Thirty THOUSAND people sign up for live launch of Corbyn’s Peace and Justice Project

Huge popularity of former leader’s move will stick in craw of his attackers

Jeremy Corbyn’s new Project for Peace and Justice has met with a huge welcome, with widespread support on the left – and local Labour parties already planning to affiliate. It has also met with bile and vitriol from his enemies, who remain eager to rewrite history and bury the memory of the movement he led and galvanised – and its popularity.

So the news today will come as bitterest gall to his enemies that tens of thousands of people have already signed up for the project’s live launch event, with almost three weeks still to go before it happens. The announcement was made on the PJP’s Facebook page:

As well as Corbyn himself, the event will feature Zarah Sultana, one of the stars of Labour’s 2019 intake of MPs, Unite head Len McCluskey, leading Jewish ANC member Ronnie Kasrils, former NUT head Christine Blower, Yanis Varoufakis and climate campaigner Scarlet Westbrook.

Those who have not yet registered for the event, which takes place from 3-4.30pm on Sunday 17 January, and wish to can still do so here.

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  1. When I can get CLP meetings happening I will definitely put this forward.

  2. I can only assume that a high proportion of those 30,000 signer-uppers think this ‘Project for Peace and Justice’ is some king of embryo alternative Left Party. But it definitely ISN’T. It is in reality a vapid Left Liberal think tank and campaigning organisation – that , like Liberty, or other liberal campaigning charity bodies, collects data about pressing global issues, but then demands that SOME OTHER social force, perhaps a political party , or governments, or trades unions, etc, does something to deal with the things highlighted , like inequality, racism, the arms industry, etc. Nothing wrong with that in itself – but it is a clear alternative that Corbyn and his celebrity Leftie chums have taken , in preference to actually building a socialist political PARTY in the UK, which could itself have built a mass movement to change things by tackling those very issues . And Corbyn definitely did have the personal following to build such a new Left PARTY – with Nulabour under Starmer and his Blairite cronies rapidly vanishing up its neoliberal pro NATO , Purge of the Left , corrupt arsehole.

    Those 30,000 signer-uppers are wasting their money, and their forlorn hopes, on this useless Corbynite vanity project – with Corbyn apparently only interested nowadays on getting back in his beloved PLP backbencher heydays, and finishing his political career as some sort of , impotent, well-meaning, Left-posturing, elder statesman, latterday saint. We don’t need Left wing, passive, saints, we need a radical new mass Left Party run by ruthless socialist movers and shakers.

    1. Chris Williamson “Resist” movement ???

      But in any case there is no harm done in supporting this venture and you nor I don’t know what the future will hold for any spin off’s that might just become the very Socialist party now needed .

    2. As somebody who lives in N.Ireland and has therefore no affiliation to the Labour Party-I gladly signed up-pity the English working class are so so dumb-Will there be so many union jacks out waving for Brexit today-I doubt it.

      1. James M, the English working class were conned by lies, false promises and racism against immigrants. But look on the bright side, Brexiters achieved a deal which although it will result in a downturn of our economy, it may give us all an additional piece of cod on our plates.

    3. jpenney “we need a radical new mass Left Party run by ruthless socialist movers and shakers” – without racist Zionists!

    4. seems a perfectly ok project to me. I will Join . Any socialist Party will take years to get off the ground in the UK. May be wait for some sort of PR might help. Meanwhile lets support any movement that offers a alternative to focus on. It will be difficult for the MSM and Blairite supporters and MPs to critic the values articulated.

    5. Oh so we should just support this right wing cult of new Labour 2.0. That’s about as socialist as my cat? Sod that they lost that right when they started this latest brand of BS. I will not vote for a cult that hates it’s membership, has NO ideology apart from anything the Tory scum supports and takes money from utter scumbags. Support that?

      I have was a Labour supporter like generations of my family before me they walked away from us and decided normal people were not important and went straight back to the worst BS of Blair that only the middle class matter. The constants attacks, evil mind games etc that cost the last 2 elections deliberately if that alone isn’t enought for you? Then you go on and support this cult. They have no chance of power they represent nothing and no one apart from themselves.

      Until there is a socialist party that I hope will form around this organization and become what the Labour party used to represent and not this shallow cult that you seem so enamored with. Oh and what’s all the vicious attacks it demonstrates everything about your mindset. I will waste no time on such bitterness..

    6. Negative, negative, negatve! ALWAYS negative! So why don’t you go forth and form your OWN socialist party jpenney seeing as how you’re so clever and superior.

      Oh, and I’m sure that if Jeremy were to form a new party it would get the full support of the MSM and the Jewish newspapers and the BoD and JLM and CAA et al of course!

      1. Along with DG who keeps harping on about forming a new socialist party on a daily basis!

  3. As has always been the case, the only thing that frightens the ruling class is the mob or organised Labour threatening profits. One of the most significant and swiftest victories of 2020 was won by schoolchildren taking to the streets over the exam algorithms fiasco.

    PJP doesn’t look to me like a serious fighting organisation: if it was, Varoufakis wouldn’t be anywhere near it. However, cde O’Keefe is wrong to poo-poo Baroness Blower; Christine is one of ours. I’ve signed up but not sure to what end: as soon as Keith and Dave can brand this as a banned organisation they will and they clearly don’t give a shit about numbers or they wouldn’t have driven perhaps a third of the Labour membership out.

    I suppose PJP is a way of keeping thousands of people who might have become isolated otherwise in the loop (I’m thinking of several of my family members who’ve torn up their party cards but signed up for PJP). It has the advantage, unlike Momentum, of being open to non Labour members and people like me who were expelled for adherence to Marxism-Leninism. However, it will need to mobilise visibly on the street and away from the internet and social media, because the lack of human interaction of the past year is killing politics and has been used to great advantage by Starmer and Evans. We’ll see what happens after the launch and I’ll be hoping for the best.

  4. jpenney01/01/2021 AT 10:41 AM,
    Happy new year.
    We do agree. You and me, we see it for what he is. Jeremy Corbyn is a vane old narcissus that finds it impossible to leave the stage.
    This is from the Skwawkbox article of 13 December that announced the launch of Corbyn’s Project;
    “Corbyn’s new project, which sources close to him say is not a step toward a rival party or movement, will focus on combating poverty, inequality and unaccountable corporate power – and promoting peace, global cooperation and climate justice; self-determination, democracy and human rights”.
    I mean, what goes on in that old mans head? Who does he think he is? His ego is out of control. His sense of personal off the scale, its beyond unbelievable, its hitting the , fuckssakeman button.
    Like you jpenney I am in awe at the scale of this mans vanity. It is truly amazing to witness.
    I love your description “Left wing, passive, saints”, . But I’m afraid to say your plea for “a radical new mass Left Party run by ruthless socialist movers and shakers.”. is almost as preposterous as Corbyn “Peace and Justice Project”.
    ” ruthless socialist movers and shakers”. Dont you know? Have you not worked it out yet? They dont exist. .Keep dreaming

  5. Richard Mackinnon, your description of Jeremy Corbyn is more fitting of Starmer than of Corbyn. Jeremy was a reluctant leader with little ego who nevertheless was able to unite most factions of the Party, apart from the far right and the Zionists, often one and the same.

    1. Richard Mackinnon – ‘So why is Jeremy Corbyn still around?’

      Because tens of thousands of poeple want him to stay around! In fact I would prefer that he was still leader, he resigned too quickly. I am not so sure though that he has learnt a lesson in how to face down the Zionists/right wingers.

      1. mackinnon – “and quietly leave the scene” – quietly like Blair and his little coven of spitting succufucks did, you mean – taking great care to avoid the least criticism of the new leadership?
        Eat shit and die, Sherlock.

  6. Jack T01/01/2021 AT 12:47 PM
    So why is Jeremy Corbyn still around? Why does he not do the right thing, and quietly leave the scene? That is what x leaders do. Milband for example. Go back to being a back bench constituency MP.

    Jeremy Corbyn said (when he announced his new project),:

    “The aim of the Peace and Justice Project will be to bring people together, for social justice, peace and human rights, in Britain and across the world.
    It’s there to create space, hope and opportunity for those campaigning for social justice and a future that works for the many, not the few. ”
    Can you not see how hackneyed, clichéd, · platitudinous he is? Every one else can. Go and watch it again,

    1. It wouldn’t have mattered what or how Corbyn explained; you’d have found fault anyway. We get it – you don’t like Corbyn. We don’t really care about that, but ffs fond something other than your Corbyn aversion and your stammer idolation to carp on about.

      And while we’re at it, I suppose I’d best put you right on your swarfega-barnetted barista (sic)…If you’re after hackneyed and cliched’ then there’s no better than stamrmer for it. Not exclusively in words, but in deeds, too.

      I have seen roadkill with more charisma and innovation than stammer.

      Care to tell us in what way he’s any different to bliar or the toerags in both mannerisms and policies? If not, then kindly GTFOOI.

  7. The Toffee (597)01/01/2021 AT 2:35 PM,
    I cant help it. When I see hypocritical politicians Ive got to call them out.
    And Ive never idolised Starmer. I can see his game. And that is exactly what it is, Starmer is playing a game. He wants to see how far he can take it. And you are right to compare him to Blair. Tony Blair was another politician who had no policies, no beliefs and yet, he is remembered as Labour’s most successful leader ever.. The Third Way, ‘New’ Labour. What a load of crap. But it worked.
    My cynicism for politicians, all politicians, runs deep. It is their shear audacity that amazes me, and it is that ability to con people that fascinates. Keir Starmer is one of the best I’ve seen. Blair was good. Barrack Obama was another out of the same mould.
    I think you are misinterpreting that admiration I have for Keir Starmer’s abilities to deceive as adulation for the man himself. You could not be more wrong.
    The difference between Jeremy Corbyn and Keir Starmer is not policies or principles, it is that Starmer is good at politics whereas Corbyn is not.
    OK I know what your thinking. Your thinking but Corbyn has been an MP for hundreds of years and so therefore Im talking rubbish. And that is right, Corbyn has been a very successful back bench politician. But he was not a leader. In fact he was a disaster and should have never taken on the job in the first place. He must have known that, and so it must have been that his vanity out weighed his common sense. Thats why I keep banging on about it. Starmer on the other hand is a leader and it will be, as I say fascinating to watch how far he can go in the game.

    1. Err actually the most successful Labour Leader would have been Harold Wilson who in fact won 4 elections unlike B-liars 3 AND he actually was mildly socialist compared to Twat Tony and his Neoiberal gits .
      As you are , mackinnon , a self confessed Liberal , then maybe you’d like to grace us with whom you think would be better . All good and well critiquing but without anything constructive to add then it is just destructive NOISE !

      1. rob01/01/2021 AT 4:55 PM
        I dont have an opinion. I make strenuous efforts to avoid holding an opinion. When you are a student of history, its an advantage to be objective and not take sides. That way you better understand the issues.
        PS When have I ever called myself a Liberal? Libertine definitely. Liberal?
        PPS I just looked up the definition of ‘liberal’ and it is;
        “willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas.”
        So, fair enough, I am happy to call myself liberal, but that does not mean I am a Liberal.

      2. Tricky Dicky as you are so willing to hide behind the excuse as having no opinions , hence avoiding the question ( cowardly ) , then you won’t mind if in my opinion you ARE a Liberal , and even worse in my opinion as a Libertine you can go forth and fuck off , which is what would suit you down to the ground as a Libertine .
        At least Corbyn has moral principles , as a Libertine you have none , more so , its funny that in order to express those comments of yours , it requires one to have an opinion in the first place on which to base those comments, thus exemplifying your lack of moral i.e liar .
        AS I said criticisms such as your comments are nothing more than destructive noise and the majority of us on this thread can see you for what you are ,,,, just noise to be ignored and ridiculed accordingly .
        Now either suggest something better or fuck off ,,, your choice sonny .


        a person, especially a man, who freely indulges in sensual pleasures without regard to moral principles.

  8. The PPJ doesn’t even really kick off for another two weeks so 30,000 supporters is a decent start, given the global impact of concurrent events.
    We have to hope that overwhelming demand from the grassroots for a new socialist party will make JC turning the PPJ into that party inevitable.

    It seems obvious to me why Jeremy would choose simply to create a platform – an opportunity for a new socialist party to be built – and built from the ground up – instead of from the top down.
    Before SteveH demands it, I have no evidence that a new party is even JC’s intention – I’m just guessing.
    I find it interesting though that he’s still being attacked, even on these pages, from both right and (supposedly) left.
    Also interesting is that neither penney nor mackinnon are willing to state who they DO support.
    That’s probably lesson one, chapter one, page one in “How to Be a Troll” I expect …


    1. Waste less time on the trolls and focus on the positives which you have nicely done WRT the opportunity the PJP platform may well provide the basis for a new socialists party to emerge even as a simple spin off .

      1. How can ripping the piss out of those twinkies be a waste of time?
        At 70 I can’t be out partying with 19 year old fashion models every night.

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