Video: ‘Children have been going hungry for years’ – outrage at Tory minister’s excuse for refusing to feed starving kids during holidays

Paul Scummy Scully made shameless, heartless comment live on BBC. Tories have had a decade in power and still won’t take responsibility for massive rise in child poverty

Tory minister Paul Scully plumbed new depths when his excuse for leaving poor children hungry during school holidays and a tough winter was that children have been hungry for years:

Scully’s response exposed yet again the towering arrogance, callousness and cowardice of the Tories. Child poverty rocketed under the Tories long before the coronavirus pandemic and the plight of poor children is only going to get worse during a winter of lockdowns, soaring unemployment and increasing hardship.

Child poverty is so scandalous that the Tories have been repeatedly condemned by the United Nations – and Scully’s boss was humiliated into a u-turn during the lockdown on holiday meals for poor children by the excellent campaign of footballer Marcus Rashford. Yet now he and his party will do nothing about it but say kids have always suffered – and point at their utterly discredited, totally unfit Universal Credit system, which has been a huge factor in the ever-deepening misery of the poor, as excuses for doing nothing.

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner was accused earlier today of calling a Tory MP ‘scum‘, an allegation she said was inaccurate – but the description couldn’t be more appropriate for Scummy Scully and his fellow horrors.

The Tories have now forced through a Commons vote not to provide during holidays or lockdowns for children entitled to free school meals.

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  1. Trade Union GenSecs, Mayors including Sadiq Khan, Labour MPs (including JC) and councillors have released a joint statement setting out a list of demands.

    Below is the full text of the statement (follow the link below for a full list of signatories)

    This government’s handling of the pandemic has been disastrous for people’s lives and their livelihoods. We have the highest death rate in Europe and it continues to grow. We are sliding into the deepest recession in history with mass unemployment, poverty and the widespread destruction of our communities threatened.

    The government said at the start of the crisis that they would do ‘whatever it takes’. Instead, by failing to provide support for businesses, jobs and incomes, they are denying people the help they desperately need.

    Ministers must urgently provide a comprehensive financial package of support to protect jobs and incomes, in the way France, Germany, Spain and others are doing, including an extension of the job retention scheme with 80% wage support, action to support incomes, helping people to self-isolate by increasing the level for statutory sick pay and enabling all to claim it, and equipping our public services with the resources they need.

    1. Thank you SteveH. Sir K sign it too? Why couldn’t he NOT sign the instruction to abstain on one of the most regressive bills presented to the House in my lifetime (which includes Thatcher’s Section 28 stuff in the Local Govt Act 1988 and her vehemently anti Trade Union legislation).

      1. qwertboi – It would be difficult to argue that Keir’s stance on adequate funding for those effected by the Covid-19 tier system and school meals isn’t a matter of record.

    2. Thanks Steve
      , no surprise which mps haven’t signed
      Glad my n. Tyneside major signed

  2. So how many Conservative Associations got a covid grant I wonder, news site Ashford voice use freedom of information request to uncover that Ashford Conservative Assosiation got 10,000pounds corona virus grant. Will they be donating it to help pay for kids meals I wonder. More FOA requests needed around the country to expose the Tories blatent contempt.
    This tucked away in BBC business section

    1. Perhaps Working Men’s Clubs should follow the Tory lead and apply for grants

  3. No doubt he (along with many more toerags) would say the same thing about kids being nonced within the Westminster bubble.

    Bunch of degenerates.

    1. **Or anywhere else.

      But especially around the places, and by people they’re familiar with.

  4. How do we do FOA requests? Peterborough conservatives have a posh office and a club. I’m considering gling for it.

  5. I would think information such as this could be quite explosive in areas under tier 3 measures where low paid workers are expected to take a massive pay cut.

  6. ‘Children have been going hungry for years’ – this ‘excuse’ for refusing to feed starving kids during holidays Illustrates how conservatives think. No room for progressiveness, humanity, improvement or fighting poverty – only for conserving the status quo, even where it is inadequate or shameful.

    It’s not just memorial statues of Edward Coldton they want to conserve. They fight class war and tell us it’s good business and makes us free.

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