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Exclusive: Black Labour members go on ‘strike’ – no campaigning in 2021 for MPs who ‘look other way’ on anti-black racism

“The election of Keir Starmer and the trajectory that he has regrettably followed have sustained and nurtured a culture of dismissing those forms of racism and prejudice at virtually all levels of the party”

Members of the ‘Labour Black Socialists’ group have decided that there is no alternative but to selectively ‘down tools’ in the party’s 2021 election campaigns. The group is still in the Labour party and has chosen to stay and fight for the party that its members support. 

Members of the Labour party have reported routine anti-Black racism and islamophobia within the party, while the Labour internal report that was leaked last year also exposed. A report by the Labour Muslim Network (LMN) also revealed serious Islamophobia on the party’s right.

A press release by the group, which has around 160 members, states: 

There is a culture within the Labour party that looks the other way when it comes to anti-Black racism, Islamophobia and prejudice against the Gypsy Roman Traveller (GRT) and trans communities. This leads members to believe there is an hierarchy when it comes to dealing with racism within the Labour party.

The Forde inquiry is not a commitment from the current leadership and the group does not want the leader to resolve these complaints in the same ill conceived and undemocratic way that has been identified within the EHRC findings. 

This group will be raising our concerns with other like-minded members of the Labour party. We will be requesting that those who support us to also down tools. This means selectively campaigning only for candidates whose commitment is clear to justice for all irrespective of differences in class, race, ethnicity and religion.

The Labour Party will not get away with dismissing members’ concerns about racism and the group hopes that action will be taken swiftly against those within the party found to be racist. 

Group spokesperson Mogamat Reederwan Craayenstein, who was jailed by the apartheid regime in South Africa for fighting the South African government’s racism, told the SKWAWKBOX:

I come from the anti-apartheid movement and I’ve spent time in prison in South Africa for it, so I’ve been around the block a bit. The Labour party has been an important element in the anti-apartheid movement in the UK and in the global solidarity movement in the struggle.

It is a tragedy that the Labour party has reached the point, on anti-Black racism, on Islamophobia and prejudice against GRT and trans people, where we have had to take this action.

We come from different parts of the country and different CLPs (constituency parties) and we believe that the leaked Labour report has been ‘kicked into the long grass’ with the Forde Inquiry. That leaked report and the LMN’s report show, persuasively to say the least, that anti-Black racism and Islamophobia are a serious problem in the Labour party.

The election of Keir Starmer and the trajectory that he has regrettably followed have sustained and nurtured a culture of dismissing those forms of racism and prejudice at virtually all levels of the party.

We believe he has shown a catastrophic failure on these matters when [standing against them] should be uncontroversial in the Labour party.

We remain loyal to the Labour party but will fight for the party we can have confidence in. This is not about left and right, this is about having genuine anti-racists in public office. It’s the only chance of restoring the party to the leading voice in anti-racism in this country and around the world that it is supposed to be.

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    1. Of course, we must never foret that this is “Unifying Labour,” “Under New Management,” “Turning the tide on the divisive politics of the last few years,” and “Saying goodbye to the politics of hate and division.” All included in the recent email to former members ostensibly from Lisa Nandy.

      I can’t say that I recognise ANY of that actually being correct, except the part about being “Under new management.” It’s certainly that.

    2. Apart from middle class liberals he hopes to represent the views of angry white people in the hope of getting back the red wall losses…… he’s that stupid. And like all remain fanatics he thinks the working class voted for brexit because east Europeans ‘were stealing their jobs’ not because of 30 years of deindustrialization and being ignored by all the main political parties. Like the working class were dying to become fruit pickers and carers. But really he represents only himself, which is why he stood for election on retaining Corbyn’s policies and as soon as he was leader, dumped Formby and replaced her with Evans, signalling the Blairite future.

      1. I live in a once solid part of the so-called NE “red wall” and I have t faithfully report that in my local – and soldly working class – pub, all the lads voted in the referendum the way they did because of (as you put it) “because east Europeans ‘were stealing their jobs’” a not because of “deindustrialization and being ignored by all the main political parties” – most of them had moved into pretty well paying (cash in hand) building work, and from years of canvassing knowledge as a councillor and from post-poll marked registers, I knew 80% had never, ever, bothered to vote for anyone.

      2. So who was voting Labour then if 80% never voted for anyone? You’ve full of it Walsh.
        I’m also from a solid working class area and you’re talking about the dispossessed, not the red wall. People with generations on benefits and black economy jobs who were open to urban myths and the kipper narrative.
        Keep believing that bullshit, it’s just another mail in your Blairite coffin when Starmer makes the wrong economic and social choices.

      3. Lundiel, there is no such thing as a ‘remain fanatic’ :-). Those who were satisfied with being in a relationship with our partners on the continent are not fanatics. The fanatics are those such as yourself who see red mist whenever the EU is mentioned. We are now seeing the results of the stupidity Farage and his fellow Brextremists encouraged with their lies and smears on behalf of the far right against our partners and comrades in the EU. Day by day, more and more voters regret believing the lies of Farage and your fellow Lexstremists.

      4. David Walsh, what you said is perfectly correct, I too canvassed for Labour in different parts of the UK and I found it was the racism preached by Farage against workers from the EU which was overwhelmingly the reason for many in poorer areas voting Leave. Leave Fanatics such as Lundiel will never accept it though because it doesn’t tie in with their self-generated neurosis against the EU. We saw how one right wing fanatic – Trump had such a corrosive influence in the USA. In the UK we had at least two such right wing fanatics, Farage and Boris Johnson, of course Trump also leant them a hand.

      5. The above should have read: And like all remain fanatics he thinks the working class voted for brexit because (they believed) east Europeans ‘were stealing their jobs’ not because of 30 years of deindustrialisation and being ignored by all the main political parties.
        Remainers themselves were very happy with open borders, weren’t you Jack T and David Walsh.

      6. David Walsh…maybe you should have spent less time in the pub talking to mr rent a pint racists.The Labour party were known world wide as a strong voice against racism..they are not even a voice now because the Labour was hijacked by ex limp right wing councillors and mps like yourself.I have read your posts and most of the time you run with the right wing destroyers of the establishment Labour party.Corbyn is front page in the Huffington post along with Burgon…Wheres the Labour party response on the shambles of the pandemic…HQ nothing to say,just as they have always been since the knight walked through the door..So what is happening in the Opposition?.Well they’ve just appointed a foreign government black ops man to spy on the membership.I wonder what your mr Kaplan thinks of the racist right wing destroyers who have brought the Labour party to a laughing stock,and even the msm are looking who and what is happening to the Opposition party?You mr Walsh are part of the problem in Britain,not just the Labour party.

      7. Lundiel, I’ve always suspected there was something dodgy behind your Brexit fanaticism. Now we know, it’s your bias against EU workers. It also explains your flirtation with that Little Englander blue Labour site: the Maurice Glassman supporting: Labour Heartlands.

      8. I retired from semi-skilled factory work about two years before the referendum.
        I’d worked alongside kippers and people from Eastern Europe, from India, Pakistan and from further East. I had harsh words once with one brash young Pole – and with at least a dozen ignorant kipper-English.
        Not one kipper ever mentioned or showed that he or she had the least clue about deindustrialisation – their complaints were all about East Europeans taking ‘their’ jobs and about “Jews” – personified by the owners of the company that paid our wages.
        N’s and P’s littered their conversations without embarrassment or expectation of criticism and a ten foot St.George’s flag was proudly displayed on the wall of the main work area.
        None of those North West kippers could have strung enough words together to comment here – they were exactly as david walsh described the North Eastern cohort of his experience.
        lundiel has either never met a factory worker or her spectacles are not only rose tinted, they’re as thick as she is.
        Before she claims my experience was the exception I should add that I was an industrial sales rep in the 1970’s, visiting companies all over the South East, and later the North West.
        The ignorance and racism of the working class is not just a Northern phenomenon – there are non-racists among them of course, but being in the minority they mostly stay silent.

      9. Apologies, my last sentence was written in anger – non-racists may even be in the majority – There’s no way of knowing while they stay silent..
        Racists are loud, boorish and gang together to shout down dissenters in workplace ‘debates’ – they’re oafish bullies and most people won’t speak up against them.
        The whole purpose of a gang is to gain power by intimidation, whether the gang is a religion or an army or an establishment or a populist-led bunch of fucktards like UKIP.
        lundiel is the dried-out dregs of that.

      10. Jack T,
        Go on Twitter.
        There are remain fanatics.
        I find them as offensive as the ar country types.
        For clarity, I abstained, a binary choice was too open to abuse.

      11. Joseph, I think you’ll find that David Walsh’s experience agrees with many others. It is my experience that the ‘average working man’ has little ideological belief in Socialism or Labour, most are too busy trying to earn a living to be bothered with politics. In the past before social media, Labour made the right noises and because we brought about the NHS, we also had a proven legacy.

        In recent years, people such as Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Dominic Cummings who know the mind of the ‘working class’ have been able to use traditional Tory media and many other new outlets to push the right buttons to get the outcome they wanted. As a result, we now have Brexit and a Tory government, not just harming, but killing those who helped to bring those right wing consequences about.

      12. You remain fanatics make me laugh. Jobs lost to eastern Europeans is a symptom of the disease, not the cause. You’ve grasped onto that symptom screaming ‘racist’, ‘kipper’ without even thinking about the disease itself. That disease is deindustrialisation, globalised financial markets, deregulation, a level European economy, open borders and balanced budgets. Those are the reasons we had an influx of eastern Europeans. The EU’s economic model, open borders along with globalism and neoliberalism gave rise to migrant workers and English as a second language made us the choice location.
        Forget your desperate, silly attempts at blaming everything on thick working class charicatures and Farage, call it what you will, we left because of a failure of European economics, a failure that is still being played out, only your fanaticism won’t let you admit it.

      13. lundiel, have you ever noticed that trade agreements are used by the more powerful ‘partner’ to impose its choice of terms on the less powerful?
        Hint – in this analogy the UK is the less powerful, having no trade agreements to speak of and needing many – with nations having pre-existing agreements with the EU and others that may very well preclude even similarly favourable terms with the UK.
        In other words the EU can still adversely influence UK trade deals with non-EU nations – but now so can the US, China, Russia, India, Japan… and probably more.

        New subject – I’ve always wondered what a historical documentary on Catherine the Great would look like made by the “Carry On” team.
        Thanks Channel 4 for answering that question.
        Truth is I only watched it to see if Elle Fanning had turned into the brilliant actor I hoped she might based on “Super 8” – but nobody could elevate this adolescent fluff from its pit of mediocrity so the jury’s still out.

      14. Not so much expletive-free Carry On as a ruder Blackadder with Rik Mayall’s Flashheart on the throne and Miranda Richardson’s Queenie relegated to trophy wife.

        And it ‘s easily the funniest thing on terrestrial tv at the moment!

      15. I certainly have. The future is ours to make and we have to decide balancing around 10% off certain goods and services against things like allowing foreign corporates unrestricted access to our market. Of course, there is no reason to have a trade deal with America at all, we will definitely suffer as a result. But all UK political parties will agree such a deal and it won’t benefit the people. However, that’s not an argument for staying in the EU who are busy negotiating ttip 2.0. We could, if people were made aware of the choices, negotiate mutually beneficial agreements with African countries to provide all our food requirements and India for steel, pharmaceuticals and many other goods and services.
        My point is, there are options but our political aligience is dictating our economy and that can’t continue for ever.

      16. And please don’t tell me that the EU can negotiate a better deal with America. The last ttip was a strangle hold that Europe was very happy with.

  1. Why is there any kind of socialist group in a supposedly socialist party.

    1. Because there are still people that sadly believe that they can turn this cult of new Labour 2.0 back to a socialist party. Sadly they are deluded and all they in fact are doing is supporting these same scumbags.

      If they truly had the courage of their convictions they whould be demanding the so called socialist MP’s split from this right wing Tory Lite party and set up a socialist Labour party. But they will not they will take crumbs and small wins and stay for years until they finally see there wasting there time they can never get rid of 95% of the PLP and the same of all the party organization that believe in this right wing cult.

      My Grandfather believed his whole life in Labour, as did both my Father & Mother. I am so glad they never saw how there Labour party become this sick joke and shadow of what Labour used to represent. The ideology corrupted to become the very thing they fought their whole lives to prevent. This cult like a cancer has corrupted the party until virtually nothing of socialism remains and they want rid of that as quickly as possible!

  2. Perhaps we should all go on strike. See how they can manage without 10’s of thousands people supporting them. We need to target the disrupters in the party on the right wing, we need to withdraw our labour from these scandalous Labour MP’s!

    1. If people just ignored Christmas, it would terrify the ruling class. They need us then.
      It is that simple.
      Don’t buy Xmas crap.
      Ignore it.

    2. I’m guessing that Sturmbannfuhrer Schtarmer would be more than happy for the LP to lose its doorsteppers as that would probably mean losing every election. It’s a hobby with these Bliarites.

  3. Hear, hear! Sadly there’s only one type of discrimination we ever seem to hear about from the Labour party these days. We need solidarity on discrimination of all types.

    1. Well, imagine if Jeremy Corbyn wrote this “Maybe there was some kind of fiddling of the figures by the oligarchs who ran the TV stations (and who were mainly, as some lost no time in pointing out, of Jewish origin), but it seemed that Russia, one of the most populous countries in the world, was voting heavily for America.” It’s an excerpt from Boris Johnson’s book 72 Virgins……and the BOD is ok with it.

      1. The BOD representing the Jewish Establishment is very hypocritical in respect of the 72 Virgins book . Johnson also uses real antisemetic tropes in relation to appearance and banking but not one word of censure or concern from the BOD, CAA etc. Neither has the Chief Rabbi explained why he interfered in the democratic process to help the books author become prime minister. Instead he has boasted about influencing people against Jeremy and therefore for Johnson . The whole thing stinks.

    1. It’s a tragedy that the term racism has been so hijacked by the Apartheid Israel lobby that we’re now reduced to using the term ‘anti-Black racism’. We already had terms like bias, bigotry, prejudice. The term racism was invented to describe people who’d once been owned, lost their lands, culture, family structures and were now ghettoised in the lower reaches of western class systems.
      Despite the logic of the term, the Israel lobby – like the Klan and its affiliates – put it about that as a white middle-class ethnic group they’re somehow oppressed by Black and indigenous peoples.
      And sadly they get more corporate media traction on this notion, than Black Socialists ever will.

  4. It beggars belief that Haredim Kier can be described as a socialist in any way, shape or form. What he has done since take over as leader is dismantle Labour on behalf of the Knesset and the Conservative Party. He has alienated and attacked the grassroots members of all sections of society and imposed a regime that has regressed back to the days of Stalin. I stand with socialists, whether they be black, white, Scottish, English, foreign nationals and minorities who are being abused by fascist regimes.

    1. David I think reading the comments section and understanding the suppressed anger amongst genuine socialists,its understandable if we somtimes boil over in rage against the system.None of us Labour party members or left wing commentators are saints and the serious situation in the country today may require unconstrained rage against the machine to protect the British people from the greed and corruption that motivates those that rule over us “god save the queen” ..but only after weve installed her in a council flat in Slough preferably on the flight path.and bulldozed parliament and the palace..Good old Joe hero of the Russian revolution…we should be lucky instead of the establishment appeasers and parasites…..Amen!

  5. There must by now be grounds for calling for Starmer’s suspension/expulsion? Bringing the party into disrepute for one.

  6. Withdrew your Labour and your money but to actually land a blow it has to be in the vote. They’ve always got away with it because of the extreme lack of alternatives but if it doesn’t happen the LP will happily pootle along never gaining power supporting another state’s Nationalism (pretty extraordinary in itself).

  7. As someone with gypsy blood it’s nice to be included in a hierarchy of “racisms” even in a statement that is utterly confused and confusing; it IS about left and right – and since when has transphobia been a form of racism?

    David Walsh above is quite right about working class attitudes. I came back to the UK for the last time in 2018 after a break of 10 years and was shocked to hear mothers in a playground in Barnsley speaking Polish to their kids, dual language signs at East Midland Airport in English and Polish. WTF? It quickly explained why people were queuing up in Calais to smuggle themselves into Shangri-La, the shit-hole where no questions are asked and everyone is engaged in the race to the bottom. It took me nearly 2 hours to get from Nottingham to Barnsley on the MI, which was log-jammed and my stay went downhill from there. When my plane touched down back in France 5 days later I made a vow to never return to Britain unless accompanied by the equivalent of the Red Army, and yes, Barrie Reid, led by somebody with the backbone and political nous of Joseph Stalin.

    On the train between Sheffield and Derby I encountered a creature whose like I’d never seen before, a huge man in 6″ stilettos, a wig and a dress stomping through the carriages making eye contact with all and sundry and saying with his eyes, “I dare you to challenge my right to be a lesbian.”

    This American trans disease/psychosis has fortunately not yet caught on in France. In Britain, even people like Izzard, who I used find quite funny, have jumped on the bandwagon. Excuse me but I’m an old-fashioned socialist feminist. Liberal types who go on about open borders, trans rights etc. and worship the EU without any critique of the meaning of the free movement of labour and capital are one side of the Labour Party, I’ll call it the green corner: in the blue corner are the likes of Siobhan McDonough MP who thinks Marxism and anti-capitalism are intrinsically anti-semitic and with whom Starmer seems quite comfortable, just as comfortable as he is agreeing to let the BoD police Labour’s disciplinary procedures and hiring an Israeli spy to police social media.

    Where’s the red corner in all this I ask. The Red corner that volunteered and died fighting Franco, that faced down the BUF at Cable Street, that created the NHS in the face of opposition from the BMA, that stood shoulder to shoulder with the miners in 1984/85. That Red Corner.

    Working class people have no interest in defending the rights of the BoD, lady-boys, fly-by-night workers who undermine wages and conditions or open borders allowing all manner of jihadists, sectarians and latter-day Dick Whittingtons to flood into the UK without so much as having to bother to learn the language. The only people who have an interest in these things are the bosses and their Tory allies. Labour should put some clear red water between itself and them or else it will sink without trace.

    1. Good for them but sorry if you stay in labour support them and give them money that still support!!! I will point out.

      The only way of NOT supporting this cult of new Labour 2.0 is to stop being a member and help support a socialist party and Labour certainly is no longer that…

      Now all we need is the socialist party sadly!

      1. I strongly agree. It’s getting odder as to why we aren’t seeing something emerge that could rival the current LP. No doubt it would be radical. When Labour PM Ramsay McDonald joined the Tories in a National Government. ‘Only’ 56 (I think it was) wouldn’t support it and became Independent Labour. Many of those went on to very successfully administer the Country during the World War and to shift the country to the Left in 1945-52. Where are today’s Independent Labour?

      2. Disabledgrandad.You are correct and I fully agree with your sentiments,but there are those that have given their lives to the Labour party membership and the idea of a socialist working class party.Like any addict its difficult to turn away..I have at my age only a short time left and my decision was easier to make.For others hope remains eternal,and others enjoy the friendship and solidarity of “belonging” ..When a new socialist working class party raises its head as it surely will the Labour party will disappear until then its keep commenting and let the Labour pretenders understand that old socialists and the new socialist working class never die.

    2. Labour can’t. It’s foreign policy is determined by NATO and America and we will continue to grant asylum to people from countries we don’t like. People like the Manchester bomber and the Reading attacker. We’ve just given the green light to 3 million people from Hong Kong and we have an unknown number from Syria including White Helmets settled here who may well be Al Qaeda.
      Open borders were wrong but leaving the EU isn’t going to solve all our problems. Though it will mean that politicians will have to answer for their own policies without blaming the EU, something I suspect they are not looking forward to. Although for the next 20 years they will be able to blame Covid for their economic mismanagement.

      1. Al Qaeda would not undertake the work that the White Helmets have, risking life and limb as well as being shot at from all sides. I have experience of Al Qaeda in the Maghreb, when they issued a fatwa on all Europeans in West Africa in 2006. I spent my time in the Sahara (2005-2015) coming into contact with the various faction within. Cowards, bandits and mercenaries is all they are. I negotiated for the release of a hostage and was lucky to escape wth my life, when sadly the hostage did not. I rescued two aid workers from several armed captors who were amateur at best. Do t fall I to the MSM rhetoric about groups and conditions in the Middle East/Sahara as they know next to nothing, sending out their pieces to camera from a safe distance, whilst their runners take all of the risks.

      2. The White Helmets were created by James Le Mesurier to propagandise the plight of people in areas controlled by “moderate rebels”. They have been totally outed for their fake videos like the dusty boy in the ambulance. I’ve seen videos of them rehearsing shots where the dead get up and walk. The whole thing was a massively well financed con to make us westerners believe Assad was a monster and Al Qaeda terrorists in were “moderate rebels”. The same can be said of Isis which America allowed the gulf states to fund as a proxy army.

      3. And don’t forget those white helmets helped escape from Douma by American special forces were sent to Israel before being given asylum in Europe.
        Al Qaeda is a franchise and a very competent fighting force in Syria with some strange bedfellows.

      4. Yes, the White helmets who I ha e rarely seen rescuing an adult, funny that, it’s becoming widely known that they are a fake set up financed by UK, US government to put out fake propoganda and manufacture public sympathy for military intervention because, in 2013 both governments failed to get their way in bombing Syria to smitharines as they did Libya due to the public becoming more knowledgeable about these ‘humanitarian interventions’. So they had to find ways to intervene covertly. They have spent huge amounts on BBC podcasts etc selling the White helmets to the public including encouraging donations.When the truth finally comes out it will be explosive.

      5. I notice that in less than 48 hrs since Biden became president a large column of American troops has illegally entered Syria.

      6. Time already for Putin to stand up to Biden! Is the Russian air force still operating in Syrian skies?

    3. In the past I’ve agreed with many of your comments, whether or not I have stated as much. However, it is FUCKING DISGUSTING what you have posted labrebisgalloise. Transphobia is DISCRIMINATION and as such is disgusting and you sound like a national socialist (is a FUCKING NAZI) instead of a democratic socialist.

      If Skwawkbox allows your comment to remain, then his standards are slipping and he should be ashamed!

      1. Nah, Richard, I think it’s YOU that sounds like a Nazi. Attention-seekers are not a protected species. In the hierarchy of persecutions, Trannies are pretty near the bottom of the list.

  8. I am so glad our Black brothers and sisters have taken this action and deplore the way they have been treated. However for the action to be successful the rest of us need to fall in behind them and support them to the hilt . We all need to refuse to campaign for Labour until our Bame members are treated equally and properly and the rights of people of all religions and none are upheld and respected. The party has focused on antisemitism , a disgusting form of racism, and has turned a blind eye to other equally disgusting forms of racism. This must stop now . There must be no hierarchy of racism – that can only lead to another ism – fascism .

    1. I would say that road is a very slippy one, Smartboy. I have decided a while ago that I will down tools, simply because I will not sell out on my values and principles.

  9. ITs educational to listen to so many experiences from old socialists and new. Even the Tory MSM have caught on to how dangerous and unhealthy it is to have no Opposition party Sir starker and his misfits will soon realise that there is only so much room for right wing parties and two conservative minded parties will not co exist.Starmer maybe a conservative morsorti jew,but this is not a religion and the Labour party are going down the plughole fast with his new Labour policys.Any good salesman could tell him that theres only so much room in the shop window and cheap and shoddy with abusive salesman doesnt “SELL”

  10. It’s not just Labour’s current leadership – some of the comments on this thread make me wonder if there might be more to the Labour Antisemitism thing than I thought.
    Sexism, xenophobia and racism go together like sports in the Olympics.
    Sports fans lap it ALL up.

    Prideful self-described ‘feminist’ aggressively decrying “ladyboys” and transexuals – whose oppression at least equals that of women individually though not numerically – and professing themselves socialists while writing THIS –

    “Working class people have no interest in defending the rights of the BoD, lady-boys, fly-by-night workers who undermine wages and conditions or open borders allowing all manner of jihadists, sectarians and latter-day Dick Whittingtons to flood into the UK without so much as having to bother to learn the language.”

    In other words, “Working class people are natural Tories.”
    Not a bad analysis – but our job as socialists is to educate the fuckers (imo by force if necessary), not pander to their worst instincts as if we were Tories.

    How many Brits do you think lived and worked in Spain or retired there “without so much as having to bother to learn the language” – while at the same time using up services and inflating Spanish property prices to a level ordinary Spanish workers couldn’t afford?
    You ought to know, being an expat yourself.
    Wealthy English in Wales, Scotland, the South West and Channel Islands do the same with their second homes – and that all has fuck all to do with the EU.
    The rich want the nicest places to themselves and you do half their propagandising for them by blaming immigrants for housing, education, health and every other provision the rich decide is costing them too much in taxes.


    1. I understand where he’s coming from but over the top charicatures don’t help. In reality people get along, or don’t because of their personalities. A TS lives happily in my tower block as do lesbians and gays. It’s not a problem for us.

  11. Do you have to be a member of the Labour Party to become a member of ‘Labour Black Socialists’?
    Which begs another question; do you have to be a socialist to be a member of ‘Labour Black Socialists’?
    Which raises another question. I will leave that one to yourselves.

    1. Which raises yet another.

      Do you have to be an idiot to ask such stupid questions?

      I will leave that one to yourself.

  12. Dare I say it? Dare I disagree with the Guardian readers?

    See me; see my colour as the the white working class remain invisible in the power grabbing ‘woke’ culture.Black culture is very trendy. The woke virtue signalling is incessant as the hatred towards the white working class is constantly re-manufactured by the comfortable bourgeois elites throughout MSM. The same elites singing the same song on Sky; BBC;& Channel 4 etc promoting BLM; Joe Biden; Tony Blair; Hilary Clinton but despising the ‘Deplorables’ & anyone white working class, but also despising Socialism, even in the form of Bernie Sanders & Jeremy Corbyn. White working class culture is mocked & ridiculed by the bourgeois elites whose favourite game is declaring themselves Marxist & supporting the same working class they despise so much. There is only Pink or Black culture allowed in ‘woke’ town.

    The Labour Party membership is full of bourgeois Blairites who claim to have ‘door stepped’ in working class areas. Comfortable elites who shine their liberal badges with their mouths advocating cheap labour policies & spitting on the poor. Poverty & social injustice in Britain does not have a colour!

    Gypsies are not Roman. Many are Sinti or Romani, but many European travellers are Irish & white, as was my father’s family………aka ‘swarthy’.Blair’s EuroPlan, like Thatchers, was based on importing cheap labour, but if you dare complain the bourgeois ‘hiss’ accusation of racism is trundled out. In the 1960s we fought social injustice together, but now only BLM.

    1. Black Lives Matter, or any BAME cause, can safely be treated relatively neutrally by the MSM because the cost of making a few concessions would be minuscule.
      And they get to bask in the glory of their smug wokedness.
      The establishment knows any concession to socialism risks it growing out of control – like when they stupidly slept as the evil Corbyn grew too big for conventional weapons and the only way to stop him was with Israel’s other nuclear weapon.

      The establishment fears BLM hardly at all.
      Socialism is what gives them those shit-the-bed nightmares.

  13. I listened in amusement @ David Lammy’s statement on the ‘woke’ BBC Any Questions. He declared that he was a descendant of slaves. A privileged barrister chum of Sir Keir Starmer claims that he was a slave in a former life? It’s almost as annoying as Sajid Javid claiming that only black immigrants have a right to sing the blues on his way to working for an International Finance Company & becoming a Tory Minister.

    I too am a descendant of slaves, but this fact is kept hidden. Working class agricultural labourers, prior to the Industrial Revolution were ‘tied’ to fiefdoms & aristocratic family landowners; they were slaves by any other name. Come the industrial revolution, most people now lived in towns to find work, only to die an early death in ignorance & poverty. In my history lessons I am taught an alternative narrative about Kings; Queens; Lords & Ladies, including the great battles they fought in which the ignorant working classes were slaughtered. It seems that I am not a descendant of slaves, unlike David Lammy.

    There is one major difference between the American culture that murdered George Floyd & British culture. The most obvious is the Right to Bear Arms, but also the Black Communities themselves. In USA, the Black population are direct descendants of American slaves taken against their will to serve their ‘owners’ in a foreign land; the Wind-Rush generation were ‘invited’ by Enoch Powell to come to post-war Britain to do the jobs that local people wouldn’t do eg drive the trains & buses. It would appear that the poor have a great deal in common, but it is always a class issue & not colour.

    1. Steve Richards, did your history teacher neglect to mention who the Windrush generation’s ancestors were, and in what circumstances they arrived in the West Indies?
      I assume he didn’t tell you they went there on a luxury cruise and liked it so much they stayed?

      1. Fact. The Wind Rush generation ‘chose’ to emigrate to Britain

        You know what facts are don’t you, but you prefer your facts to be carefully selected however inconvenient? Your preferred Tory narrative is that the Wind Rush Generation came to do the work that white people wouldn’t do to rebuild Britain, but a surfeit of unskilled labour affects which class now & in the same way as the early ’60s? Powell; Thatcher Blair et al ‘Cheap Labour’. “You’ve never had it so good, in fact, if you’re working class, all you had was massive austerity. Your hatred of the white working class oozes out from every pore.

        My parents had a pub in St.Pauls, Bristol. It was like a barometer measuring immigration patterns In the early ’60s it was 100% white. but slowly the majority of clientele became Caribbean, a melting pot. Great times & live ska & bluebeat every weekend. ‘Frenchie’ taught me to play the ‘Big Bamboo’ on guitar. It wasn’t until another demographic change in the ’70s that the pub closed because muslims don’t drink. My dad was unemployed again but in his late fifties but eventually managed to drive a taxi.

        Educating the working class is dangerous; we must leave it to the ‘woke’ bourgeoisie like David Olusoga to tell it like it is. Privilege has no colour..


  14. “How did the alt. virus arrive here? Do you think it flew?”
    That’s a bit random, but was flown would be more accurate – but yes, DUH, of course it fucking flew.
    All variants either arrived on planes or evolved here. Stupid question.

    I’ve no “hatred of the white working class” – of which I happen to be a proud member.
    I hate stupid racist toffs far more than I hate stupid racist scrubbers like you.

    “Fact. The Wind Rush [sic] generation ‘chose’ to emigrate to Britain”
    The point is that they didn’t choose to emigrate from Africa to the West Indies – that was called “slavery” and their ancestors were raped, mutilated and murdered on an industrial scale by the ancestors of the British nobility, gentry and Tories.

    Your argument that the Windrush generation lost any right to complain about racism because they CHOSE to come to Britain is not only specious, THE ARGUMENT ITSELF IS RACIST FFS.
    No africans CHOSE to emigrate to the West Indies or to the US you fucking balloon.
    Neither Britain nor the US has made restitution of any kind, and STILL they oppress the descendants of slaves.
    Saying “If you didn’t want to suffer racism you shouldn’t have come to [White] Britain” – which is clearly implied in your comment – is beyond despicable.
    Britain got rich from slavery, as did the US, many of whose slave owners were themselves of British descent.
    Your argument that descendants of UK slaves are less entitled than those of US slaves is pure self-serving bollocks.
    The only slight doubt is whether you’re just retarded, or a retarded racist cunt.

  15. Here is an ideal opportunity for those who alledge (falsely in my veiw) that Keir Starmer is a racist to challenge him.
    Munya and Swarzy in conversation with Keir Starmer
    With 2020 being defined by national lockdowns, social movements calling for racial justice and mass voter turnout in the USA, young people have taken power into their own hands to change the world around them.
    Following our third national lockdown, My Life My Say is bringing you an unmissable event with the Leader of the Opposition, Sir Keir Starmer, who will be in conversation with our trailblazing hosts: Munya Chawawa and Swarzy Macaly.
    Discussing the issues that matter to young people, we’re truly excited to be hosting this meaningful and engaging event. This will be an opportunity for you to ask your most pressing questions.
    The event will explore the following topics:
    – COVID-19 and its impact on young people
    – Vaccinations
    – Climate change
    – Race relations
    Munya and Swarzy will keep you glued to your seats with their vibrant and unique personalities. So, make sure you register to join this lockdown conversation!
    Time Jan 28, 2021 06:00 PM in London

    follow the link above to register and submit questions

    1. More likely an ‘ideal opportunity’ to watch a car crash attempt by a middle aged polititian [sic] to demonstrate that it’s down wit da kids, innit.
      I might not bother…

  16. Why not campaign against a Labour government and then the Labour Party will put you in charge? Worked for the Jewish Labour Movement…Maybe they might even pay you £600k?

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