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Exclusive: Labour allowing former Change UK personnel back in despite rule banning those who campaign against Labour in elections

The defunct ‘TIG’/’Change UK’ MPs

The Labour Party has begun welcoming the former ‘Independent Group’/’Change UK’ defectors back into the party, to take the example of the former ‘CUK’s national coordinator.

Dan Heley, who has written for the Murdoch press to attack Labour, has boasted on social media of rejoining the party:

Chapter 2 of Labour’s rulebook states that members who join or support a rival political party or group is ‘auto-excluded’ and prevented from rejoining for at least five years:

A member of the Party who joins and/ or supports a political organisation other than an official Labour group or other unit of the Party, or supports any candidate who stands against an official Labour candidate, or publicly declares their intent to stand against a Labour candidate, shall automatically be ineligible to be or remain a Party member, subject to the provisions of Chapter 6.I.2 below of the disciplinary rules.

Another ‘Tinge’ party supporter back in the fold

The Labour Party was contacted for comment but had not replied by 24 hours after the response deadline.

How long before the former MPs themselves who not only stood against but constantly attacked the party are welcomed back with open arms?

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  1. They wouldn’t? Would they, they supported the LibDems? It’s against the rules?

      1. Brian – This is what the rule book says in full

        6.1.2 – When a person applies for readmission to the Party following an expulsion by the NCC on whatever basis or by automatic exclusion under Chapter 2.4 above of the membership rules, the application shall be submitted to the NEC for consideration and decision. Subject to the provisions of guidance issued by the NEC, such applications shall not normally be considered by the NEC until a minimum of five years has elapsed. The decision of the NEC shall be binding on the individual concerned and on the CLP relevant to the application.

        You may note there is a get-out clause to the 5 year rule and there are precedents, you may recall that despite standing as a Respect candidate against Naz Shah that Salma Yaqoob was readmitted to the Labour Party so that she could contest to be Labour’s midlands mayoral candidate. Although I suspect (I don’t know) that his readmission may rely on him having resigned from the party before committing any breach of the rules.

  2. They will be letting the Gang of 4 back too. That’s if they are all still alive.

      1. Yeah? And? YOU voted starmer in the full knowledge this would happen so get to fuckery by trying to make out it was some universally approved plan amongst members because some untrusted pretend left winger made similar

        Only cnuts would approve, and as YOU voted starmer that makes YOU the biggest cnut of them all.

      2. Toffee – On the contrary, this statement by RLB was one of the many reasons I didn’t vote for her.

      3. And the reason many SOCIALISTS didn’t.


      4. Toffee – You didn’t have a vote so please don’t pretend to be some sort of abstaining socialist hero.

      5. Steve h – Always all too eager to quote the rules and claim you’re a democrat; once again, this site – and everyone visiting it – is provided with further evidence of your cowardice and hypocrisy.

        For not only do you make NO mention of this being against the rules AND democracy, you ridiculously attempt to legitimise it because a (supposed) left wing candidate made a similar proposition.


        Just No.

      6. Abstaining socialist hero??

        Fuck me.

        You didn’t abstain, but tried to convince everyone (and received the deserved, wnsuing ridicule) that you were ‘undecided’.

        You are NO socialist OR democrat, despite your pleas to the contrary.

        And being the Invertebrate you are, you’re certainly NO hero, lad.

        Fancy another try?

  3. No surprises here. (I’d actually be surprised if they didn’t.) When Labour was a socialist party these people were misfits and recognised it causing them to leave. Now that it’s a soft Tory centrist vision-less bunch of ‘don’t rock the boat’ nobodies, they will be completely at home.

  4. Labour ‘rules’ are a movable feast apparently – hard, fast and immovable for lefties, merely ‘guidance’ for the Blairites.
    Christ, they’re worse liars and crooks than the Tories.
    A plague on both their houses.

    1. these are the epic levels of entitlement I associate with the change UK gimps and the PLP who are all much of a muchness if we’re being honest,I’m amazed they have the gall to come worming their way back in again but knowing Starmer he’ll snap their hands off

      1. It appears that Dan Heley agrees with you on your first point, “Mr Heley said that volunteers had been left feeling “dejected and regretful” following issues of nepotism and political struggles. He claimed that the candidates were often chosen because they were public figures or had personal relationships with the MPs and staff.

  5. And the shocking shame is that IMO due to these wankers of Centrists do nothing nobodies . there will be no effective opposition to try and stop the Govt from killing even more of us citizens by their murderous policies . They all have degrees of responsibility for the 10,000 s of unnecessary deaths cause and for those who in Labour voted for that Twat Spanner Stamer

    1. What’s ‘shocking’ about it, Rob? We fully expected it from that lot; the shame is on the cnuts what voted for them and enabled this shitshow.

      May they burn for an eternity in the coldest spot in hell.

  6. No Conference this year, but what about next year? Will Conference still be more radical than Southside or will its teeth have been been pulled by then, I wonder?
    Could motions of censure against Starmer for these acts of surrender find support, or even be tabled?

  7. They left LABOUR. They didn’t leave Corbyn, or McDonnell, or a CLP, or the 2017 manifesto. They left LABOUR and joined with TORIES.

    How can they suddenly be Labour again?

    1. Because , Joe, the party is infested with morally and politically promiscuous shitbags of the lowest order who think it’s their trainset.

      What else will it take for those pleading to stay and change from within to wake the bleedin hell up?

      It’s just not happenin, is it?

    2. Joe Robson, because they got no principles, no morals, no loyalty. They are turncoats through and through.

    1. I think my post about membership never appeared. But basically, my daughter resigned membership in early April. Cancelled her DD, wrote and gave her resignation, and included the reasons. In late July, she came to visit here, and was in the same room as me when an email came through. Apparently she hasn’t left – just that she must have forgotten to pay her subscription, and here are a number of ways of paying it ……

      So, like Hotel California, you can book in, but you can never leave. Those figures don’t keep up all by themselves, do they?

      1. Sorry Joe, ”you can cheque out anytime you like but……….”

    2. I think Skwawky quoted 2019 figures, so had to pull it.

      So I guess steve h is expecting an apology

      So never let it be said…

      …I’m sorry.

      …That you’re a duplicitous, disingenuous dumbass with all the scruples of a snake.

    3. I’d like to know that too, lundiel. I have the WordPress version Bookmarked, but can’t seem to copy and paste the link onto here. If there’s a problem with it, perhaps a clarification, from someone, would help.

  8. Change UK Party candidates are not rejoining the Labour Party…………………..Starmer’s New New Labour is joining them.

  9. So does it mean that anyone expelled for supporting Chris Williamson will be able to re-join?

    1. Hahahaha ,,,,, roflmao , hahahaha , brilliant
      LIKE FUCK THEY WILL Jack ,, like fuck they will.
      We need a new honest truthful party that actually does represent the working class an Stamerite Spanners Party ain’t it for sure

  10. It’s going to need a thunder bolt to sort this…starmer should keep. one eye on the sky, plenty of thunder bolts and powerful electric surges.

  11. And there are people who think we can stay in the party & win it back from the right. Absolutely solutely no chance whatsoever, and trying to is just wasting valuable time when we could be building up a real socialist party. Like me, lot of members have already left Labour, if the few decent MPs that are still in it were to leave to form the core of a new socialist party more would follow.

      1. Asks the rodent who pleaded he was a diehard Corbyn supporter, right up to the second Corbyn handed the keys back…

        …Then Corbyn had no credibility at all.

        Only voted stammer as ‘best of a bad bunch’

        ‘Ere stevey boy, are you now admitting stammer has no credibility? You’ve got a bit of explaining to do if you are..

      2. Chris Williamson
        Is the bridge between this generation and the next
        Numbers, demographics and history on our side, look out the window, the times they are a changing

      3. Doug – Although a minority on ‘the left’ may be dedicated followers the last GE exposed that he lacks appeal for a wider audience .

      4. SteveH
        Internal report, 2017 GE JC was not in the game until he was,
        The game changer is ‘clear red water’
        Throw in financial pandemic and No Deal
        Are you really saying they like the ‘temporary embarrassment ‘
        Methinks not

    1. I mean the fact that Steveh posted a Reply to boromoor in TWO minutes flat is NOT evidence that he constantly monitors the site all day long every single day and that he’s a paid shill. Perish the thought!

      1. Allan – Your attempts to construct something out of nothing are looking increasingly pathetic. A little bit of self awareness on your part wouldn’t go amiss. Perhaps you should reflect on the fact that you’re the saddo who keeps a log of other peoples internet use.

      2. Steven… Dafuq are you playin at, telling people they ought to have a bit of self-awareness??


  12. This is Starmer taking the piss….why?…..because he can….who has the balls to stand up to him????

    1. It should be remembered that there were precedents, set under a previous administration to allow even those who had stood against a Labour candidate in a GE back into the party. You may recall that despite her leading role in another party and standing as a Respect candidate against Naz Shah that Salma Yaqoob was readmitted to the Labour Party so that she could contest to be Labour’s midlands mayoral candidate. Although I suspect (I don’t know) that his readmission may rely on him having resigned from the party before committing any breach of the rules.

      1. SteveH, you make a good case for Chris Williamson to be able to re-join the Labour Party.

        Although I’m not sure that Chris would wish to be back in a LP which has a racist leading it.

  13. Get rid of the Broad Church. These issues would in my view hardly arise if Labour were a socialist party plain and simple. And political education would probablnot go amiss either.

  14. Imagine the mi-mi’s the likes of steve h and the rest of the ‘centrist’ vermin would be having had it been anti-stammerist leaving to set up their own party then returning when it went totally tits-up?

    Not that anyone leaving because of stammer’s utter inadequacy would actually want to return to a bunch of self-serving, servile, supine, surrendering shithouses that is the PLP these days.

    Ask yourselves just what is it that the nugaTORY stammer’s done of use for the nation since becoming opposition leader.

    Then ask yourself what does he intend to do for you. (Clue: The answers are the same.)

    Then ask yourself what it is you’re paying for; and what the difference is between stammer’s *Ahem* ‘appropriation’ of party funds and the toerags spunking YOUR tax money money here, there, and everywhere for THEIR mates’ benefit…

  15. So who were the Jewish Labour Movement supporting in the Election – because it sure as hell wasn’t Labour. And yet they remain the accredited affiliate rather than Jewish organisations – JVL & the JSG – who actually SUPPORTED the Labour Party. More than that, they are actually running the party, mostly on behalf of the BOD.

  16. Jeremy Corbyn is the only person I can think of who could bring everyone on the left together in a new socialist party.
    I wonder what it would take to persuade him to lead it?
    If a national petition attracted half a million signatures maybe? Do we think it would?
    If Labour’s average subs is £10 monthly – just a guess – would £5 million a month be enough to fund a new party?
    Would a membership clause committing to support for a fixed basic manifesto and a statement of principles on pain of expulsion keep the Quislings out?

    Anyone know how to launch such a petition?
    I don’t know the answers to any of the above, but if there’s to be a new party I think we need to find out.
    Maybe unfeasibly optimistic – but wouldn’t it be an absolute trip if a brand new party launched with a membership that dwarfed the rest?

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