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Labour moves to crush member democracy yet again – and yet more rigging for plan to change leadership election rules at conference

Labour’s all-out war on members’ democratic rights

Labour has launched yet another assault on local member democracy – and at a national scale – in its all-out war on its members.

This time, the tip of the iceberg has emerged in the Truro and Falmouth constituency, with regional party officers hijacking a meeting to install right-wing officers – and ramming through a decision, with no process, to reduce the number of the CLP’s (constituency Labour party) delegates to Labour’s annual conference in September to prevent any left-wing members taking part.

Regional officers prevented many left members from even getting into the online meeting – including the constituency’s most recent parliamentary candidate, Jenn Forbes. Left-winger Alex Falconer, recently expelled from the party for membership of a perfectly legal left-wing group, outlined events in a series of tweets and stating that:

  • regional officials took over the meeting, excluding prominent left wingers, including Forbes
  • the delegation to conference was reduced in number order to exclude left wing members
  • no members were allowed to speak against this manoeuvre, supposedly in the “interests of efficiency”

In a post on her Facebook page, former general election candidate Jennifer Forbes elaborated, including pointing out that the conference motion had not been circulated to members in advance – a blatant flouting of the party rules requiring a minimum of seven day notice:

In the run up to the AGM the [then left-led] executive tried exceptionally hard, and put in many hours to achieve a fair AGM in often difficult circumstances against a campaign of poor conduct designed to achieve ‘regime change’.

Several attempts to obtain votes outside the rule book were dealt with. There were no issues with the AGM that couldn’t have been resolved with a good faith conversation with staff. All issues that were claimed on social media to be the cause of the suspension of democracy (around the failing email system) were subsequently replicated & added to.

A great many members received no notifications of the revised date. The shortened timescale [for notifying members of the meeting] excluded even more. The local rules which take pre-eminence were not followed, with regard to positions available & most importantly meeting times.

Members with childcare responsibilities struggled with the unconstitutionally early start time, this is not the proactive equalities agenda we should expect from the Labour Party. No notice was given doors would be locked, which is in any case a flagrant breach of the party’s own guidelines (see below) designed only to exclude. This alone is reason enough to void the AGM.

It can never be permissible to exclude valid members from participating in a democratic process. Many socialists were excluded this way.

A motion, previously uncirculated was passed, without speakers against permitted to be heard, which again conveys the unfortunate perception of a deliberate intent to exclude socialist from representing the local party at conference.

We call on all members to add their names of support below, including and especially the newly imposed executive. In particular, as a respected local member, vice chair of the regional board and Labour group leader we would urge Jayne Kirkham to publicly support good conduct within the party and use her positions to assist in undoing this sorry mess, for the good of us all.

The conference move seems clearly a part of the nationwide manoeuvres by the right to gerrymander the balance of delegates to this year’s party conference in Brighton, with the primary aim of a reversion of Labour’s rules to the old ‘electoral college’ system that gave a handful of MPs the same voting weight as all the party’s members – and the confirmation of the disastrous David Evans as general secretary.

When he was a Blair adviser, Evans once wrote that  “representative democracy should as far as possible be abolished in the Party”. It seems the party has taken his words enthusiastically on board and the shameful events in Truro and Falmouth are the latest manifestation.

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  1. The longest suicide note in history, beginning with Lord Kinnock. Will there soon be a Lord Blair, a Lord Brown, a Lord Miliband and a Lord Starmer? It’s far more economically preferable to protect, shield, support and raise the careers and lifestyles of a few traitors than to do the same for the masses they repeatedly betrayed.

    1. Curing ourselves of label itis, is the only sound option to transform this country. Face facts, Keith & Co are “bad bad bad news”. They will always be destroy all that’s good. We will never move forward while trapped between Tories without and within.
      Tories like SIR Keith & nasty cabal , must have their “loyalty” returned in concentrated strength ASAP. They will leave our party. It’s the only way. The public can see it. Hence Keith has sunk even lower behind the worst PM and government in my lifetime. Ipsos Mori – Nine points behind Tory Blue side… and that’s with super full msm, and other over trumped local and foreign entities. Keith even has the full support of the entire PLP. Survation and Poll of polls also have SIR Keith’s band down in the dumps and sinking further. In contrast General Election 2017 was the first in twenty years which saw Labour winning seats. GE2019 loss was almost totally due to SIR Keith Starmer’s two coups and working night and day to sabotage a true Labour victory.

      By contrast, more than half of voters according to IPSOS Mori believe Keith is doing a bad job. 38% think he should exit stage right BEFORE the next election.

      I say, let the fraud stay and bring the ship crashing down on the parasites. We can rebuild then. The public is with us. SteveH, davidH, SH believe in polls. They all show; RE: SIR Keith Rodney Starmer…

      It’s a NO from the public🟨🟧🟥

      1. Should read: They will always be “bad bad bad news”. They are destroying all that’s good.

        Apologies too the mixed metaphors.

        i.e. instead of exiting STAGE RIGHT as swiftly as the public are indicating, it would be better if Sir Keith remains to bring the THEATRE crashing down on the parasites. Then we can rebuild.

      2. Singpost, this is why Sir Keir and friends wants to ensure that they can change the Party’s rules. So when Sir Keir lose big time the next GC the membership doesn’t have a choice to elect a socialist as none would be in the ballot paper.
        The Party’s machine wants to ensure that no leader from the left can ever again stand a chance to be leader of the Party. Corbyn was a glitch that they are now correcting.
        This is why is important that Turner is the next GS in Unite so, with Beckett’s influence Unite supports socialist candidates as Labour’s independent candidates firstly in local elections and to spring to Parliamentary elections from there.
        I never liked UKIP but no political Party has been more successful that UKIP in the last 10 years. They never won a Parliamentary seat but they took both Tory and Labour seats across LA’s all over the country.
        Hence, It isn’t a reason why with the financial support of Unite and other left Trade Unions CWU, FUB, BFAWU, etc independent Labour candidates cannot do the same and start challenging the political establishment.

      1. In 1979, Labour lost the confidence vote by 311 to 310 leading to defeat at the general election.

        Based on the figures in his book Hammer of the Left, I concluded that 6 Labour MPs did not vote. According to the book Cruel Britannia, Gerry Fitt of the SDLP abstained because he could not support a government that used torture in Northern Ireland.

      2. There was always an element of Right Wing in Labour, Hardie knew this was a necessary evil in the world of Politics, if only he had the internet and Crowd Funding, Labour would have looked pretty different today. Atlee was anti Socialism and Wilson supplied Israel with boatloads of Tanks, which won the war!
        It wasn’t until Blair gnawed it’s way through the Westminster Sewers into Parliament, dragging in behind him the Blair/Thatcher/Reagan revised and upgraded Neoliberalism 3.0 with a Huge Dollop of Neoconservatism and dubbed it “New Labour” that a Totally Polar Opposite Parasite Party was born. There is no Comparison between The UK Labour Party and The Neoliberal Neolabour Parasite Party. Neoliberalism is NOT Liberal, Centre/Centrist, In The Left of The Right, Left Leaning and most certainly not Socialist!
        Neoliberal Neolabour Party are bona fide Tories, they work for Themselves and The Elites/Establishment. They do not care or work for The People unless there is money to be made out of it! Unless anyone can provide me with any actions, NOT WORDS, Actions, Starmer and the Starmerettes have taken to improve the health and well-being of people in The UK/Internationally.
        The main thing is that people must acknowledge that we have TWO Polar Opposite Parties:
        The HOST: UK Labour Party=Democratic Socialist=FOR THE PEOPLE
        The PARASITES: The Neolabour Party Tories=Neoliberalism=FOR THEMSELVES & THE ELITES/ESTABLISHMENT!
        The danger is People worship the Brand “Labour” and blindly vote Labour without knowing the first thing about the Tory they are about to give a seat to. We need to find some way of educating People about Politics/politicians, a bloody game or something, how do you engage with people who are more interested in the latest iPhone/GalaxyS than they are of homeless and starving British Children!? People vote Conservative/”Labour” because their Parents, Grandparents always did etc. That is where Socrates is bang on about Democracy!

    2. Don’t forget Lord Campbell and Lord Murdoch services rendered to The Crown for preventing Socialism from The UK Government. The reality is that, that is really an almost endless list which would feature whoch would feature Lady Banshee of The BoD, Lady Kuensberg, Lord Pompeo, Lord Netanyahu, OMG I think Lord and Lady Anyone in The Knesset/Mossad, Pentagon/CIA, Parliament (bar 20% of UK Labour Party Socialists)/MI5/6, The International MSM, Get Corbyn was a massive undertaking, I would love to know the final cost of that undertaking! I am sure The Palace can do a Mail Order Lord and Lady, it would be much quicker!

    1. The Labour Right don’t WANT Labour to be a party- they want it to be a fundraising website- for their personal profit, not to help elect Labour candidates- and that’s it. They have never deviated from Blair’s goal to wind the party up and merge it into a party of nothing at all with the LibDems.

  2. ITs always darkest before the Dawn. “Nothing to say only that you must be shellshocked with the amount of ammo and time spent attacking the Labour party members.from this thing the leader.The countrys crying out for a new party of the people and Labour certainly are not that.The country and the membership need a decision from the socialist group to form a new Labour party of the people.

    1. Great idea Joe, I’m sure it would get the full backing of the MSM and the British Establishment and, as such, attain power in next to no time and transform the country.

  3. Labour Party tries to intimidate The Electronic Intifada
    Britain’s Labour Party tried to pressure The Electronic Intifada to alter an article we published last week with an apparent legal threat.

    The 25 June article by Asa Winstanley reveals that two Labour officers banned a local party branch from debating a motion calling for sanctions on Israel.

  4. What can/should ‘left’ members do about this? Seems like the party is lost.

  5. Yep, the right-wing fascists in the party are always planning and plotting what to do next to oppress left members!

  6. The Labour Right in my view are Right Wing Political Barbarians, an inch above the politically thick & lumpen Political Barbarian Tories & Lib Dem’s et al. We need a Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party which puts the diverse oppressed first. In a few years I am gonna stand against one of the Right Wing crash test Labour dummies in my area. Still not decided which of the Right Wing Labour political morons I will I try to take out? There are 150 political Labour lightweights! And a Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party should not stand against Left Wing Labour MPs. There are 500,000 left wing democratic socialists in the UK, most still in Labour but more pouring out. We just need to get organised comrades. Solidarity & Love.

  7. How do you gerrymander the conference voting?

    Well Starmer has decided that removing even more of the membership would help him control it. Maybe well enough to change the rules for electing a leader in order that the membership no longer gets to choose.

    The Labour International CLP passed the following resolution yesterday.

    The Labour International CLP notes with concern reports carried in the Daily Mirror of a purge of four left wing groups at Tuesday’s NEC meeting and strongly condemns any factional attempt to disenfranchise the LP membership.

    The CLP condemns the use of factional blanket bans as a party management tactic and thus urges Keir Starmer not to proceed as described in the Daily Mirror.

    1. Expel and suspend members. Cancel CLP AGMs, rig the election of local officers, control delegate selections, put CLPs into special measures if you can’t control them – these and any other dirty trick the right can think up

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