“Twitter is not your friend”: Tory DWP Secretary Coffey owned over free school meals scandal as footballer shows what opposition looks like – and slammed for ‘tone deaf’ response

The idea that the Tories give a fig for the education or wellbeing of vulnerable children is a sick joke

‘Tone deaf’ DWP Secretary Therese Coffey has been owned on social media by footballer Marcus Rashford after she responded to one error in his thread about the massive hardship faced by poor children – and ignored the rest.

Rashford showed what opposition looked like when he put out three tweets this morning asking the people of the UK to pause for a moment and consider the desperate decisions faced by poor families and the impact on their kids:

Rashford made a single error, not realising that the law does not allow water to be cut off. Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey opted to ignore the rest of his points and the massive hardship facing the more than four million UK children in poverty – and of course tried to score a point by focusing on the single, almost-irrelevant error:

Rashford ‘owned’ the callous minister by simply pointing out his ‘concern’ that she had only opted to respond to that one tweet, while ignoring the others and the horrific reality they touched on – but others were more scathing:

The Scottish and Welsh governments have already extended their free meals programmes.


Therese Coffey, like the rest of Boris Johnson’s sociopathic government, is a callous monster who evidently cares more about scoring points and ‘message control’ than she does about the appalling poverty inflicted on a third of this nation’s kids. The Tories’ excuse for sending kids back to school that they care about vulnerable children is exposed as the barest-faced of lies.

But what a tragic condition the UK is in when a 22-year-old footballer has provided the most effective opposition on such a fundamental and unequivocally scandalous issue.

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  1. Rashford is right. The money for these children’s meals should come straight out of the overseas aid budget before it can get into the offshore bank accounts of the corrupt African millionaire leaders.

    1. Plain Stupid…..you know nothing of Afrika and your comments show your Tory ignorance.Theres plenty of money in the UK .decent people dont have to rob foriegn aid,just spread the riches around more evenly instead of showering Banksters and the elite with public money

      1. Up to your old games Joseph? You know I’m always right and you are the policy lacking sentimental fool who would prefer to see our own working class kids go hungry rather than deprive an African dictator and his acolytes of another Rolls Royce or private jet. You are a socialist of the Idi Amin school. Corrupt stupid and ignorant.

    2. No it shouldn’t and money spent on addressing Ebola stopped it coming to the UK and a town near you courtesy of Right Wing Moron Plain Tory Citizen! The aid we also give can go as a bit of reparation (though some argue it is mis-used to promote Western business) for all the Empire stole & big business still steals!

      1. Read about the Ebola outbreaks in the last 10 years and see the appalling cock ups of the arrogant paternalistic WHO and others. Direct action works, cash and resources directly to solve local (not the whole country) problems. African leaders hate this as they can’t get their hands on it and still 80% of our taxpayers money goes to the African state and the corrupt leaders, not its people who need it.

    3. More interested in the secret money going to corporations if I’m honest.

      The money plundered from Africa during the empire more than covers a few quid via foreign aid.

      Unnecessary finish to your second post too. Take that shit elsewhere

    4. I doubt it gets to the dictators first. Get real the syphoning begins much earlier than that, NGO’s, caring concerned charities etc. You know the ones, look like building site workers; carry dolls, pour water on screaming kids etc etc. Much love.

  2. Tories largely depend upon the under education of those who are not from their ‘class’. As long as they are educated enough to take on the message from the right wing propaganda outlets, that’s all they are interested in.

    1. Jack hit the nail on the head there educated enough to generate surplus value & read propaganda, the tories abhor educated & unionised workforces

      1. Get out of the barrel and take a bow Diogenes, first time I have read the words, surplus value, in Labour comments section. Says a lot that. Stay safe Skwakies. ☮️

    2. Tories largely depend upon the under education of those who are not from their ‘class’.

      I’d have said they rely just as much on the compliance and acquiescence of a certain former director of public prosecutions, meself.

      Wouldn’t have called him ‘under-educated’ neither…Although he’d most likely claim he’s not of their class, having had a ‘humble upbringing’ like millions upon millions of others who never went to grammar school or university (Leeds and/or Oxford)…

  3. All these labour party pricks jumping on the Rashford bandwagon…How many of them are of the original 184 that refused to vote against the benefit cap?

    Well, we know stammer’s one and rayner’s another, so they’d fucking well shut it – eh, steve h?

    At least that would at least seen people earn a bit more to be able to buy a few items more and therefore not rely as much on free school meals.

    It’s THEM who are the real snakes in this; every bit as much as their toerag colleagues…sorry ‘counterparts’.

    And they call themselves the ‘Labour party’?

    Arseholes, one and all.

    1. What Tories love is servile, timorous genufluckers like Starmer – and presumably you if you think Labour’s ‘new management’ is doing a bang-up job of opposing them.

    2. Yes, Peter. You’re quite correct

      To the toerags, I AM, indeed: ‘a twat’.

      So, bearing that in mind, what does that make YOU, hmmm?

      I wouldn’t suppose I’d be too far off the mark if I called you out as a vacuous gobshite that doesn’t even get the reason these kids are going hungry in the first fucking place.

      So while they ‘love’ me, they just cannot get enough of easily distracted ignoranuses (sic) like you.

      1. EDIT**

        So while they ‘love’ me, they just cannot get enough of easily distracted ignoranuses (sic) *Who think they can tell the difference between them and the labour party* like you.

      1. Coffey…she has been weighing on her seat for a long time, Detestable
        woman not worthy of that gender name.

    1. Mmn, gorgeous. They do love being snapped, these little darlings. Was that a Cuban?

  4. Cant be cut off but could be evicted if water is part of your rent
    What Rashford is painting a graphic picture of is there is no longer a safety net, kids starve, gas & electricity gets cut off and up here that’s a death sentence if your vulnerable or you get evicted
    Take your choice in cheap and nasty Tory party land
    Change the language
    Shows us your income and expenditure calculation, what do you think people can live on

  5. Least we forget those who are sanctioned for spurious reasons parents working but claiming benefits to help them but getting sanctioned they go without food to feed their children oh dear Tory roar shouldn’t have had them if you can’t feed them welcome to Tory Britain but remember all those who have smart meter don’t pay its only to wake up to electric or gas switched off

  6. The Tories for a moment were ideologically nakedly exposed as Neo-Liberal Fanatics with their comment “It is not up to the state to feed children” (!) but of course the Tories have used the state to give tax cuts to feed the rich and big business to the tune of £300b since 2008!
    One of the things that turned the serious Kansas/USA flu of 1918 (it is argued spread by USA soldiers around the World in WW1) into a killer was MALNUTRITION which weakens the immune system, so another reason to salute Marcus and unions like mine and all the others who fought for this.

  7. “Footballer shows what Opposition looks like”. Are you serious?. The cause is just but I’m damned if I’m going to take a moral message from a Premier League Footballer taking home a million pounds a month, Just because his message is endorsed by Gary Linekar & other wealthy establishment patrons desperate to shine their ‘liberal’ badge appears to indicate that politicians of all Parties must take it seriously.

    It would also appear that there is no ‘political opposition’ in the House of Commons’ as MSM needs yet another young figurehead to champion a cause. I have never doubted that populist MSM must always wrap their ideologies in human form & not just give us the facts. Poverty is a reality for many families, regardless of skin colour, but only true when a black millionaire footballer tells you.Only celebrity culture can tell it like it is in the post truth; fake news era? Tells you so much about the quality of our 4th Estate.

    The families that Rashford claims he cares so much about, can never actually afford to see this man kick a piece of leather around a field as his employers seek to maximise profit & exploit their fans, to whom football is not a matter of life & death, it is more important than that. Just watch it on Sky & BBC highlights………if you can afford Murdoch TV? So few young British footballers can earn a living in the elite Premier League as more than 75% are imports. Young British kids just not good enough? Maybe the Premier League should provide opportunities rather than ‘cherry pick’ the rest of the world. Remind you of anything?

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