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Breaking: Unite exec unanimously votes NO to approving Evans as Labour general secretary

Starmer’s hopes of an easy ride after union election were always misplaced, despite attempt to brush off right-winger’s crushing defeat – and Evans’s confirmation at conference hangs in balance

Keir Starmer has been hoping that his the confirmation of his sidekick, acting general secretary David Evans, at this month’s annual conference in Brighton would be a rubber-stamp job – and the Labour right has been busy doing its utmost to rig and gerrymander the member delegate count at the party’s ‘sovereign’ event to make sure that it is.

However, the unions hold half of the vote at Labour’s conference and the giant Unite union’s block vote carries considerable weight – and Unite’s executive has just voted not to endorse Evans.

Starmer and co had claimed – against the evidence – to be pleased at Sharon Graham’s win in the Unite general secretary election, but Skwawkbox and others warned them that this would not mean the easy ride they pretended to think it would be.

With the smaller CWU, FBU and Bakers’ unions likely to follow suit – especially after Starmer and Evans foolishly went after Bakers’ president Ian Hodson – and the success of the party member delegate rigging unprovable until the votes begin, Starmer’s and Evans’s supporters will be chewing their fingernails.

So far, the Labour right has ignored the party rulebook, simply referring to Evans as the general secretary – but no general secretary is permanent until confirmed in the role at conference. The Bakers’ union has deliberately timed its vote to disaffiliate from Labour over the Hodson attack until after the general secretary confirmation vote.

Left members who have been harried, purged, persecuted and racially discriminated against by the right-dominated party machine will be rubbing their hands at the discomfort and apprehension Starmer and his minions will be feeling. With the ‘Labour Link’ elections of fellow giant union Unison not due to finish until well after conference, Starmer may be able to count on Unison’s votes until then despite the newly left-run Unison exec.

But if that vote goes against the right and Unison starts appointing left members to Labour’s own national executive, an Evans ouster might be only the start of a torrid time for Labour’s vapid ‘leader’. So don’t bet against a ‘reason’ being found to postpone conference even at this late date, to give Evan’s a gallows reprieve.

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  1. He’ll be on on a minute… Furiously polishing the turd, pretending it’s no big deal and criticising Formby for something or other.

    But he won’t say a dicky bird about Evans not being elected.

    Because his idea of democracy belongs in a parallel universe.

    Anyway, time for everyone else to punt the pretend Napoleon onto the long grass….and then do the same to the rest of the parasites.

    1. SteveH is a creepy gaslighter and propagandist who chooses his questions with an care When he is disproved or out debated he slinks away. He enjoys inflicting emotional abuse, don’t give him the enjoyment.

    2. SHARON GRAHAM – AHEAD of the curve; leaving old worn out backroom stitch-ups & APPEASEMENTS which have ONLY helped the same old same old‼️‼️‼️

      WELL DONE 🎉🌟🎉🌟🎉🌟

      btw, has Margret Beckett’s occupied position been approved??? She has failed to condemn truck loads of SIR starmer & Evan’s rule breaking & anti-Semitism on steroids, BOTH she & Evans MUST GO‼️‼️‼️

      There is no other way forward without emptying the bins overflowing with Tory rubbish.

      When parasite SIR starmer foghorns that he will outdo his Tory chums to cut taxes 4 the “filthy rich”, no one needs amy more NEON THROBBING HINTS‼️‼️‼️

      SIR starmer’s pledges / promises r ONLY firm 4 Mandelson’s self declared beloved “FILTHY RICH”.

      1. Signpost. Out today awareness raising for our NHS and campaigning aginst the Labour council (best Neil Kinnock voice), the Labour council) closing 3 local respite care homes without proper consultation, I was given a snippet of infomation from a Scotish comrade, which has so far gone under the radar.

        Sharon Graham as part of her offer to Unite members has said Scottish Labour can have their say on whether to keep affilitating to the Labour party. If they say, on yer bike Smarmer, it could lead to the rest of Unite also having to disaffiliate.

        I cannot verify this so perhaps somebody can confirm it either way, but if it’s correct it could cause some fireworks.

        Interesting days.

      2. Thanks Nemtona 4 that info. Yes dreadful stresses in our NHS. Excellent people r leaving as this is the culmination of privatisation which is no longer “by stealth”💧 Nemtona, even a decade ago, many could not see the obvious.

        BUT Starmer is desperate to give the final killer blow. Notice he has NEVER been clear against SERCO, G4S & Ranox to name a few. They r in EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE Nemtona…. not just in this country. Quite frightening.

        Add that to “Vaccine Passports” i.e. ID cards by stealth, and we’re well and truly s*****d.

        Sharon Graham has to act quickly. Other unions need to wake up. U know things r extremely bad when BLUE TORIES agree SIR starmer is far right LOW TAX mongrel. He’s now trying to change his obvious sucking up to tax shirkers yesterday.

        Nemtona, we must take no prisoners. And the times are too “interesting” even 4 me!!!
        I doubt v much despite TON LOADS of money, those with it will send any more Keith’s way. He’s started what the funders wanted and done 30% of the purge. They don’t need him 4 the rest. Mandelson, Hodge, Evan’s, & Margaret Beckett will ruthlessly continue with Cooper, Blair, Harman, etc scrapping around and biting each other like dogs just 4 vanity and of course money. Blair never has enough (ditto the other half of the beast with two backs… but she has an excuse… deep rooted in childhood. but the real contaminating beast Blair??? just vanity & greed). WMD Blair LOVES money more than even Mandelson. WHY??? Craves acceptance by the rich. It equates wealth with quality … talent.

        But Evan’s & Margaret Beckett need to go ASAP. Any Tory planted replacements must be rejected. We have to return starmer’s loyalty full strength, URGENCY and with Socialist generosity+++

  2. Yeah, Evans, ‘sympathy’ comes between ‘sh*t’ and ‘syphilis’, in the dictionary. Don’t come looking for any from me.

  3. So if conference says no to Evans what happens then? Do they wheel out another candidate they prepared earlier and if so does conference have to vote (from a pretty uninformed position) there and then on the substitute? Or are we back to square one and Starmer chooses another GS after the conference whose to be approved at the following conference? Neither options sound like they going to bring about a change in direction – only to slow them down a bit.

    1. Alison C, we will be back to square one but the same scenario could keep on repeating itself at next years’s Conference. What is worse if the left prevail in the oncoming elections in Unison, Starmer could lose its majority on the NEC by early November.
      Hence a left leaning General Secretary could be approved by the NEC depending on Unison’s results. Unite has give us hope.

  4. The Bakers Union is being very clever here, by holding the vote to disaffiliate from Labour after the vote to confirm Evans as General Secretary they are effectively saying the other Trade Unions let us stand together in solidarity as brothers and sisters and once Evans isn´t confirmed as GS we will remain affiliated to the Labour Party.
    Very foolishly Evans threatened Labour’s staff with redundancies to the point that both Unite and GMB were threatening no long ago to picked Labour Conference. The TUs are not as stupid as to believe anything Evans or Starmer say at this point. They know that after Conference talk of redundancies will restart. Hence, the best way of ensuring no redundancies will be to vote against endorsing Evans.

    1. Maria Vazquez – “the best way of ensuring no redundancies will be to vote against endorsing Evans.”

      I agree with u on that and all above🌟🌟🌟

      To Alison C: i’m quite ignorant re party rules, BUT what is “square one”? We’re in a new MAX stitch-up situation. Think, square two. If it means voting down EVERY SINGLE Mandelson Starmer imposed Gen Sec, then so be it. What exactly is the benefit otherwise?

      One of the most paralysing states of the oppressed, is the tiniest hint to oppressors that their victims “just want some peace”, “end the quarrelling” etc etc etc. That feeling ALWAYS works… for oppressors.

      So keep your fighting spirits up.

      The funding taps to SIR keith, are shut… not even dripping. He has already outstayed his use, but insisted months ago, that “he is the right person to lead the” infestation. Even though their priority is purging the “Left”, they did not expect the electorate to be as decisively repelled by them. Blair does not want to be directly linked to the mother of all defeats, hence SIR being used to soak up the sick.

      Maria is also correct re: what i posted two weeks ago approx. Conference tea towels have already been made, so redundancies IMMEDIATELY will resume after and will NOT be voluntary. GMB made their usual mistake as ever desperate to “work things out” ALWAYS to the benefit of abusers eg SIR starmer & evans. Thank Goodness for Sharon Graham to show them what defending workers REALLY means.

      That’s the attention we need re: “attitude”… “spirit”. Standing up for our rights should be seen as that, rather than a “confrontation to be avoided”. When oppressors put their case, they never give off a trembling anxious desperation to run away.
      LEARN from that. It serves them EXTREMELY well.

  5. In a democracy the members and the unions should be able to select its gen sec. After all, if they can refuse to ratify at Conference, it makes no sense they have no role in the appointment process. Or am I over-simplifying the issue?

    1. The appointment of Evans was approved by the NEC on which the Unions are heavily represented. Whether Evans appointment is confirmed at conference or not remains to be seen.
      If you consult the 2020 Labour Party Rule Book I think you’ll find that the procedures are detailed there.

      1. There is an interesting article on LabourList. I would encourage you to follow the link and read the full article.

        It has been suggested to LabourList that a full vote on Evans is expected to take place on day one of Labour conference later this month. It would be a card vote, rather than a show of hands, because the weight of the unions is more accurately represented this way. The conference chair, thought most likely to be NEC chair Margaret Beckett on the Saturday, can decide whether to have a vote at all. Historically no vote has been taken: instead, the chair has told conference how the NEC voted and their pick has been endorsed with ‘aye’s. The chair could therefore choose this path (and their ruling could only be overturned by a two-thirds majority). However, Keir Starmer allies are confident that a card vote on Evans would be won, which would be a show of strength and a way to disillusion those opposed to the current leadership early in the conference.

      2. SH how did LabourList, Mandelson, Starmer& Evan’s last prediction go re Coyne

        But yes that basket Margaret Beckett will do her master’s bidding.
        She MUST go too. She’s very sly (she thinks) like Rent a tool who shamelessly spins 4 Johnson & SIR starmer. He sees them as the same… poss Keith being more desperate to impress the most moneyed

      3. Thanks for link to article stevieh. Sadly, I started distrusting LabourList when the wonderful previous leader was in post.

        In fact, LL now shows itself to be little more than a PR publicatioin for Starmer of the billionaires and his oei-unregulated capitalist anti-socialism.

      4. timfrom – You are being unfair. LabourList is sponsored by Unite and the FBU neither of which are known for their RW leanings. If you removed your partisan blinkers you would see that it publishes articles from right across Labour’s political spectrum including frequent contributions from ‘the left’ of the party and Unions.
        Jeremy Corbyn has written about 200 articles for the site.

      5. SteveH
        I would not be as interested in this site without your contribution
        My position is the left have been historically weak in the party, most wounds are self inflicted and I’ve lost count of the number of times they fuck up internal elections
        As you consistently remind us Red Tories are in the wrong party, their contempt for democracy, their visceral hatred of the Labour party and all it stands for, yet they are not facing any serious challenge
        For the love of God get into them and fuck them up

      6. SteveH does Labour List allow comments? No comments = no dissent allowed i.e. Starmer Labour.

      7. Jack – I’m pretty sure that you already know that the LabourList site used to allow comments but discontinued the facility because people abused it. Don’t you recall what a cesspit it became.

      8. And what would this ‘serious challenge’ amount to Doug?

        Could you elaborate.

        You’ve said this in effect on dozens and dozens of occasions on this site (and on JVLs website on a number of occasions, and no doubt elsewhere), although you have usually been explicit about what the ‘challenge’ amounts to – ie making a leadership challenge. So I’ll assume that THAT is what you’re alluding to and, as such, remind you yet AGAIN – as you appear to have a very short memory – that the SCG is EIGHT members short to be able to mount a challenge.

        But we both know of course that you are well aware that THAT is the case, and that there is nothing whatsoever wrong with your memory!

      9. Alan Howard
        Not wiping your sorry backside anymore bonny lad, your a big lad now

  6. If Evans goes- and here’s hoping- will another unelected ‘Stalin’ step into the empty boots?

    1. And would all Evans’ works be declared null & void, including restoring membership to all those expelled at his behest?

  7. Finally some pushback against the right’s authoritarian march to domination.

    Starmer’s appointment of Evans was just a big ‘eff you’ to everyone on the left.

    As a Blairite ultra, Evans’ views were very well-known; he’s always had a hard on for purging the left from positions of influence within the Labour party.

    Every question that applies to Evans equally applies to the man who chose him for that role.

  8. Is there any chance Starmer/Evans could try to engineer a rule charge on how Conference ratifies the GS position?

    1. As I understand it, it would take a two thirds majority to change the rules so I don’t think that is likely. However I am absolutely certain that Starmer and Evans will pull some underhand stunt to try to railroad the ratification of Evan’s position through conference e.g a “spontaneous” burst of applause when his appointment is announced taken as confirmation that conference approves it , changing the the agenda due to an “emergency motion” in order to exploit the absence of some delegates. We need to stay vigilant to counter any such moves or similar.

      I am so pleased with the Unite decision and I hope other unions will do likewise. We need to get rid of both Starmer and Evans so lets make this Conference count.

      1. I think the old card trick will approve Evans help us?,but along with the right wing one woman band”Labour pist ” the whole stinking swamp culture of the Labour party is there for all to see along with a counter demo supporting the jewish convert fanatic the knight by jLM and organised by Ivor caplin and the creep kyle mp from hove..Stage managed from start to the inevitable bankruptcy of the Labour party…Brighton is no longer safe for socialists.

  9. then the rules must be changed.
    ps Johnson just defeated SIR starmer by a substantial margin. BLUE TORIES are against their Johnson but SIR starmer’s foghorn failed to attract them. I heard one this morning SIR somebody or the other ( who spoke extremely well ) but said he will abstain, as can’t stand being in the same lobby of an opposition leader with no opposition = nothing to offer = to Johnson “YOU ARE NO LONGER THE LOW TAX PARTY🚾🚾🚾” = SIR starmer is pledging to be bigger BLUE TOILET material than the Tories in their own party.

    SteveH davidH, SH’s man was at his most shamelessly desperate to appeal to the super wealthy who need nothing, yet want more of everything to stuff up their greedy snouts.

    1. windchimes – Unfortunately JC lost the vote that really counts and now Johnson has an 80 seat majority, I don’t remember Corbyn winning any votes against Johnson even though Boris didn’t even have a majority.

      1. SteveH – It wasn’t a presidential election.

        Jeremy Corbyn lost nothing, the Labour party lost. The PLP made it as difficult as they possible could for Labour voters to feel good about voting Labour, or even being motivated to vote at all. Very hard to win as team captain, when your team is in open revolt and saying you’re not fit to lead (or be PM). Look how some Labour MPs could barely hide their delight at the poor result.

      2. SteveH davidH SH’s dipstick SIR starmer was just defeated AGAIN, 319 / 248 by the worst PM this country had in my lifetime, second only to War Criminal Blair.

        Many Tories in their own party were ready to oppose Johnson, but even they thought SIR starmer is too FAR RIGHT🔵🔵🔵 so could not stand his stench in the Lobby

        How’s that 4 a turn up 4 the books??? SIR starmer dipstick 4 the “filthy rich” more despised than Johnson.

      3. I would not have appeased Mandelson, as Jeremy & team did, BUT, YOUR “Mandy” boasted: he “WOKE UP EVERYDAY THINKING of NEW WAYS to UNDERMINE him”.

        YOUR “Mandy” is now “waking up everyday thinking of new ways to” SUPPORT your SIR starmer.

        You choose SH, which is YOUR “Mandy’s” “victory”: “undermining Jeremy” OR “SUPPORTING” Mr Remain SIR Dipstick Starmer

      4. windchimes – Mandelson is not and has never been ‘my Msndy’.
        I challenge you to find anywhere where I have written anything supporting him.

      5. “SteveH, your “Mandy”, as u recently affectionately called Mandelson, admitted they “worked night and day to bring Jeremy down.” As you also know, “from Apr18 onwards to May20” Starmer, did everything in collaboration with their plot to make Labour lose and Johnson win. They called their plot Operation ”STOP CORBYN!”⚠️

        Immediately Jeremy succeeded in getting enough nominations, a lobby group misleadingly named “Campaign Against Anti-Semitism” – “CAA” sent a dossier against Jeremy to Right Wing organisers infesting the party⚠️”

        The above is from my post THURSDAY 15:28 /10/ 12/2020. I would not have used the term your “Mandy” if u had not used that AFFECTIONATE term earlier. U know that full well SH.🔴🔴🔴

      6. p.s. Will keep checking. Don’t have staff like u & the Malcolm Colemans of this world.
        Can’t seem to go further back than 2021 on Will have to check further back in my limited notes. U r up 2 your deceitful tricks as this is the FIRST time u have contested the reference. Possibly expecting no one will b able to check that far back.

        My words are specific and clearly refer to your “affectionate term”.

        Ps one Hannah in Wandsworth – A counsellor, just resigned from the party as she is disgusted with the dreadful way the party is being destroyed and not serving the people. Missed which party but i expect it’s YOUR SIR starmer’s infestation. 21:33 Wed 08, September 2021.

      7. windchime – You are welcome to carry on searching, have fun.

      8. SteveH davidH SH
        On either 🚨🚨🚨 2020/12/08/ 00:35 Tuesday OR 2020/12/04/ 13:00 Friday

        I wrote but may not have posted:
        ❌⏸ “Did you trust Jeremy SH? Did you? Pull another one.
        Do you trust Starmer? Mandelson? Bliar? Campbellend? Bet they trust you. Your dedicated support for them is remarkable. How’s the Caribbean haunt coming along BTW? Networking sorted?

        ❌Will “Mandy” as u, this very day,
        affectionally called the irretrievable schemer Mendacious, will it be attending tour villa warming? It loves that sort of thing. It could sort out your mortgage problems, with its publicised experience. No? Any Russian oligarch “sailing” by your tropical idyl could drop by… just let your “Mandy” know… btw BTW
        what’s it with Mandys Nandys and Andys❓❓❓”

        ❌THEREFORE steveH davidH SH, on 08/12 OR 04/12 2020, i FIRST noted your affectionate term for Peter Mandelson.

        Today 08/09 2021 Wednesday, is the FIRST time u have tried to distance yourself from your words.

        Many have noted your EXACT style of contradicting yourself by asking others to prove this or that. None should EVER give u the benefit of doubt and be distracted, which is your aim.

      9. SteveH – Even you would have to admit the parliamentary party wasn’t as Corbyn hostile in 2017’s GE as it became by 2019’s.

        In 2017’s GE the PLP remained relatively loyal because they thought Labour would lose heavily and Corbyn would resign – because that’s what their hero, Blair ,had predicted. 2017’s close result shocked and upset the majority Blairite RW PLP, leading them to renew and redouble their efforts to undermine Corbyn and his supporters.

        Many on the left are unable to forgive and forget that sabotage.

      10. Andy – Unfortunately Jeremy turned out to be his own worst enemy.

      11. SteveH – Corbyn faced the sort of harassment and press abuse normally reserved for serial killers.

        And the PLP weren’t supportive. This despite Labour being level or ahead in the polls for much of his tenure.

        Did you catch Corbyn’s speechwriter, Alex Nunns’ recent tweet quote:

        ‘When I went to a PLP meeting as Jeremy Corbyn’s staff, a Labour MP hissed at us as we came in the room.

        That encapsulates the PLP’s behaviour. They hated Corbyn, because he wasn’t part of the Westminster grifters club.

      12. don’t remember Corbyn winning any votes against Johnson even though Boris didn’t even have a majority.

        don’t remember keef being the leader of the opposition with the record of overseeing the most government defeats in history, do you?

        And nor will he ever be, seeing as he continues to enable them by either abstaining or openly supporting them., sacking ministers from their posts of they refuse to abstain on a single-line whip…

        And let’s not forget, keef voted FOR the toerag brexit, didn’t he?

        You know – the one he promised wouldn’t happen? 🤫🤫🤫

      13. It’s not clear to me why you keep harping on about Jeremy Corbyn. No-one else on this thread had mentioned him before you. Try dealing with the here and now, ie: the upcoming conference and the confirmation (or not) of GenSec, please.

      14. Steve H – with all of these challenges you’ve taken it into your head to start issuing, you’re beginning to sound like a Monty Python sketch.

        Give it a rest.

  10. Voted for Corbyn TWICE, apparently…

    Yet delights in making exaggerated claims of failure despite having a far harder time against a (slightly) more competent government.

    Only voted keef because he was best of a bad bunch.

    Defends and refuses to acknowledge Corbyn never once faced a no-confidence vote. Oversaw FORTY-ONE government defeats where keef has voted openly with the toerags (on the brexit he promised want gonna happen) and openly BRAGS of the support he has given the Johnson government.

    What a prick.

  11. Defends keef to the hilt and refuses to acknowledge Corbyn never once faced a no-confidence vote.


    (And wee fellas still a prick)

    1. Toffee – Unfortunately Corbyn failed the one ‘no confidence vote’ that really matters, he lost the trust of the electorate and 60 seats.

      1. Yes – enabled by you and the other tory shithouses.

        So before you go on about how all brexiteers are toerag and how brexit was a toerag plan, take a long look at the result of your shithousery…the shithousery you defend to the hilt.

        And then remember the same shithouse who blagged you into shitting on democracy, shat all over you in the end. You were continually warned he would, but still you blame Corbyn.

        …Who you voted for twice, so you try to convince everyone.

        And only then voted for the best of a bad bunch knowing full well he was the architect of the rags eighty seat majority.


      2. Toffee – So you keep saying. Who are you trying to convince, yourself?

  12. SteveH08/09/2021 AT 8:41 PM
    windchimes – Mandelson is not and has never been ‘my Msndy’.
    I challenge you to find anywhere where I have written anything supporting him.

    Every day I’m trying to find ways to undermine corbyn

    You’re doing it even when the fellas not been the leader for almost eighteen months, and had the whip withdrawn for ten or so of them.

    When was the last time you criticised keef for openly bragging of his toerag support?

    Like voting FOR toerag brexit?

    I challenge YOU to find it.

      1. Not claims – facts.

        You continually criticise(d) Corbyn for things out of his control while backing keef despite his consistent failure to oppose the government. Fact

        Keef voted for the toerag brexit and you still back him…Despite you both shitting on Corbyn and socialism so keef could worm his way into Corbyn’s position Fact

        Keef bragged about his toerag support and you still back him. Fact.

        Keef sacks his MPs from positions of they go against a single line whip to ABSTAIN and vote AGAINST the government. Fact.

        Unless of course you want to offer your ‘alternative facts’??

      2. Toffee – …and many of the things were his fault

        I recall that the choice facing the Labour party in Jan20 was between voting for Johnson’s ‘deal’ or no deal. There were no other options available. As a no deal Brexit would have been disastrous for the UK Keir took the only realistic option available and supported the Brexit deal.

        I don’t recall criticising Corbyn whilst he was in office for anything much apart from his endless prevarication towards the end of his tenure.

        Yes I supported Remain as did 70% of the membership, only a minor percentage of Labour members supported Brexit which from the start was RW Tory policy. Unfortunately Jeremy Corbyn let everyone down including himself when he chose to dump all over his own USP and lost the trust of the electorate.

        I recall Keir explaining why Labour were voting for the Tory deal but I don’t recall him bragging about it. Do you have a link to your fact?

        These shadow ministers were personally informed that they would be sacked if they voted against the one-line whip. They made their own choices.

      3. Keef took the only realistic option available and supported the Brexit deal.

        What a cop-out. The man of principle, the man who more-or-less guaranteed you there’d be NO brexit, voting not only FOR brexit, but for a TOERAG one.

        Had he not been a petulant conniving little shitehawk, he’d have negotiated brexit himself. But NO – had HAD to shit on democracy and go against party policy and undermine Corbyn, didn’t he?

        I don’t recall criticising Corbyn whilst he was in office for anything much apart from his endless prevarication towards the end of his tenure

        No. You waited until he was ousted before continually putting the boot in, bring the gutless little shithouse you are.

        I recall Keir explaining why Labour were voting for the Tory deal but I don’t recall him bragging about it. Do you have a link to your fact?

        I don’t need no bastard link. You’ve conveniently forgotten keef standing in the commons, bragging that he wrote a so-called ‘secret letter’ to the PM, lending de piffle his support, haven’t you?

        These shadow ministers were personally informed that they would be sacked if they voted against the one-line whip.

        Waaaagh! It’s keef’s party and he can do what he wants to. Give us previous instances of this happening?

        And don’t even bother attempting another shithouse cop-out along the lines of but it’s not against any rules

  13. ‘Well done Unite Executive!
    Will Erdogan Evans be finally shown the door?
    Next if could be ‘2nd PV’ Mr Keir Stalin.
    Who Moronically snatched defeat from the victory jaw!’
    Right Wing Labour & Right Wing Tories were responsible for Iraq, Afghanistan etc the greatest policy disaster of the last few decades!
    And yet they and their minions have the audacity to try to criticise us on the Left.
    To paraphrase a John Lennon song: “Jeremy Corbyn was right they were wrong!”

    1. Bazza – It shouldn’t be forgotten that since Jeremy stepped down he has on at least 2 occasions clearly stated to camera that the vast majority of the membership wanted a CV and to remain in the EU.

    2. Jeremy Corbyn was the first socialist Leader the Labour Party ever had so of course he had to be crushed by the rich and powerful and their Right Wing media with the support of the Neo-Liberal capitalist bootlickers of Right Wing Labour and the Forde Report is likely to show a significant number of Right Wing staffers too?
      The Left in Labour loved Jeremy basically because he agreed with us.
      But as I have said before Jeremy was not perfect and the reality was a majority of Labour members were Pro-EC and whilst some of us have argued that they had a lack of a socialist analysis (some even called them middle class liberals who couldn’t see the Neo-Liberal EC wood because of a few progressive trees) Jeremy did go against his instincts and perhaps for the sake of unity acquiesced to the pressure for a 2nd PV particularly from the Right (and Liberals) led by the likes of Starmer.
      Jeremy was and is a star but perhaps a greater socialist Leader would have offered an analysis to members that if we don’t back BREXIT we will lose badly and millions of diverse working people will suffer.
      Such a Leader would have called for a all members vote OMOV to back him and BREXIT or sack him and oppose Brexit and go for a 2nd PV.
      In the process he could have launched a political debate as above on the true nature of the EC (captured by Neo-Liberalism since Maastricht).
      Such a socialist Leader would have been willing to lose the members vote rather than allowing them by their actions to ensure millions of the poorest suffered, it could have exercised the members minds and was an opportunity for political debate and education.
      Jeremy was and is a star and is still the only real socialist Leader Labour has had and he was up for taking the rich and powerful on and transforming the UK, and in foreign affairs (unlike Right Wing Labour & the Tories he was right on Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya) and would have been an honest broker around the World including in the Middle East.
      Political Lightweights like Keir Stalin and Erdogan Evans and Right Wing Labour are not fit to lace Corbyn’s boots; they belong in the dustbin of history plus the Scotland example is calling.

      1. Bazza – I’m guessing JC didn’t have a ‘back me or sack me’ vote because he thought he would lose.

      2. Labour lost because of the lack of a socialist analysis amongst its members who supported the Neo-Liberal EC.
        Trotsky’s History of The Russian Revolution is a cracker and the rank and file of the Bolsheviks were far from a Socialist programme, and Lenin from a minority position won a vote to turn it around.
        JC should have taken the risk to take on the political naivety of the majority.
        He is a decent guy and was perhaps trying to keep Labour United but following the wrong strategy spelt doom) and this is what sadly happened.
        JC should have said OMOV back me & my Better Brexit approach or we will lose and condemn millions to poverty.
        So he didn’t take the risk, I would have.
        Of course political opportunist Johnson took a risk, he was undecided if he would be Leave or Remain (apparently he had two articles for the Telegraph supporting each side of the debate) but went with Leave because that was where the majority of the Tory rank and file were if he wanted to become Leader, believe me if the majority of Tory members had been Pro EC Johnson would have been ‘The King of Remainia!’
        So JC’s weakness was his decency and belief in unity but perhaps as Leader at times you may have to try to win the majority on ideas and with political arguments.
        I fundamentally blame the majority of politically naive members and the Right and particularly Starmer for pushing for a 2nd PV which was electoral suicide.
        In my last speech to the CLP (before I left Labour) I warned them but they would not listen by 58 votes to 28, I knew that night (8 months before the GE we had lost.)
        And now millions (and increasing numbers suffer).

  14. I have to give credit to SteveH this time. He is adept at winding people up. Still, I suppose everyone has to be good at something.
    Now, regarding the report – This is really good news. I hadn’t anticipated this, and certainly not the emphatic nature of it. Let’s hope the fight back against the fifth column will gain momentum.

  15. I have to give credit to SteveH this time. He is adept at winding people up.

    That is NOTHING to be credited for. Indeed the gobshite should be pilloried for it.

    I had my way and I’d bring back the ducking stool for twunts like him.

    1. Credit with = responsibility for. [as in Pol Pot is credited with the deaths of millions]
      Life is too short (at least from where I sit) to rise to the bait when the record is played with such frequency.
      Who cares what he says?

      1. SH should be ignored. I have come to the conclusion that a number of people enjoy the exchanges with him

  16. And another dramatic day in parliament with some of the most punishing tax ever seen on the backs of the working class and hardly a whimper from the knight of the realm with a subdued comatose bunch of Labour mps showed just how dangerous it is to have no longer any Opposition party.This attitude by the Labour party shows that they really are a liability.You stay and fight comrades and good luck you will need it with this entitled looser PLP and a redundant Opposition party.Other than a handful of mps in the Socialist group look like they have even a pulse.I didn’t realise just how bad the Opposition is when veiwed from the perspective of value for money,or even the idea that this is effectively Opposition?.I can see the Conference being exciting if you can manage to keep them awake…. Apologies for being off message but it’s so unfair that the public have to pay for these parasites and that includes the l Zombies sitting on the Labour benches.

    1. Today could be interesting too, if what I am told is correct. I am informed that Richard Burgon is to introduce a Bill which would ban arms sales to Israel.

  17. Regarding GE19 —

    Corbyn was very very reluctant to go for a second vote
    and was blamed for this and his wavering in the Spring of 2019. Both of
    the following statements are true:
    (1) The Unions and LP membership wanted s second vote
    (2) Labour Voters in red wall seats overwhelmingly did NOT want an SV.
    (Furthermore their dislike hardened as 2019 went on and Cummings and the ERG
    created the shenanigans.)

    Hence Corbyns reluctance and it turned out he was right .
    It was obvious after the local Elections in May 2019 that the Labour Party
    would be in trouble in a GE.

    If the Lib Dems had not arrogantly opposed a Temporary Govt led by Corbyn and supported
    by assorted others including Lib Dems and disaffected Tories then we could
    have got through a sensible Brexit settlement which include a version of the Single Market.
    That would have sorted out the Northern Ireland problem too.

    As I speak the leader of the Unionists is making a speech concerned about the NI protocol –
    viz Johnsons “oven ready solution” . I do not support Donaldson but it is very evident that
    the UNionists were thrown under as bus by the Tories – together with the whole of Northern Ireland ..

    Obviously I have simplified this .. the continual push towards a Second Vote and Labour
    being a “Remain Party” continued after the disastrous local elections.. and this was led by Starmer.

  18. I was told yesterday that the “Israeli Arms Trade Prohibition Bill” is due to have its second reading this week.
    [Must say – That’s the first I’d heard about it]
    It would be nice to think that it would be widely-supported – However – I’m not holding my breath.

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