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Exclusive: Labour IS trying to annul NEC votes of members who quit in disgust over Corbyn suspension

News brings into play possibility that suspension was designed to drive out left members

Labour sources have confirmed to the SKWAWKBOX that the party hierarchy is moving to nullify votes cast in the ongoing National Executive Committee (NEC) elections by members who have quit in droves over the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn for comments he has a legally-protected right to make.

The party is treating the ballots of any members who are not ‘fully paid up’ at the counting of votes will be discounted – to the outrage of NEC and union figures, who are fighting the plan.

The party’s rules for NEC contests specify that members must have joined by a cut-off date, but do not stipulate that members must still be in the party by the count as long as they were members at the time the votes were cast.

The news brings into play the possibility that the timing of Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension was, at least in part, designed to winnow out left members and influence the elections to Labour’s vital NEC. It also sheds a new light on the SKWAWKBOX’s exclusive revelation that general secretary David Evans’s urgent appeal for help from other departments and regional offices to process the flood of resignations that followed Corbyn’s suspension.

The ‘paid up’ ploy will also disenfranchise members who are not resigning, but simply miss a payment because of hardship during the coronavirus crisis. Labour sources believe that between those who have resigned and those whose direct debits are not paid, the number of members affected – and votes struck out – will be in the tens of thousands.

One senior figure told the SKWAWKBOX:

It’s bad enough that we’re taking away votes that people were clearly entitled to under the rules. But we’re supposed to be the party of working people and with unemployment and hardship rocketing we’re going to cancel the votes of people unable to afford their subs. It’s absolutely disgusting.

The tens of thousands of votes likely to be affected represent a huge proportion of those that will decide the NEC elections. In the spring’s NEC by-elections, the top candidate received just over 57,000 votes – and was just a few hundred ahead of the best left-winger in spite of a divided left slate.

Senior party and union figures are fighting the anti-democratic manoeuvre. The Labour Party has been contacted for comment.

Update: Evans has emailed some claiming the party is not doing this. However, party sources remain convinced it is happening and Labour has not yet responded to a formal request to confirm or deny.

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  1. If ay more proof were needed that the LP is a lost cause then surely this is it!

    1. It is no longer the Labour Party. It is the Starmer Party. There solely to do as the King says, and dictates. The only thing that sees him animated is when JC is the object of his attention. Look at how the MPs are treated and how they respond. This is not the democratic Party it was last year, nor yet how it was 5 years ago, or 7 years ago. This is an autocratic party.

      It is gone. Let it go.

      Restart with the Green-Labour Party. Look and plan for the future. Such a party I would join, but I’ll never give a penny to this gang. I doubt that I am alone.

  2. Quite obvious as many have said here months ago. That is the object. The Rightwing set their aims and go after it with every underhanded tactic, irregularity and zero hesitance. My frustration does not come from them. That would be the equivalent of being frustrated that a leopard keeps it spots, or a fly lays eggs in excrement, or Tony Blair is a warmonger and liar. To be frustrated at the nature of Starmer & Co when you know what they are, is inexplicable folly.

  3. They’re trying their damndest to get pro-Corbyn Members to leave. Now we know why!

    Dirty, devious and delinquent. These people shouldn’t be in charge of anything, never mind a political party.

    They give me more reason to stay – until a formidable, electable alternative can be founded (which, under FPTP and a dominant Billionaire Press, is unlikely in Britain).

    Why are they so scared of us? We should put up a fight! Stay and Organise!

    1. Qwertboi, agree with you, the problem appear to be that we are unable to organise effectively. Why the 25K didn’t file formal complaints as a parting gift.?

      1. Maria, it’s because we have been crushed. There used to be historians, academics, our world famous working class intellectuals, two fisted female organisers. Ordinary members who could ridicule Paxman. O’Brien, that bird with the deep voice, the one with the knobbly knees on QT. We shat em, ordinary, sorry real members all knew about the struggle. Alright this is not to everyone’s taste but we had friends in the CPGB. Honourable friends. In equally dark dark days we had discussions with those we disagreed with.our clubhouses and lodges were colleges. I am not white but I was always comfortable. I also knew what was what. Never fell for the Black Sections stuff, knew where p.c was going. So what, we argued but there was none of this self hating shit. I used to say that when the ANC had white sections I might consider it. Let loose the hurricanes. Still bought my round when it was my turn. Called a Anarchist, Trot, violent agitator??, still turned up never worried or in fear .loved it when compared to the single issue CP EUROS or Stalinists. That went with Smithy. I’m old it’s the same struggle don’t take your eye of the ball, yeah we’re all going to die, the teachers might not have to work ( less kids are being expelled during this thing) but the insurance companies aren’t closing. If you ask me nicely I can get you a mortgage, car or a big black thing on your wall. Stay well, we all have horror stories but there’s gonna be lots of vaccines. ☮️ Ps I’m outside of the tent.X

    2. Qwertboi, I agree with you, the problem appear to be that the left isn’t very good at effective organising. Why the 25K that apparently have already left, didn’t file official complaints naming David Evans as he subject to their complaints? Why not to leave with a partying gift?
      For those that have left please consider filing an official complaint by filling the official form below.since to complaint you don’t need to be a member of the Party.

      You will receive an automatic confirmation from the Labour Party that your complaint has been received and recorded.

      1. Maria – “the 25K that apparently have already left” were replaced by 140,000 new members

      2. “the 25K that apparently have already left” were replaced by 140,000 new members

        Yes, SteveH, it’s called ENTRYISM, sometimes ‘entrism’. It’s a mass noun and means “the infiltration of a political party by members of another group, with the intention of subverting its policies or objectives”.

        Dirty, devious and delinquent. The New Labour mindset to a ‘T’.

      3. qwertboi – Entryism, isn’t that what Left Unity and others attempted to do back in 2015. You’re the gift that just keeps on giving.

      4. Steve H, it doesn’t matter that the 25K members that left were replaced by whatever the number, I don’t care if it is a million new members.
        You are missing the point: even a 10% of 25K filing a formal complaint still a 2500 complaints, that the Party would have automatically acknowledge to have been filed against its General Secretary.
        Even if the Party chooses no to respond, still would be proof that the complaints were failed and the lack of response by the Party.
        I believe it would make a nice parting gift.

      5. Maria – Thanks for confirming that some like yourself harbour malicious and disruptive intent against the Labour Party. If you no longer support the Labour Party then please just leave.

      6. Steve H, who the hell are you to tell me to leave? This is my Party, I joined it nearly 30 years ago. Should I leave because its General Secretary and is present leader have decided to behave in a manner that would make a fascist proud?
        No, I will stay and fight, or did those that sabotaged Corbyn chances leave the Party? no they did not. They used their pay positions to sabotage the Party and ensure that we lost. The present leader didn’t suspended immediately, it took a member to take the Party to Court and still they haven’t been expelled, despite one of them confirming that they diverted funds in secret.
        Steve H, get used to it, what is good for the geese must be good for the gander. Nobody wish a civil war, but in order to avoid it, Corbyn must be reinstated.asap.
        Starmer needs to learn, no justice no peace; reinstate Corbyn now or face the consequences.

      7. Maria – Perhaps you should reflect on the fact that you are the one that is advocating that leavers attempt to damage the party.

        Whether you go or stay is entirely up to you but don’t expect any support from me if your intention is to damage the party and our electoral chances.

        Why on earth would you think that Starmer has the authority to sack employees of the NEC and HQ, that would be an HR issue for their employers. Besides my impression is that the relevant staff have already left. As for removing them from the party membership, that is the responsibility of the NEC not the leadership. It should also be noted that Keir made it very clear at the setting up of the Forde Enquiry that the enquiry shouldn’t impede the normal disciplinary procedures of the party.

        I am far more interested in Labour winning the next GE than fighting lost battles. Perhaps you should reflect on your own priorities and whilst you are at it you should also think about the fact that it was Corbyn who despite all his oft repeated promises decided to rob the membership of mandatory reselection and fob us off with ‘trigger ballots’ instead.

        You’ve been in the Labour party long enough to know that it is not a one man personality cult that worships a deity.

    3. They aren’t scared of us. How did you work that out.? One of the tools used against us was a bankrupt free sheet read by a few 000 readers. We squirmed, we howled and we grovelled. Oh dear MSM were against us, how unexpected. A vanguard movement suddenly formed to be the tip of our spear was made of paper mache. We were aghast, how strange. Half a million members and we couldn’t sack a single traitor even when we had the means. Our finances were in good order but not in our control. Any, any action no matter how meaningless and irrelevant to the wider movement was twisted and pervervted. Our answer , just wait till the next conference, NEC, meeting etc. When we’re were they scared of us or more importantly were they ever scared of us. We could have slapped the traitors like flies but we didn’t. Just ask yourself a few questions. I wrote on this site for years that we would never ever be allowed to win. I warned people about the M word. No, I never attacked the membership, just told people to look, not even read between the lines. Look at some of the creatures who appeared on QT, NN etc to speak for us and clarify what we stood for. What a shower. We were smashed, not by a cowed terrified capitalist system, living in fear, but because we could be. It doesn’t help if you own the building when none of the furniture is yours. The true Labourites have barely a tent. Yah, we can still win the next GE. Oh we couldn’t find a decent opponent to Max Headroom. By the way who saw that lot coming? I know what about. RLB or Burdon. The best have gone, gone for good. If you think that getting into bed with those weirdo, Green working class enemies is going to get us to the rainbow’s end then your just mirror Tigger’s. Sadly, regretfully yours. Raise the scarlet standard high because the sun will always rise. Let’s not forget the class war, ever. The polar bears will be ok. London didn’t turn into a desert and our kids are not all going to die. Call me what you want but my info is untouchable. ☮️ Wobbly X

  4. For those that are willing or have already leave the Labour Party as a result of our General Secretary’s actions, please consider filing a complaint against him, for breaching Labour Party procedures.
    Under Labour Party rules the General Secretary doesn’t have an automatic power to suspend members. Suspension needs to be ratified by the NEC and members can appeal their suspension by the NEC to the General Secretary.
    How can a member appeal his/her suspension to the General Secretary when it is the General Secretary that has suspended a member without the involvement of the NEC in the first place?
    Then of course, is the small matter of the General Secretary showing disregard for the International Convention of Human Rights. Hence, are we a Party that cares to protect Human Rights, or aren’t we?
    Here below is the link to the official complaint form so all of you ready to leave or all of you that have already left please consider filling a formal complaint since you don’t need to be a Party member to complaint,

    After you have submitted a complaint you will receive an automatic reply from the Party acknowledging receive of your complaint and a copy of it. Hence if you haven’t receive any communication after a few ways about what have happened to your complaint you can get in touch with the Party to request an update on the progress of your complaint.
    Imagine if just several 100s of the 1000s that have left the Party is disgust were to do that?
    Put it this way it would prevent the planed redundancies of Labour Party workers, who knows maybe the LP would need to hire a few more.

  5. Boris!
    Yes Dominic?
    Remember we were talking about how those lazy ungrateful budget-sapping UC-sponging bastards always vote Labour?
    How many of them do you reckon might be in arrears on their Council Tax payments?
    Starmer’s given me a brilliant idea …

    1. David – Unfortunately the truth of the matter is “Remember we were talking about how those lazy ungrateful budget-sapping UC-sponging bastards always vote Labour”are now voting Tory?

      1. OK, I admit it, I lied – I wasn’t even in the room.
        What DID they say Steve? Precisely?

        New subject:
        I think whatever new socialist party is built to replace Labour has to be clear about and publish its principles – comprehensively and with examples anyone can understand.
        This will not be a short document but it’ll be written in plain language not faux legalese – it’s essential to build in no chinks for greasy lawyers to slither through – but that’s another subject.
        Anyone seeking office or employment has to demonstrate a thorough understanding of both the document and the thinking behind it – on paper and conversationally – on first application.
        The best applicants will be able to do much more and we need the smartest people available to represent us.
        Work on the principle that if you have bad people working for you it’s your own fault because your testing was no good.
        To keep the parasites out there have to be no jobs for life, no gravy train, no silk and no fucking ermine.
        And oaths sworn on job offer or nomination – to uphold the party’s principles or face dismissal.

        Associated subject:
        How dumb do you have to be not to nail down voting law before the voting starts?

  6. It’s easy to look across the Atlantic and look at the skulduggery practiced by the Republican Party, knowing that a few years down the line, and it will be part of the armoury of the Tories.
    But to see it being emulated by the New New Labour Party, is surely a sign that serious realignment of the left is overdue.
    With all the issues now confronting humanity, never mind the UK working class, it is obvious that the politics that got us into this mess will not get us out of it.
    But do we have the will to abandon deliberate petty differences, and work to create the new politics that now and the future require?

    1. Lundiel the Labour party realise that any election should not be left to “little people” to decide and so the ordinary people are ignored just like the USA and chaos and confusion reign,Nothing will be done in Britain because the culture of servitude is embedded amongst the natives and the establishment garner respect for their titles and palaces.,its a little like watching a addict looking for the next fix.For all the faults of the USA the population celebrates the history of casting off tyrants and the difference is a “Written constitution and a bill of rights and when push comes to shove the ordinary joe has the weapons and the willpower to enforce the Will of the people..God bless America?hopefully

      1. Joseph – True as long as you have lots and lots of money.
        I agree that we should have a written constitution but do you really want the Tories to write it.

      2. Joseph, does it follow that Trunt is better than BloJob or Starmpfer then?
        Is it OK to make a bad joke of the separation of powers and allow BloJob to stuff the Supreme Court with Tory judges that can’t be removed in their lifetimes? (OK, sorry, bad example)
        You get my point though – life in the US is no better for the many than it is here and might be even worse.
        Otherwise we’d all vote to sell them the NHS – wouldn’t we?

      3. David MCNivan.I don’t know which is the better option to live in The UK or US .I suspect that neither are a good option in these fast changing countrys.The USA have the advantage of having the oldest and shortest written constitution of a sovereign state in the world written for “the people” and backed by a bill of rights.That from a standpoint of the people itis a far stronger system than one had hoc opinions under a monarchy .IT ….is far better for the defence of the people than anything the British public would or could ever be offered.AND as far as packing the judiciary we’ve been doing that for centuries.along with Titles hereditary unelected peers..To be honest I am fortunate to be were I am,and am now not looking to return to so called civilisation and much prefer the jungles and mountains and smiling faces of the khmer people to being arrested in the UK for trying to obey the dog whistle Tory policys.or bowing down to lunatic fringe laws that I could never obay.Nice to have the option and I feel lucky to have that independence….good luck and keep well David.

      4. Smartboy – Could you explain how Corbyn dumping Mandatory Reselection in favour of Trigger Ballots fulfilled Jeremy’s pledge to increase the powers of the membership in the ‘members led party’ he promised.

  7. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the Labour Party have taken action to protect itself from the malicious intent of those who no longer support the party.

    Maybe showing off on-line about how ‘clever’ you thought you were all being wasn’t quite the wisest move you ever made. If some of you hadn’t been so dumb then all this would probably have slipped under the radar. You only have yourself to blame if your NEC votes are disallowed.

    1. The only malicious intent was that of Starmer and Co in suspending Jeremy, as with the sacking of RBL, and the letter to CLPs suppressing freedom of speech, all designed to ‘promp’ left-wing members to leave the party in disgust.

      But perhaps you’d care to elaborate how left-wing members leaving the party (over the suspension of JC) amounts to malicious intent. No? Thought not!

      As I keep saying Steve, yur so transparent it’s a joke.

      1. Allan – “But perhaps you’d care to elaborate how left-wing members leaving the party amounts to malicious intent.”

        That is not what I said above. If you and your comrades are dumb enough to fall for this alleged dastardly subterfuge then you only have yourselves to blame. If you want an example of malicious intent have a look at Maria’s comment above.

      2. Allan, has RBL been given the boot. Wow, really does Max see her as a threat or is she an ASer. Why is she controversial has stuck up for the wrong person? I thought that she signed the Israeli laws for party membership? Who’s next? Max himself? Regards, I haven’t been keeping my own eye on the ball. Ashamed, I am a hypocrite. First one in politics. ☮️

      3. Not just the suspension but Starmer’s speech hours later, suggesting members who believe AS has been overstated do not belong in the party. Clear hint to F Off.

        Anyone still believe his guff about party unity???

    2. Reply to Steve H
      I suppose it all depends on how you define the Labour Party Steve. The party is not the Leader or the Gen Sec – we are the party and we had a say in policy etc until we lost our democracy partly under Kinnock and then almost completely under New Labour. Jeremy Corbyn tried to restore it to us but the PLP weren’t having it and tried to oust him as leader because 172 of them, were in their own estimation worth more than approx. 300,000 of us.
      Their arrogance was and continues to be breathtaking and that is why they are now riding rough shod over us. They are the elite we are nothing as far as they are concerned.
      I really wanted to resign when Jeremy was so unjustly treated (and not for the first time) but I didn’t. I decided to wait and see if he was reinstated. However now that it is perfectly obvious that the current leadership want rid of us I’m going to hang in there and use my vote and my democratic right to pursue a left agenda
      Starmer is also very politically short sighted. I wonder how he thinks he is going to cope come the next election with so many activists gone or deeply resentful – who is going to knock on doors for him ,phone canvas, put up posters etc . Not the party members/ex members he has disrespected. that’s for sure. His stupidity spitefulness and arrogance in the way he has treated Jeremy will come back to haunt him big time.

      1. The issue of mandatory selection was shelved due to the snap election called by Theresa May in 2017 but I have no idea why a compromise was subsequently made in respect of trigger ballots . I would have preferred mandatory selection as we needed and still need a clear out.

      2. Smartboy – According to Len McCluskey mandatory re-selections were dumped at the behest of Jeremy Corbyn.I encourage you to follow the link and read the full interview.

        Unite has indeed got a policy in support of mandatory reselection. Had that issue been voted on directly, the Unite delegation would have voted in line with policy. But we have another policy, which I recommend to Chris and all Labour MPs: we support Jeremy Corbyn.

        If Jeremy and his team – taking the overview of the entire political landscape, including the situation within the parliamentary party and the leadership of Momentum – urge a particular course of action, Unite is not going to go against that without the most serious reasons. The changes adopted may not be “mandatory reselection” as some define it but it is at the very least a “selective mandatory reselection” that will make it far easier for local parties to choose a different Labour candidate if that is their wish. That is probably why the Momentum national leadership joined nearly all trade unions in supporting it.

        For Unite, this is not an issue of theological purity. It is above all about supporting the Labour leadership, something that brings together the vast majority of the party today. And it is about advancing democratic reform in the party hand-in-hand with advancing to government, and ensuring that we maintain the vibrant unity that has carried Jeremy Corbyn to the party leadership. That is what took us to the threshold of power last year, and will surely see off the Tories and prompt the election of a radical Labour government as soon as we get the chance.

      1. So you’re NOT bragging about your alleged 140k new members, then? Yeah, and I suppose the rest of us all fell to earth in the last rain shower?

        Let’s see, there were summit like 555k members at Corbyns departure. Less 25k = 530k

        530 + 140 = 670(k).

        You expect me to believe the membership stands at approx. 670,000? Do you wear that Stetson and those spurs on your boots for a bet?

        And tell us….if the ranks are so swelled, why is stammer courting (whoring the party out to) wealthy individuals and big business for a few quid??

        Is it so he can spunk all of that on his mates as a further reward for ridding the party of it’s ‘broad church’?

        Told you before, stop treating people like they’re idiots or get spoken to as one.

      2. Toffee – You’re are the idiot, not me. if you think anyone is likely to be taken in by your misinformation.
        Prior to the 19GE the membership had shrunk to approx 440k, about 114k joined the party between the 19GE and 20/01/2020 and the membership crept up-to c580k by the end of Feb20. To claim this increase was anything to do with JC, apart from the fact that he’d already announced he was stepping down, would be disingenuous. From the end of Feb20 to the present about 20k drifted away and the current membership is reported to be about 560k. You are welcome to try and prove otherwise. If you bothered to do some research you wouldn’t repeatedly look like a numpty.

    1. Toffee – I agree, your above comment indicates that you need to give your brain a rest before you make a fool of yourself again.

  8. Welcome to try and proved otherwise says the total moron that complained that 48 is MORE than 52, or how 17.4 is LESS than16.1m.

    Now he’s telling us 560k under stammer is an INCREASE on the 580k under Corbyn.

    Read it for yourself…And he’s actually bragging about it?!?!?!

    Every bit as risible as the toerags 20,000 NEW nurses claim. But to be expected from the moron who thinks we’re all as deficient as he is.

    Sad, vexatious, stammer-deifying weirdo. Get some sleep, then seek mental health treatment.

    1. Toffee – Oh dearie, dearie me, I’m sorry I woke you up again before you had chance to get your much needed 8hrs.
      I suggest you have a rest and reread my post before commenting further.
      What justification do you have to support your claim that anyone joining after Jeremy announced that he was stepping down was doing so to support JC. The point is that the membership had declined to about 440,000 immediately prior to the 19GE and only reversed its downward trajectory once JC had announced he was stepping down.
      You really should learn to appreciate when it is time to stop digging.

      1. It’s there for all to read, knobby.

        You are – in all seriousness – trying to palm us all off with your woeful delusion that 60k under stammer is MORE than 580k under Corbyn.

        No ifs, no buts, no equivocation (SWIDT?)

        Not only that, but you’re actually idiotic enough to brag about it. You haven’t even the intelligence to be a moron . Goodnight.

      2. Toffee – What justification do you have to support your claim that anyone joining after Jeremy announced that he was stepping down was doing so to support JC.

      3. Who made that claim? If you’re saying I made it then you’d best show us all where I’m supposed to have made it.

        So go on… Just where and when did I say people joining AFTER Corbyns announcement joined because of Corbyn?

        That’s right – Nowhere. Still can’t get over the FACT that Corbyn attracted more people to the party than shithouse EVER will, can ya?

        The party’s popularity was far greater in membership terms under Corbyn than stammer.

        Stammer has not seen the jump in numbers that Corbyn did in his first 7 months. Nor had stammer seen an increase relative to Corbyns entire tenure.

        So tell us, knobby – what part of 560k is bigger than 580k?

        It’s none, isn’t it? The same as the difference between your idol and the toerags he brags about supporting instead of opposing.


      4. Toffee – So what is the point you are trying to make, because it looks like you haven’t you got around to working that one out yet?

  9. Judas H …on the line at all hours of the night things must be desperate at HQ I wonder if he gets paid overtime,but I think it’s most likely just a warped devotion to political oblivion….Get to bed it might make you realise why you are becoming a embarrasment.

    1. There’s no ‘becoming’ about it, I’m afraid, Joseph.

      The divvy’s been making a show of himself since he first infested the site. Must have some sort of compulsion to do so, I reckon.

      1. Toffee – What justification do you have to support your f’ wit claim that anyone joining after Jeremy announced that he was stepping down was doing so to support JC?

      2. SH’s behaviour is certainly odd. I get the distinct impression that as well as finding his politics obnoxious, I wouldn’t like him personally either. Like Akehurst for instance, he makes my flesh creep whenever I see him. Watson had the same effect.

      3. john – I wasn’t aware we’d ever met. What specifically about my politics do you find so distasteful?

      4. @John thatcher…Nail on head.

        Akehurst at best.

        The thoroughly repellent toby young at worst.

        But generally, ‘desperate’ dan hodges…Gets nothing right.

    2. Joseph – Thanks for your kind concern but forewarned is forearmed, I’ve already seen how you have degenerated over the last few months. 😘

      1. Judas H…..apart from being on a different time zone,I am now retired and I am fortunate to not have the worrys of the day and night for you of the struggle to exist in a inhospitable environment such as the UK.The blinkers have come off and I see the Labour party as its always been,a parasite on the backs of the working class.Even the argument on here regarding the NEC is worthless in the end.When the left(so called)dominated the NEC and we had a Socialist leader the end result was just as apalling as the knights appalling and crude behaviour..The victims Chris Williamson,kangaroo courts jackie walker ..ken Livingstone George Galloway and many more dangerous precedent set for the NEC merry go round.Ordinary members evicted from the Labour party for no reason and without redress.No judas H you and your misfits carry on ,because the Labour party are in free fall now the membership realise it doesn’t matter whos running the shambolic Labour party…The end result is just the same.Treachery and capitulation to the right wing.Go on Steve H fill your boots time and democracy are running out.Just looking at the new laws out yesterday too control the public…makes Orwells 1984 look positively liberating.www

      2. Joseph – All being well I’ll be heading for retirement in the sun next year but we will be heading west rather than east.

      3. Florida will suit you perfectly SteveH.
        Socialists are an endangered species in Florida. That leaves the geriatric*nts with nothing but small-talk and “Who died?” so they play shuffleboard and checkers day in and day out while they wait for the last limo they’ll ever ride in.

      4. David – Your comment shows how little you know about me, I have absolutely no intention or desire to live in the US. We will be going back to our home in the Caribbean.

      5. Bon voyage, you duplicitous fucktard, the Caribbean’s loss will be the UK’s gain.
        Don’t remember to write!!

      6. David – Can you explain why my leaving the UK is in any way duplicitous, your comment doesn’t make sense?

  10. Steve H….I do hope you are not buying a lovely cottage in the west country on the backs of the working class with all the extra overtime youve booked in for the knight and Digger Evans.These sort of weekenders add nothing to the local community and force up the cost of living for the locals.Its a little bit libdemy down there but that should suits you Sir….I do hope you have not been forced out because of the enabler stance you’ve taken?

    1. Joseph – Thanks for the lecture but why would you think that I would want to retire to a cottage in the West Country when we are already lucky enough to live in God’s Own County and we are also fortunate enough to have a really beautiful home, family & friends in a stunning West Indies location.
      I intend to see out my days as part of a wonderful close knit community and watching the sun set over the Caribbean Ocean.
      I have lived and worked abroad on several different continents and I know where in the world I feel most at home.

      1. Steve H…try not to exploit the natives,they’ve suffered enough from British imperialism and dont need any more Tory misfits or a one man tribute act.

      2. Joseph – Sound advice, but as my wife happens to be one of those ‘natives’ you speak of it is unlikely that she, or her 6 siblings, or our daughter for that matter will ever allow me to fall into that trap. We are lucky enough to own two homes who’s locations reflect our little family’s respective origins. The 3 of us hold two passports, pay all our taxes locally and like yourself we also do what we can to invest in the future of our community.

  11. Will members be informed that their vote has not been counted (for whatever reason)?

    1. Steve Richards..theres about as much chance of members being informed as all the votes being counted in Wisconsin,,Minnassota,and Arizona.Vote rigging the “New fad” from the USA…sure to catch on here if it hasnt already.Did someone whisper The knight and the Labour party.

  12. Just noticed how much Rishi Sunak’s voice resembles Bliars, the poor fucker.

  13. October = release the long delayed report and suspend JC
    JC suspended = thousands of socialists resigning from the party
    1000’s of socialists resign from the party = NEC leftwing votes rejected/ cancelled
    Low number of leftwing votes = rightwing takeover NEC
    Rightwing takeover NEC = change in rules in favour of rightwingers and Starmerites
    Starmer fails to deliver at local elections in May 2021 = Starmer is protected due to rightwing NEC rule changes = Socialists/ leftwingers are gagged/ cannot make a move on Starmer nor call for his resignation

    Remember, Tony Blair said loudly that ‘Labour needed a different kind of members’ !!

  14. The party machine is attempting nullify votes cast for the NEC elections by members who have quit the party. WHAT DID THEY EXPECT??

    It seems obvious that the PLP/machine was attempting to get left wingers to leave because the PLP represents entrenched interests of the few against those of the many. It was a deliberate provocation and its intention blinding obvious.

    Everyone who left the Labour party because of this provocation during the NEC elections while the left is in a majority in the party and is set to take all the elected seats in the NEC is either stupid or complicit.

    Why do we need forth party like Ummuna’s ‘Change UK left’ when we have the numbers to take back the Labour party?

    We offered compromise to the unrepresentative neoliberal wing of the party and they worked to cause an election defeat. Now we should give no quarter since we have been made aware by their actions that they don’t want compromise. We should finish the fight they started.

  15. For people who say the Labour part is no longer the Labour party but the Starmer party, I have question: Do you go to CLP meetings?

    Ours had 2 of 60 or more who spoke for Starmer we listened with quite respect for fellow members then voted for the Left, many accurately predicted what Starmer bring.

    We saw Starmer elected but our CLP and most of those surrounding us did not vote for him. I really wonder who did. The next ballot should be a paper ballot and it should be soon.

    1. ktmrichard – Jeremy Corbyn’s own CLP nominated Keir Starmer for the leadership, as did many other CLPs that previously nominated Jeremy.

  16. I remember discussions here including SteveH around the height of Corbyn’s leadership when everything looked possible.
    Back then he kept his less acceptable views in check – now that Starmer has been gifted the party by a whole slew of corrupt establishment power structures he feels confident enough to express smug pride at this latest success of the massively-advantaged rich over the underprivileged, under-represented poor.
    I fucking guarantee the weasel voted for Thatcher in ’79, Blair in ’97 and Johnson in ’19.
    Little Steve is a follower.
    Followers try to keep their noses clean, trail the crowd and above all be on the winning side, right or wrong.

    1. David – First off I have never voted Conservative in any election, I will admit to not bothering to vote on one occasion because I was working in Malawi at the time and I also didn’t vote on one other occasion because I was more than a little pissed off about the Iraq war.
      I would contend that I enthusiastically supported JC in his early years as leader and despite increasing misgivings I continued to support him and vote Labour throughout his tenure. I freely admit to being significantly less enthusiastic in my support for Jeremy in his latter years as leader. Although I remained a member myself the declining membership at the end of his time in office indicates that I was not the only one with growing misgivings about his leadership.
      Like it or not and regardless of whether he is reinstated Corbyn will not be returning to frontline politics and I doubt he will even stand at the next GE. Given the proceeding I believe that we should now be moving forward to concentrate on working towards a win at the next GE and not wasting our efforts on ruining any chances of electoral success by fighting a pointless battle that is already lost.

      When I joined the Labour Party I joined a political party who’s principles I believe in, I didn’t join a cult that worshipped a deity regardless of his faults & shortcomings.

      ps:- It is good to see that Labour is up in the polls. “Labour has opened up its biggest lead over the Tories since Keir Starmer became Labour leader. A new YouGov poll shows the opposition party on 40% with the Conservatives behind on 35%.

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