts a big lie about Robin Lees pursuing a ‘legal case’ against Dominic Cummings so that he can then discredit Jeremy Corbyn by comparison, and not only has anyone else apart from myself condemned him for doing so AND for being the obvious paid shill that he is to do such a thing….. not only have any of the all day every day posters condemned him, but most of them have defended him AND attacked me, and especially Okeefe, another one of the prolific posters/smearers of Jeremy and the other socialist MPs. And isn’t it odd how first Okeefe just happens to start posting on the site (in the August of 2019) for the first time, and then about a month later Signpost just happens to start posting on the site for the first time. Just three and four months respectively before a snap election was called. Yes, what a coincidence!

      PS And Maria, do you read the Daily Mail by any chance, because THAT is exactly the same B/S that they and the Sun et al were spouting about ‘adoring’ etc. ‘Fell into an adoring stance’!! Don’t make me laugh Maria! Socialist-minded people who were even a tiny bit politically aware knew who Jeremy Corbyn was and what he was into, and there was no adoration going on of course, and THAT is just complete bollox (and I’m REALLY surprised that not only did you not apparently see it for the bollox it was, but you repeat it as if it was a fact). When someone is on the same wavelength, then you can of course relate to them AND, being a somewhat rare quality amongst politicians, respect him for being a person of integrity.

      Adoration, my arse. Give over Maria!!

      * And it’s amazing the amount of times someone ELSE responds to a reply I’ve posted, and not the person themselves!!!

    4. Afterthought: What peej in fact says in his post is that the Left let the Right crucify Jeremy, but being relentlessly pressured – and convinced – to change policy in respect of Brexit and offer an option of a ‘peoples vote’ does NOT in any way, shape, or form, amount to ‘crucifying’ him. The ‘crucifying’ was ‘transforming’ him into an anti-semite and an existential threat to British Jews (as well as a ‘friend to terrorists’ and a spy etc, etc, etc) and demonising him as such

      Peej starts his post by saying ‘I warned the English Members on the Left’ etc, as if to say he warned EVERY last one of them. But he doesn’t say HOW he did so or on what platforms he did so. And I certainly don’t recall him ever posting on skwawkbox and doing so!

  5. Where’s centrist dad? According to him, anyone who left was replaced by new members drawn to Keith’s new centrist party of racists.

  6. It’ll be ‘all Corbyn’s fault’…….. ‘It’s the legacy of Corbyn that’s doing it’.

  7. I wouldn’t be very surprised if the 90 people to be MADE REDUNDANT were not selected entirely randomly, nor on merit, nor on a last-in-first-out basis. In which case the main criterion would be ? ….. that’s right (I mean that’s left)!!

  8. Now there is a proscribed list again, when will skwawkbox be proscribed I wonder?

      1. I don’t think he is short of ideas, if he is stuck there are always the obvious people who will supply them

  9. I feel vindicated in having fled Unite (formerly T&G) after 30 years. The idea that my cash was being used to steadily purge the principled left whilst pampering the toxic, antisemitic, racist far right would not have sat well on the conscience.

  10. I truly hope that every left leaning Labour member leaves the sinking slurry tank. Time to leave the Zionist apologist and his Red Tories to become a minority party, that will make the Green Party a giant amongst midgets.

    1. Remember the unjustified saturation coverage the The Independent Group got on their formation; wall-to-wall news coverage leading the main news that night etc. All the rants against Corbyn broadcast.
      A SCG split for a new socialist party wouldn’t get anything like that. Completely biased media and esp. the BBC. The Laura K Cummings interview is probably part of the BBC’s attempt to lift Starmer by damaging Johnson. It really is that cynical.

    2. Lundiel, proof that Labour under Starmer is favoured by the establishment, because the Party isn’t a Social Democratic Party any longer but the worse kind of liberal party.
      Corbyn didn’t engage in any purge and the MNS was attacking him and us all the time

  11. Anyone worth their salt in the Labour movement needs to call time on this, you will be remembered for where you were and what you did to stop this in 2021
    Do we need the Forde report, is the scorched earth policy not enough
    Tik Tok enough is enough

  12. Motion of no confidence in the G.S for poor oversight of finances and DEMAND to see the accounts for the last 18 months !

    Every penny should be accounted for and explained.

    The buck stops with the G.S and Keith

    1. Indeed, Foggy the only reason I am staying at the moment is to make the effort of getting the wheels fall of the proverbial bus.
      Plus, I am delegate to Labour Conference in September, I am not voting in favour of keeping Evans as GS and the local right knows it.
      Thus, I am not going to be surprised if before them I get a letter telling me that I have been suspended for some reason or other.

  13. How many staff do Labour have just out of interest (including the 90 about to lose their jobs)? Anyone have any idea?

    And have any membership figures been published recently? I’d be surprised if a majority of the 313,000 members who voted for Jeremy in the 2016 leadership election haven’t left the party by now.

  14. “Labour’s cash reserves are down to no more than a single month’s payroll”

    So after the looming bankrupcy what are we going to do post-Labour Party ?

  15. I’d like to know what happens to any assets if the party does go bust ? I know that here in Brighton we own an office but AIUI the deeds are held by the central party. So if the party goes bust we will lose the office for good. Is it too cynical to think that Evans and Starmer are deliberately sending the party down so as to profit from any glash sale of assets ? Just a thought…

  16. No place for democracy nor diversity of opinion in the Brave New World of Sir Starmer. First destroy Socialism in the Labour Party to make an amalgamation with the Lib. Dems more palatable, as politics moves forever to the right, American style, in a one Party Capitalist State.

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