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Excl: Long-Bailey sacked after massive row over schools return – as news emerges that Starmer’s support for return has seen infection rate double

Pretext for sacking will be pro-Corbyn tweet but reality is far different

Rebecca Long-Bailey has been sacked after a massive internal row over the Labour leadership’s support for Boris Johnson’s back-to-school push – after a doubling of school infections followed even Johnson’s abortive plan to push children and teachers back into the classroom.

Howard Beckett, whose union Unite had warned both the Tories and Labour that it was too soon, tweeted the new figures:

The pretext for Long-Bailey’s sacking will be her supportive tweet about a pro-Corbyn article by actor Maxine Peake – but the SKWAWKBOX can reveal that, according to sources inside the party, a huge row over Labour’s support Johnson’s recklessness was the real trigger for the sacking.

Long-Bailey qualified her tweet not long after putting it out, but a Labour source told SKWAWKBOX, before news of the sacking, that ‘RLB is in trouble – and it’s not the tweet that’s the issue’, before outlining the major argument that was the real reason.

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    1. Well that could mean anything. She has supposedly re-Tweetered some comment made by Maxine Peake that the crowd control techniques taught to US police has come out of Israel.

      If that’s the case then shouldn’t Starmer check it out for accuracy or his he just looking for an excuse and/or is it policy now that we must embrace Israeli politics?

      1. In her interview Maxine is also critical of the Labour Party now. Yet they’ve homed in on a paragraph. As you say surely Starmer and his team have investigated this

      2. Seems to me that what is deemed anti-semitic or not is shifting frequently and because of it’ emotive properties might also work as a means to get rid of peoe. Just accuse them of it, and they are gone. Not a sign of a democratic, never mind socialist party.

      3. Of course it’s policy now. In fact you can expect the Star of David to appear next to the red rose on membership cards before too long.

        Good on RLB for getting the push. She must’ve been longing to after seeing the makeup of the shadow cabinet. I hope Maxine Peake follows Glenda Jackson into politics!

  1. RBL:GNVQ…….Rebecca-Long-Bailey; Going Nowhere Very Quickly., or now a rallying point for Corbnistas?

    1. ….correction RLB, not RBL. Rebecca Long-Bailey sacked, not Royal British Legion.

      1. ……….I would like to state categorically that I do not believe that RBL (Royal British Legion) endorses the statement made by RLB that Israeli Defence Forces are in any way responsible for the death of George Floyd, as that would be anti-Semitic according to IHRA definition; Board of British Deputies & Jewish Labour Movement…..& any other Zionist puppet masters who dictate Labour policy.

  2. Starmer confirming that loyal & proven Labour politicians are not as important as keeping Israel sweet. Anti-Israeli politics is not anti-semitism, even if Starmer wants that to be the case for the LP.

  3. RLB – well she wasn’t too bright in (a) signing up to the BoD ‘pledges’ and (b) suggesting that opening schools was problematic – against all the evidence.They should have never been shut, given that there’s no danger to children and only insignificant danger to older staff – at a level that can be easily dealt with in a targeted fashion.

    But – she was in the majority in being a lightweight amongst lightweights that infest parliament and infect the Labour benches.

    1. There you go again Mr RHappy. Flaming without evidence. I knew you would pop up on this one. So predictable.

      1. Don’t be silly (to put it mildly). What I’ve said is based entirely on evidence rather than fiction.

        You can believe what the government tells you if you want. I prefer the facts.

        Prove me the basics (a) that RLB bowed to the BoD and (b) that children are under almost no danger from Covid ….????

        I’ll gladly give you my data.

      2. Its not the point that kids are in danger from CV19 ( they are in some cases anyway , and one case is too many ) BUT they are unwittingly the carries of it to adults !

        No argument over RLB capitulating to BOD , just like Arse wipe Starmer did but at least she we as ever so slightly to the left of eric arm rest .
        Time for a new DS party , step up and step out Forward Momentum … it’s coming like an express train make no mistake and this one ain’t owned by Bastard Branson

    2. 22 recently opened schools in the UK now shut again because of Covid-19 outbreaks, this is mirrored on Mainland Europe. But RH steps in again stating FACTS are not FACTS. Here’s a fact RH, not all kids in Hong Kong are currently attending school, and our schools were only opened once the R rate was near zero. can you remind me what the R rate is in the UK and why our scientific advice is several Asian nations is deemed poppycock by posters like you?

      As for RLB, tough, she showed zero solidarity with any of those falsely accused of AS and has now been dispatched by the AS sword, despite the fact she opposed Starmer’s Covid 19 policy, which is basically following Tory Policy and certainly not the science – still, lucky the AS trope was available for Starmer to rid himself of her as he pursues his aim of turning the LP into the UK Zionist Labour Party.


        I need say no more than this to a acapable reader of the data.

        ‘R’ rates are in the same area of analysis as the ICL catastrophically wrong modelling output.

        My advice, learned over a long relationship with data and statistics is to just look at the *actual* descriptive data before poncing around with misunderstood predictions and derivatives. (‘R’ numbers are not ‘FACTS’ – you need to do a bit of reading if you think that)

        A ‘FACT’ is that this season is not a particular outlier in terms of mortality, and that the combined mortality of the last two seasons (one mild season knocking on deaths into the next) is at the average level for the last quarter of a century.

        Just go to ONS data armed with a spreadsheet if you want to check.

        There *may* be a ‘second wave’ – but there isn’t at the moment – and it is, after all, a mild disease for the healthy population under 65.So absolutely no grounds at the moment to do other than get back to ordinary life rather than waddle around in useless masks because you believe BoJo to be an oracle.

      2. That’s not how you spell “culpable.”
        Or anything else for that matter…

      3. RH: Oh is that what he meant? I was puzzled. Maybe he’s not the intellectual power house he is constantly claiming to be?

    3. `…They should have never been shut, given that there’s no danger to children and only insignificant danger to older staff – at a level that can be easily dealt with in a targeted fashion…`
      Callous nonsense- the dangers not only to children but of schools as potential centres of infection are notorious , and admitted by everyone bar Tories and fools. Not that there is any dispute of the facts: the difference is that some people see 60,000 excess deaths as tens of thousands of tragedies for millions of people and others see them as so many ants squashed.
      As to the MP fired, she is a lot more useful outside the tent than inside with the Blairites and worse.

      1. It’s not “callous” to be less of a fool than the majority. Children are at minimal risk. There’s “tens of thousands of tragedies” every year, just without the disproportionate level of attention focussed on them. That’s why YOU, Bevin, and your numerous fellow-hysterics never gave a shit in previous years, you callous bastards!

  4. It’s also saying to all the members who would like the LP to campaign on public ownership etc, joined for Corbyn’s vision, ‘get back in your box’. Those in power in the LP don’t don’t want to lead a movement for change, just enjoy the privilege and financial benefits of power.

  5. I don’t believe it has nothing to do with antisemitism, it is an excuse to get ride of her for standing in support of the NEU and parents.
    RLB should learn from this experience, her open support for Angela Rayners for Deputy Leader, instead of supporting Richard Burgon and accepting the 10 pledges for the BoD, haven’t serve her well.
    Where is Angela now? Does Angela plans to still sharing a flat in London with Rebecca? My guess is that post pandemic Angela isn’t going to share a flat with Rebecca anymore.

    1. Yes I was wondering about Angela her and Rebecca are very good friends. This must put her in a awkward position and if they’re still flat sharing will that be coming to an end soon

      1. The Knight has virtually labelled Long Bailey a jew hating racist by sacking her.ITs now illegal in the Labour party to discuss the isreali version of Crowd comtrol in a email with loyal socialist and actress maxine Peake.The Knights round table manoeuvres get more bizarre daily.and the members leak away.

      2. Of course, RLB put herself in an awkward position by bending the knee to the Israel Lobby. There’s a massive irony here. She’d have had more credibility by not crawling in the dirt in the first place. ‘Tribune of the People’ (as opposed to ‘ Incompetent Opportunist’)?

        I think not.

  6. If only Starmegeddon was as quick to suspend staffers featuring heavily in a damning report.

    Starmer is a disgrace

    1. MBO – “If only Starmegeddon was as quick to suspend staffers featuring heavily in a damning report.”

      Which would only make sense if he had the powers or the authority to do so, but he doesn’t.

      Apparently 7 of them were suspended some time ago. Maybe this was partly in response to Keir and Angela making it very clear at the NEC meeting that decided on the remit for the NEC investigation that normal party disciplinary procedures should go ahead and their commencement should not be delayed by the setting up of the enquiry.

      1. Steve H, do you really believe that Starmer was in favour of suspending them? I believe that without a certain rank and file member, taking the Party to Court asking for their suspensions they wouldn’t have been suspended.
        We will have to wait and see, but I am not going to be surprised if an excuse or another is made on their behalf and they are not expelled but rather suspended for a year perhaps? The time that more or less is going to take the case against the Labour Party to be sorted in the Courts.

  7. Rh, I just would like to point your attention to one point you make in respect of childrenand covid 19. I think it is somewhat erraneous to state that children are less affected. The main reason why I dispute it is that their infection rate has never been ascertained and because children as a rule do not generally fall into groups who are deemed entitled for testing. But 44 school closures should make you think that all is not as it has been portrayed.

    1. Sabine – We don’t know *any* infection rate for *any* group. There is no way of knowing, and even if we had a measure, would it be defined simply by the *presence* of a virus? (If you were swabbed for viruses, you would have a large number). Or would the definition require illness?

      So the best metric is the mortality rate, which, for 0-19 years doesn’t even register on the graph in comparison with other age groups, because seious infection is so rare in children.

      These facts are easily verifiable.

      But beyond that – the incidence of the virus is now so low that it is unlikely to affect many people of any age.

  8. Rebecca Wrong Daily is one of the naive idealists in love with tokenism and virtue signalling that the party needs to get rid of. Why on earth does she feel the need to constantly be on twitter? The amount of cv cases in schools is tiny in a UK population of 70M people. If kids don’t go back they are ruining their life chances and for what? When the research is done after this outbreak is over, it will turn out that flu or meningitis would have been more lethal than cv if you are not in a high risk group (and schoolchildren aren’t) and we don’t cancel schooling for years for that. The death rate has plummeted for new cases of all age groups so the (probably synthetic ) hysteria on this subject from SB is not required.

    1. OK idiot I’ll bite, if 1 child gets covid 19 they probably infect 8 people. Those 8 people if not traced and isolated infect 64 people. Those 64 people if not traced and isolated infect 512 etc All from one infected child.

      1. Fair enough, there is a chance of children infecting parents, grandparents etc but for each child to have a R number of 8 is a bit much. The death rate from cv is declining enormously and many infected are without symptoms or displaying ‘cold’ like suffering. I think worries are over stated but your opinion just as valid.

    2. You’d not post bilge like this if you lived in Hong Kong, and our Schools were closed on 25 January and only opened again on 8 July for certain class years – kids spread C19 to adults and OAPs and in HK many OAPs live with their children – we have one of the lowed incidents of C19 globally – I wonder why?

      1. I’m fascinated by the psychologicl impulse that leads to this sort of scare-mongering.

        As to inter-country differnences : there is no correlation between purported incidence (‘purported, because figures are unreliable) and the severity of Lock-Up measures. That issue has been truly done and dusted. As has the myths about childhood vulnerability and capability of transmission.

        It’s a mild disease for the healthy population of working age, and the last advice one would take on the validity social measures would be from the PRC!

  9. During the Leadership campaign I asked RLB why she had declared herself to be a Zionist when she knew how Jeremy Corbyn had been destroyed by them. I was told I was a ‘racist crank’ and an anti-Semite. I wrote to her saying that even though she had sold her soul to them, Zionists would destroy her too if she put a foot wrong. Karma?

    1. Did she personally call you that? Serves her right then!

      I would’ve taken the opportunity then to ask her if she could fix it for me to be expelled from the party. Pronto!

    2. A member of her staff answering for her said I was a racist crank. When in a respectful letter to her I asked her to retract she did not respond. On the Andrew Neil show he asked her if what I’d said was anti-Semitic and she said yes!

      It must be obvious now to even those who have been scepticle that the LP has fallen even more deeply into the hands of Zionists. Those who are torturing and killing Palestinians and driving them out of their land and homes, are being supported by our very own Labour Party and if you are a LP member and so much as even hint at it, you will be expelled!

    3. Did you mention it on here at the time? I don’t recall you doing so, but perhaps I missed it.

  10. How can the mentioning of commonly accepted facts about Israel, of the sort that would be repeated about any other country without comment be antisemitic?
    Israel does train US police officers – Israeli police do use the Neck Kneeling technique against Palestinians as evidenced by many reports since at least 2011.

    The IHRA guidelines specifically says such comments are not anti-semitic.

    1. iamcrawford
      Seems like a slam dunk to me but because this whole debate is an alligator infested swamp surrounded by sharks I’m going to wait for JVL to look into it
      They have saved my Sanity on numerous occasions
      As for RLB not going to shed any crocodile tears, more interested in Starmers refusal to meet left wing MP’s

    2. In the USA almost everyone who has any influence in the community is given the opportunity to go to Israel for ‘training’ / brain washing.

  11. Starmer is not protecting Jews, he is protecting Zionists who are often vehemently anti-Semitic.

    1. He is protecting capitalists and imperialists. The battle to preserve imperialism goes on, long after every Dien Bien Phu, or `villa in the jungle` has been wiped out.

      1. He sure as fuck ain’t protecting the working class , the poor , vulnerable . Well done all those Starmer voters , now you see the Zionist you have in charge .
        RLB maybe now she will learn from experience and I wonder just how many more dissenting MPs will be “witch hunted ” out before they have the guts to leave and help start a new honest Democratic Socialist Party.
        Right now imo Labour is a dishonest bag of shite lead by a fraud

  12. She was only ever the token lefty. Surprised she lasted this long….

    NuNuLab continues its slide into irrelevance

    1. “She was only ever the token lefty.”

      Indeed. I’d cut it shorter : “She was only ever a cipher”. Otherwise she’s have refuse to sign up to the BoD pledges that have now stuffed her – in the first place

  13. Bevin getting a mention of Dien Bien Phu in this discussion is brilliant.

  14. Thank goodness I left this dreadful organisation some months ago. What is needed now is an alternative socialist Party.

  15. In so far as Starmer has declared her tweet anti-semitic (though it never mentions Jews only Israel and that in passing) should she not be expelled as yet another dastardly AS? And if not, why not? Insanity Rules.

  16. Oh well, that didn’t work. Hoped splitting one of the two links might avoid moderation. Doh.

  17. Neither surprised nor arsed.

    As has been said, R BL was only ever the ‘token lefty’ and her left credentials were in question anyway.

    Stammer’s just made himself look an even bigger prick than he actually is by telling the world that stamping out alleged antisemitism is his priority.

    So forget Covid and your family’s health, safety and wellbeing – antisemitism’s more important.

    Forget worker’s rights – antisemitism’s more important.

    Forget attacking corruption in government – antisemitism’s more important.

    Forget any other sort of racial issue – bame issues take a backseat to the interests of jews, who MUST have their considerations & issues prioritised over anything and everything else, apparently.

    So, if everyone was to just leave the pro-israeli lobby alone for 5 minutes, stammer might consider YOUR issues…

    …And then pick his nose and say: ‘Meh, I’ll look at it’.

    Greasy, oleaginous, slimy reptile that he is.

  18. Looks like the re-tweeting of ‘anti-semitism’ may be a correct explanation.

    .. which gives me more sympathy for RLB, even if she has been hoist by her own petard.

    If true, then, indeed, confirmation that Starmer is beyond the pale of decency and is a fawning weasel in hock to the security services et al.

    No need to mince words.

  19. Or, a representative of the State. There to squish the movement, dull expectations and join in with the Rt in their attempts to make anti-fascism and Socialism some sort of taboo and all leading in the direction of a ‘Govt of National Unity’.
    It means accept what we have as the norm; an establishment ‘second 11’. For those of us who joined the Lp to fight for socialism, then we have some decisions to make. The LP is no longer electable, and even worse, has dropped all intention of ever rallying for a realistic change in how we do things. This will leave a void.

  20. And there was me being led to believe stammer’s EU ‘crusade’ (And abject shithousery) was THE most pressing and most important issue of the century; affecting EVERY ONE OF US…

    But, in fact, all along it was just to bend over for benny.

    And boris.


  21. According to Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), police brutality of the kind that led to the death of George Floyd is both deeply embedded in American policing and also reinforced by the exchange of the “best practices” and expertise in counter-terrorism techniques taught to US law enforcement officials during their training in Israel.

  22. “YOU, Bevin, and your numerous fellow-hysterics never gave a shit in previous years, you callous bastards!“

    Not true. The fact is that, for some years now it has become increasingly apparent that the Health Service is allowing certain categories of sick people to die without much bother. One case, I recall, from the NW, suggested that water was not being supplied to old folk dying in their beds.
    There has been an increasing infestation of public discussion by fascistic followers of neoliberalism, which has led to the current uncoordinated campaign to discredit the authenticity of the pandemic. It is a curious belief in freedom which insists on the freedom of the government to look the other way as vulnerable people are scythed down by a virus.
    Those claiming that there is no Pandemic are always at a loss to explain the motives behind the promotion of this “hoax`. But their motives are clear enough- like the founders of capitalism, the plantation owners who worked their slaves to death and the textile èntrepreneurs`whose factories were manned by generations with a life expectancy of about 20, and who trawled the isles for òrphans`to devour, their concern is simply to keep the system going, accumulating capital and impoverishing the masses. The idea that such a bagatelle as public health should be allowed to slow down their juggernaut they regard as contemptible sentimentality.
    In the meantime, call it what you will, large numbers of people are dying. And only societies governed by racists and snobs- for whom the lives of the elderly poor are a burden and a condemnation of the cannibal appetites of the powerful- are complacent in the face of so much avoidable suffering.

  23. More importantly, what is Angela Rayner going to do now? Support her friend or stick with Keir? Does she think sitting on the fence will solve the problem that Mr Forensic has caused himself or does she just have numb backside with all that fence sitting? A lot seem to be leaving over on Twitter, but I’m staying until I see what happens with the NEC elections. Mr Forensic might just have gone too far and way too early or is it just a cunning plan to get all on the left out of the party so he can be with his elite chums. Doesn’t it just make you want weep at these rotten scoundrels?

  24. I see Huff Post is using its usual “reliable” sources to cite an opinion. Not looking at the evidence of who trains some of the Police forces in the USA. When did stating facts become bad journalism, surely the role of a journalist is to be objective,investigate the facts and then seek the opinions of all interested parties.I suspect Huff Post did not get 100%

    1. Investigative journalism left the room long ago, if it was ever in it. The job of journalists now is to produce what the media owners want.

      1. Their job is mostly converting No10’s press releases into newsprint. Bozo would cut out that middleman if he could.

  25. ” …after a doubling of school infections followed even Johnson’s abortive plan to push children and teachers back into the classroom.”

    Blimey, testing, which gives false – as well as + results if you read around, must have been ramped up. Or, are these kids and teachers, locked up for months with now compromised immune systems due to lack of sun and increased stress levels due to media now more prone to catch any sniffly virus going? Many common cold viruses are corona viruses. Who cares about thinking outside the ‘killer virus’ box and asking questions about the diahorrea of media scare stories?

    At this rate children will never, ever go back to schools and normal life and most teachers will be unemployed.

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