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Breaking: resigning council leader’s explosive video statement accuses Starmer of hypocrisy and Labour right of racism, corruption, cover-ups, perjury, misogyny – and hounding her out

Must-watch video exposes the real nature of the Labour right

As the SKWAWKBOX exclusively flagged before the event, Yvonne Davies, the only female council leader in the West Midlands, has just now resigned from her role – during a live broadcast of Sandwell Council’s cabinet meeting.

Ms Davies has long been hounded by the Labour right. She went on the record in 2018 to accuse former local MP Tom Watson of ‘ma[king] my life a misery‘.

She had already been exonerated by the party once after right-wingers in the right’s heartland attempted to stitch her up, senior councillors accused last year by local councillors of falsifying the minutes of a council meeting to incriminate her and the former council leader and others accused of forcing her out of the council chamber, events that the Labour group’s then-chief whip did not deny.

In an explosive resignation statement, Ms Davies accused Labour’s so-called ‘moderates’ of:

  • hypocrisy in hounding her when Labour leader Keir Starmer has just taken no action against a front-bench MP accused of antisemitism
  • covering up racism, misogyny and corruption
  • lying in court
  • misuse of public funds for political purposes
  • a string of false accusations against fellow councillors for political purposes
  • planning a purge of left-wing councillors so the right can re-take control of the council
  • acting to try to prevent a scandal of the right-wing’s spending on the ‘Wragge report’ into standards

It was an astonishing, dignified, damning and utterly compelling speech, well worth watching to the very end:

Shame on the Labour right, who has flung baseless accusations while abounding in the very things of which they accuse others.

Things must change. Labour must change.

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  1. “I support Zionism (racism) without qualification”

    This admission alone should disqualify Starmer from even being a member of the Labour Party, never mind being Leader.

    1. And your ignorant, racist, response should disqualify you from even being a member of the Labour party, but you should of course be allowed to carry on spouting your ignorance across social media.

      1. Jim Denham, it’s you who is ignorant, UN resolution 3379: Zionism is racism.

        If you too are a Zionist then that also qualifies you as a racist, alongside far right Zionists such as Tommy Robinson.

      2. In what sense is Jack T’s response “racist”?
        That Zionism is a form of racism is not really open to debate-it most certainly is. Zionism arose in certain historical circumstances at a time when “scientific” racism was a dominant intellectual current. Added to which there is no doubt that Jews in Europe were the objects of persecution and long had been. In such circumstances the ideas of Zionism were understandable but the racism underlying it was clear and always has been.
        It is now impossible to support Zionism without confessing to a belief in the inferiority of Arabs and Palestinians in particular. Just as it is impossible to support the annexation of the west bank, without offering its inhabitants equal citizenship rights, without admitting to racism.
        Whether being racist disqualifies anyone from membership of the Labour Party is doubtful. Israel owes its existence to the racism within the Labour Party in 1948 which allowed zionists to convince the party that Palestinians, like coloured races elsewhere in the Empire, were incapable of governing themselves and needed to be kept in their place by European colonists professing to be Jews.
        More than seventy years later we all know better and to continue to support Israel, long after South Africa and Rhodesia, the ‘White Highlands’ of Kenya and the rest of the old empire has been ceded to the original inhabitants, is to set out to reverse a largely beneficial trend in history towards self rule and away from racist imperialism.

      3. @Denham

        How does one qualify as a racist when discussing Zionism negatively? Zionism is an idea.

        Is criticism of Christian Zionists also racist? If not, why not?

      4. I wonder who the idiot was who liked this post,we must assume they and idiot Denham actually believe their reaction is an appropriate response to Jack T’s to the point comment about Starmer. Imagine being so stupid you haven’t yet grasped what is going on with the false allegations of antiSemitism being made against good comrades and Yvonne Davies in particular.Should there be a a category “too stupid to be a Labour Party member”.

    2. It seems to me that CV19 might cause certain leaders to look for foreign successes to distract from failures at home.
      I’m a little bit curious about whether Putin might take the opportunity to give enhanced support to Palestinians in their disputes with Israel. He could claim some justification in international law if he cared, giving the US a kicking always sells well in Russia and he does seem to have been taking a firmer line with Netanyahu recently.
      The apparent mutual aid society of populists – Putin, Trump, Salman, Orban, Bolsonaro, el Sisi and Netanyahu – could break apart if Putin decides to teach Netanyahu a lesson, renew friendships in the ME and humiliate Trump in the same move.
      If his performance on CV19 is seen at home as wanting, a foreign diplomatic and economic coup for Mother Russia might suit him very well.
      I don’t know anything obviously, I’m just musing on possibilities.

  2. We are starting to see the tactics of Blairs New Labour re-enacted, Conference being emasculated will be next

    1. Well Covid-19 has already provided the pretext for Starmer to duck a shitstorm with the cancellation of this year’s Conference!

      1. In fact it might be the opposite. With people quitting in disgust rather than fighting and several unions siding with the right, it’s likely the right would have been able to force through all manner of changes to the leadership election rules and others – as the illegal changes to NEC elections has been just a taste. The left has a little longer to get its act together…

    2. Probably, TC.

      Stammer’s alienating BAME by the 000’s; pretty soon there’ll be no black people (in the party, or wanting to be employed as security for them) to frogmarch little old jewish dissenters out of the building…And that’s probably because there’ll be no dissenters – jewish or otherwise – neither.

  3. Another principled councillor leaves the knights sinking ship.I wonder what its like pissing in the circus tent?when being shit on from the leadership.above?Maybe I will never know pissing from outside the tent..I never did like the circus ,too much needless cruelty much like the circus the Labour party under the knight of the realm has become……very sad..!

  4. Think I read somewhere that even the IT-illiterate Tories are planning an online conference this year.
    I’ve heard no justification for Labour not attempting online speeches and voting – or at the very least offering a full explanation of why they’re content to accept the glaring democracy deficit of cancelling Conference.

  5. Iain McNicol writing in January on why “Corbynism must end with Corbyn.”

    This is before he was outed as the main architect of the 2017 election loss.

    Councillor Davies’ speech almost had me in tears. To borrow a phrase, the swamp needs to be drained but Starmer seems intent on doing the opposite. As your headline says: the normal diet of “racism, corruption, cover-ups, perjury, misogyny” has been resumed; that is the real meaning of McNicol’s “the end of Corbynism.”

    1. We should be on the streets protesting this. I know it’s a long way away and we have our own problems, but still.
      Do we want to be pariahs like Switzerland ffs?

  6. More power to your elbows Yvonne. Unfortunately what you’re experiencing is not too disimilar to other councils, particularly right wing Labour ones across the country.

  7. Thanks to Skwawkbox for reporting this. The cesspit which is Twatson’s old fiefdom seems completely to pass by the hacks of the local rag, the Express and Swast,,, whoops! Star.

  8. Red Tories equally as ruthless as Blue Tories shock horror
    So start getting your retaliation in first, what’s happening with class action against party
    Let’s see what comes out of Momentum/Left Alliance talks
    At what point do socialist MP’s orchrstrate resignations

  9. Where are left wing articles in Toilet papers calling out Starmer on AS, racism and misogyny

  10. Drive coach and horses through AS Scam
    Ask Starmer to support BDS and War Crimes charges after annexation goes through

  11. RLB sacked but not suspended, Maxine Peak not suspended, Davies suspended Reed not
    Party hasn’t got a leg to stand on legally so get JVL to put a complaint in

    1. I can hear the Echo,Doug….but nobody’s listening Keep pissing inside the tent whilst socialists move on to a working class movement .

  12. Those involved in this disgraceful behaviour towards Yvonne Davies no doubt we’re patting themselves on the back celebrating her suspension. Thinking she would go quietly, sit at home waiting patiently for the outcome of her suspension. Little did they suspect or realise that Yvonne would come out fighting and expose the corruption going on there. To think the local MP was quoted in the local paper demanding she apologise for her behaviour. Now is the time for the party to launch an investigation into the constant leaking of suspensions to the media, but more so the toxic atmosphere within the party. I have to admit I have been too naive to realise the right of the party are as ruthless as the Tory Party

      1. Both, and it’s not a new phenomenon. The left have got to recognise that the right aren’t amateurs – that’s more applicable to the left.

      1. Afzal Khan is correct, the government should impose sanctions on ANYONE guilty of human rights abuses but let’s not forget that Khan also supports the ‘two State solution’ which in fact is support for doing nothing, because the two State solution was never a serious option as far as Israel is concerned. Israel wants a one State solution with the Palestinians gone.

      2. I’m sure that Afzal has no illusions about ‘Israel’ – ie Netanyahu and the rabid right – but would you rather he just said nothing. It’s only by people keeping the hope alive (of a two-state solution) that it then reflects badly on Netanyahu and Co when he/they do things that diminish that possibility. That said, if Europe/the EU had ever been REALLY serious about pressurising ‘Israel’ to implement a two-state solution, they would have introduced serious sanctions against Israel a long time ago.

      3. Allan – There is no hope of a ‘two state’ solution. The progressive encroachments of Israeli apartheid and theft of land and water resources has now created a situation that renders he concept impossible – even if it was conceivable in the first place. Besides which – truth told – the ‘two state’ solution would still be racist in nature – by definition.

        I know of no informed observer who reckons that there is a shred of possibility in this route now. It’s just a diversion from the focus on the (admittedly distant) hope of making Israel – or should we say ‘Falastin’ – a proper multi-cultural democracy rather than a theocratic/cultural oppressor.

  13. This arrived in my inbox a couple of days ago, if any of you out there have any evidence then I suggest you submit it. Don’t grumble about the outcome if you can’t be bothered to participate

    Following the leaked report, an external, independent investigation into the circumstances and contents of that report was announced by Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner. Its terms of reference, and the membership of the independent panel chaired by Martin Forde QC, were subsequently discussed and approved by the NEC.
    The independent panel – also known as the Forde Inquiry – then appointed an independent secretariat to assist it with the administrative support and day-to-day management of the inquiry. The secretariat is solely instructed by the independent panel and is there to assist in its work.
    As part of its work, the Forde Inquiry is issuing a call for evidence and views from individuals affected by the leaked report, as well as any other individual who may wish to make a submission in respect of its terms of reference.
    The Forde Inquiry wants to hear from individuals or Labour Party members and affiliated organisations. The Forde Inquiry has requested that any evidence should be submitted via email to by 5pm on Friday 24 July 2020.

      1. SteveH, I’ve already sent in a submission asking for Starmer to be suspended for racism, let’s see how that goes!

      2. Why is it always ‘wait n see’ with you, stevey boy?

        Even when everyone tells you what the outcome will be (and they’re invariably wrong because we all know what stammer’s about), you’re always being the ‘micawber’ type, only to be ridiculed and berated because you wouldn’t listen to people a whole lot wiser than you. (99% of posters on here)

        We KNOW what stammer’s about, so just pack it in ffs. It’s annoying, and only furthers people’s view that you’re a monumental, stammerite brown-noser

      3. (and they’re invariably wrong because we all know what stammer’s about),

        Should read; ‘YOU’RE invariably wrong’

    1. Martin Forde QC is praised by Lee Harpin, that well known sleuth from the Jewish Chronicle who sees anti-Semites around every corner. The inquiry has no powers to force witnesses to appear and would appear to be some sort of window dressing exercise. Tell me I’m wrong SteveH and please be civil this time – if you can.

      1. Jack – Unless you’ve got a submission to make to the inquiry then I guess like the rest of us you’ll just have to wait until the findings are published.

      2. The problem as I read it is simple : the terms of reference of the enquiry don’t touch the underlying question of fake accusations of anti-semitism. The field of enquiry is quite clearly drawn in a way that focuses only on the surface issue of the behaviour of the time-servers in the central bureaucracy, and then also opens the way to criticizing the commissioning of the report.

        It is impossible to make a submission that really has any point under those terms, unless you have direct evidence about those narrow issues.

        What is actually needed is an enquiry also into the fundamental corruption that lies behind the use of warped definitions adopted by the Party that have allowed any Tom Dickhead and Harry to exploit the notion of ‘antisemitism’. It then needs to look at (a) the injustices perpetrated on members of the Party by the exploitation of this corrupt definition and the role of the JLM in undermining the Party (b) the replacement of such a definition with a framework that recognises the basic semantics of the English language in a way that facilitates the disciplinary process and (c) a revision of the disciplinary process to incorporate the lacking basic principles of justic, fairness and openness.

        But it ain’t going to happen.

        That said – SteveH is quite entitled to make the point that he has done.

  14. Yes follow Steve H(judas)and submit your comments and make lifw easier for the knight and his Witchunt to expel you from the Labour party…!PS really impressed with the QC.Why not a Lord or some other titled clown to trust the integrity of the knight and his round table to.The Labour party descends into pantomine farce.and somw actually votef for it including the judas..And now we have another committee to study the other committee,who will study the Queens councillor,who from the knights round table will after much reflection and “hand wringing” declare the Wirchunting season open..!…tally..HO!

      1. Would be judas if I followed your propoganda and distraction politics..No hiding now forr you or your right wing knight…!Give it up Steve H youve been exposed.!

      2. He must be.

        Judas took 30 pieces of silver. You sold us all out for less than a pat on the head off your beloved knight. You do appreciate he won’t even afford you that; such is his sense of entitlement?!

        At least Iscariot had the decency to top himself when he realised what he’d done. You just continue to hang around telling us it’s for the best, and think we ought to be grateful for your cuntishness.

  15. Joe, you are echoing the thoughts that many who post on SB have had about him and his tactics!

  16. For those of us around in the 80’s, it’s deja-vu, ‘cept this time it’s National rather than localised. Don’t expect reasonableness, fairness, adherence to rules or constitution; don’t expect truth or justice, Complaints from the Left will be ignored and rulings from officials become the new rules like tablets of stone, without any consistency, just made up to suit any given situation.
    Countless complaints have already been registered through official channels and completely ignored. Individuals are still in their paid positions despite numerous serious rule breaches, such as interfering with democratic election process’s.
    Bear in mind also the number of undercover police working in labour movement organisations, and other campaigns.. Read the book ‘Blacklisted’ to see how the State works against any group or individual interested in attaining some democracy in our society.
    Also look at the campaign group called Spycops. I think it would be naive to imagine that the State spies weren’t operating in the LP, and not just as ordinary members, but official positions. The police also offer money to informants. ‘You have to sign an informants register, as there was too much corruption when we used to hand money under the table in a pub’, I was told by an undercover copper..
    The State will do it’s best to ensure that we never have democracy, along with many of the careerist creatures who infest the LP.. I’m not leaving though, I’ll wait until I’m expelled on some spurious charge, or more likely as happened in the ’80’s, indefinitely suspended like hundreds of others in Liverpool.
    The LP Nationally preferred to have the Lib Dems in power, rather than a socialist council. Kinnock became a Lord after the destruction, egged on by Thatcher of course. This time we have a ‘SIR’ at the helm, so presumably won’t be long before this fella also sits in the House of Lords for services rendered..
    I didn’t join the LP for a career, or to hold any positions, but to campaign for socialist policies, winning over the public with good arguments. I don’t intend, like many of my LP cmds, to be silenced in this area. Residents and tenants groups can be established to do this work, (already done here).to ensure that the arguments for public ownership and accountability of elected representatives, don’t go away.

    1. I expect you will receive a comment from a poster on SB accusing you of being a “ conspiracy theorist”. Brace yourself!!!

  17. 🙂 Read the book ‘Blacklisted’ where the police colluded with employers, and allegedly TU officials, to ensure what they saw as troublemakers, often Health & Safety reps, were never employed on major construction sites. It’s still going on btw.
    Take a look at Spycops, read how undercover cops formed relationships, even fathering children, to the individuals they were spying on, while already having families of their own. One female has already received a substantial payout for this outrageous act as a result of a former police undercover agent ‘blowing the whistle’.
    The point I’m making is that the establishment have always, and always will, oppose those who campaign for democracy and accountability. Rules and laws mean nothing to them; they only apply to us..

    1. Here are some examples of the establishment undermining ordinary people’s democratic rights.

      The dirty tricks of the Shrewsbury trials expose the dark heart of the radical 1970s

      Throughout the Cold War the most prominent organisation involved in the blacklisting of so-called subversives was the Economic League. It was paid by companies, and worked closely on occasion with Special Branch, to compile databases of individuals.

      After an outraged deputation went to see Huw Wheldon, at that time Managing Director, Television, the banning was eventually lifted. But Goldschmidt was by no means the only victim of the BBC’s secret blacklisting system. The Observer has compiled detailed evidence of how the BBC vetting system, backed by MI5, has barred individuals from employment by the BBC or stopped their advancement in the organisation. In each case the victims were oblivious of their place on the blacklist – and therefore unable to challenge the often untrue or fanciful evidence against them. The man currently in charge of MI5 vetting is Brigadier Ronnie Stonham, formerly of the Signals Regiment, operating from Room 105 on the first floor of Broadcasting House.

  18. …and then the Shrewsbury campaign was hijacked! Most of the original Shrewsbury pickets have died without ever having their names cleared. Recently, compensation was paid to some blacklisted workers, but only if their names appeared on the 5% of names collected.
    The rest of the names were retained by the ‘Consulting Association’ (Blacklisting Co), or rather the lists given back to them which they claimed were then shredded. Meanwhile, UnitetheUnion are dragging their heels in the so called investigation into corrupt officials, despite some of them being named.
    Some of those involved in the cover up are still officials. Blacklist Support Group members were also expelled from Ucatt, before that TU collapsed and taken over by Unite. We were told by a former Gen Sec that Ucatt had spent over a million quid in expelling, and attempted expulsions, of members of this group.
    When their (Unite’s) legal rep was asked why a private prosecution wasn’t brought,against guilty employers, the answer was, ‘We hadn’t thought of that’. Construction workers thought of it though, so strange that Unite’s highly paid legal team didn’t.. Nobody has ever been prosecuted for using the list of names of trade unionists.
    So yes, undoubtedly, this could be called a conspiracy, against trade unionists by the State. I saw a list from the 70’s of the Economic League, only the NW list. I think there were several thousand names on it. We play by the rules that the establishment set, but like the LP, they only apply to us. Blacklisting is still happening, and the State is involved, as it is in everything. What can we expect from a pig, but a grunt?

    1. It was not only in construction but also the economic league via their association with the secret police plus security services had lists of names of so called left wing subversives which they presented to major engineering employers of the day. The state is not to serve the people but to be subservient to rich and powerful hence why Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters were targeted. Feudalism is the name of the game!

  19. I agree brianbotou. They get away with it by colluding in the myth that we live in a democracy. The LP apparatchiks quite happy to go along with this myth providing their pockets are stuffed and their ego’s massaged.
    It’s why I keep pointing out that people who absolutely don’t believe in democracy have a name. They don’t have to be racist. The SDP in Germany in the 20’s a perfect example of how a ‘social democratic’ organisation will show its true colours if they’re put to the test; they murdered their own membership.
    Henry Joy McCracken sussed this a long time ago. ;’The rich will always betray the poor’.. With some notable exceptions, our current crop of MP’s are exactly the same.

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