Exclusive: Labour bans Bath CLP from giving £3.6k of its own £1.3m to foodbanks, poor children and homeless people – because it’s not ‘campaigning’

Party wants money spent on leaflets for centrist mayoral candidate after members deprived of left-wing option to vote for. Could anything better sum up Blairite view of politics?

The SKWAWKBOX has recently covered the Labour Establishment’s attacks on member democracy in the south-west of England (and elsewhere), where elected officers have been suspended for carrying out the will of members who want to vote for the reinstatement of former party leader Jeremy Corbyn – and, in the case of Bath constituency party (CLP), members had to cancel a meeting after they were barred from electing new officers or even discussing any motions apart from one to mark the anniversary of George Orwell’s death.

But yet another scandal in Bath speaks volumes about the priorities and worldview of the so-called ‘centrists’ who currently hold sway in the party, because members have been banned from spending their own moneyon a donation to poor children, foodbanks and the homeless.

Bath members were due to vote through a donation totalling £3,600 to three charities:

  • Bath Food Bank £1200
  • Mercy in Action – a charity that helps poor children £1200
  • Julian House charity for homeless people £1200

A party official wrote to the CLP officers banning the vote – and threatening action against the CLP if the vote went ahead:

Thank you for getting in touch about the proposed motions at your upcoming meeting.

The aim of Motion One is to donate a significant amount of CLP Funds outside of the CLP and in a way not supportive of CLP Campaigning. This is not an appropriate use of CLP funds nor in accordance with Labour Party rules which state;

Chapter 7, Clause 2.A.2 which states the responsibility of CLP’s to “secure the return of Labour representatives to Parliament and local government bodies, by promoting the policies and principles of the Party throughout the Constituency”.

Therefore this proposal for inappropriate use of party funds should not be tabled, considered, or discussed at your meeting.

If I become aware that the CLP has voted on and in support of this proposal I will instruct the CLP Treasurer that the funds should not be released and then seek guidance from the Governance and Legal Unit on possible further action.

Emphases added.

According to ‘centrist’ Labour, spending £3,600 on helping the homeless, poor children and those in food poverty is not ‘promoting the policies and principles of the party’ and helping the local community in the most practical possible way is not a form of campaigning that helps to ‘secure the return of Labour representatives’.

Instead, Bath CLP was told that it must put forward a plan to prove how it will support the party’s campaign to elect its candidate in next year’s election for the south-west region’s mayor – and if the regional office likes the plan, only then might the party approve the spending on homeless people, poor children and the hungry.

Bath CLP is one of the country’s wealthiest, having built up investments over the years worth more than £1.3 million pounds. The £3,600 was budgeted 2020 expenditure for the CLP’s conference delegation – in other words, it was never going to be available for campaigning in the mayoral election. And many members in the south-west region believe they were disenfranchised by the party when a panel presented members with potential candidates only from the Labour right to choose from.

But the people in need who would benefit from £3,600 can wait – if they’re lucky – during the coldest and hardest part of the year to receive help that Bath Labour members would like to give them from their own funds, until party officials are good and ready, assuming they decide even then to approve the donation.

Leaflets good campaigning; helping poor children, homeless people and those who can’t afford to eat bad campaigning. Could anything better sum up the diseased worldview of so-called ‘moderates’?

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    1. 30 years of irrelevant infighting and losing election after election? The humourless policeman now the Leader will simply sink lower and lower in everybody’s opinion. At least Blair had charisma and eloquence, not attributes remotely shared by the Undercover cop whose primary interest is in protecting Israel and bugger the British working class

      1. But Blair didn’t even have the character to wear a monocle and sport a duelling scar on his cheek…..

      2. After George Bush Jr, made his suppository-cum-nappy Tony Blair “Middle East “”PEACE”” Envoy”, the suppository-cum-nappy W.M.D. Blair deposited itself in the most exclusive Tel Aviv haunt. The most extravagantly expensive, because as ever WE , YOU , ALL if us footed the huge bills. Not George Bush Jr or the USA purse ours.

        The bill included millions to date in security fees… Security was also accommodated in great comfort. The parasite of all gluttonous parasites, used the jaunt funded by US as a private moneymaking festival. One of the vilest creatures in my lifetime at least, only slithered amongst the racist occupiers of Palestine. If it crawled to the victims ONCE, please put me right.

        This is about the third time in as many weeks, it appears some DESPERATE inclination to sluice the filthy tool Blair. For new readers, never forget the evil that is the warmonger and consummate liar Blair🔴

      3. If only…

        Just been watching The Trial Of Tony Blair for the umpteenth time. Robert Lindsay plays the part brilliantly. What a shame it will almost certainly never happen.

        While Blair did at least have some charisma, despite an overblown sense of his own self-importance, regarding Starmer I thought this comment in a Guardian piece today on voters in Leigh who turned to the Tories last year, was most apt.

        Trevor Barton, a former Chief Superintendent in Greater Manchester Police and ex-Labour voter who is not very impressed with him, said:

        [Starmer] asks the questions [at PMQs] like he’s prosecuting a bloody murder case. There’s no soul in the man. There’s no feeling.

      4. I wasn’t suggesting that Blair was in any sense a ‘good’ man – very far from it. But in this corrupt system we have he had Voter Appeal as was demonstrated by 3 election victories in a row, a pretty impressive score in a very conservative country. Starmer is simply hopeless at the political ‘game’

    2. Now, if this obscenity fails to prove – Starmer, Evans and EVERY SINGLE one of their lot should not be “WORKED AROUND”. Then what would it take to prove it❓❓❓

      1. What mentality does it take to keep believing, we can be “united”, “calm”, “sort things out”, with people who do things like that? What sort of attitude makes anyone think, it’s OK to “work for a “”LABOUR”” govt. and “”LABOUR”” PM” with OBVIOUSLY depraved creatures like Blair, Mandelson, Starmer, Evans, Hodge, Blunkett, Beckett and the rest❔❔❔

    3. “How is this going to end, I wonder?” –

      IF bullies like Starmer & Evans, silence + drive out enough members who realise we must end repeatedly failed “Broad Church” obsession + “the Left” do as have always been done, THEN “this” will “end” as it always did = used 🔁 abused 🔁 dumped 🔁

      1. Singpost, I very much doubt that the Labour candidate is going to wing the mayoralty in Bath. Former Labour voters aren’t going to bother to vote and will stay home.
        The Labour Party is in terminal decline, unless Starmer is challenged for the leadership soon.. It is a question of how long is going to take the Trade Unions to realise it and force Starmer to resign.

      2. Maria Vazquez, i was only thinking of Jeremy for London mayor.
        Nationwide, no Starmer plotters will get my votes or support. Enabling Labour name abusers who hide behind a Red Rosette has failed us repeatedly. MAJOR “Left” weakness – Talking virtue, yet always giving in to the virtueless Right Wing for “unity”🔴

      3. Singpost, I like the idea of Jeremy standing for Mayor of London. The problem is that somehow, I don’t see JC doing a Livingstone, I hope to be wrong but I fear JC is by far too loyal and far too stack on the idea of LP “unity” even when it is clear that LP “unity” is something that the right wingers within the LP use to have their cake and eat it.
        When was they Party “unity” in 2017 and 2019? The red Tories did all they could to sabotage JC and in the process allowing the Tories into power with a substantially increased majority.
        I hope that Corbyn realises that he owns nothing to Starmer and pals and stand as an independent for London Mayor next May, because the people of London deserve better that Sadiq.
        Corbyn’s loyalty should be focused towards ordinary Londoners the ones that stood by him in the 1000’s and not towards a mythical Labour Party “unity” that only exist to suppress the will of the majority.
        JC shows us you care for ordinary people, be our champion, stand for mayor of London, give us back our lost hope.

      4. While I see the appeal, having JC stand for London mayor is a terrible idea.
        Livingston succeeded because he was a popular and successful leader of the former GLC. Corbyn has many merits, but a track record in local government is conspicuously not among them.
        I am sure that he would not be tempted to try, but if he did I think the likely result would be to split the vote and let the Tories’ truly terrible candidate through the middle.

      5. Agree with u Maria Vazquez. Jeremy could win big but may give in again to saboteurs. I also agree with u – “the people of London deserve better than Sadiq”. MUCH better. In fact Sadiq failed London. Never cared about the responsibility. Suspect he sees it only as a stepping stone to other things.

        Judge people by their allies. Sadiq’s allies ARE the saboteurs. He was campaigning č them eg Hodge, Streeting, Arseworth etc to undermine Jeremy. … Which reminds me, Shai Masot had conversations with the rejected Owen Smith. Masot reportedly told Smith how much he hated Jeremy. Is Smith a chum of Sadiq? SteveH WILL know that. Hey SH it’s true isn’t it? SH! stop fiddling with that abacus of yours! “Don’t do that!” That may be why u can’t see to count🧮🧮🧮

  1. It is obvious that Starmer and Gestapo want us to leave the Labour Party and are doing their utmost to behave such that we will leave in disgust. The more they try, the more I am determined to stay and see that THEY are the ones to leave.

    1. Excellent comment Andrew. I, and I imagine many others, are thinking exactly the same thing and working 24/7 on how to achieve that goal.

    2. 500,000 members Jeremy inspired and attracted to join. Should we just keep quiet and settle for this depravity from Mandelson, Blair, Starmer, Evans & co ? … to have a “Labour” govt in name only❔❔❔

      1. Yesterday, before this latest awfulness, i was thinking if everything to date was not proof enough, not the final straw, but the whole ******* FEILD… then what is ? What will it be ?
        AND, was their EVER any limit / redline of proof some were ever prepared to draw ?.. to say ENOUGH!!!
        Was there❔❔❔

      2. Smartboy, and who r u to say which posts r genuine❓ Funny that. You, Allan Howard and McNiven must be frauds. McNiven is not a member. I encourage people to stay. McNiv encourages others to leave. The AH thinks he could bully me to leave. Try harder. The harder you try the more it suggest you are afraid. But keep trying then PISS OFF🔴

      3. I don’t know about the rest but I wish you, if you are a member which I doubt ,would keep quiet – I am sick of your hate filled rants which are designed to bring socialists/ socialism into disrepute. They seldom relate to the topic highlighted by Skwawkbox and also clog up this site so that genuine posts are overlooked.

      4. Smartboy – “I don’t know about the rest but I wish you” with your friends WFM etc would PISS OFF🔴

      5. You Smartboy are a fraud. A silencer EXACTLY like Allan Howard, Starmer and Evans. YOU clog up this site and most likely others. Your nasty intention is to keep us being defeated. You are a nasty piece of work. Think about it. BASIC LOGIC – To date the “Left” has been defeated and stitched up over and over again, throughout with YOU in in doing exactly as you’ve most likely done before. ie try to hog control, smother any new ideas, just so you can keep on with your defeatist drivel. Surely if what has been tried failed, if you really cared about the left, you would welcome the new. But you don’t. Either because you are useless OR a useful FRAUD helping the Right Wing. Off you go to you chum the white flag waver in chief AH, oh and don’t get beaten by thugs in a pub. Allan Howard will leave you bleeding on the floor. You toss pot 🔴

      6. ps, Smartboy, and who r u to say which posts r genuine❓ Funny that. You, Allan Howard and McNiven must be frauds. McNiven is not a member. I encourage people to stay. McNiv encourages others to leave. The AH thinks he could bully me to leave. Try harder. The harder you try the more it suggest you are afraid. But keep trying then PISS OFF🔴

      1. Wouldn’t want to distract them from today’s headline news.

  2. Labour is not for the people that it supposed to serve unless starmer is challenged. It will carry on doing whatever it wants. Does anybody no how many people have been ejected from the L/P since he was made leader. now he prefers leaflets to feeding kids

  3. Simple answer to a simplton leader,whos obssesive religious devotion targets the undeserving poor.This nutcase starmers like somthing out of a Dickins novel.where frequent attacks on the homless and poor was the norm amongst the upper classes was motivated by a form of extreme religious intolerance.who would have believed that in the year 2020a Labour party leader would castigate the poor and take us back a more than a century to the deseving and undeserving poor.OPEN up the CLPs builds to the homless and tell him were to stuff his shabatt dinner were the sun doesnt shine…and no apologies .

    1. Interesting to see the deliberately provocative “antisemitic” comments being inserted into some of these posts. Clearly some readers of the Skwawkbox are not – shall we say – true to the anti-racist principles of the Labour Party. I could say more, but I don’t think I need to.

      1. I think you must mean you dare not say more? One slip and Hodge will have you! It’s never easy working with undercover cops especially those working for foreign powers.

      2. Care to provide one example together with an explanation as to why it is anti-semitic so that we can fully undertsand your post..

      3. Tom londra,my jewish wife and son laughed at your comments on racism against me knowing my record on fighting racism,but just as a matter of acurracy Most jews are of mixed heritage with the 12 tribes being scattered across the world .They are a Religion,not a race anymore than a Catholic another world religion is not a race.Some like my wife and children chose a particular form of liberal Judaism unlike some who choose a particular sort of conservative juduism.I don’t have any particular like or dislike of any race but I have a particular dislike of any conservative interpretation of any religion.Your dangerous labeling of me is exactly the problem we have in the Labour party with a particular nasty label being allowed by people like you and Starmer.

      4. tomlondra, how do you know that the racist, antiSemitic, according to some, Keir Starmer reads Skwawkbox?

      5. tomlondra, u also ask above –

        “How is this going to end, I wonder?”

        IF frauds & bullies eg Starmer & Evans silence + purge members who wish to end repeated failed “Broad Church” worship +
        “The Left” do as always done, THEN “this” will “end” as it always did🔴 That satisfies enough “Left” members and ALL of the Right Wing Starmers here and abroad🔴
        Used 🔁 Abused 🔁 Dumped 🔁
        Despite only hoping for crumbs…
        Dumped 🔴

  4. Cruelty pointed out is not antisemitic you clown any more than attacking a Catholic protestant or Islamic person for cruelty because of a conservative mutation of a particular religious veiw.No religion should have a exalted position in the Labour party,and no religion is excused from criticism as I have found from being a Catholic Get off your high horse tomlondra and get used to condemnation of the mean and the cruel wherever they raise their ugly head.

    1. You Smartboy are a fraud. A silencer EXACTLY like Allan Howard, Starmer and Evans. YOU clog up this site and most likely others. Your nasty intention is to keep us being defeated. You are a nasty piece of work. Think about it. BASIC LOGIC – To date the “Left” has been defeated and stitched up over and over again, throughout with YOU in in doing exactly as you’ve most likely done before. ie try to hog control, smother any new ideas, just so you can keep on with your defeatist drivel. Surely if what has been tried failed, if you really cared about the left, you would welcome the new. But you don’t. Either because you are useless OR a useful FRAUD helping the Right Wing. Off you go to you chum the white flag waver in chief AH, oh and don’t get beaten by thugs in a pub. Allan Howard will leave you bleeding on the floor. You toss pot 🔴

      1. It is difficult to know or understand what prompted Smartboy’s sudden attack on you snw, after all he doesn’t have to read what you say does he. In any case, I can’t see why he thinks you are anti socialist. I don’t read those whose views I know will add nothing to the debate, little stevie being the most obvious example. Others I have had disagreements with but I still read their comments because I know they have and will in the future make useful contributions to debate here.

      2. john – It’s rather disappointing 😞 that you can’t function outside your self imposed safe space.

      3. john thatcher, true. NB who are attacked and who’s not. You’ll see why. CHANGE is frightening to the many and VERY inconvenient to the few.

      4. Very well said john Thatcher…We all need reminding that the real enemy is running the Labour party,most on here are of one mind on bullying and many other topics.I always think of the Comedian Harry Enfield whos portrayal of the 3Scousers (firm friends)who have a nice chat and end up knocking seven bells out of each other.Reminds me of my cousins in Speke who are lovely people,but you wouldn’t want a night out in Mathew st with them…Not unless you like being in the back of the dog van..And ps I am not being anti scouse ,anti Semitic antivacine anti or antibiotic..in case the thought police are monitoring here…and I have all of the above excluding the anti biotic in my close family including Asian grandchildren.

      5. Joseph – What are we to conclude from you feeling that you have a need to virtue signal plead your ‘innocence’.

  5. When I was a younger person with very little money Christmas was always a struggle for me but even then I was fortunate enough have a roof over my head,to never miss a meal and there were always presents under the tree. I classed myself as poor back then in Thatcher’s Britain but by today’s standards I was well off.
    The poverty, deprivation, sheer misery and despair in modern Britain shames a so called civilised society in the 21st century.
    In the 1980s I hoped for a Labour government which would help me by creating job opportunities for the 3.5 million of us who were unemployed and which would ensure if I couldn’t find work I would have enough in benefits to get by.
    Roll on 40 years and we now have the Labour party abstaining on welfare cuts and vetoing the spending of £3600 out of a budget £1,3000,000 to feed hungry people, aid the homeless at Christmas and get children living in abject poverty a small gift from Santa.
    I find it hard to express my disgust and can only say that even Thatcher would have hesitated to show her contempt for the poor as openly . Starmer and Co have demonstrated that without doubt they are the lowest of the low.

    1. I have to add that today, The Guardian website carries a report that there could be 2 million destitute families as a consequence of the covid pandemic, which builds upon the fact that the economy was flat-lining in January.
      I wonder how the centrists will respond to that.

  6. What a load of BS this shows how screwed up these cult of new Labour are they call themselves a socialist and left-wing party and then say nope can’t give to charity.

    Explain how this reflects the views of the membership and then ban them from discussing it. WTF!!!

    Why are you still members I have to ask? There is no defence or reason to stay a member that is banned from free speech, your views insulted and then they want your money. If you stay you are condoning this and it will keep on happening in your name until you say no more!

    Don’t pull stay and fight how? Your banned from discussing it. Your giving them support and money and your being used.

  7. Any friendly print shops willing to invoice the CLP £3600 for some “leaflets” and then pass the money on?…

    Alternatively, host a fundraiser and then don’t declare the money to HQ: do it all off the books.

  8. Fuck the party bigwigs and the clauses they wilfully ignored to hand the rags an eighty seat majority.

    Fuck stammer and his gift of £600k + to those what did so.

    Spend the money anyway. Then deprive the party of any more money by fucking them off altogether.

  9. Memory not too reliable these days. I was considering my resignation when something caught my eye that I still vote on…perhaps an election for April 4th
    2021 maybe a leadership election, so I stayed my hand. Must look into my notebook again.

    1. Norma, please stay to vote. We can change the arithmetic if we stay and vote. Clearly Starmer, Evans prefer we leave. Then they can complete the take over. Don’t ket them do it. Oh and don’t let anyone silence you. There are operator about. Sleepers have come to life. NB “silence” and drives us out. That’s EXACTLY the Mandelson directed Starmer Evans plot.

      1. The Right intend to silence the Left, and it may be that they can do that more effectively with those that stay in the party than with those that leave. Once out, they have no threat to hold over you, but as long as anyone is in the party they are seemingly subject to diktat from Starmer and his creatures.

      2. I’m in for the long haul, but stick to facts, i can support. even with a very aggressive MP and guard dogs. Tis possible to be outspoken if one sticks to supportable facts. Also from the get go, let it be known, u r not a walk over. Funny, but i’v not been attacked by the vicious Right. As here on SB, i’v only been attacked by a half handful of big wigs on the “Left” whose mantra is – don’t upset the RW, or – “”they”” would never allow that”, “that would make bad press”, “Chris Williamson got what he deserved”. That last statement was in my second meeting with the “Left”. I brought up the injustice Chris was suffering . The response was – “don’t let” X “here you day that” I asked why? Answer because X and Y should have said nothing🔴

      3. CORRECTION – “… because X and Y said Chris Williamson brought it on himself”.

        ie. just like a certain bullying one on SB, there was ZERO meaningful care for Chris. The priority was what “the MSM would “”ALLOW”” … how “ MSM would react “ ie. a faux camaraderie … talk about integrity, but when the crunch comes RUN !!! COWARD or FRAUD or both🔴

    1. The Tories and the Labour right (which means the vast majority of the Labour PLP) will never agree to sensible and democratic voting reform because they know it would be the end of both their parties.

      1. Guess who said this at the Electoral Reform Society
        “We do need a constitutional convention. One of the most powerful things coming out of the referendum was the sense that people want decisions to be made closer to them and by them. It was a very, very powerful thing… I think that’s a very powerful message, it’s a socialist message and it’s a Labour message about power coming from bottom up, not top down”.
        “I also think on electoral reform, we’ve got to address the fact that millions of people vote in safe seats and they feel their vote doesn’t count. That’s got to be addressed. We will never get full participation in our electoral system until we do that at every level.”

      2. SH – ANSWER: Deceitful Keith Starmer said all those words. He meant not one jot. PROOF: Keith “worked night and day to “UNDERMINE Jeremy.” Headroom acted as he believed. He showed “millions of people … in safe seats” of non metropolitan working class Labour heartlands that
        “their vote doesn’t count.” ⚠️⚠️⚠️

      3. “Guess who said this….” Well if it was your buddy, the billionaires’ lackey, it would be true to form. Words without intention are cheap and – forensically speaking – often intended to misguide. The centrist right in Labour would no more promote democracy than it would weaken the neoliberal hegemony, so there’s no chance of Sir BadFaith supporting electoral reform at all.

        Starmer is a liability and leftwingers staying and fighting his duplicity is guaranteed to cause his downfall.

  10. I applaud those CLP & Branch officers who stick up for socialist principles in spite of this intimidation of course but I suspect they’ll always be a minority.
    Whatever view of the rights and wrongs those who submit to the whip may hold, some will be scared to stick their necks out and some will be reluctant to relinquish the perceived kudos of elected office – or both.

  11. If Bath CLP is prevented by Starmer & Evans from spending its own funds I doubt there’s a rule preventing them launching a crowdfund for local food/Xmas/toy banks.
    Maybe they could offer the constituency office as a collection point for donated food & toys too, then take them to food banks?
    In the local radio/free paper announcement they could mention in passing that the reason they’re having to ask for charity is that Starmer and Evans have banned them from spending even 0.28% of local party funds to help the poor over xmas.

  12. BBC News just opened with a (live I assume) clip of an official raising the Union Jack on a flagstaff in Brussels.
    He raises it to the masthead, secures the halyard to the cleat and walks away toward the building – leaving the flag firmly trapped, bunched up between the halyard & the mast.
    I’m not saying it’s an omen or anything, but…

  13. For those who might find it useful, I’ve been looking into what the rules actually say. Unsurprisingly, there is nothing in them to support the strained and artificial construction put on them by the Regional bureaucrats.

    Apart from issues to do with property ownership, employment, and avoiding breaches of electoral law, the only reference to the use of funds I can find, at either CLP or branch level, is in Chapter 8 (Rules for branches), Clause V (Meetings), rule 3, which reads, in full:

    3. *This branch shall raise and hold funds to support activities within the objects of this branch*. The financial year of this branch begin on 1 January and end on 31December. The annual accounts of this branch shall be forwarded to the CLP Treasurer no later than the end of February each year so they can be incorporated into the CLP’s Annual Statement of Accounts. (My emphasis).

    And what do the Rules say the objects of a branch should be? This is covered by Clause II (Objects), rule 1, which reads (again in full, with emphases added):

    1. *The objects of this branch shall be* to provide an opportunity for members to participate in the activities of the Party within its area with the approval of the Executive Committee of the CLP and in line with its agreed development action plan; to play their part in the Party’s policymaking processes; to work together to run effective election and issue-based campaigns; *to maximise the Party’s engagement with organisations and individuals in the branch area and join with them in working for social justice*. Work to meet these objectives shall always have priority in this branch’s plans and meetings.

    The words emphasised seem to me more than sufficient to justify branches contributing money to food banks. It is odd that no comparable rules are to be found (as far as I can see) in Chapter 7 (Rules for CLPs), but it would be odder still to interpret that fact as preventing CLPs from doing what is allowed for branches.

    For the avoidance of doubt, let me say that financial contributions from Party funds should aim to kickstart voluntary campaigns, not substitute for them.

    ** I would have used the 2020 Rule Book, but sustained effort failed to discover where it is to be found on the national Party website. For obvious reasons members cannot be faulted if they fail to follow rules that they cannot access.

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