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Breaking: Tories u-turn under Rashford pressure to extend free school meals over holidays

After a stellar campaign by footballer Marcus Rashford, including ‘owning’ DWP Secretary Therese Coffey this morning, the Tories have caved in to rising public outrage and have u-turned on their intention to deprive poor children of free school meals over the summer holidays. The original plan made a mockery of Tory claims that they wanted to send kids back to school because of concern over the wellbeing of vulnerable children.

The Scottish and Welsh government’s had already announced that their free meals programmes would cover the holiday period. Typically of the Tories, the parents of English children will receive only £15 a week in vouchers for their child – but the news is still a screeching, major u-turn.

More than one in three children – well over four million – in the UK are in poverty. Rashford showed what effective opposition looks like.

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  1. Fair play to the kid; but where was piers moron’s (and the rest of them who are complaining) ‘outrage’ when the benefits cap was introduced; unchallenged in the main by 184 so-called ‘labour party’ cowards*

    *Many of them now rightfully sacked by the electorate, some unfortunately pensioned off to the lords.

  2. Remember dummkopf schmitt and his £39 breakfasts?

    Meanwhile, they wanted to spend just 7 PENCE per schoolkids’ breakfast. That fat fuck dummkopf-schmitt ate and claimed for the same amount that would pay for the meal FIVE-HUNDRED-AND-FIFTY-SEVEN primary school children.

    Never let that be forgotten.

    They thought (Probly still do think) that one MP’s breakfast should be the equivalent to five-hundred-and-fifty-seven primary schoolchildren.

  3. It really does show you the current state of our party when its left to a footballer to campaign for food for hungry children during the school holidays.
    Marcus Rashford’s efforts will mean such a lot to the families who depend on food banks and free school dinners to keep the wolf from the door. God Bless you Marcus

  4. New Labour failed, losing 5 million votes because they were part of the race to the bottom and hostile environment on welfare rights
    The electorate rightly could not tell the difference
    Red Tory Blue Tory Red Tory Blue Tory
    Kier has toxic mix of Remain and triangulation, recipe for disaster, give him 12 months unless he honours JC legacy and manifesto

    1. Then mount a coup. What’s the opposite of chicken in the animal kingdom? Cockerel is a non-starter cos of its abbreviation!

    2. “Give him 12 months” ?…and who’s going to throw him out?The party members that voted for a establishment Labour party or those that sat down and ignored the threat from the right wing and abstained from voting.will the party miraculously become the democratic socialist labour party.?or will the party self destruct whilst the structural deficit of the Governance,PLP and NEC finally destroy the Labour party,…My moneys on the lattrr and I take no pleasure in seeing a great party wither and die comrade.The membership have no say in it and no power to make a difference.

  5. Good that they were made to see sense. It must have really hurt them.

  6. From a friend:

    “Now hear this peasants, I think it’s only right that we should u-turn and be seen to look after the needy. Last Christmas, three ghosts visited to tell me as much. I didn’t listen to them of course – load of piff paff. Besides which, my pollsters reckon it’s bad optics to starve children. So, that all said, I will follow my earlier instinct of offering little to nothing to the mini peasants – so there we have it. On the more pressing issue of Covid 19, this graph demonstrates something I’m told by the intern who cobbled it up and as you can see, my hair is as messy as my far-right ideology – but no matter, things are going to become superlative soon. Literally. And let me say this, our history will not be erased. Well, my history won’t. Yours is, and always was, an invisible history serf. You probably can’t even name your great great grandparents. In conclusion, stay aware, keep ignorant and just angry enough to hurt each other. Never punch up. That’s all for now. As you were serfs” – Boris Johnson (16th June 2020)

  7. Whose humiliation is the greater?
    Johnson, forced into a retreat by a lone civilian – or Starmer, cowering in a bunker at the rear with his fingers in his ears while Johnson massacres the people?

  8. If there are any other many multi-millionaires who play in the Premier League who have a problem with with poverty in society, let them put their money where their mouth is. MSM is so quick to endorse a celebrity footballer, but not to question levels of poverty in working class communities & the causes of poverty.

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