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Labour caved on Barnard under threat of legal action

Neo-Labour yet again unprincipled yet spineless

Earlier this evening, Keir Starmer’s Labour caved on its threat to investigate Young Labour chair Jess Barnard for ‘hostile’ social media after she challenged transphobia on Twitter.

Initial reports indicated that the party had backed down because of the widespread outrage at Labour’s continued harassment of Barnard and Young Labour, who committed the ‘crime’ of standing in solidarity with Palestinians against oppression.

But while that no doubt played a role, Skwawkbox can reveal that the key driver of the climbdown was the threat of legal action from Barnard’s legal representatives.

A source close to her team told Skwawkbox:

Atrocious that they went after a young woman for standing up against transphobia.

Labour’s grovelling apology to Barnard this evening and the party’s cowardly attempt to claim its actions were an error – which Skwawkbox will shortly disprove – make more sense now that the legal threat has been revealed.

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    1. Take note, Barnard is a child compared to the White Flag Men Malcolm
      Colemans aka Doom-monger supremo, Shilly hunt extraordinaire doing a great job 4 the Tory Parasites๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

      That’s the way to show them Barnard!!! And stay faaaaaaar from the defeatists & victimhood virus spreaders. They r determined to sap the slightest sign of courage, that’s their job and they’ve been laughing their heads off.

      We MUST keep them far, They r our BIGGEST problem. BIGGER than Tories in their own nest!!!

      We can only change the repeated appeasements by keeping them at a GREAT distance. Take no advice from them. Doomsayers have nothing to offer us except “We’ll be attacked!!!” They even fooled me.

      1. And here’s Joe a couple of days ago, with the predictable ‘reply’ from signpost! Yep….. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat! Just like the fascist main-stream media who repeat their falsehoods and lies over and over again!

        As I’ve said before, this site is infested with paid shills and their secondary personas, and believe me, signpost and Jokeefe and SteveH are ALL full-time paid shills and just playing their shill games! You see because I don’t post comments every day like SteveH does, Jokeefe and signpost include me in their ‘replies’ to SteveH – ie their ‘attacks’ on him – falsely trying to persuade readers that SH and myself are somehow on the same page. But as I say, they are all shills just playing different rolls!

      2. PS Although his ‘comment’ (that I linked to) is some way down the page now, it was in fact the second comment posted, and then got slowly ‘pushed’ down the page by other posters/comments – ie Jokeefe’s ‘comment, that is. No doubt he meant to post it as a ‘Reply’ (to SteveH) so that it would remain as the second comment, but he blew it! And less than two days later his buddy signpost does the same – ie posts the second comment and does his Nazi rant!

        Funny, isn’t it, that Jokeefe should just happen to start posting on here about three months before the 2019 GE, and then signpost about a month later, and they quickly became two of the most prolific posters on the site. What a coincidence, eh!!!

  1. It would be useful to know what the decision making process was in this case and who was it that at 1am decided to proceed with issuing the notice.

    1. WE will never find that out – just as we will never find out the reasons for the 4 proscriptions*** ..

      Apparently the reasons for the latter were decided in a “Star chamber” and then ratified by
      the NEC at the end of a nine hour meeting. The “reports” from the Star chamber were transmitted
      verbally to the NEC with no opportunity to carefully read them beforehand.

      It is no wonder then that some NEC members later regretted their decision(s) and used the
      device of retrospective action delineated in the letter – to oppose the original proscriptions

      *** All of this I have gleaned from LabourLIst articles so if anyone knows any different maybe
      they will let us know?

    2. Far more likely it was the time they set for automatic sending of bulk emails which is common practice to keep servers running smoothly.

  2. I still think that it was the possibility of protests at Conference as much as the threat of legal action which caused the Labour party to back off so Jess needs to watch out for once Conference is over they will be out to get her once again.
    Also now that the party has conceded that there was no case for Jess to answer I expect disciplinary action to be instigated against the Labour Councillor who brought the party into disrepute bythe posting transphobic comments she responded to. However as this individual is to the right of the party( evidenced by his insulting Trot Jamboree comments )I think there is more chance of seeing a flying pig than seeing him called to account for his unacceptable comments.

  3. This incident is nothing short of outrageous. Infantilism is a particularly worrying manifestation amongst members of the Labour right, and their po-faced denunciations of the left in language that demonstrates a kindergarten level of political thinking does them no service.
    How pathetic they are.

  4. Keef not going all QC on a legal threat/challenge? There was me thinking he was a litigation expert, too.

    Has his arse gone or summit? Oh, of course….he doesn’t wanna pay out to someone who isn’t inside.

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