Messages of support for threatened Barnet care workers (video)

Published for access by ‘We are Barnet’ protesters.


  1. Any message of support from another local MP based slightly to the south west of this one?

      1. If you read Labour List you will find the reasons why Marsha resigned from the front bench.
        You might have to read between the lines though ..

      2. Doesn’t take too much reading between the lines though.

      3. Plain Citizen – I have no idea. Maybe more will emerge in time.
        Here’s what she said on twitter

        “It has been an immense privilege to serve as the Shadow Women and Equalities Secretary for the past 17 months. It therefore comes with much sadness that I am resigning with immediate effect.

        “Having only been elected in 2017 for the historically marginal constituency of Battersea, I would like to focus more of my time and efforts on the people of Battersea. I will continue to support Keir Starmer from the backbenches

  2. Same pattern emerges, Right Wing Labour ‘Great Men and Women of History’ (without an original idea in their heads?) local Labour councillors who put out tepid leaflets to just win enough votes so they can take the power for themselves, and make top down decisions!
    They don’t want a politicised masses as they would become quite rightly irrelevant and would be surplus to requirements!
    So Solidarity to the Barnet workers, they deserve better!
    As I say a common problem, I have been out in the rain today with my union and Disabled campaigners protesting against the local Labour Council wanting to move a taxi rank from in front of the train station to a few streets away and access to the proposed new taxi rank is by 23 steps or a lift!
    Oh after speaking to full Council the Disabled activists got a standing ovation but no doubt will be ignored?
    And my Labour city, as well as treating Disabled people with contempt could become a laughing stock in the country; which other major city you get off at a station and are not straight out onto a taxi rank?
    So Shame on Barnet Council and others and in my city!
    Diverse working deserve better, and Left Wing Democratic Socialists want grassroots, bottom up and participatory to make society better WITH diverse working people, and not like Right Wing Labour FOR top down “We know what’s best?”

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