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20 in 20: twenty SKWAWKBOX exclusives of the year

The SKWAWKBOX had a big 2020, bringing its readers dozens of exclusives – including some as big as the revelation that Tory policy was to send known-infected elderly people into care homes, triggering a hidden holocaust among vulnerable residents. Others were specific to the Labour party, such as Keir Starmer’s decision to appoint an all-white ‘diversity panel’ after he was criticised for his response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Below are 20 from 20 – a small selection of the exclusives this site broke during the year just ended:


Tom Watson’s driver recorded boasting of £25k ‘loan’ to bail out Naz Shah MP – that she did not declare


‘Quarantined’ China passengers allowed to mingle and go out as government ignores scientific advice

NEC forced to reject up to 90% of ‘evidence’ in antisemitism complaints as ‘unfit’


Furlough’ scheme only happened because of pressure by left-wing union figures

Tories requisition ice rinks for storing bodies of coronavirus victims


Tories sending COVID-infected elderly back to care homes – as official policy


Tories TRIPLE emergency mortuary capacity in preparation for huge spike in deaths

Keir Starmer reacts to Labour leaked report – by setting forensic investigators on those who leaked it


Starmer appoints ALL-White ‘diversity panel’

Labour leadership tells staff they’ll be kicked off furlough scheme at earliest opportunity

Starmer sacks Long-Bailey over back-to-school row, not because of Peake article


Video as Labour’s female council leader quits over conduct of Starmer and Labour right

Right-wing Labour steps in to protect councillors accused of racism


Labour breaks its own rules to allow former ‘Change UK’ campaigners back into party


Hospitals told to prepare for October ‘second wave’ – an exclusive proven all too correct


EHRC said Jeremy Corbyn was legally entitled to make the comments for which he was suspended

Labour so swamped by member resignations that Evans is begging for help dealing with them


Labour annulling votes of members who have resigned – despite election rules


Labour bans members from giving their own money to food banks and homelessness charities

UK to enter full lockdown after holidays

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Solidarity and a safe, happy 2021!

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  1. February: NEC forced to reject up to 90% of ‘evidence’ in antisemitism complaints as ‘unfit’.
    Imagine a court rejecting 90% of any plaintiff’s evidence as “unfit.”
    Wouldn’t that be definitive of a vexatious prosecution, even if 10% wasn’t rejected?

  2. Fuck me, I had that exact same 1970’s duvet cover Isa was wrapped in at the end of Still Game tonight.

  3. Thank you Skwawky and long may you continue into 2021 and beyond , stuff knows we need all the Alt Media channels we can get right now

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