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Regardless of Batley result, left MUST force summer leadership contest or lose party forever

Mass gerrymandering of conference delegates means leadership rule change certain – Labour left must strike now or lose chance indefinitely

With Labour set to lose the Batley and Spen by-election – even the party doesn’t think it can win – and Keir Starmer’s party now seen as such an electoral liability that campaign leaflets in the constituency do not even mention Labour – there has been widespread speculation about an immediate leadership challenge if Starmer does not resign in the morning if the expected defeat materialises.

Last Chance Saloon

But the reality is that the left must force a leadership challenge and complete it this summer – or else say goodbye to Labour as an electoral force, let alone as a vehicle for genuine change for the better in the UK.

There can be no room for hesitancy or timidity – the party and the left alike are both in the Last Chance Saloon and a failure to move now means disaster that will not be retrievable in a generation, if ever. This is not a Kinnock-era situation. The right intends to exterminate the left in the Labour party, not just cow it.

Mass gerrymandering and a leadership rule change

From the instances already confirmed, it is apparent that there has been massive gerrymandering of delegate selections for this autumn’s conference, with annual general meetings controlled by Labour staff to ensure right-wing executives in charge of selections – and where this could not be guaranteed, then delegate selection votes around the country cancelled or delayed to the point where delegates have simply been imposed.

All of this seems directed to one main end: a change of rules for future leadership conferences to return to the old ‘electoral college’ system that disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of members in favour of a handful of right-wing MPs, to make sure that no left MP gets anywhere near a position on the ballot ever again.

Forlorn hopes

Some timid or blind souls are pinning their hopes to a left win in the Unite leadership election before conference – but even if the left wins, Unite will control only some 12% of votes on the conference floor, nowhere near enough to fight off the intended right-wing move to brick up the doors against the left. Any democracy at conference will be an illusion, after a months-long war on members’ rights.

At this autumn’s conference, without a change of leadership, if David Evans – who has never even been confirmed as general secretary by a conference vote – decides to change the party’s name from ‘Labour’ to ‘ToryTributeParty’, it will pass easily.

And with the door walled up against any hope of a future left leader, those left members who have hung on in the party in the hope of a fightback will leave in droves.

Move it or lose it

Left MPs who are too timid to move now will lose not only the chance of a left leader forever, but also face the loss of their seats. The disastrous lurch back to right-wing, weathervane politics has already so disgusted voters that without change dozens of Labour MPs will lose their seats whenever Boris Johnson calls a general election – but many of those MPs will not even get to stand at the next general election: the right’s preparations for the deselection of left MPs are already well underway and with no left members to support them in ‘triggers’, most will be gone the instant a trigger vote is called.

Even if left MPs don’t support a challenge out of principle and electoral awareness, they need to do so for the sake of naked self-preservation.

And they need to do it now. No qualms about who is available or ready to step forward can be given room – MPs need to unite behind a challenger, or the chance will be gone for decades and perhaps permanently, with a good chance the party itself will not survive.

The Last Chance Saloon is about to close and throwing-out time is almost here. The only question is who will be thrown out and who will do the throwing – and if the parliamentary left puts its fingers in its ears and hopes for the best, they will soon be history.

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    1. agreed and we must have clear thinking eg:

      some call our electorate especially the long suffering labour heartlands / red wall / traditional voters – “stupid”, “lied to”, “xenophobic”, “taken in by farage”, they voted for “economic disaster” … on and on … fear fear fear from 2016 to this very day.

      the same some, arrogant merchants of arrogant doom, who pretend to believe that those who voted as they did were not smart enough to “see through lies” so chose utter doom… unlike the self-proclaimed non “stupid”.

      by 27 june 2021, five point six million european economic area and eu citizens applied to remain here in the uk permanently.

      i believe our neighbours are clear headed. they’ve listened to still gushing doom mongers. they’ve done their research. hard facts not drivel.

      our continental neighbours decide to enjoy continuing studying here, working here, banking, playing, loving here, raising their children here…. from cradle to retirement, enjoying our enviable NHS even under threat of its erosion by sir starmer types.

      yesterday alone saw fifty thousand citizens of the eu rushing to make the uk their permanent home.

      questions to jack t in particular – what do those 50,000 plus 5.6 million grasp, but you can’t?

      are they choosing to be make their homes amongst racists?

      have they too been taken in by “lies”?

      what makes you smarter than all the heartlands, more than half of the electorate and to date five million, six-hundred and fifty thousand eu and eu area citizens?

      they do have a choice, no? to stay safe from the utter lasting disasters you prophesy or to make the perfectly sensible choice to scramble to make the uk their home?

      1. Interesting post Signpost, you are right about EU citizens, surprisingly to some, wanting to stay. The other Interesting fact is that the ONS reckons only 2.5 million EU citizens live in the UK! Shows how trustworthy the official stats are.

    2. I would describe him as an obsessive with a compulsion to argue, he has ‘confirmation bias’, the tendency to process information by looking for, or interpreting, information that is consistent with one’s existing beliefs. This biased approach to decision making is largely unintentional and often results in ignoring inconsistent information.
      In other words he’s politically retarded.

  1. “strike while the iron is hot” indeed. choose only can do people or u will be drained by defeatism and constant noisy useless timorousness presented as “strategy”. from the get go, that type must have no place in any positive collective. they are part of the problem. they are the status quo but fail to notice. blinded by their smartness.

  2. the choices of “foreign entities” are mandelson’s bliar’s straw’s blunkett’s hodge’s watson’s benn’s smith’s phillips’s nos 1 & 2, rayner’s steveh’s davidh’s steve hall’s sh’s starmar’s choices. the “winners” and oh so “clever” “smart” “strategist”. the crucial thing is this, amongst us r some with energy spirit knowledge experience galore rolled into one plus sincerity, but their curse enslaves them and us. what’s their curse? they switch off independent thought. they sincerely fail to realise that. not one jot of independent ideas or suggestions. they parrot the exact crap excreted by the likes of the guardian and the bbc without realising it. why? because of an obsession with what they feel is “smart”. everyone else is “stupid”.
    the fact is very few people are “stupid”. we are a social species. our survival relies on diverse talents and thoughts. because the general public do not fetishise a plethora of academic terms, thrown about at every opportunity, they r considered “stupid”. because they have listened to all the arguments, just as we have, they are considered “stupid” to come to a different conclusion. how stupid is that?
    jeremy is not stupid. way ahead of his time in several key issues of policy. however basic logic, he caved in to his enemies on a long held signature view of his. what guarantee he would not have caved in on every of the multitude of sound views to appease the unappeasable?
    i challenge anyone to cite even one stand that was not sacrificed on the broad church alter. just one.

  3. I don’t think anyone on the left of the so called Labour party had the stomach for the fight, hope I’m wrong, not hopeful

  4. Good luck with that one Yvette Cooper is leading by a fair distance in the polls and Richard Burgon is trailing way behind with only 6%

    As for “Any democracy at conference will be an illusion,” hasn’t that always been the case?
    I remember someone standing on a platform of a OMOV members led party and SFA changed. Keir Starmer has actually achieved more on democratising than Corbyn did throughout his tenure.

  5. Let it die!

    Why because it’s too engrained this cult has taken over 95% of the party they want it so bad let them kill it!! Let everyone see what a joke they are with no socialist only middle of the road Tory sodding lite.

    I reckon only maybe 2 or 3 so-called left MP’s are worth a damn. Rebuild a proper socialist ONLY party anyone enters will sign a pledge break it instant dismissal. MP players right-wing power games instant expulsion and call a local election where a socialist candidate will be standing against them. You get caught playing blab to the scum press instant dismissal no discussions gone…

    We have to be disciplined only ever talk up socialist policies and show the people hope and again we can rebuild socialist Labour party. No collusion with Tory scum I don’t understand why you whould want to even discuss the weather with one.

    The old so-called Labour party I give 10 years tops sheading MP’s like hell desperately trying to find a new home with the Torys I bet. Until every MP is gone because they have nothing to offer. What do they stand for anyone?

    They just want to play stupid power games that is why I say let Labour die. To rebuild the socialist only Labour party and scum like these cult members will never be welcome because of the damage they have caused. Now the shill will start but we have to stay and fight they want your money and your silent subscription that’s their goal. To dangle the chance of a small win being anything apart from another trap. We have spent the last 20-30 years playing their game it’s time to change the rules!

    1. It’s dead, and the Parasite Neolabour Tory Party will be dead after GE24.
      Luntzspeak translation: when Luntzspeak Propagandists aka Neolabour Party Tories call you names i.e. a Cult then it is they who are The Actual Cult!
      Luntzspeak translation: when Luntzspeak Propagandists aka Neolabour Party Tories call you names i.e. a Terrorist/Sympathiser then it is they who are The Terrorist/Sympathisers!

  6. The Host Party The UK Labour Party is already Dead! The Parasite Party Thatcher’s Neolabour Tory Party will like any Parasite that greedily consumed it’s Host to death will also be dead by or shortly after GE2024 in the same vein as The Neoliberal “Democrat” Party, died after turning 2nd Tory Party. The UK, now that it started waking up since GE2019 and unlike The USA, wants an Opposition Party not just another Thatcherite Neoliberal Tory Party to continue with 42 years of Tory Destruction!

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