Breaking: Labour claims party will lose Batley and Spen – because Muslims like antisemitism

Inexcusable racism by ‘senior Labour official’ blaming collapse of support in Muslim communities on Starmer’s supposed efforts against antisemitism

The racism and Islamophobia at the heart of right-wing Labour has broken cover in an attempt to claim the party’s impending defeat – even Labour doesn’t seem to think it has a chance – in the Batley and Spen by-election – will happen because… Muslims like antisemitism.

‘That’s the main factor’

A ‘senior Labour official’ told the Mail that there is a ‘single, toxic reason’ that the party expects to lose the by-election, in a constituency with a 20% Muslim population, because of a ‘backlash’ against ‘what Keir has been doing on antisemitism’:

Muslim Council of Britain spokesman Miqdaad Versi described the comment as an ‘astonishing’ ‘false racist stereotype’ and showed that the party can’t be bothered to actually listen to Muslim voters:

This is astonishing. Any senior Labour official who tells media that Muslims are not voting Labour because Muslims support antisemitism, should be sacked. No ifs no buts.

Not *only* because they are propagating false racist stereotypes (although that is sufficient), but also because it shows they can’t be bothered to actually listen to what Muslims in the area are saying. Those who have tried to understand, have identified many local issues as well as Labour positions on Palestine, Kashmir & Islamophobia – and being seen to take Muslim voters for granted. If advisors to the Labour leader, don’t get this, they shouldn’t be talking about it…

Mr Versi is almost entirely correct, but only almost. The right-wing Labour view is appalling and outrageous – but there is nothing even remotely ‘astonishing’ about it, except perhaps the fact that they said it out loud to a reporter.

Labour’s contempt for Muslim voters and the Islamophobia deeply ingrained in the party’s right have long been obvious – and were condemned last year by a Labour Muslim Network (LMN) report.

Long before that, the party reacted to a recording of vile Islamophobic abuse against a left-wing Muslim member – by protecting the perpetrator and suspending the victim. For more than three years, with the process of expelling him ongoing.

And just after the publication of the LMN report, the party suspended a member of its National Executive Committee (NEC) of Moroccan Muslim heritage – for a statement of solidarity with Palestinians.

Acting general secretary David Evans claimed the party would implement the report’s recommendations in full – but as Skwawkbox predicted, that has been exposed as nothing but lip service. Not only has the party done nothing to root out rampant Islamophobia among its right, but that vile racism has become even more embedded at its highest levels – and is now a naked part of the party’s attempts to shift blame for its electoral and moral catastrophe under Keir Starmer.

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  1. A nasty piece of racism from the makers of the AS scam targeted on socialists,but has actually destroyed the Labour party and its honourable mps who are the establishment benefactors of the gravey train.Poetic justice and Corbyn must have a little laugh at how the right wing decapitated themselves.Good luck to the real democratic socialist Labour party members….you will need it.!

    1. Hodges? I’d have guessed it was somebody whose name rhymes with “Puke Fakefirst”.

    2. The utter hypocrisy of these people. First they topple Jeremy on the basis that Jeremy is making Labour institutionally antisemitic, then they point the same smear at Labour voters who may share semitic ethnicity: The Palestinians are semitic. All speakers of semitic languages are semitic. Ignorant stupidity as well as hypocrisy & opportunistic racism.

    3. If protestants dispute with catholics it is sectarianism. But in Starmer-land if predominantly Muslim people-of-colour dispute with white western Jews it is not sectarianism but supposedly anti-Semitism.
      In any case despite the pre-existience of terms ‘prejudice’, ‘bias’ and ‘bigotry’, the term ‘racism’ was invented to refer to the experience of those who’d lost their lands, original culture, language, social and family structures and were ghettoized in the lower reaches of western class systems.
      Despite this Starmer and the lobby pretend that Muslim people-of-colour are remotely in the position to racially oppress members of a white ethnic elite’

  2. Why am I not remotely surprised?

    Because anyone what didn’t agree with stammer’s shithousery over brexit were: ‘knuckle-dragging fascists – too stupid to understand’.

    They’ll be blaming Corbyn/the left/the working class/muslims/russel harty for the dinousaurs’ extinction, next.

    1. Toffee, this goes well before the shithousery over Brexit got into full swing. It started about 2016 and was built on and gathered pace after the 2017 GE shock, when JC almost won.

      It’s not about antisemitism. It’s about anti socialism. That’s why many of the members vilified, humiliated, had their reputations trashed, their lives and livelihoods destroyed and finally expelled from Labour, were themselves Jewish. As one staffer put it, they were the “wrong sort of Jew”. I have met many of them, on social media and in person and the only crimes they were guilty of was to support Corbyn’s socialist agenda and show solidarity with the Palestinians against the inhuman treatment by the Israeli government.

      If their treatment is ever fully exposed and I hope the time is fast approaching when it will, you will be ashamed ever to have been associated with the Labour party. History will not judge these people kindly.

      1. I’m aware of that, nemtona.

        My comment was a thinly-veiled dig at certain stammer supporting posters on here (No prizes).

        One who is now denying he ever supported stammer’s shithousery, who has cried loudest and longest about antisemitism – even longer than berger+ellman+hodge+smeeth+screeching** combined, but now calls those ‘knuckle dragging xenophobic leavers ‘zionists’ – conveniently omitting the fact that those mentioned (Including the stammer who spurned him by voting for a toerag brexit) are all unabashed, unequivocal zionists themselves; all of whom openly undermined the Corbyn he professed to support, but instead chose to undermine himself.

        Unforgiveably shithouse behaviour. I wonder where this ‘source’ got the idea from?!

      2. are all unabashed, unequivocal zionists themselves

        Sorry, I forgot to include the other key description of ‘remainers’

    2. Toffee, I gave up reading SH nonsense long ago. Empty vessels and all that. By the way, has he commented on this yet?

      Probably working on his angle, or getting it approved by the GLU first.

      1. I gave up reading SH nonsense long ago.

        In this instance, I was referring to the other beaut. Although fair play that you have the fortitude to ignore the wee fella…Who’s been noticeable by his absence & much reduced turd-polishing, these last few days…

  3. Appalling racism and massive gift to Galloway. Any hope Labour had of a face-saving result has gone. 1.6% again deserved.

    1. ….and yet 16 out of the 33 Labour councillors in Kirklees is of Asian origin.

      Surprisingly despite KMC being a very ethnically diverse and by and large harmonious community the Conservatives, LibDems, Greens & Independents don’t appear to have any councillors from ethnic minorities

      1. First of all, “Asian” is not a synonym for Muslim. Also, it’s likely that most of those councillors had been elected before Keir took over as leader.

        This probably explains why Leadbeater skipped that hustings- she knew most of the crowd would be Muslim, knew of the quote, figured it could hit the papers or the Web before the hustings and that as a result she’d be booed off the stage.

      2. kenburch – You are of course right it would have been presumptuous of me to say they are all Muslims which is why I didn’t do so.
        Did enough people actually attend this meeting to constitute a crowd. Surely those who have said that they are actively participating in GG’s campaign on these pages must know the answer.

      3. The size of the crowd is irrelevant- and was clearly going to be sharply reduced once neither the Labour nor the Tory candidates were going to attend. nothing in the crowd size, in and of itself, discredits the event.

      4. You said “and yet 16 out of the 33 Labour councillors in Kirklees is of Asian origin” as if that somehow refutes the assertion that Keir has given Labour an Islamophobic face- anyone reading what you wrote there would deduce that you were using “Asian origin” as a synonym or euphemism for “Muslim”. The presence of Labour councillors of Asian origin does not disprove the growing number of claims that Labour has become anti-Muslim, and the presence of those councillors is almost certainly a legacy of the Corbyn era- the last time Labour actually opposed racism and bigotry-in this era, Keir treats AS- a nearly-extinct form of bigotry in the UK- as if it is the only form of bigotry Labour needs to address and if it is more prevalent in the party and the country than any other variety of hate.

    2. …Blimey. They’ve gone full on Anders Breivik…

      Breivik had a manifesto.

  4. I have just read this article and my first reaction is this cannot be true ( I have no intention of reading the Mail to find out). If the quote is accurate and made by any Labour Party member ,disciplinary action must follow. Is it not also criminal?Perhaps there is somebody who could tell us . I have been a Labour member for over fifty years and frankly I am staggered that an official who my subs helps pay for could come out with something so vile.

  5. They blamed JC for the rise in A/S now it’s the Muslims turn who’s next to blame the disabled or people out of work claiming U/C

    1. They’ve already blamed the disabled.

      Twas them introduced WCAs…And reeves is on record as saying she’d be tougher on clamants than the toerags…

    2. It would have to be the disabled. They’ve already blamed the Jews- by going after Jewish anti-Zionists.

  6. This is, frankly, appalling, and actually marks a very sinister turn in contemporary British politics.
    It should be plain to anyone who thinks seriously about their politics – that the weaponisation of anti-Semitism by the Labour right could lead on to further excesses involving the Muslim community and, indeed, beyond. The Labour right is facilitating a turn to fascism.
    One of the features of the height of the anti-Semitism episode, was the way in which Jewish and Muslim members came together to protest at the manoeuvres of the right. Clearly the right have now moved on.
    But where are the left to take them on and stop them?

    1. Democracy is the least worst system, in every democracy there is the bucket party for the shite to join and vote for, nothing new here from Red Tories
      Will one of ours stand up and tell them
      They are in the wrong party

  7. Anyone tweeted their LFI MP to find out if they agree with such statements and if not, will they publicly condemn them, and be happy to see the ‘source’ disciplined/ expelled?

  8. From lord Ashcroft’s biography on Starmer:
    “Starmer got into bed with the People’s Vote people, so as to get votes for the leadership among members of the London Labour party. And he wouldn’t do a deal with Theresa May, which was there to be done, and would have meant a soft Brexit.

    ‘So what happens? May has to resign, and we get a hard Brexit. All because he wanted to get himself elected Labour leader.’

    Sir David Lidington, a Tory who supported Remain who was closely involved in trying to pass the May deal that would have kept Britain more closely aligned with the EU than the one ultimately concluded by Johnson, reflects that whatever the mix of motives, ‘Starmer is one of the authors of a very hard Brexit. There is no doubt in my mind about that’.

    Starmer gave us Boris Johnson.

    1. And jackass t, plus wee steve h (and their ilk) gave the labour party stammer…

    2. Starmer is playing to Rockefeller’s tune via the Trilateral commission.

      They already view billions of us across the world as expendable baggage.

      Anyone want to suggest where he goes after losing the leadership?

      I’ll say it’ll be the Council of Rome. Many of them are useful idiots to the inner circle of that organisation (another Rockefeller creation).

      As for the headline. Disgusting! Maybe they are determined to get the worst electoral result ever?

  9. It is Starmer who is guilty of Anti Semitism as our host has pointed out, I will bet ne did not receive a reply.
    IHRA Working Definition…. last example
    “Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel”.
    By equating a comment about the Israeli state training US police – such training is a matter of public record, in spite of Peake’s subsequent withdrawal – with antisemitism, I believe that Starmer himself has conflated the state of Israel with Jewish people collectively, in clear breach of this example in the IHRA working definition.
    Starmer has previously said that he will implement the full definition in the party, including all its examples.
    I have therefore submitted a formal complaint to the party,

    1. Lot of good it’ll do….greasy headed fucker’s a law unto his megalomaniac self.

      1. The grease is probably macassar-which he’d use for the same reason he keeps doing photo ops with ice cream cones…he’s so obsessed with NOT being like Corbyn he thinks he has to keep proving he’s not even a vegan. He literally can’t let a single moment of his tenure NOT be a rebuke of his predecesor.

  10. Wouldn’t be surprised if the comment was made by a “staffer” who knows somebody who lives next door to an LP member.

  11. It is Starmer who is guilty of Anti Semitism, here is the last example of the IHRA definition…
    “Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel”.
    By equating a comment about the Israeli state training US police – such training is a matter of public record, in spite of Peake’s subsequent withdrawal – with antisemitism, I believe that Starmer himself has conflated the state of Israel with Jewish people collectively, in clear breach of this example in the IHRA working definition.
    Starmer has previously said that he will implement the full definition in the party, including all its examples.
    I have therefore submitted a formal complaint to the party,

  12. Trope if there ever is one. Divisive Polarising. Boris Johnson vocabulary. EHRC complaint? Who made this comment? or it a Donald Trump They tell me I keep hearing Someone said

    1. Hehe, Well Said SM.! Brilliant

      For those that don’t (know much about the Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism), here’s wiki on it:

      The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism (JDA) is a definition of antisemitism signed by more than 200 scholars. The declaration explicitly states that boycotts of Israel are not inherently antisemitic, and was motivated in part by objection to the IHRA Definition of Antisemitism, which has been criticized for curbing free speech with regard to criticism of Israel.[1][2]

      The declaration includes a “core definition” of antisemitism:[3]

      Antisemitism is discrimination, prejudice, hostility or violence against Jews as Jews (or Jewish institutions as Jewish

  13. Apparently, the article was written by the oracle that is dan hodges. Yes, the ‘boy wonder of modern journalism’. He of the record worse than a stopped clock.

    Had it been the loathesome isobel (sic) oakshite(even sicker), a ‘blag’ phone call pretending to be plod making a potentially criminal investigation would see her immediately snitch on ‘the source’.

  14. Labour claims party will lose Batley and Spen – because Muslims like antisemitism

    The corner they have painted themselves into could – according to many a talmudic scholar – be called the ‘antisemitic corner’.

    So brain-dead are the neoliberal right in Labour they don’t even realise that they are hoisted by their own petard – well, the one they tie to hang Jeremy Corbyn with.

    Poetic justice!

  15. Labour will lose Batley and Spen because the Labour Party is no longer the Labour Party of democracy. As John Bercow said Labour is rooted in equality, social justice and internationalism. These are the roots which the LP needs to get back to. However, once Starmer and the right wing has been deposed, there is still a small group of nationalistic leftists determined to disrupt the Party in favour of their fanatisism.

    1. Internationalism has been hijacked by the globalists who are only interested in trade deals that give legal access to internal markets. Internationalism has been dumped, it’s the strong against the weak, enforced with sanctions. Please don’t confuse the EU with internationalism, it’s all an elite club in hock with America
      Also, see my comment up-thread about lord Ashcroft’s Starmer biography…..Starmer gave us Johnson and hard Brexit for his ambition.

      1. yup lundiel, ‘globo-capitalism’.

        “Starmer gave us Johnson and hard Brexit for his ambition.” Those billionaires are getting great value from Sarmer. They’re reputed to call Sir Keir “the gift that keeps on giving” . They tasked him to cause Corbyn (and democratic socialism) difficulties so that their planned covid coup could start as planned, and he gives them Brexit and rapid/total Pasokification of Labour as well.

      2. qwertboi – Do you honestly believe this infantile conspiracy nonsense?

      3. It is a rare day that I have to agree on something with our Resident Right Winger, Steve H, but when qwertboi comes out with that toxic meme of the conspiraloon covid denier brigade, ie ” …their planned covid coup .,.,.” . it is clear that yet another Skwawkbox poster has ‘jumped the sanity shark – to complete bonkerdom !

        What is it with so many Skwawkbox posters ? They seem to derive all their information from online conspiraloon sites . A tragic situation for so many self identifying ‘Left Wingers ‘ !

      4. “qwertboi – Do you honestly believe this infantile conspiracy nonsense?”

        Which part(s) steveh?

        That the ‘pandemic’ was planned for? Yes I do – the evidence is clear.

        That a genuine democratic socialist PM would have scuppered the globo-capitalist’s attempt to use Coronavirus to bring about a “new normal” that benefits them and harms the working class and democracy? Yes I do.

        That globalism is a rightwing alt.internationalism? Yes I do.

        That Keir Starmer has caused a harder brexit than would have happened had Labour not supported a second referendum? Yes, I do (for Labour would possibly have won GE19).

        That Starmer is intentionally causing the Labour party to pasokify itself? Yes I do.

      5. @jpenney

        You will have nothing, and you will be happy.

      6. …What is it with so many Skwawkbox posters ? They seem to derive all their information from online conspiraloon sites . A tragic situation for so many self identifying ‘Left Wingers ‘ !…

        Maybe you should go take a gander at the Conservative Woman website. They are not left wing lol. Nowhere near.

        Yet the right sees similar…How does that fit into your hypothesis? (Also highlights how left and right are fake, forcing division (Brexit also did this))

        Also, considering that the powers that be have a proven trackable history of false flags and lying, why do you suddenly believe them now?

        Mono views are unhealthy. Electrons have three states, positive, negative and neutral. Maybe your hypothesis will change when you apply the three states?

      7. For JPENNEY and steveh RE NVLA’s suggeston that you see the COVID COUP by the billionaires for what it’s worth:

        Here’s a ConservativeWomn site on the PCR CON

        and FWIW, I am severely disappointed that so many socialists are such willing accomplices to the oligarchs’ and rightwing’s exploitation of SARS-CoV-2. Do you not realise that we are at the point when “all that is solid” should be “melting into air” but the neoliberal ruling class have played for time by exaggerating tremendously the virulence of coronavirus and are using it to define a “new normal” that put’s their beloved capitalism on life support and the rest of us – and our democratic instincts and organisations – in the dog-house.

      8. qwertboi – ….and you expect to be taken seriously? 🙄

      9. qwertboi – ….and you expect to be taken seriously?

        Not by you. You seem to see your role as to always defend the inexcusable, whether it’s a leader of Labour being one of only nine other Britons neoliberal enough to be an enthusiastic “member” of a billionaires’ pressure group, violate the purpose and freedoms of Labour party members, or fail to oppose the policies of right-wing authoritarians and worse in HMG, or the systematic and willing curtailment of economic and democratic function of the state to consolidate a neoliberal hegemony by the billionaires for a health “emergency” that produced (for the whole of 2020) the ninth lowest total (global) death rate (tdr) since 2001 (and the 13th lowest tdr for the UK since 2001).

        A lie as big as that cannot endure for long.

      10. qwertboi – Is that it, is that really the best riposte that you could come up with.
        Try proving them wrong, any idiot can post a silly cartoon..

      11. Calling someone gullible quoting a fact checking (LOL) site is like shouting mugger at someone whilst rifling through a wallet

      12. NVLA – As I said above

        Try proving them wrong, any idiot can post a silly cartoon..

      13. Easy. The charade you linked to is funded by large amounts of Facebook money. Facebook, that well known and regarded bastion of free speech…

        Works with Amnesty international, a well documented charade that over pays it’s too staff whilst having a proveable record of ignoring human rights. Also works with the BBC. Another bastion of truth.

        What happened to the old days of going out and searching for yourself? Why do we need sites like full fact and Snopes (ran by a couple of grifters from their home)?

        I’m sure you’ll be back with a retort about how this isn’t proof. So it’s stalemate because quoting full fact ain’t proof either

  16. You will have to expand this for me. I’m afraid I don’t get your point.

    1. Lundiel “Starmer gave us Johnson and hard Brexit for his ambition”

      Anyone who did their best, including Zionists, the right wing and a small section of the left, to smear and undermine Jeremy Corbyn, gave us Johnson who gave us Brexit. I notice you are now trying to differentiate between Brexit and hard Brexit. Any form of Brexit is bad for Britain

      It should be obvious now to even the most fanatical Brexiteer we will not get all those ‘fantastic’ trade deals which Bozo spoke about. We are at the back of the queue and will have to make painful concessions to get even meagre deals to be able to keep people in work.

      Brexit will lose us the rest of the NHS and is heading towards causing the break up of Britain.

      1. Neoliberal trade deals that give global corporations legal access to internal markets are not in our interest. Just as Johnson is busy making worthless deals with countries on the other side of the world. The EU is busy negotiating the follow up to ttip, tafta and we are negotiating a similar deal. There is no ‘back of the queue’ trade deals will give full access to the NHS and transport for both America and Europe.
        Honestly, you are crazy. If we were still in the EU we’d be paying for Covid bailouts for the many poor European countries for decades to come. Also we would have to use austerity to get back in the black whereas now we can run a balanced budget or not. The EU balanced budget law never benefitting us with a sovereign currency and we would have been in big trouble post Covid.

  17. Sometimes personality disorders can lead to people blaming everyone and anyone for things that are, quite evidently, their own failures. If Hodges’ report is true then the cabal currently in charge (if you can call it that) of the LP demonstrates such behaviour. It’s easy to believe that things could get no worse. They can.

  18. John Bercow has joined New New Labour, there’s a joke about joining a sinking ship. A conservative former speaker joins Labour, speaks volumes for New New Labour. As for blaming antisemitism for NNL losing Muslim voters, no suprise. Look at how right-wing democrats behave towards Ilhan Omar in the US.

    1. Could he be The New “Messiah”!? I always struggled to find the Tory in him when he was speaker, I did not know him before, Politics didn’t exist in my world from 1997 until 2015 seems it’s died again in 2019! Wasn’t he in the BoD hot water at some point, if he was that will add interest to the mundane!

      1. I always thought Michael Kitchen could play Bercow in the movie…or maybe Martin Freeman.

      1. I can definitely see Bercow in The UK Labour Party Faction, rather than Neolabour Party, He’s too rebellious to comply to all that authoritarian fear-mongering of Starmerism and his Starmerstruppen.

      2. I don’t know with certainty, it could have been due to the Corbyn wing of Labour. However, the Corbyn wing of Labour has been sidelined, and Betcow, a conservative, is more likely to be supportive of the more right-wing Starmer.

  19. Thatcher/Blair/Starmer’s Neolabour Tory Party is the Party of Apartheid, while Black, Muslim, Other Minority including Black/Non-Zionist Jews are shamefully pushed under the carpet along with the Forde Report. Only for them to watch, from the sideline, many of the people who Abuse/d them rise in the ranks of Starmer’s Neolabour Zionist Tory Apartheid Party! Having to still hear of the Antisemitism Crisis and volumes of outrage,volumes of Antisemitism training EXCLUSIVELY for/from White Zionist Jews/Non-Jews about a crisis that thus far amounted to 1/550K Members=0.00017% is extraordinarily Racist and Dangerous!
    To be targeting Muslims as “likes Antisemitism too much” is downright dangerous! The most frustrating is that the White Zionist Jews/Non-Jews who are blatantly abusing Antisemitism are not the people who get hurt and suffer real Jew hatred, we don’t hear from them as they phone 999, because a serious incident occurred and not The Daily Mail, because someone was rude/swore at them!
    Neolabour Party is the Party of Apartheid and Black, Muslim, Other Minority including Black/Non-Zionist Jews are suffering horrific abuse while White Zionist Jews/Non-Jews are abusing one of the worst human tragedies and of their own people, for political Chess! They don’t want the Forde Report Touched because they know that many of the racists who abused Black, Muslim, Other Minority including Black/Non-Zionist Jews were also the most vocal about Antisemitism! Pretty Ironic that!,%22Antisemitism%22

  20. Lundiel, conveniently you appear to forget that Britain had a large influence upon the functioning of the EU and we would have had a more ‘socialist’ influence had we had Socialist Labour Party representatives in the EU institutions.

    The global legal access of which you speak is a way of preventing monopolies whereby everyone has the same access. However, it didn’t as Brexiters like to maintain, prevent countries taking control of certain vital services.

    But your point about having to bail out poorer countries after Covid is most telling and is a throwback to the racism of Farage which we can still see in his racist attitude to Black Lives Matter, deriding and accusing them of being a Marxist institution.

    To an extent, the EU is actually an embodiment of Socialism where richer countries help poorer countries for the mutual benefit of all. As a right winger, it is this is Socialist aspect which is behind Farage’s hatred of the EU. It has helped to level up standards and at the same time increased trading possibilities and decreased inter-border friction between members. The philsophy of the right is divide and rule, whose hands Brexiters have played right into.

    1. It is also worth noting that if Labour hadn’t ignored the 2019 MEP elections and got more seats there is every likelihood that the President of the EU Commission would now be a member of the EU socialist grouping (check out their manifesto, it could have been written by JC). Where was the solidarity.

      1. That was a right mess! I am sure the vast majority were Neolabour Party, and on top of that was when Galloway went mad (again) and jumped on the Farage Vote leave at any cost/Corbyn doesn’t understand the working class Bandwagon. I doubt many UK Labour Party voters would vote for a Neoliberal Neolabour Tory.
        The short of it is that there will never be Solidarity between two Opposing Political Factions. Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories needed to be rooted out ruthlessly. Corbyn’s biggest mistake was being led down a rosy path by the “Literally a Communist” FakeLeft, Momentum, LabourList, Jones, Novara etc, etc, etc. He needed to take in a bit more from Laura S, Dennis, Trickett and Lavery, but his crime is seeing the best in people and he wanted unity and fairness, I guess as crimes go those were his most naive, but not the worst human in attributes, sadly the bad, know the good all too well!

    2. The People who stood were not Socialist, the were Neoliberal, I don’t think any of them were UK Labour Party, They were Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tory, they are Anti Socialist, just because people write Socialist/Left Wing on their Wiki Page does not make them so. If we did have MEP that were UK Labour Party, it would have been a totally different ballgame altogether. There were just too many people against The Neolabour Party and their constant attacks on Corbyn and The People of the Sun (Red Wall) on Pied Piper Galloway and Jester Farage’s Bandwagon. It’s all a Caldron of boiling Gloop, might as well shut the doors on it and leave the keys.

    3. You are totally barmy. The pair of you won’t face basic facts. How the EU functions has nothing to do with political groups it is enshrined in the Maestricht treaty and the treaty of Lisbon. You pair of nutters need to go away and read the treaties and understand the fiscal constraints, competition, structural reforms, investment, sustainable financing and the four freedoms which lock all European countries into neoliberalism.

      1. So Lundiel, I’m a nutter because I won’t accept your view of the facts?. I’m in good company then with many well known and respected left wingers sharing my concerns and opinions.

        It’s your and Farage’s ‘facts’ with which I have trouble. They have given us Brexit which will do nothing but harm to Britain. You said it’s early days, just like frog in the pan coming to the boil who thinks things are a little warm but will get better!

        I’m no admirer of all things EU, particularly their choice of spokespeople on Palestine but you have to be in it to win it.

        It ill becomes you to behave like Toffee the Tory, especially since I’ve already warned you about him.

      2. Jack, explain the Greek situation please.

        Tell us how it’s came about, what they have gone through, and where they will be heading.

        Because from my perspective, the Greek situation shatters the EUs image completely

      3. It’s not “my view of the facts”, they exist independently of me. The EU is a neoliberal construct. That is not up for debate.

      4. Oh you desperate charlatan JackT. The growth in Greece’s economy is because it had hit rock bottom, it’s not out of trouble. If you read the rest of that pap, you’ll see Greece has been forced to implement harsh neoliberal ‘reforms’ by the IMF. The country is in the process of outsourcing everything and selling anything that can be sold….fancy a Greek island? No problem
        It’s a crying shame and the ECB and Germany are to blame.

      5. Lundiel, you are so eaten up with hatred of the EU that it’s driving you down the road of Toffee the Tory. I didn’t even read the article, I posted the link so that NVLA could make up his own mind.

      6. Thanks for replying Jack. Much appreciated.

        @Lundiel. Also thanks for replying. Very much appreciated as it saves me looking for what you found

  21. Thatcher introduced them to neoliberalism and remains dominant idealogical basis on free trade exploitation of labour costs in new countries, which she championed.

    1. Ah Toffee still trying to pedal his mental obsession.The floor is yours big mouth, give everyone the proof.

      1. Ah jackass, still denying you supported stammers shithousery?

        Still denying you labelled everyone what warned you of the consequences of that support, as fascists?

        Away and shite, infantile oaf.

    2. The EU was founded as the EEC in 1956, inspired by a specific form of what we now call neoliberalism – Ordoliberalism – whereby the state and international agencies carefully construct a free market for the free exchange of capital and labour, AND mitigate the corrosive social impact of this, the better to protect the market and its freedoms from challenge. Thatcher, inspired by Chicago-style neoliberalism, opposed many of the social protections, weak as they were, that developed as part of this project.

  22. Why bother voting for something we wouldn’t be part of 12 months down the line? Why give the EU a socialist president when you did your damnedest to prevent a socialist government taking control of the UK?

    As a result of your supporting stammer’s brexit shithousery, this country is now an age away from seeing a socialist government.

    You really wanna know where the solidarity was? Best ask your mate Keith – the europhile.

    1. Toffee – A bit of solidarity would have been appreciated by our EU cousins. We may also have got a better exit deal from an EU whose Commission was dominated by socialists who owed us one. Plus we would have gone into the summer of 19 as winners instead of losers. Who knows how things may have turned out different if we’d had a bit of positive momentum.
      I seem to remember that you were one of those who couldn’t be bothered to get off their arse to support fellow socialists in the EU.

      1. WHAT fellow socialists? Weren’t even one from the UK, so don’t be giving us your ‘solidarity’ bollocks when you showed none yourself.

      2. What do I disagree with?

        Try the fact that we’d voted out THREE YEARS PREVIOUSLY.

        Or if that doesn’t suffice, how about you name a UK labour SOCIALIST MEP?

        The fucking state of you – going on that you would like to have seen a socialist EU parliament when you don’t even want a UK socialist government.

        Do fuck off and regale some gullible masochist with yourutter crap because I’m not wearing any of the crapulence you try to palm me off with.

      3. Toffee – You’re as bad as Boris, as soon as you are asked a question that doesn’t fit with your agenda you resort to bluster. In the absence of any objections from you are we to take it that you agree with the PES Manifesto.

      4. WHAT ‘bluster’?

        Ffs are you actually mentally retarded? Did we NOT vote out three years previously?

        You gonna name a SOCIALIST labour MEP or not?

        Like the other moron, are you now gonna deny you supported the 2nd referendum while dismissing sensible people’s (now vindicated) warnings of the consequences?

        ‘bluster‘ ffs. Give yer heid a wobble.

      5. Toffee – Bluster like the sample kindly supplied by yourself.

      6. The PES is s powerless joke. There are no Socialist parties in the EU, just some marganlised centrist dad parties and the Portuguese Socialist party.

      7. As has been shown, virtually ALL of the Labour candidates in the 2019 Euro-elections were from the right wing of the party- therefore, essentially none of them were socialists. Nobody from the right wing of the party opposes austerity or any of the anti-socialist rules the EU imposes, such as the competition clause which effectively makes nationalisation impossible. Since socialism is impossible without the capacity to nationalise- nationalisation is the only way to transfer privately-held companies to cooperative worker control; there is no process for doing that without some level of state involvement or initial subsidisation, and since nothing remotely socialist can happen without the cooperativisation of at least large sectors of the economy, those who oppose nationalisation oppose anything even remotely resembling socialism.

        None of which will make any impression on SteveH, who clearly accepts the pointless,defeatist “it’s enough to elect something that CALLS itself ‘a Labour government’- we can’t actually win an election by promising to actually have that government DO anything” argument.

  23. Skelly, Corbyn’s biggest mistake was ditching his friends to appease his enemies, no don’t about it. And one of those who bent his ear and resolve the most was Len McCluskey.

    1. I understand what you are saying, but don’t think he ditched his friends, we have to keep in mind Neolabour Party was 80% PLP and UK Labour Party 20% PLP. A lot of the decisions Corbyn was blamed for were taken out of his hands by the vast majority. However part of what I meant by rooting Neolab Tories out was fighting harder to keep Marc, Jackie, Tony, Chris et al to fight the Neolabour Party.

      1. Skelly, it pains me to say it but Corbyn was in a position of influence and not once did he speak up for those you’ve mentioned. I know some of them personally and they confirmed it.

  24. Lundiel, conveniently you appear to forget that Britain had a large influence upon the functioning of the EU and we would have had a more ‘socialist’ influence had we had Socialist Labour Party representatives in the EU institutions.

    Gawd almighty!!

    WHAT fucking influence, soft lad? Remember when Ccamoron said he was gonna stick ma Merkel’s arm up her back and get all sorts of concessions, but came home with his kecks around his ankles, sucking his thumb, while ma merkel and the rest of the EU pissed themselves laughing at us?

    Socialist labour representatives in the EU? Ffs you divvy, they couldn’t even prevent the stitch-up of the delegation process so as to get their (and yours let’s not forget) second ref bollocks bulldozed through, which you knew FULL WELL would put the kybosh on any UK socialist government being formed for quite probably a decade and a half at the very least.

    YOU supported that course of action, and allowed it to happen.

    1. The pair of them are mental. It’s like they think there is no Maastricht treaty and you can just change the rules to suit.

      1. Isn’t being able to change the rules a part of The EU Commissions remit.

      2. Oh you silly silly man. In order to change the rules every member state would have to be in agreement and that’s not going to happen because the current rules suit Germany. Then you’d have to rewrite every piece of legislation up to and including the Masstricht treaty. In other words Einstein, you’d have to tear the lot up and start again.

      3. lundiel – So your solution is to give up before you start.

    2. Is it me or do these people who bang on about influence on the world stage come across as a bit authoritarian? What is this obsession with power?

      That said, it could be ignorance. Because I’m struggling to find examples where we haven’t used that voice to gain unfair advantage over others.

  25. To anyone who is new here, there are Brexiters, Brexit fanatics and then there is Toffee who is simply deranged. His fixation with Brexit and anyone who disagrees with him causes him to hallucinate and make claims and accusations which he cannot possibly substantiate. Normal people once called out would accept it but not Toffee, he just ploughs on repeating the same nonsense don’t you Toff.

    So come on Toffee let’s have some proof I have ever supported Starmer. Assertions from a head case won’t do.

    1. ‘Head case’ he calls me.

      The infantile wee shite calls me a troll for pointing out his overt support for stammer and his second ref, which is easily ‘substantiated’ by the fact the little hypocrite called people what warned him of the consequences as knuckle-dragging faragista fascists or other such garbage.

      But that ISNT trolling, apparently.

      Well for starters, jackass, at least two people have told you I’ve given you the home truths about your idiocy and hypocrisy, and ive not trolled you,. So I suggest you need at least three people to tell me I AM trolling you…

      Now he expects me to trawl through his posts looking for evidence… Nah lad. Those who weren’t kbuckledraggers you’ve accused of being Zionists.. or do you DENY THAT, too?

      Now, run along quickly…

      1. By the way NVLA have you ever complained about the foul and personal language used by Toffee the Tory? Or is it that you don’t like me exposing this Toffee Tory shill?

      2. @Jack

        I’ve written to Steve about moderation and comments, don’t you worry.

        I think it’s about time comments were locked personally. But it’s not my site

      3. NVLA – Have you really?
        Well I guess that neatly sums you up as a person.

      4. …Sums me up as a person…

        I guess it does. I’m sure the readers can work out why.

        Guess who’s comment was first to be scrubbed xx

    2. Getting more than a little personal there Jack.

      How about some careful thinking and maybe an apology?

      Maybe it’s time for Steve to disable comments here?

    3. JackT. You said “It ill becomes you to behave like Toffee the Tory, especially since I’ve already warned you about him.” Who are you to warn anyone about anything? This is one of the last sites to offer free opinions on just about anything. And I’d like to keep it that way. Toffee is not a Tory. You however, are an idiot.

      1. So how do you know that my information about him is wrong?

        ‘who are you to warn anyone about anything”
        “This is one of the last sites to offer free opinions on just about anything”

        See any contradiction in the above two statements Lundiel?

        Your attempt to insult me is typical of the way Brexit fanatics behave when challenged, QED Toffee the Tory.

      2. Thank you for pointing out the flaw in my comment. However, I can only accept opinion that is backed by evidence. Because you may have done very well from the EU doesn’t mean it is the best option for all of us. The poorest parts of the country roundly rejected it, that doesn’t make them fascists, kippers or Zionists. It means the EU didn’t work for them. Neoliberalism doesn’t work for them. As for Toffee, to accuse him of being a Tory is ridiculous.

  26. *sighs*

    Anyone been labelled a fascist by this prick for warning him of the consequences of his support for stammer’s shithousery, please feel free to post and hopefully shut the clueless twunt up.

      1. God bit not only are you too predictable, you don’t half bore on.
        So, for the last time…

        YOU wanted a second ref. YOU are repeatedly warned of the consequences of that second ref and you labelled people fascist for saying so.

        Support for Corbyn was NOT support for the second ref because of those consequences that YOU disregarded.

        We were knuckle-dragging faragists while your pathetic hope was still living it’s lie in the shape of stammers leadership candidacy, but once elected and your hope duly shat on (as predicted) we went from ‘xenophobic fascists’ to ‘zionists’

        The same Zionists that your stammer – now hated by you for shitting on you – declared himself to be.

        So, WHERE was your protest against the undemocratic shithousery that made the 2ndcref policy?

        That’s right… It didn’t exist. That can only mean you SUPPORTED it – unequivocally.

        I don’t need to trawl through your posts, it’s been pointed out to you cunteen times, and people have agreed with me when I’ve pointed that simple fact out to you, and you’ve started crying that I’m supposedly ‘trolling’ you.

        So keep on denying and asking for evidence, soft shite, you’ve made it possible to look an even bigger moron with each passing post on the matter.

      2. Oh and still no denial of thetruth I posted re: your labelling of people who are against a second ref….

        Wonder why?

  27. More rambling Toffee, no proof. The only thing you’ve achieved is passing the test for O.L.D (Obsessive Lying Disorder).

  28. Liar? Me?

    Hahaha. Says the bellend that tries to deny his stammer enablism despite the plethora of evidence pointing towards his guilt.

    (Didn’t call for a people’s vote every five minutes then?)

    The same cryarsing liar ho blames socialists that wanted to leave the EU for stammer’s continuing purge of socialist labour members.. AND calls THEM Zionists. (Formerly kbuckledraggers)

    What’s next jackass… You gonna deny calling me a troll for pointing these things out? Go on, I dare ya?

    You couldn’t make it up…. Well YOU could (And HAVE).

    You’ve got nothing. You ARE nothing. Every single event that has happened since April 4 2020 is on YOUR toes, divvy.

    But keep trying to take it out on those that told you so, like the petulant child you are.

  29. I have it on good authority that you Toffee are a Tory.
    But still no proof from the O.L.D. So much so that you have to try and enlist others in you deceitful game. No takers so far I see Toffee but par for the course for a Tory.

    1. Jack – You may well be right about Toffee being a Tory Boy

      (A self confessed one, here are his own words)
      And yes, I’d rather vote toerag [Tory] than that shower of shit. At least I’d have an idea of where I stood under the toerags.

    1. Well at least I wasn’t fully taken in by stammer,
      eh, jackass?

      The ‘Unequivocal Zionist’ stammer who you complain about, day after day.

      …But defended like a little attack jack russel when he promised you your people’s vote…

      Until he shat on you not five minutes after you enabled his leadership – And then declared his ZIONISM, eh, jackass?

      But that’s MY fault, innit?

      Do tell us the difference between stammerism and conservatism, soft lad?

      Do tell us why the labour heartlands that you profess to know so much about have deserted him in droves and continue to do so?

      Do tell us why even the friendly MSM are repeatedly reporting that nobody knows what stammerite labour is about, and how *ahem* ‘opposed’ to the toerags they have been?

      Or maybe wee stevie would like to have a go? I mean, he’s got a friend to back him up now, hasn’t he?

      So, let’s hear some answers then, you pair of prize morons

  30. Haha.. still resorting to THAT are you, you pair of desperate little sadsacks?

    Wee fella – the bright spark that once imagined Attlee, Bevan and co were staunch remainers, (and said as much himself) can’t tell the difference between some saying they’d be better off voting Tory because stammers one anyway – and actually doing so.

    The same bright spark that complained about the ref result being undemocratic because 37% didn’t bother to vote, but thinks that his own post saying he was ‘glad I acknowledged as much ( he does sarcasm as well as he does common sense)

    Ok bellends, either of you gonna enlighten everyone on the difference between stammerism and toryism then?

    NO? Then I recommend you both button your lips and stop making even bigger helmets of yourselves.

    So II’ll say iexactky what I said again.

    If it came to it, I’d rather vote toerag than any form of stammerism.At least I know what I’d be getting.

    1. The same bright spark that complained about the ref result being undemocratic because 37% didn’t bother to vote, but thinks that his own post saying he was ‘glad I acknowledged as much ( he does sarcasm as well as he does common sense)

      Hadn’t finished… Was meant to follow on with

      ‘but thinks that his own post saying he was ‘glad I acknowledged as much (he does sarcasm as well as he does common sense) is a plausible denial he ever used that excuse

  31. Just me, or has anyone else noticed how the two imbeciles usually vehemently disagree with each other, but team up when I come along to point out the error of their ways?

    Oh I’m not complaining, neither of them are capable of answering simple questions (as demonstrated) and neither can back themselves up when fronted with their own bullshit.

    Jackass has even resorted to wee stevie evasive and distraction tactics nowadays. And there was me thinking the idiot was incapable of ANY sort of learning.

    Well I’m (almost) ‘happy’ to have been corrected on that score…

    So come on oafs… The difference between stammerism and conservatism IS..??? .

    1. The enemy of my enemy is my friend Toffee. They share similar desires FBPE etc.

      Best to occasionally point out their errors and other than that, ignore.

      1. Best to occasionally point out their errors

        But…but…but…That’s trolling 🙄

  32. Didn’t Labour sack some campaign staff at party HQ just before this came out? That’s a bit of a coincidence wouldn’t you think especially as these statements are often released with an embargo attached.

    1. By all means.

      Labour is going to get it’s worst results ever. Do you think this by election is an indication of future results?

      1. SteveH, I must admit I don’t know a great deal about him but at the moment I would settle for Mark Drakeford, which or course will send Lundiel catatonic, what’s not to like 🙂

      2. Jack – I’m not sure he’d want the job, why would he?

      3. SteveH. Probably for the same reason he took the Welsh job.

  33. Toffee the Tory you have been outed. Your only purpose here is to disrupt this blog. Your act and your cover as some loud mouth lefty has been blown. Go back to Bozo your boss and ask him to give you another mission, your time here as someone with anything useful to say is over, sling your hook.

  34. IF you dimwits that voted for the knight had voted instead for Duggs dog 🐕you would at least be able to say you attempted to save the Labour party.But the fact is you would have been as unlikely to get the chance to vote for dougs dog as a socialist leader of the Labour party after the PLP decided who you can vote for.I think in a free vote of the membership for leader the dog 🐕 might be a better solution than the Socialist mps with no bite.Think about it and understand just how bad it has got when a dog would have more chance of saving the Labour party than a member of the PLP.

  35. Well… It appears that having had my say, the two imbeciles must’ve thought they were gonna feast on my corpse.

    Except I’m not going anywhere, divs.

    Crying that you’ve been trolled…ha-fooking- ha you sadsacks. Then continuing to complain to others a out my so-called trolling and calling ME the tory.

    Comedy gold. If it wasn’t borne of desperation to try to get one over on me (You’re both woefully incapable)

    So come on, helmets… Either of you gonna explain difference between the stammerist labour party you both enabled, and the Tories?

    We’d all LOVE to hear it.

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