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Rayner tweets Rashford mural – but no comment on Labour continuing to withhold Forde report on anti-black racism by former party staff

Deputy leader hammered over Labour’s failures on anti-black – and anti-Palestinian – racism after posting mural painted in tribute to football star and social hero

Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner has been faced criticism after tweeting a picture of a mural painted by Manchester street artist Akse P19 to honour football star – and hero of millions of hungry children and their families – Marcus Rashford, after Rashford and other black England players were disgracefully abused following England’s narrow defeat in Sunday’s European football final.

Rayner posted her tweet this morning but left-leaning Twitter users quickly pointed out that the Labour party has still not published the Forde report on a Labour report leaked last year that accused right-wing former party staff of a catalogue of misdeeds that included anti-black racism, as well as of working against then-leader Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign to win the 2017 general election:

The withholding of the Forde report featured prominently among critical comments, alongside Labour’s failure to discipline its own representatives’ anti-Palestinian and Islamophobic racism:

Barely two weeks ago, Labour was being hammered for dog-whistle racism against Muslims in desperation to shift blame for their expected defeat in the Batley and Spen by-election. Party sources briefed the press that Labour would lose because local Muslim voters liked antisemitism and were punishing Keir Starmer for his supposed actions against it. Labour eventually scraped through after a smear campaign against rival candidate George Galloway, alongside the helpfully-timed implosion of former Health Secretary Matt Hancock. Islamophobia in the party and the Starmer leadership’s failure to act was also condemned late last year in a report by the Labour Muslim Network.

The leaked Labour report alleged abuse and racism toward MPs, party staff and members by a group of right-wing former HQ staffers. Despite its failure to publish the Forde report, Labour has quietly readmitted a number of the staffers accused by the original leaked document. One former staffer implicated in the report – not for racism – has since been appointed to Keir Starmer’s senior team.

The Labour Black Socialists group is still on ‘campaign strike’ in protest at unpunished anti-black racism among the Labour right.

Marcus Rashford became a social hero last year when he forced the Tories to u-turn on a plan to withhold free school meals from millions of poor children during lockdown. Labour failed to oppose the Tory plan, then attempted to claim credit for the u-turn.

Angela Rayner was asked for comment on the response and the party’s failure to publish the Forde report, but did not respond by the publication deadline.

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  1. Aye, last night she was interviewed by Cathy Newman, on Channel 4 News.

    The question of antisemitism, and Jeremy Corbyn, came up, just, to add a bit of whataboutery to the occasion. Sure enough, Rayner trotted out the same old discredited tropes, as though the EHRC Report had never happened.

    I wonder if she thinks she has a chance of getting re-elected, at the next GE?

    1. Weren’t several of the Labour staffers who were exposed in the leaked report Union appointees.
      When the infamous Ms Oldknow left Labour HQ after the leaked report exposed her activities she was given a job as Assistant GenSec of Unison.
      Have the Unions involved given any comment.

      1. I think the point you’re making is that, as in the LP, some unions are controlled by scheisters too.

    2. Goodness I saw the interview kathy Newman is a journalist, She needs to get her facts right and educate herself re Anti Semitism in the Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn . It is only about 00.2 % It is very small. yes it should not be there. If Kathy and Channel 4 want to get educated re A/S I would suggest two things. 1/ Go to Jewish Voice For Labour a very articulate group highly intellectual and very accurate re A/S and the Labour party. There is no doubt it was weaponised for political purposes to destabilise Corbyn’s leadership. 2/ Go to the Forde Report and ask Angela Rayner why Starmer is not releasing the Report. It show in considerable detail how the right wing of LP Mainly Blairite centralists and in co operation with the LP governance acted as a 5th columnist with the main purpose of sabotaging his leadership..
      It is time the MSM outside of the billionaire owners of right wing media like the Guardian Observer started to practise open and fearless journalism. The likes of Cohan and Freedland and on LBC James O’Brian need to be confronted about the false narrative of anti Semitism under Corbyn.

      1. I heartily concur.
        However the Guardian is also a runner in the pack as far as JC and all the false allegations of Labour anti-Semitism are concerned.
        Successive bad financial decisions under successive editors and the board of the Scott Trust, and an editorial line at odds with the paper’s left-leaning readership will surely cook the Guardian’s goose.

      2. Cathy Newman is a fucking disgrace of a journalist. Same goes for Krishnan G-M. Jon Snow needs putting out to grass, too. The former go-to news programme is now firmly in the Virtue-Signalling Establishment’s grip. God knows why Alex Thompson is still wasting his talents there!

    3. What was even more galling George is that Damian Green was then allowed to get away with saying accusations of racism had no place in politics.

  2. When the lifelong racist Duke died at the end of last season, VIPs in football including the England manager were falling over each other to be seen to commemorate his life before taking the knee “against racism” at the same match. This ineptness was repeated at half a dozen highly publicised live games.

    It’s little wonder that endorsing racism and then a couple of minutes later ticking boxes that say you’re “determined to stamp it out” whilst doing nothing, is going to go badly wrong.

    And so we have the inevitable flaring up of the same old disease. Why? Because it’s not getting any honest, effective treatment.

    1. Spot on.

      Minute’s silence for the revered royal racist, followed by ten seconds of genuflection.

      Best decide and make clear just what it’s all about, methinks.

  3. Rayner is a self confirmed racist and a hypocrite who said she would never turn on Corbyn. She is an empty vessel with zero integrity.

  4. Came across the following recently – ie the CAAs ‘coverage’ of the leaked report (posted on April 17th, 2020):


    ‘The real effect of the unauthorised release of the unredacted report, however, is the threat that it poses to the Jewish complainants, victims and officials who are not only mentioned by name in the report but whose religion and ethnicity is also highlighted therein. It is understood that some of these names are now being listed on far-left and far-right websites and that threats have been made.’

    Funny how they don’t include/mention any of these threats in the article, OR mention the names of any of the ‘far-left and far-right websites’ who are LISTING ‘some of these names’. But it’s ‘understood’ you understand! As for ‘Jewish complainants’, well THAT’s the CAA for you!

    1. I posted the following assessment of the Hancock episode in a thread last week, albeit belatedly, so in case you didn’t see it – and in light of what it says in the above article about the ‘helpfully-timed implosion’ of Matt Hancock – here it is again:

      In the first place one has to ask why Hancock and Gina Coladangelo would have a snog directly in front of a CCTV, which they both must have known was situated there. And in the second place, who on Earth would think to pass it to the Sun. I haven’t been following the episode, but I just did a search on the Sun’s website re >matt hancock<, and one of the results that came up was 'Where was the Matt Hancock and Gina Coladangelo kissing video filmed?', and in the article it says that: The video was taken inside of his ninth-floor office at the Department of Health building.'

      Doesn't make sense of course that they would do so, or that someone – just prior to the Batley and Spen by-election – would think to play through that particular video footage and find the footage of them having a snog, and THEN pass the clip of them doing so on to the Sun. I mean how many people would have access to CCTV video footage in the building. And I stress, why would you stand directly in front of the CCTV in his office anyway!??

      And why would the Sun publish an expose of their affair – and especially at such a time – and not wait until a week or two after the by-election.

      Given that Starmer would have had little choice but to announce he was standing down had the LP lost the by-election, I have little doubt that the Establishment did whatever was necessary to make sure he DIDN'T, including 'fixing' the result – ie that 'their man', who has been doing all he can to expunge the left from the LP, should be rewarded with a win and kept in place!

      I mean the fact that it was such a narrow win just adds weight to THAT scenario – ie that the result was fixed.

    2. I have live video from a council chamber of 20 Tory councillors directly putting Jews at risk. I did my best to publicise it at the time but I was met with silence by a media who only existed to seek out LABOUR antisemitism. Anything else didn’t meet their carefully calibrated requirements. Would anyone like me to post the link? 😊

      1. Thanks for posting this shocking video. As you say, it doesn’t fit the news agenda.

    3. Just came across the following B/S nonsense from July 1st:

      ‘Matt Hancock video: Someone ‘turned the camera around’ to catch him – new details emerge’

      Oh, right, so someone turned the CCTV round to point in the direction that THEY – *somehow* – knew would be facing in the right direction to catch Hancock and whatshername having a snog whenever they happened to do so!

  5. but no comment on Labour continuing to withhold Forde report on anti-black racism by former party staff

    Then those with a Twotter account ought to make it known to Rayner as well as their own MP that their words aren’t worth a carrot until that report is published in full, without redaction.

  6. And anyway, that photo of them both taking the knee weren’t any sort of solidarity.

    No siree… Keith was teaching Ange how to kneel when Brenda comes along with the sword to tap on her shoulders and make another dame Ange.

  7. Meanwhile…. The LIAR just can’t help herself…

    An ex-Labour MP has said her successor’s claim she “was not forced out” of the party by anti-Semitism is “gaslighting” and should be withdrawn.

    Liverpool Riverside MP Kim Johnson told the BBC Dame Louise Ellman “took a decision to resign” in 2019.

    In a letter at the time, Dame Louise stated she was “deeply troubled” by the “growth of anti-Semitism” in Labour.

    Responding to Ms Johnson’s comments, she said she left due to “intense hostility” in the local party

    Ms Johnson made her comments on BBC North West’s Sunday Politics in response to criticism from Bolton West Conservative MP Chris Green about “the clearing-out of Louise Ellman and other Jewish Labour members”.

    She said the Labour Party “did have an issue with anti-Semitism”, but added: “We do have an action plan, we have improved our position on that.”

    “Louise Ellman was not forced out – she took a decision to resign for the party after 22 years as a Labour MP,” she said.

    In a tweet, Dame Louise said she was “appalled” that Ms Johnson “denies what I experienced”, adding: “This is gaslighting.”

    She told the BBC she was “very surprised” by what Ms Johnson had said.

    “I was forced out of the Labour Party by the anti-Jewish racism I experienced and I became very fearful about what a Corbyn-led government could mean for the Jewish community and society as a whole in this country,” she said.

    “I was forced out by the intense hostility, the anti-Semitism I experienced in the local Labour Party.

    “I would like Kim Johnson to withdraw her statement and recognise what has happened and then let us all move on together.”

    Tell the liar to get bent, Kim Johnson.

    1. I spotted another dame slumming it, tramping the streets of Wallasey leafleting with a gaggle of her Starmerite acolytes the other day. I slowed the car and beeped my horn. They all turned around together smiling and giving me the thumbs upπŸ‘. I returned a thumbs down and shouted “Stop littering. Keep Britain tidy πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§”

      1. WHAT?

        WHAT?? The illeagle doing legwork when it’s got a few years of Westminster left?

        Shirley you jest?

    2. The Toffee (597) 13/07/2021 at 6:48 pm

      Aye, that was my fault. A couple of weeks ago, on Twitter, I asked – tongue-in-cheek – if anyone had seen or heard from Louise Ellman, recently.

      Sure enough, up she popped, on cue, last night, complaining about Kim Johnson. Same doleful old voice, she’s always had, even in her Lancashire County Council days, blathering her blather.

      So, yeah, I’ll take the blame for that. πŸ™‚

  8. ‘Friends of Israel’? A ‘country’ that shares the same values, behaviours and wishes? People who like us, don’t like or don’t care? It’s not even a Coke or Pepsi choice. Is there a charter of things to like, aspire to, or even looking forward to the end of everything? If it’s friends of labour, this has a potential to be workable but the national claim is more than demanding and as daft as a united kingdom.

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