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Breaking: Labour ‘rescinds’ investigation into YL’s Barnard – with grovelling apology for ‘hurt caused’

Outrage and exposure forces Labour into climbdown over ‘error’

Keir Starmer’s Labour has been forced into a humiliating climbdown after widespread outrage over its harassment of Young Labour chair Jess Barnard.

Barnard had been told – in a 1am email – that she was under investigation for tweets she described as ‘challenging transphobia online’. But now Labour has said the notice of investigation has been ‘rescinded’ and has apologised for the ‘hurt caused’,claiming the NOI was issued in error.

Yeah right – with the emphasis on ‘right’.

The Labour right has been targeting Barnard and Young Labour relentlessly in recent weeks for their solidarity with Palestinians and support for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign group.

outrage and pressure may have forced this climbdown, but the Starmer-Evans disenfranchisement of and war on Young Labour and on Muslims shows no other sign of abating.

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  1. Anyone would think that there was a 5th column within Labour HQ who purposely trying to damage Labour’s reputation. Has this ever happened before? 🤔

      1. Andy – I agree, but I suspect that the Unions lie at the heart of the delay.

        Standing up! Speaking up! Defending yourself and us DESPITE doom & victim mongers working 4 parasites. DESPITE saying nothing can be done, Malcolm Colemans spend 24/7 DOING discouragement with rage and abuse to any who even whisper BE LIKE BANARD!!!


        BRUSH THEM
        AWAY like JO BIRD!!!

        Tell White Flag Men Malcolm Coleman aka Allan Howard, go discourage your bosses!!!

    1. The inquiry panel says on its website “it hopes to publish its long-delayed report “by early autumn”. And still says “the enquiry by the Information Commissioners is the reason it can’t publish”. That’s no reason to stop publication imo. The attempt to prosecute the whistle blower doesn’t make the leaked Whatsapp/emails and the conspiracy any less true.
      Union interference would only amount to a Unison clique trying to protect their own.

      1. I suspect it goes a lot deeper than Labour staffers with links to Unison. Serving and ex MPs and councillors from various areas of the country, notably the West Midlands were in an anti Corbyn alliance. Starmer would also be a prime suspect. The alliance most likely included ‘the lobby’, the people’s vote brigade, blue Labour and Union barons.

      2. SteveH
        Many MP’s are sponsored by Unions
        There’s our supposed lack of numbers to challenge Temporary Embarrassment
        Then there’s the spineless and gutless who will role over
        I think its more to do with who stands against him

      3. Doug – Really, I think you are clutching at straws id you are expecting the Unions to twist MPs arms to support an SCG challenge Keir.

    2. Magnificent victory for Jess Barnard. Humiliation for Starmer, Evans & co. Starmer’s leadership election promises worthless, his previous Brexit shift the most devastating since 1935, bankrupting a party left £13m by Corbyn, now a revolting attempt on Young Labour’s chair is embarrassingly reversed… Starmer is the most devastating individual in Labour history.

  2. Fifth column – Yes.
    In LP HQ – Yes
    In PLP too, don’t forget.
    In Shadow Cabinet too.
    And LOTO.

  3. Such an ‘error’ calls to mind the sociology of ‘predictable incidents’ rather than ‘accidents’.

  4. What a sh*t-show Labour Southside has become. It’s not funny, it’s saddening, thinking – once more – about what might have been.

    More than, four years wasted.

    Thinking of the people all over the country, of whichever political persuasion, who have had to suffer because of this malevolence and spite. Their lives could have been so much better.

  5. And this bunch of incompetent imposters think they can become a government 🙂 🙂

  6. Inan article Stewart has written for The Guardian, she, somehow, manages to drag Jeremy Corbyn into the story.

    Journalists are weirdly obsessed, these days. Perhaps, some of them need psychotherapy.

    1. I enjoyed hearing Peter Hitchens defend Jeremy Corbyn on Any Questions.

      1. Thanks for the tip, Steve. Didn’t know he was on. Good job there’s a repeat at lunchtime!

      2. Peter Hitchens “says what he means and means what he says”

      3. i hear him lambasting Johnson at least weekly. He hardly whines about being attacked. NB how he rebuts irritating ridiculous BBC hosts. Any Questions and more frequently Any Answers are one of the very few BBC “current affairs” progs i now listen to regularly. My main purpose is studying callers, despite heavy ‘MANAGEMENT’ to push certain views. FALSE BBC balance + cheap sensationalism. Also note constant prattle of present Any Answers host despite repeating time is so short + many callers etc YET still inviting more callers. She’s absolutely dreadful like most BBC propaganda ‘hosts’.

  7. No wonder young people are giving Labour the thumbs down when they gave Jeremy the thumbs up as they chanted his name. You could not make up what chaos seems to exist at Labour HQ

  8. It is way past time the good people started to tell the Labour Party to Fuck Off! Along with it’s fake left wing who are behaving like the right wings protective shield! We are sick of this shitshow!

  9. SteveH do you ever judge people by their actions & should Starmer’s Labour Party be judged by this criteria?

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