Crucial importance of social distancing discipline underlined as UK sets up ice-rink morgues

At least two locations appropriated for storage of coronavirus victims before news broke of Spanish government’s arrangements. News of similar arrangements in UK should spur public to greater discipline in social distancing
The Palacio de Hielo ice rink in Spain is now an emergency mortuary

The UK government set aside ice rinks in at least two locations to act as emergency mortuaries since last weekend at the latest – before news of similar arrangements in Spain was covered in UK media.

The makeshift facilities are ready to house up to 60,000 bodies – however, around 10,000 people a week die in the UK in normal times and holding funerals would create a risk of further spread of the virus, so by no means all those stored there will be victims of the virus. Bodies can then be released to families when the crisis passes.

The news underlines the vital importance of observing social distancing restrictions and should be a spur to action and discipline rather than to panic.

The more rigorously we care for ourselves and others by staying home where possible and maintaining distancing when we have to go out, the sooner the back of this pandemic can be broken – and with far fewer casualties than under the government’s initial ‘herd immunity’ plan.

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  1. A lot of the kids who go ice skating will never go back knowing their ice rink’s been used as a morgue, possibly for their relatives.
    It’s a lazy, thoughtless decision.
    Ice rinks will close as a result of it and UK skaters will be less competitive internationally for years. I don’t personally care much about sport but even I don’t think it’s as valueless as the Tories apparently do.

  2. Politicians & MSM ‘Focus on London’….”Get the London Look”, something to die for? A building in East London taken over to provide a ‘new’ hospital & medical staff taken from areas outside of the Capitol. Big Headlines……..but in Liverpool we have a brand new hospital that has been left as an empty shell, left incomplete……no action taken & no work done for many months courtesy of the demise of Carillion. It seems that the only investment in essential infrastructure is done in London. Welcome to the Northern Poor-House.

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