Breaking: England team’s Downing St reception was ‘cancelled’ because players refused to meet Johnson

Racism by PM and his front bench sees England team boycott event in solidarity with black players

The so-called ‘msm’ reported earlier today that Boris Johnson had cancelled a Downing Street reception for the England team, after the team narrowly lost the European final on Sunday, in a ‘snub’ to the players.

However, it is now emerging that the event was cancelled because England’s players refused to attend, in solidarity with black team-mates because Johnson and his front bench had fanned the flames of racism toward Marcus Rashford and other black players. Several had already spoken out on social media against racist incitement by Johnson, Patel and others and the Tories siding with those who booed players for ‘taking a knee’ before each kick-off.

Boris is cancelled

The Black and Asian Lawyers for Justice group confirmed reports also received by Skwawkbox, saying that players had said they were ‘cancelling’ Johnson:

Yet again, a group of young footballers is providing more opposition than Keir Starmer’s Labour party and highlighting the evils of Tory government.

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  1. The players are right not to go as Johnson, like most politicians, knows sweet fa about football.

  2. I might not have been supporter; I have immense respect for each and every player of the England squad.

  3. To be fair Keir has spoken out about Johnson and Patel’s failure on this and he has also pointed out that they have it within their power to change things for the better.
    Keir said.
    “It’s absolutely appalling and it has to be called out in the strongest possible terms and condemned,” the Labour leader told reporters in Westminster.
    “This is about leadership and I’m afraid the Prime Minister has failed the test of leadership because whatever he says today about racism, he had a simple choice at the beginning of this tournament in relation to the booing of those who were taking the knee.
    “The Prime Minister failed to call that out and the actions and inactions of leaders have consequences so I’m afraid the Prime Minister’s words today ring hollow.”
    Sir Keir told the Government to “get on with it” and bring forward its Online Safety Bill to protect people against bigotry on social media.
    “Like all football fans, I stand with Rashford, Sancho and Saka today on this really important issue,” he added.
    “This team personifies the very best of Britain, modern Britain, in all its diversity. They have shown us what it’s like to lead on and off the pitch, I’m afraid the Prime Minister hasn’t.
    “The Prime Minister shouldn’t have sat back, he should’ve called out the booing, because if you boo players who are taking a stand against racism then you end up where we are today.”

    1. Thanks steveh, but most of us know how insincere and patronising the anti-leader of Labour actually is

      1. On the other hand Starmer turns his back on Palestinian kids getting their heads blown off by his mates in Tel Aviv. Not one word of condemnation from him over that. So a certain person on here can spare us the bullshit PR job on the Labour Leader. We know what he’s like.

      2. The online safety bill is an appalling assault on free speech and an authoritarian clamp down on news facts that government and social media giants dislike. For instance, you will never see videos filmed by Islamic terror groups like you have previously which showed them for what they are and not “moderate rebels”. Algorithms will remove legal but harmful content and anything the CIA doesn’t want you to see.
        As usual with anything authoritarian or with added surveillance, Starmer is fully on board.

      3. qwertboi – You are of course entitled to your opinion, but that’s all it is.

    2. You know as well as I do that Starmer had to be forced into taking the knee for the cameras. He doesn’t appear to be able to spot racism even when it is right under his nose. (I’m being very, very kind when I phrase it like that).

      1. Joe – So don’t you agree with what Starmer said in my quote above.

    3. yes Steve why do think Starmer is not releasing the Forde Report . From what I saw of it it is pretty shocking and much is totally sick just Thought I would Ask,

      1. Ian – Given the close involvement of several Labour Staffers who were Union appointees in this scandal then maybe it shows the Unions in a very bad light.

      2. Ian – Are you saying that you have seen a copy of The Forde Inquiry Report. If so then please do tell us more.

      1. SteveH
        If Temporary Embarrassment told me 2 × 2 was four I wouldn’t believe him
        Which part of Red Tories are in the wrong party and off they must fuck do you not get

      2. Doug – You are part of a small minority, and there lies your problem.

      3. You know full Toffee doesn’t disagree with the sentiment Starmer mouthed- just rejects the idea that Starmer could possibly mean it. Since the Labour Left is the only antiracist section of the party-there’s clearly no such thing as an antiracist “Labour moderate”- why should anyone believe Starmer? It’s not possible to spend a year and a half driving socialists out of the party and still care about racism, SteveH.

      4. kenburch – The fact remains that there are far more in the Labour party that disagree with you than are ever likely to agree with you in the forceable future.

      5. What would they disagree with me ABOUT, though, Steve? Would they disagree that you were out of line in falsely accusing Toffee of disagreeing with the antiracist sentiments Starmer mouthed but clearly cannot actually believe, since no one who drives socialists out of what is supposed to BE the socialist party could possibly care about fighting racism?

        Why would anyone, anywhere who wants socialists driven out of the Labour Party even be capable of being an antiracist? Blair wasn’t. Brown wasn’t. Mandelson wasn’t and isn’t. Lisa Nandy and Jess Phillips never have been and never could be. Rayner was antiracist BEFORE she endorsed Starmer’s unjustified war against the Left- why should anyone still think she could be now that she’s no longer a socialist?

      6. kenburch – Thanks for confirming that both Toffee and yourself agree with what Keir has said.

      7. Small minority….

        And how big is the toerag majority Keith handed them?


      8. There was never any issue as to whether Toffee agreed with the actual words- and you know it.

      9. I was simply asking Steve H.. I have read a very good summary by Jewish Voice for Labour. Its a very good believe and balances the pros and cons. there is plenty there to be very angry about.
        cheers Ian .

      10. SteveH
        I’m very proud of my small minority
        The Socialist Labour party stands firmly behind small minorities

    4. We all know the knight is playing politics and is totally insincere giving his veiws on Palestinian and now irish Catholics.But I am thankful that at least this rank amateurish politician is after far too long and possibly too late learning or more likly advised that its what opposition leaders do Oppose “Johnson’s government have had a free ride with this Labour party because idiots like the above voted for him.

      1. Joseph – You are part of a small minority, and there lies your problem.

      2. So…is “you’re in a small minority” your phrase of the week now, Steve? Also, why should anyone take your word that Starmer is anywhere close to being a “socialist” when you think Blair’s castrating rewrite of Clause IV still counts as socialism?

      3. Max missed a clear chance to drive a stake thru the heart of the beast. Why did he not mention “pickininy smiles”ref whilst all this fake angst was on parade?

    5. Does Labour mot have its own issues with racism, namely islamophobia and the weaponisation of Anti-Srmitism.

    6. Keir is a Sir for a reason. Controlled opposition. He is actually the guy that allowed another Sir called Jimmy Saville to continue molesting children for years by continually covering up the case whilst head of the CPS.

    1. Steve H centrist Dad IN the slip up of comments you advise me that “you are part of a small minority,and there lies your problem” Well I never the neo liberal alliance of truth slips out and Steve H from Bristol or small mill town up norf..sides with the fascists and labels minorities “A Problem” .Take note toffee this misfit finaly comes out with the real agenda of racism,bigotry and a severe problem of culture….Your type steve Hall have always had a severe problem with minorities especially if they are Irish and Catholic and belong to the One point five billion of us Catholics in the world .You probably believe the world is flat as well Einstein.How does it feel and what won’t you do to follow the knights shadowy agenda .Well its been a enlightening month so far the leadership of the Labour party and the misfits go Orange.

      1. Joseph –No I was quite clearly referring to you.
        But thanks for so clearly illustrating that you don’t have the answer to anything.

      2. “Steve H from Bristol or small mill town up norf..”
        Ah yes, centrist dad from deepest Our Yorkshire farm, Yorkshire vet territory who likes to use the word ‘nowt’ to illustrate his four Yorkshiremen roots….. probably from a barn conversion in deepest Surrey.

      3. fao Joseph okeefe.. from Steve R single Dad from Bristol,.Jack Straw once described me as that troublesome scouser from Bristol. Is there a problem with being a dad from Bristol?

  4. Well done England’s finest, out football team, have done England proud again.

      1. Elaine – I guess you won’t be surprised that I disagree with you but at least you’ve acknowledged that you agree with the thoughts expressed in the article that Keir wrote.

      2. The Fuhrer sits on The Forde inquiry, makes Anti-BLM statements, makes statements against taking the knee, makes statements for taking criminal actions against activists who dared to remove a Slaver’s statue, deals with only White Zionist fake cultural prejudice allegations, based entirely on politics and as a protection policy of a Racist White Zionist regime, riddled in War Crimes and Apartheid!
        I’d say that leaves The Fuhrer’s statement, not only wanting, but Futile and merely a Cheap Trick for the DELUDED!
        Wake Up Sunshine!

      3. Problem is, KEIR doesn’t mean what he said there. Nobody who wants to move Labour as far to the right as Keir does-that’s the only reason he could possibly support suppressing internal party democracy- socialist leaders only do things like that when they want the parties they lead to abandon socialism-nobody who runs their party as Keir runs Labour could possibly be a sincere antiracist- why would anyone think otherwise?

      4. And you have no call whatsoever to accuse the people who question Keir’s sincerity of disagreeing with the actual message, so give that lie a bloody rest already.

      5. Our Yorkshire dad keeps trying to get people to say they agree with Starmer’s sentiment about Johnson’s racism. No one bites because we all see how Starmer linked that racism to the impending on line bill which he supports and which is censorship of the internet and free speech.

  5. I have no interest in football. But I love this team. I love them – football came home.

  6. The England football team are becoming REAL stars – The Shadow Opposition? I love them because of their diversity and because they do something simple but quite revolutionary, in Neo-Liberal market mad TORY individualist fruitcake times, they actually think of others! Marcus for PM! We could be witnessing something seismic here, shame Jeremy Corbyn is no longer Labour Leader. Solidarity with the diverse oppressed!

    1. The multi-millionaires bend the knee to show support for their black brothers & sisters who are starving or their mates from overseas who quickly buy an expensive mansion. Put your fat wallet to some use & do something rather than this meaningless gesture. YES I SAID MEANINGLESS GESTURE! The Premier League elites exploit the poor kids who love & support their local professional football team & Gary Linekar orchestrates bend the knee!. About right. Emperor’s clothes.

  7. Cancel Boris and Sir Keir Rodney Starmer, the Trilateral Commission member and Leader of the non-Opposition.

      1. Don’t you yawn me! Here’s what Corbyn said in the closing days of his leadership. He called for the government to provide decent sick pay, so workers wouldn’t have to risk their health and others by going to work. He argued for an income protection scheme and a moritorium on evictions. This amounted to a five-point plan calling for a rise in sick pay, a job retention scheme that would have covered the self-employed, uprating social security, and protecting renters with help for bills for the poorest. The last piece put out by the party in his name called for a plan to be brought forward for securing PPE and expanding testing (and NOT PCR amplified to over so that it’s fiindings are more than 95% false positives), increasing social care provision, the enforcement of social distancing, increasing support for workers, and collaborating with other world leaders in managing the pandemic.

        Sir Keir is a waste of space in the LOTO office. His incontinence pants don’t even fit him properly.

      2. It’s the little Rat’s new get out of Jail Free Card, he uses the yawn and petty school boy playground insults, when he is cornered or does not want the comment to go further because no one should be saying anything about his head over heels, in love, Crush on The Fuhrer! Blessss! Poor little thing!

      3. Maybe centrist Dad Steve H you should learn even as your idiot leader has done that you need to look more like a Opposition and stop disagreeing with your comrades whos comments reflect a strident and healthy Opposition to the Conservative and unionist party.Whilst I am on did anyone notice that the socialist Sinn Fein are now the largest number of reps in Stormont and still have a deputy leader position for Michelle ONeil.Maybe your l leader needs to understand that insulting comments last week to the Irish will not be forgotten by us either side of the border including the one in four people in the UK that have some Irish bloodline in their families.Mr knight and his determination to take on the Irish nation is a step too far even for neo liberal lowlifes. Like him and his misfits.How many mps in the PLP must have shuddered when the knight decided to “cosy up” with the fascist Orange Unionists and said he would campaign as leader against a United Ireland.?

      4. Here are some extracts from an article that Kier wrote for LabourList about his recent visit to Ireland
        You can read the full article here.

        Keir Starmer 13/07
        Working in the institutions built by the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement, I saw what is possible when people pull together. As the late Mo Mowlam said: “It takes courage to push things forward.” The agreement was the sum total of the courage of the communities of the people of Northern Ireland……..
        …………I know the importance of trust in Northern Ireland, and it is trust that Boris Johnson has undermined. I have heard loud and clear that communities there see a Prime Minister that has put his own narrow interest over the interests of the people and communities of Northern Ireland…….
        ……..Northern Ireland cannot afford Boris Johnson’s failure. It has seen, in the brief period since our party helped co-author the Good Friday Agreement, a moment in which, in the famous words of Seamus Heaney, hope and history have rhymed. We cannot risk a return to the past and the loss of hope it will bring……….
        …….That Agreement was the sum total of the courage and determination of people from all corners and communities of Northern Ireland who sought a new beginning. It was negotiated and signed by political leaders, including the Labour government led by Tony Blair, and we are all rightly proud of Labour’s role in the signing of the Agreement………..
        ……..The genius of the Agreement was that it was unambiguous in saying that people in Northern Ireland can be Irish or British or both, and the Agreement makes it clear that it is for the people in Northern Ireland, and on the whole island of Ireland to determine their own future.

      5. Nobody here gives a fuck about Starmer.

        We’re capable of following his actions and choices. What flops out of his cakehole is irrelevant. He’s a lawyer and that makes him a well practised liar.

        Am genuinely surprised that you aren’t barking about Kinnock, Cooper et al are talking about this morning.

        For those that have missed this nugget (no, I didn’t mean Kinnock), Send ’em back Cooper and crew are claiming that people see the Tories as change and Labour as the party of spend.

        Cue an even bigger slide to the right, abandoning anyone on welfare (we don’t get benefits anymore, despite not being Yanks…)

        Talking down to disenfranchised people ain’t a smart move either Centrist Dad. You need our votes more than we need your shitty politics

      6. You asked me if I agreed with what Starmer said.

        Maybe, BASED ON THE EVIDENCE OF HIS BEHAVIOUR, you can tell me which parts he meant?

      7. Joe – I have no reason to doubt it or anything in the article that I linked to.

  8. The plan was for Johnson to exploit the players by hosting a party where there would be endless photo opportunities for him and to pretend how much he loves football and hates racism.

    1. Steve H We cannot afford a Orange lodge Labour party and your comments and your leaders comments put you firmly in the fascist anti Irish Catholic Orange supporters.Will your leader be pushing for more bonfires,hatred and marching season pogroms or a forced massacre and removal of all Palestinians from their Ocuppied lands?..because from his flag waving fraternity all we hear of is more entrenched bigotry and land Occupation by the day in Ireland and Palestine.You have landed firmly in the fascist Orange lodge.fraternity hypocrite….sh davidh steve Hall..centrist Dad and many other aliases .

      1. Joseph – Complaining about “entrenched bigotry” is a bit rich coming from you.

      2. Steve centrist fascist H …Do you mean that seeing the Labour party walk into a fascist alliance with the unionists Orange and pointing this out makes me a bigot?…..That seeing the slaughter of Palestinians and Israeli land grabs and pointing this out makes me a bigot?.Well along with the AS scam that you supported,I can only assume that youve gone “full on Orange” which for me and my people means Fascist.Steve H like many others casual racism,bigotry and sectarianism eventually leads to fascism.The Orange lodge practice daily bigotry and racism.Ask any immigrants in Ireland who have been burnt out or assaulted in the Unionist areas…..Orange is bigotry and racism under the disguise of culture and flag waiving.whilst they happily get on with undermining or destroying anything left wing or Catholic…God save the queen?

      3. Joseph – Thanks for all the rhetoric but I’ll stick with the standard definition of a bigot.

      4. Thanks for all the rhetoric but I’ll stick with the standard definition of a bigot.

        That’s not what you’re doing at all steveh. What you are doing is entrenching yourself into an early-capitalism “Whig Interpretation of History” mindset where ‘we’ (i.e. you) are good and right and our opponents are depraved, primitive, regressive and nothing more than a resource to be exploited and profit from. You feel a total sense of Entitlement and are always justified in any decision you make (like Churchill when his imperial ‘managemen’t caused the starvation off 1.2 – 2.5 million bengals in the 1943 famine, or the murder of some Welsh miners ).

        We – on the other hand – are socialists and our MO is not Power, Wealth or Might, it is the Demos, the person-sized unit of a democracy of a family, a tribe, a nation or the wold.

        Epistemologically speaking, steveh, there is a massive difference between the belief systems of the Right and the liberal world and Democratic Socialism. Joseph was not the bigot in the posts above.

    BREAKING NEWS: Tories vote to let Black and Brown poor people die in poorer countries!

  10. Now can one of ours stand up and challenge Temporary Embarrassment
    Seize the moment

    1. Doug – In a recent poll of Labour members about possible leadership challengers Richard Burgon only polled 6%. Any other suggestions?

      1. The Lazarus Moment won’t happen before the next leadership election. Labour’s got a deathbed to luxuriate in before enough of us actually care who the leader of the “We ❤️ Billionaires and their BioSecurity Mass Indiscriminate Surveillance State” PLP is. Me personally, Dame Margaret Hodge or Lord Mandelson would be my favourites. Mind you there’s that Nancy Astor is Great woman MP from Leeds (to its shame) or the fantastic Kim Leadbetter, we’re truly spoilt for choices….

      2. Yes, I must say I was looking at the Voting and if we could pull the Socialists and “Socialists” with one foot just in the Neolabour Party, we would not look quite as bad as I initially thought! Well soon knock that one foot out of that TORY Party!
        We must not underestimate Zarah, Apsana and Bel, they have shown guts and determination for The PEOPLE, they have stood up with points of interests of their constituents and an the general public and voted against the Fuhrer Apartheid Keith’s whips and threats. They are in touch with The PEOPLE. Ideally we separate the Party and put one of those three or Claudia under Jeremy as Advisor and Mentor.
        The only, “just another of Boris’s useful idiots” are the Neolabour Party Tories, it does not matter which Tory they put in Nr10 they are putting a Tory in Nr10, a TORY is a TORY, no matter the Corporate Brand or Colour!

      3. – The real joke here is you lot. Not one of you can manage to come up with a credible candidate.

      4. SteveH
        None of the above got more than Temporary Embarrassment or if you want a football analogy he has changed his name by deed poll to Temporary Embarrassment 0
        When the time comes he won’t be allowed to stand, he is that useless they won’t take the chance
        JC was 500/1 when he stood and as for the polls, he who pays the piper calls the tune
        I want one of the young women to make history and step up, we need a quantum leap to change the party into what it could be if we get rid of Red Tories and give our 500,000 members and 14 million supporters what they are screaming out for
        The debate this week proves that

  11. qwertboi – So are you now admitting that you are on a mission to destroy the Labour party even though you have nothing to replace it?
    You are in reality just another of Boris’s useful idiots?

    1. Steve H “Boris…useful idiots” that most certainly is for you and the knights misfits,not l socialists that value comrades and working together for the benefit of the working class.

      1. The majority of who chose to vote for Boris’s Tories rather than vote for Jeremy’s Labour party.
        The number of middle class Labour voters outnumbered the working class who voted for Corbyn.

      2. Wow! So over 5 million of the self-employed voted Labour. Amazing!

    2. It is impossible for Qwertboi or me to destroy “Labour”!
      “Labour” is ALREADY DEAD!
      The UK Labour Party was destroyed by the Parasite Infestation of Thatcher’s Neolabour Party Tories since Blair gnawed its way into the party via Westminster’s Sewers, dragging Neoliberalism in behind it! The Neolabour Party Tories spent 2015 to 2019 systematically killing The UK Labour Party, the voice of THE PEOPLE and Starmer was handed the Dagger to Finish The UK Labour Party Off, to be replaced by Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES!
      There IS NO Labour! There ARE ONLY 2 TORY Parties, voting for The Brand “Labour” is voting Thatcherite Neoliberal TORY! I will vote not to prove a point but to deseat my Neolabour Party TORY Candidate, IF I had a UK Labour Party Candidate OF COURSE that is who would have my vote, but my constituency has a Neolabour Party Tory Candidate and I will vote to deseat them!
      If another 5/10/15 years is what it takes to finally WAKE THE PEOPLE UP then that is what it takes, What is 5/10/15 years in comparison to the 42 years we’ve already suffered. Anyway, if people were prepared to throw away TWO Once in a Lifetime Opportunities for REAL LASTING Change, I am sure they would not care so much about a NO CHOICE, non-opportunity like 2024, where we have TORY or TORY on the menu. There is NO OTHER OPTION, THE PEOPLE need a VOICE and OPPOSITION, not an equally corrupt TORY Party! If we want an Opposition Party who WILL FIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE, then we need to get Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES OUT! EVERY ONE OF THEM! That is what I will spend every days promoting through Activism, until they are out or we have a vast majority Socialist OPPOSITION Party!

      1. Definitely, but Blair went to ‘The Thatcher Reagan Institute of Neoliberalism going on Neoconservativism Finishing School’.
        The Two Party-One Faction Machine really kicked off with Blair and Clinton, out of the lot I reckon Obama and Starmer are/were by far the most dangerous Politicians of our times far more dangerous than the “pussy grabbing” lout and the inbred buffoon.
        I just saw on RT Assange may never recover from ‘torture’ at Belmarsh, suicide becoming more likely the longer he stays in prison!
        When the Media starts saying that shit, you know the Trilateral already had an intense meeting about it! Especially as Apartheid Keith will have some serious questions to answer, for making documents relating to the making up of the rape case, disappear, the meetings with unsavoury characters for the illegal spying on Assange in the Embassy, etc, etc, etc It has become clear by now GE24 is Keir Starmers, no matter how we vote. Then we are truly screwed!
        Back to your comment, there has always been that Right Wing Element since the beginning, Hardie know the Party needed the expertise and the money of those people, even Atlee started off Anti Socialist and Wilson provided Israel Shiploads of Tanks that won the war! Sadly no crowd funding existed back then, but it does now and we have absolutely no need for the bastards!

      2. @Barriereid

        I’d argue it was actually Callahan. (Bit before my time…) Callahan, and Carter laid the ground rules for neoliberalism as we know it.

        If I didn’t know better (especially looking at what came after for both Callahan and Kinnock), they were establishment all the way (like how we see Starmer). Callahan’s kid is now in the house of lords, Kinnochio and family became very rich very quickly after his last defeat. I say defeat, it was more like thrown away…

    3. You are in reality just another of Boris’s useful idiots?

      Says the gobshite that enabled the rags 80 seat majority, and encourages stammer on his quest to ensure corporate fascism becomes the norm.

    4. No – we are the lied-to aand locked-down victims here….. we being ‘the left’ in Labour (buut it could also be the entire working class (all 6 or 7 billion of us) in the global covid scam).

      1. Those stats are all based on Billionaire Pollster figures and they know how to target demographics to get exactly the results they need, they overused that trick throughout 2015 to 2020! Just as the MSM overused their Propaganda to hide the possible alternative realities, ie The People were Robbed Blind by the Establishment. With an International bounty hunt on Socialism in The UK. Intelligence provided by MI5/6, Mossad and CIA! Apart from the 3 Trophies, Laura P, Laura S, Dennis, has anyone bothered to check the the Assets and Finances of the losing MPs and the Assets and Finances of the Returning Officers from all the Polling Stations where Labour Lost/Conservatives Gained Seats, probably not! Then again in a world of unaccountability, who would you even approach to investigate!?
        It becomes clear that Socrates was quite right about Democracy! Unless we figure our a way to get uncontaminated information to the masses very fast we will vote ourselves into a very tight corner!
        Those of us speaking here have some knowledge of Politics, but how many people do you approach with a political subject and the conversation immediately turns to the Latest iPhone/Galaxy S or the latest must see series on Netflix, etc! The PEOPLE have tasted the forbidden fruit and they like it! Even if they are bankrupting themselves to get it!

  12. Oh joy. This has to be my all time favourite.
    “But thanks for so clearly illustrating that you don’t have the answer to anything.”
    This from the source of nothing but denigration and endless questions.

    1. barriereid, the ‘perdenti in tutti i mode e mezzi’ bit. I have no Italian (although when I was a kid Glaswegian Jews often pretended to be of Italian stock), does that mean something like ‘rotten to the core’/ root and branch?

  13. Joseph o’keefe must be one of the most obnoxious bigots I have ever had the misfortune to read, everything he talks about is anti democratic, Sinn Fein support the Good Friday agreement, which recognises the right to self determination of ALL the people of Northern Ireland [not just Catholics] i.e. there can be no change in the constitutional position of NI within the UK without a 50% plus 1 vote via referendum. That is a plain fact which Joseph does not like, the same applies to Scotland and Wales. To him the IRA war which claimed the lives of over 3,500 people should not have ended, no doubt he would have approved of the IRA team who gloated over a young pregnant RUC officer who was shot dead by celebrating 1 shot 2 kills. He cares not for the Catholics in Northern Ireland since he does not want them to have the vote. Oh yes they can put ballot papers in ballot boxes every election, but they cannot vote for any of the parties that actually govern them Labour, conservative or Lib Dem. How would residents of Liverpool or Manchester feel if only the local sectarian Protestant or Catholic group stood on issues not related to national priorities, Taxation, NHS etc that is the reality in Northern Ireland, it is a scandalous perversion of democracy which Irish nationalist bigots like Joseph want to prolong.
    Opinion polls over the years have indicated that at least half the Catholic population do not want a united Ireland.
    A 2011 survey by ‘Northern Ireland Life and Times’ found that 52% of Northern Irish Catholic respondents favoured union with Great Britain over a united Ireland. This is despite the fact that most Catholics who vote do so for political parties that are Nationalist.
    According to another 2015 opinion poll taken in NI, 70% expressed a long-term preference of the maintenance of Northern Ireland’s membership of the United Kingdom (either directly ruled or with devolved government), while 14% express a preference for membership of a united Ireland. This discrepancy can be explained by the overwhelming preference among Protestants to remain a part of the UK (93%), while Catholic preferences are spread across a number of solutions to the constitutional question including remaining a part of the UK (47%), a united Ireland (32%), Northern Ireland becoming an independent state (4%), and those who “don’t know” (16%).

    1. Hardly surprising. Ireland is totally reliant on the EU and a few American global corporations that employ approx 180000 people. It’s little wonder it’s suffering a brain drain as the futures looking pretty bleak. Most goods to and from the Republic and Europe move through Britain.
      “Ireland has failed to understand that Brexit is accelerating the demise of its hyper-globalized, tax-competitive economic model.
      Dublin is now a lonely outlier in an EU where its reliance on foreign multinationals (overwhelmingly from the U.S.) will no longer be ignored. These companies now account for 32 percent of all jobs in Ireland and 49 percent of employment taxes. Remarkably, 75 percent of recent Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Ireland either comes from the U.S. (58 percent) or the U.K. (17 percent). By contrast, just 5 percent comes from Germany.
      With Britain no longer using its weight to support a wider globalist, Atlanticist and free-market vision, EU countries like Ireland that still cling to these principles are becoming hopelessly exposed.
      Historically, Europe offered Ireland an exit from long-standing dependencies on Britain. For decades, the objective of how to be “more European” drove Ireland’s engagement with London, Brussels and beyond. But Brexit highlights the reality that, even after a century of independence, Britain remains indispensable to Ireland’s political stability.

      Ultimately, Ireland will have to choose between immersing itself even more fully in the EU or taking a more peripheral position in Brussels and prioritizing existing arrangements across the British Isles.”

      1. The entire planet needs to press stop and go back to the drawing board, everything is failing, Capitalism, Democracy, Borders, etc, it seems the more we have the worse we get. I fear things will get very ugly soon if things don’t change drastically. We are in such a bloody mess that no one will know who is comrade and who is foe, it will be an international free for all, Mad Max comes to mind. At least life, perhaps short lived, will be very interesting…..I guess! I keep seeing Socrates views on Democracy in our current state of utter chaos, and we don’t even the prospect of change just one shite Tory exchanged for a Far Worse Tory!

  14. SteveH, must admire your ability to rile all and sundry with your Keir sided love.
    I for one don’t understand why everyone else tries to convince you that Keir is antithesis of genuine responsibility to those at the lowest end of the society. We all realise that he is Bliar v2.0, but therein lies the rub, as Tony is and always has been your Knight in shining armour. Am I right?

  15. Sir Keir Starmer accuses anyone who shows their dislike for ‘bending the knee’ as a racist. A bit rich coming from a Zionist who actively supports the genocide in Palestine & refuses to condemn any atrocities. Meanwhile MSM keeps beating the racist drum seeing it everywhere. Racism, the new anti-Semitism for journalists to construct; it’s everywhere says MI5.
    What constitutes racism? Not bending the knee? Criticising those who do? Suggesting that those who represent their country should have been born there? Like anti-Semitism, you know what it is until the IHRA/EHRC tells you different. The BBC tells you that it racism & anti-Semitism is everywhere but where exactly? Not so much now that the Socialist Corbyn is no longer a Labour MP. Sol Campbell complains to the Guardian that he is not England manager because he is black. Raheem Stirling says that opportunities were limited for young black kids in London & to compensate ‘Top Jobs’ should be allocated to people like themselves who have suffered. Raheem Stirling believes that extreme grinding poverty is a race issue?
    A bit rich when MSM journalists representing the interests of neo-liberal multi-national conglomerates become your moral compass

    1. ‘Bending the knee’ is a subservient act. It is reserved, these days, for receiving a knighthood etc from Royalty. ‘Taking a knee’ is entirely different. It originated in the military as a gesture of remembrance and reflection, often done at the graves of those buried ‘in the field’ It was first used in the context of racial equality by MLK at the Million Man March in 1960. Then we saw it next from Colin Kapaernick who was doing so to highlight the number of black people being disproportionately killed by the police, again this was an act of remembrance, not ‘submission’ The gesture comes long before BLM, long before MLK too. The idea to make this out a submissive gesture by those who raised the notion in the press in knowingly untrue and attempts to align anyone carrying it out as a submissive, especially if they are white, and it tries to connect the gesture with BLM which, by turn, it tries to called ‘Marxist’ BLM is only Marxist if you don’t understand the term. Those who say this are usually referring to ‘Cultural Marxism’ This term gained traction in WW2 Germany where they used it in propaganda. Those who have promulgated these ‘misconceptions’ have their sympathies rooted in US white supremacy movements. Please don’t buy their nonsense..

  16. This kind of team spirit is exactly what football (and all team games really) is all about. I’m not surprised that No10 have said Boris cancelled it and also not surprised that the BBC and printed press are going along with that version, spineless – unlike the England team. Well done to them!

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