Tory MP slags off Rashford for ‘playing politics’ instead of practising

‘Zero’ Elphicke – who became an MP because her husband went to prison for sexual assault – attacks hero player who stood up for millions of children impoverished by the Tories and who had the spine to take a penalty when he was needed

Hero – and zero

Tory MP Natalie Elphicke responded to England’s defeat in last night’s European football final – by attacking young footballer Marcus Rashford.

In a group chat, Elphicke is said to have written that Rashford ‘should have spent more time perfecting his game and less time playing politics’:

Elphicke – who only became an MP in the first place because her MP husband was imprisoned for sexual assault – displayed massive ignorance of the game, the pressure facing any player in that situation and the backbone it takes to step up when you know the personal and team cost if you miss.

Even worse, she displayed utter contempt for the millions of children suffering hunger and poverty – because of her blighted, toxic, lethal party – and considers a working-class young footballer stepping up to force the Tories to feed them, because the leader of the so-called ‘opposition’ wouldn’t, to be ‘playing politics’. And in that, he won – and the Tories lost and clearly hate him for it.

Tories and backbones are not well acquainted, of course – nor the idea of putting yourself on the line for others. But a prolonged period of silence from Ms Elphicke would be most appropriate – but only after a grovelling apology both to Rashford and to the millions of poor children for whom she showed such utter contempt and disregard.

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  1. She shoulda just stuck to slagging him off for taking that twinkle-toes run up. It’s asking for trouble and served him right to hit the post!

      1. Its a Beautiful game dominated by the constipated or criminally insane, occasionally the angels prevail Brazil 1970 but mostly not
        England are criminally insane and constipated when it comes to penalties, my dog needs to sort the f7ckers out but I’m to busy at the moment trying to persuade him to stand against Temporary Embarrassment

      2. Spot on Doug. Who is ‘baby trump’ – alleged prime Minister Boris d’pratface Johnsn?

      3. qwertboi
        Yes, its clear they are coordinating the message, its a race to the bottom, straight from the Steve Bannon playbook

      4. Doug – “straight from the Steve Bannon playbook”

        Too True. I’m surprised that oour attrocious party leader hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon – in an even more right wing manner – yet.

        Like any other vile toerag, Sir Keir Rodney Starmer probably thinks that ‘taking the knee’ is an abject surrender to Marxism and a threat to the wonderful and ever-so-kind Trilateral Billionaires.

  2. “I applaud the England team who gave their all in Euro 2020.

    Last night I shared the frustration and heartbreak of millions of other England fans.

    I regret messaging privately a rash reaction about Marcus Rashford’s missed penalty and apologise to him for any suggestion that he is not fully focused on his football.

    Onwards to the World Cup and I look forward to Marcus Rashford’s contribution at that time.”

    Mmmm. So she said it bacause she was frustrated ….. Excuse #3956 in the Tory handbook of excuses when caught red handed. Doubtless folowing on from “We have learned lessons and already put procedures in place ensuring this will never happen again……

    1. The gorgeous box shaped temptress has voiced her options, mossad approved comments. That’s nice.

  3. Yes. Ms. Elphicke. it would be very “ungenerous”. Rashford has guts, mettle and principle. Something unknown in the ranks of the sleazy, corrupt Tory party and the parasite class whose interest it represents.

    Why don’t you do everyone a favour and STFU. Better still, step down from your Parliamentary role. Politics is a serious business and not for those who, like yourself, are merely “playing” at it.

  4. Her husband certainly seems to have spent time perfecting his game. I hope she appreciates it.

  5. Would it be ungenerous bla bla bla’ said a privileged member of the Nasty Party.

  6. Elsewhere…

    The Post-Corbyn Labour Party Is Imitating the Democratic Party’s Centrist Rhetoric

    by Miles Ellingham & Tommy O’Callaghan

    As Labour leader Keir Starmer continues to distance himself from Jeremy Corbyn, he’s pulling a Tony Blair: embracing the lukewarm rhetoric of American social liberalism and abandoning the confident language of socialism…Labour needs a leader who will address economic resentments plainly and unapologetically, not someone who relies on marketing strategies around pints and flags.

    1. TWO Polar Opposite Political Parties.
      ONE HOST PARTY=UK Labour Party=Democratic Socialism=For The PEOPLE=5/10% PLP.
      ONE PARASITE PARTY=Neolabour Party Tories=Thatcher’s Neoliberalism=For THEMSELVES & THE ESTABLISHMENT=90/95 % PLP.
      When Tory Blair gnawed it’s way in through the Westminster’s Sewers it dragged Thatcher’s Neoliberalism in with it!
      Neoliberalism is NOT Liberal! Neoliberalism is NOT Centre/”Centrist”! Neoliberalism is NOT Left/Left Leaning! Neoliberalism is NOT Socialism of any degree!
      Neoliberalism IS Part Neoconservative! Neoliberalism IS Anti-Socialist! Neoliberalism IS Anti-Left! Neoliberalism IS Anti-Free Speech! Neoliberalism IS Pro-Israel and Anti-Palestine! Neoliberalism IS Pro-War! Neoliberalism IS Pro-Austerity! Neoliberalism IS Conservative! Neoliberalism IS TORY! etc, etc, etc!
      Nasty, Nasty, Nasty Fuckers Basically!

      There is not one single thing that can draw a remote resemblance between Neolabour Party Tories and The UK Labour Party! The only thing that must not be confused is the Hijacking and Occupation of the WORD: LABOUR, which they have turned into their Neoliberal Corporate Brand Name Logo in Flashing LED and Neon!
      Neolabour is NOT LABOUR!!!

      PS. While our attention is on a Tory Tw@t and Football, Starmer another Tory Tw@t is stripping us of freedom of speech, which will have Profound Implications on all of us, but far worse for Palestine and for Julian Assange!

  7. She and her husband had milking it while the y had been elected by their constituency in a democratic system. This is example of a system is not working as it should be filtered out the undesirable politician.

  8. However, you’ve got to hand it to her, anyone else would court a low profile if they were married to a rapist who likes to chase women while shouting “I’m a naughty Tory”. Not to mention that his face looks like it’s made out of dog’s dicks (the shiny bits,).

    1. Is that hair grease on his hooter? Whose bonce has he been sniffing?

  9. Interesting how dog whistles are now the name of the game. You dare criticise BLM; or you dare criticise Gareth Southgate or his letter demanding ‘his’ players bend the knee & the love of his military grandfather then you must be an advocate of Tommy Robinson. Southgate has a great deal in common with many of ‘the chosen ones’ in his football squad. There is a good reason why even Southgate realised that some of them weren’t good enough to play in the final, apart from having one opportunity to actually kick a football! Great management. Let’s have a Gareth Southgate statue to dump in a river. Southgate was a joke as a player & as a manager.

    I will be interested to note if there will be a ‘Wembley Variant’.& which letter of the Greek alphabet will be used to hide its origins?

    1. What a strange comments unless …….. would this be the same Steve Richards who represented England in 26 matches with such distinction and managed two different English teams to European Cup glory?

      1. Is there a point you wish to make? Football, like politics, is about opinion & even as a mere fan, we too have a story to tell, although my father was a professional footballer playing for Carlisle & Huddersfield under Bill Shankly, eventually ending up @ Bristol City. I only managed one season of professional football with Billy Lucas @ Newport County, but kept my amateur status as I would have lost my grant & fees paid @ Newport College of Art. Spent most of the rest of my playing days in the semi-pro Welsh League.
        Living in Toxteth for many years, I ran the Rodney Youth Centre & 3 football teams. Most of the youngsters were black & talented & deserved more recognition, but despite numerous letters tp Anfield; Goodison Park & Prenton Park, I seldom got a reply. Now 75% of players are from overseas…………..fat chance then; fatter chance now. You were saying?

      2. What I was saying (or actually not saying but alluding to) in the context of those who are offended by “the knee” is there in my comment lower down the page.

      3. On third thoughts, I did something that I try never to do, and that is to go off at half cock. Possibly I did so because it appeared to me that you also went off at half cock in your first comment.
        I’ll try to be more rational this time.
        Firstly, and on the minor point, it seems to me that, despite your obvious sporting achievements, Gareth Southgate was clearly a better footballer (and probably manager) than either you or I. So it seems churlish to be so critical of him.
        Secondly, I am puzzled as to the connection between Southgate’s managerial abilities, or otherwise, and BLM.
        Thirdly, when people talk of “dog whistles” in relation to BLM it gives the impression that they think that BL don’t M. I have my criticisms of some people who have jumped on the BLM “bandwagon” (see my comment below), but that doesn’t mean that I am antipathetic towards BLM. If you were making the same point I would be glad to apologise for misinterpreting your comment.

      4. We will just have to wait for the autobiography.

    2. Steve Richards Correct, politics is run on dog whistles these days with not enough people examining the issues. How is Brexit going by the way?

    3. A bit unfair. I’m not a football fan but the current team are the best England team I’ve been seen, not good enough yet to beat Italy but a class performance against Ukraine. The first England team for me, who actually play together as a team and didn’t embarrass themselves, and us in the face of overly patriotic, verging on creepy media exposure.

      1. Sorry lundiel, but only the standard of the football pitches has improved & not the style nor skill sets. You state you are not a football fan & I therefore understand why you are impressed with the current England side. Analysis of the match reveals that England had one shot on goal (100%) & that was it. Italy dominated possession with over 75% & many more shots (although few on target). It was a poor, low quality game of crab football with both teams playing for penalties. Sideways possession football is never attacking & the modern game has a lot to learn as fear of losing the ball dictates play.. England were the ‘home’ side?
        Creepy, overly patriotic, verging on creepy media exposure? Poor journalists must have something to write about now that Jeremy’s been suspended. Good to hear Sir Keir Starmer agreeing with you all that dog whistle politics & a failure to condemn those who refuse to bend the knee, are responsible for racism. Gareth Southgate reads the Guardian………….can you tell?

      2. Steve Richards
        There is only two ways to play the beautiful game, British and Brazilian
        Both currently ruined by 💰
        The only sensible thing Mike Ashley ever said is ‘I’m only an ordinary billionaire, I can’t compete with countries ‘
        Methinks the German model could be a vote winner, along with who do you trust Southgate or the racist, liar and charlatan baby trump

      3. Steve Richards. Some home truths in your comment. Southgate said he would take the blame. Wrong team, wrong tactics and definitely not enough coaching for penalties. Italy will not let you play football against them, they are experts at bundling the opposition off the ball. A bit like Bozo the dangerous clown really.

  10. Overpaid, overpampered, overhyped wankers. Footballers and politicians alike.

    And as for these ‘uberfan’ MPs….Pffft! Bet most of them have never been to a game in their lives.

    If the players wish to genuflect before the kick-off, let them. I’m not arsed either way. I wouldn’t condemn a player for NOT doing so.

    Hasn’t done much good, though, has it?

    1. Toffee
      What would Neville Southall say
      Methinks he would tell you to stop standing outside the tent

      1. Couldn’t give a flying save what big Nev thinks. I speak for meself.

        Are other countries who’s teams don’t genuflect racist?

        Are the cyclists on the tour de france? They don’t kneel before every stage.

        Liberals forcing their views on everyone else is not liberalism, it’s fascism. If people choose not to kneel, then you don’t guilt trip them.

        Directly leads to the resentment we’ve seen.

  11. To get to the political bit – Colin Kaepernick started kneeling before games in protest at the oppression of Black people in the US, instead of standing for the US national anthem. Others joined him. It remained an ongoing protest demonstration. Following the killing of George Floyd, people around the world employed similar protests against racism, not just in the US. As with many things that challenge the system, the system started a campaign to co-opt the anti-racism movement and use it to their advantage. Sometimes it was companies/organisations that reckoned that it would help their “bottom line”. Sometimes it was politicians who sought political advantage (as with the cringe-worthy picture of Starmer and Rayner). It is easy to criticise these young footballers for being part of it, but what we should be concentrating on is the powerful and demanding to know what they are actually DOING to combat racism.

    1. …….& I thought Israel was the 51st State, not Britain. As much as I enjoy American Football (better this year for the Cleveland Browns), I cannot help thinking this is a Moral Panic orchestrated by Neo-Liberal conglomerates in conjunction with their chums in MSM. Very much like the Moral Panic of anti-Semitism it is orchestrated so that racism & anti-Semitism is everywhere but not even the Guardian’s own figures add up to a racist epidemic, let alone rabid anti-Semitism on every street corner. Apparently there were reports of a few hundred racist tweets just after the match; even one is too many but in usual journalistic reported speech the audience is left to wonder exactly what was being said & by whom? What constitutes racist speech? Apparently, according to that paragon of virtue & Freedom of Speech, Sir Keir Starmer, one example is any failure to support BLM is a dog whistle for racists (with hyper sensitive ears). Perhaps Sir Keir could define exactly what anti-Semitism is & apologise to Jeremy Corbyn.

      Journalistic reported speech……..a form of words that hides what was said in favour of a summary corresponding to the author’s preferred ideologies. Like an EHRC report that purports that there were numerous vile anti-Semitic communications made by numerous members of the Labour Party. Proof? I just told you! The EHRC is a commission that cannot be doubted, much like the arrogance of a BBC or Guardian journalist.

      What Bill Kaepernick did while playing for the San Francisco 49ers was brave & relevant to the abuses suffered by the Afro-American population of the USA, in particular drawing international attention to the abuses of the justice system & the shooting of un-armed blacks. What happens in America one day is soon followed by events in Britain, apart from the shooting of innocents. The largest immigrant demographic in Britain is Asian, not Afro-Caribbean, but nonetheless the brutal murder of George Floyd became a beacon of oppression, but not for Asians; not for Yemenis & not for Palestinians. A beacon that ‘woke’ from their slumbers the self-righteous journalists from Murdoch Media; from PSB, BBC & Channel 4 & every newspaper that had worked so hard to discredit Jeremy Corbyn & Socialism Now we have a diverse multi-cultural global market place where there is no place for the working classes. No manufacturing; no culture; even our Football owned by the bourgeoisie.. Bend the knee like an obedient snowflake.

      1. Much to agree with in what you have said. I am particularly irked when “reports” fail to report what has been said/written.
        Regarding “taking the knee” or not – seems to me that doing so has, in many cases, become tokenism and that it would be better for those who are doing it to get politically involved in anti-racism rather than just making a statement once a week. Equally, it is easy for people who don’t do so to be seen as homogeneous. Some will be more interested in acting rather than posturing. Some will be racists. Your comment above leads me to believe that you are one of the first group and that you agree with my comments at 3.26.
        If so, please avoid terms such as “obedient snowflake”. Many of the people who take the knee will be doing so because they genuinely believe it is worth doing and know that some will attack them (verbally we hope) for doing so. Not softies then.

    2. Still can’t find out what was written but I have found out that monkey pictures were put on their social media pages. There are nasty people out there.

      1. A part of your logic that causes me concern is your assertion that Gareth Southgate was a better footballer & football manager than me. That may or may not be true but Is that a fact or just your opinion & formed on what basis? This is Thatcherite logic that cream always rises to the top & so those at the top of the tree are the best. The sarcasm of whether or not I played for England says a great deal so forgive me if I apply your logic to your argument………Boris Johnson is PM & therefore is politically more astute & his politics are superior to yours. Bend the knee to Boris, Gary Linekar says so.

    3. And don’t forget the MSM. They jumped on the Woke bandwagon when they realised it was worth billions of clicks. But, God, those co-opting corporations! Pitch-side Volkswagen ads with rainbow backdrop during the Euros were particularly memorable!

  12. Serious case of Irony-if the government she is part had been doing their job perhaps it would not need individuals outside the government to use their time to look out for the country’s most vulnerable.

  13. “The team that took to the pitch at Wembley last night were different. This England team is one that ethnic minorities like myself can get behind.

    “But it is also one which will be used by opportunistic right-wing politicians — the ones who said that they couldn’t support this England team because they took a knee against racism, a team that stood up for racial equality.

    “A Prime Minister who said that he didn’t believe in gesture politics but is happy to stand outside No 10 with his thumbs up and waving an England flag.

    “This is an England team that the right will use to say that they embrace a diverse country but behind the scenes will continue to introduce policies that hinder any opportunity for the next Raheem Sterling to find his way into England from another country.

    “Those who fight against injustice will not allow Johnson to brush under the carpet his clashes with Marcus Rashford 12 months ago, when this Tory government was happy to take food out of starving kids’ mouths.

    “And if it wasn’t for England international Rashford, who fought the government every step of the way, things would have been so different at the start of the pandemic.

    “So, while we celebrate and bask in the glory of a successful England team both on and off the pitch, there are creatures on the right who are waiting to be alongside them.

    “And it’s so important that, should England be invited to No 10 Downing Street for tea and cake with PM Johnson, they use the “opportunity” to question his policies and treat it like an impromptu PMQs.”

    credit to Kadeem Simmonds and The Morning Star

  14. Why is last night’s England team “A team that ethnic minorities can get behind”?

    What was stopping them before?

    1. Earlier in his article, he’d explained:

      “Growing up, I didn’t really support England. It had nothing to do with the players on the pitch, but more the fans off it. It’s odd that a team’s success or fans wanting teams to win can make others feel alienated or that they are not a part of it.

      “We’ve all seen the images of England supporters going away on “tour” and smashing up cities, bars, restaurants — it would make me feel like I’m not a part of this, that this wasn’t an England team that I wanted to support.

      “It wasn’t a nation that I wanted to get behind.

      “And it isn’t just me. Ethnic minority England fans across the country have all come together and said that this is an England team that, for the first time in their lives, they feel that they can support.

      “Previously the England flag was a symbol of fear, a symbol of the far right, a symbol of the EDL, a symbol of racist hooligans.”

      I can see where he’s coming from, can you?

      1. I trust qwertboi apply this logic across the board. Violence in & around the stadium involving supporters following ‘THIS’ team. This is an England team that ethnic minorities can get behind because there are many players wearing a 3 lions shirt with black skin? Gareth Southgate continually makes this point, but then decided to play his best team (but without the Premier League’s Top Scorer for the past 2 seasons).& relegating many of his favoured chosen ones to the subs bench, only being allowed to kick (mis-kick) a ball once.

        I first watched football in the 1950s, as a toddler, taken by my mum to watch my dad. There were no Black or Asian & no Foreign players. How globalisation has changed everything, especially football. It must be very difficult for young working class white kids to identify with any club with so many Foreign players, 75% of Premier League players have a different skin colour to him (or her)..Not to worry because it is so expensive to watch the match live, he will never encounter that problem.

        St. Marcus, the deified champion of the hungry poor who earns a million pounds per month (inc. Royalties) Is major part of the problem of a football culture that has been taken away from the working class & used as an opportunity to exploit them. Shame on you Rashford & Stirling as you sit in your mansions & contemplate social injustice. Hypocrites deified by MSM. Have you got a clue?

      2. Steve Richards – Your post’s core points seem to mirror those that Nigel Farage uses facebook or twitter to make

        “Gareth Southgate is out of touch with England fans. They have a right to boo when players take the knee for Marxist BLM. Let’s keep politics out of football this summer”;

        ““Rio, Southgate and the players are naive. They are being used as pawns in a game to divide us. Keep politics out of sport”;

        Zelo Street put it nicely: “Author Matt Haig reminded Mr Thirsty (Nigel Farage) “You would have over half the team deported you prat”. But at least, unlike alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and his Benidorm holiday rep Home Secretary Priti Patel, he won’t be at the game, dressed in an England shirt that only just got unwrapped, pretending to be a football fan.”

        When you say “St. Marcus, the deified champion of the hungry poor who earns a million pounds per month (inc. Royalties) Is major part of the problem of a football culture that has been taken away from the working class & used as an opportunity to exploit them”, I can see where you are coming from, but you mistake a symptom for a cause. The cause of this condition is the over-commercialisation of sport. The working class (all of us) is its victim.

      3. Rashford cares not a jot about the money he earns, no one knows what he has done with it, if Labour propose to nationalise and hand over clubs to supporters trusts, would he vote Labour
        Methinks he would
        He would vote to have his salary slashed
        Who sold out the game, when was the Premier League and Champions League created

  15. So it was down to hooligans?

    What club does the author support? One tjats never had any hoolies?

  16. “Previously the England flag was a symbol of fear, a symbol of the far right, a symbol of the EDL, a symbol of racist hooligans.”

    But it isn’t any more?

    Have I missed something here?

  17. It could be suggested this MP is a thick lumpen Tory moron (?) whilst Marcus as a human being is a star! Oh and re the penalties, apparently in training the 5 they picked to take them had consistently come top in training regarding the quantitative data (the stats) but perhaps they also should have thought qualitatively too (players thoughts & feelings)? Marcus has had a bit of loss of form towards the end of the season and is perhaps a bit down in confidence (not helped by racist abuse following The Champions League Final) and the other two looked too nervous. And this setting was in front of a roaring crowd and millions on TV and to step up to the plate in that environment is bloody brave. But penalties are a lottery, it’s a 50:50 chance. Perhaps as a commentator said England stuck in the 2nd half (trying to hold on to 1-0) when perhaps they should have twisted and pushed for a second goal, as our old sports teachers used to say attack is the best form of defence? But perhaps Ms E is not fit to lace any of the players boots (?) and I love this diverse England team who reflect our society and often do good for our society whilst I hate the Tories for the opposite reasons.

  18. Taking the knee is such an innocent and the very least anyone who has the spotlight on them could do, I’m truly lost as to why they don’t, why it isn’t built into every major sporting event
    Wimbledon, The Open, Olympics, Lions Tour and on and on
    What we know is propaganda works by repeating something ad nauseum until those who are not rational human beans accept it as given
    2019 GE
    I’m not voting for Corbyn, we always vote Labour but we can’t vote for him
    Who did you vote for in 2017
    We all voted Labour, we always vote Labour
    if its wokery or Snowflakery your attacking then you need to shift targets, taking the knee is a small but highly significant protest, no more no less

    1. It’s also fast becoming an empty kick-off ritual that makes people’s eyes glaze over, a bit like the National Anthem used to. It should’ve been a short, sharp campaign, followed up by more meaningful action. Now it’s just another act of submission to the new ideology of virtue-signalling. Like wearing face-masks…

      1. Or
        Its the Foundation stone for more action
        Masks are statistically insignificant in the battle against Covid19, make people feel safer but in reality are practically useless
        Taking the knee at major sporting events is a completely different beast
        If you feel its cringeworthy then I suggest you get over yourselves, its here to stay

  19. Gareth Southgate for Equalities minister.
    Phil Neville for Chancellor of exchequer
    Marcus Rashford for Leader of the Opposition
    Gary Lineker for Health Minister

  20. I see Tyrone Mings has had a direct pop at patel…Good.

    THIS is the sort of action that should be employed. Direct calling out of political figures for their words & deeds.‘Taking a knee’ is meaningless in comparison. (And pretty much meaningless nowadays anyway, seeing as it’s been done to death.).

    While these footballers are at it, it’s about time they made a start on the overtly racist murdoch media empire that mirrors patels words & deeds….Oh, hang on…without sky, they wouldn’t be ‘earning’ £££tens of thousands per day…

    Tricky one, isn’t it? 🤔

    1. Toffee
      So why hasn’t Murdoch and Club owners, sorry slave owners told their uppity employees to desist
      Too many on here getting their keks in a twist
      I think the power lies with sportsmen and women, try it at the British Open, someone might have to help Mickelson get back up but its the thought that counts

      1. Toffee
        That went over your head then
        Kapernick was sacked, Murdoch, Sky and Club owners have no such power over the players in this country
        The super league was defeated in this country and a lot of players and ex players were front and centre, forgive me for not registering what colour they were
        Steve Richards
        We are all in the shit together, if your black working class you are in deeper
        Now remind us how we all get out of it together

  21. Dafuq are you on about, dougal? Slavery? They’re on the equivalent per week than ten people who really EARN NMW get in a year, for complete and utter fuck’s sake.

    If that’s ‘slavery’ then I’ll gladly suffer that misfortune. Choose your words a whole lot more tactfully.

    But I digress.

    Where’s Mings’ calling out of de piffle for having far worse form than patel? Where’s the rest of the england team backing mings up?

    Well for starters horrendouson can’t say too much. Let’s not forget his t-shirt wearing support of the racist suarez, eh?

    And as much as I admire and am grateful to young Rashford – I wouldn’t accept an MBE from a child-staving, overt racist like de piffle. Plus there’s all those ’emipirical’ connotations…..Just sayin’.

    Where’s lewis hamilton’s boycott of the Saudi, Bahranian, Chinese, Azeri grand prix for their countries’ records on human rights? Where was his concern for hungry kids during the pandemic?

    1. All that Mings & Rashford are stoking is a race war that is aimed at promoting the career prospects of one demographic. The working classes have been united since the ’60s, together, to fight social injustice & promote equal opportunities for all, but now only BLM as sponsored by journalists & other representatives of the Neo-Liberal elite. BLM is their ideology of choice. The sneering at white working class culture continues, it’s only cool to be black. This is a recipe of division. & the white working class will always remain invisible or portrayed as violent characters in bourgeois soaps. The class struggle is mutating in the wrong direction.

  22. *Imperialist* connotations

    (Dunno where ’empirical’ came from🙄)


    Starmer, Rayner, to mark International Day of Solidarity with Palestinians – by attending Labour Friends of Israel

    “Leaders’ actions, and leaders’ words, and leaders’ inactions have consequences, ………………………… Starmer said today.

    “They’ve had the courage to call out racism and stand up for equality. And they’ve shown real leadership, Gareth Southgate and the team have shown real leadership – and this is about leadership. (would add all to ‘racism’

    He knows the words, talks the talk(selectively)

    ….has failed the test of leadership because, whatever he says today about racism – I know someone else that this cap fits oh too snugly.

    1. “Starmer, Rayner, to mark International Day of Solidarity with Palestinians – by attending Labour Friends of Israel”

      Didn’t they do that last year?

  24. To those who are not happy at the moment MAG’s
    Watch Keith Allens ‘Vindaloo’ on YouTube to restore your humour and humanity

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