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Black Labour MPs demand urgent release of Forde report on anti-Black racism – as NEC members say reason for delay is ‘b*llocks’

MPs from different wings of party combine in dismay at ‘indefinite’ delay in release of report. NEC members say excuse for delay is ‘bollocks’

Nine black MPs have signed an open letter expressing their dismay at the ‘indefinitely’ delayed release of the Forde Inquiry report ion the accusations in the internal Labour report leaked last year – and demanding that the party release the report quickly.

The MPs represent a spectrum of Labour politics, yet have united to make this demand of the party and its leader Keir Starmer, telling him that any continued delay will both harm members’ confidence in the report’s conclusions and reinforce yet further the appearance that the party is not serious about anti-Black racism – and that he must take into account the wishes of BAME members in reconsidering the decision:

Meanwhile, NEC members have told SKWAWKBOX that in their view there is no justification for the delay and that the excuse that releasing it might compromise an Information Commissioner’s Office investigation into the leaking of the report, which has no bearing on releasing the findings about the conduct of staff, is ‘bollocks’.

The Forde report was originally meant to be released last summer, but has been repeatedly delayed amid accusations that Starmer is trying to ‘kick it into the long grass’.

Despite commissioning the Forde report himself, Keir Starmer has repeatedly poured contempt on it – reinstating staff accused in the leaked report to party membership and paying a huge sum to ‘whistleblowers’ to settle a case the party’s lawyers expected to win.

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  1. Jeremy and the entire “Socialist Group of MPS would give their FULL OPEN SUPPORT to this.

    1. We should not be divided as if this only affects non-white members. These problems affect ALL of us right here and right now. Let’s get our house in order. BASIC issues. Right here. Right now.

      1. Why rush to noise about solidarity with every virtuous issue abroad yet refuse to give meaningful, sustained DYNAMIC solidarity with URGENT issues right here right now in our own partyโ“โ“โ“

  2. Expect antisemitic claims to be hurled about – wholesale, and with zero basis in fact (again) – in the very near future.

    Can’t be having black or asian dissent heard, unless it can be negatively spun. No, sir!

    Antisemitism’s the complaint to make, if you want to get things done, or get heard. Who’s arsed about a few leftist black MPs, eh, keith, rupe, madge??

  3. If you think Starmer will do anything other than do his utmost to delay the Report until next year, the year after or after the next GE, you have more faith in him than I do.

    He and Boris “sit on every report forever” Johnson are two cheeks of the same arse.

    1. ‘Ere wee steven….Joe said stammer and de piffle are: ‘two cheeks of the same arse.

      Do you agree?

      If not WHY not?

      Is so, tell us which is the one on the right; and how often are you made to kiss it?


  4. Careful, Joe….You’ll have wee steven on shortly, giving you chapter and verse on how stammer’s totally diff….Oh, hang on…On second thoughts, you most definitely won’t. ๐Ÿคซ

  5. They are right, it is “bollocks”. No action the information commissioner can/will take would be in any way affected by releasing the contents of the report. The information commissioner will conduct an audit to ensure best practice has been applied and could serve an Enforcement Notice order if there has been a breach, requiring an organisation to take specified steps to comply with the law.
    This is a pathetic red herring.

  6. of cause it is everybody knows that. The report will come out eventually anyway. It is better to face up to what is revealed and do what is necessary. However, doubt that Starmer has the backing of supporters eg Blair et al who he takes his orders from.

  7. Nothing to stop any members asking ICO if there is any conflict at all between their investigations and the Forde report which would delay the publication
    In fact I think we all should, everyone with skin in the game should contact them

  8. It harms members confidence WTF????

    Who the heck has any confidence in this cult? Nope sorry you burnt that bridge months ago…

    So what difference is a worthless report that has been watered down until it’s virtually transparent meant to do for us?

    FFS it was only designed to reveal the original whistleblower that exposed these stupid games the Blairites play.

  9. This is not a question of skin colour, it is a question of honesty; integrity & social justice……..that is everyone’s business.

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