Exclusive: UK into ‘severe’ lockdown before New Year – Wales earlier – as new variant spreads faster and Tories aim to seize back devolved powers

Tory planned power-grab will outrage independence parties; breweries told to refuse orders for delivery before 1 Feb as Tories continue to target English pubs and ignore schools

Senior Whitehall sources say that the Tories are preparing to re-impose a ‘severe’ England-wide lockdown before New Year, with Wales entering a similar state a day earlier – and that Boris Johnson will try to exploit the situation aggravated by the emergence of a new coronavirus variant that appears to spread more rapidly, to seize back powers devolved to Scotland and Wales.

The Tories also intend to continue to target the hospitality sector and to keep schools open, even though schools are by far the bigger driver of the spread of infection.

The planned measures include:

  • ‘severe’ lockdown across the U.K. from 29 December
  • lockdown a day earlier for Wales
  • breweries have been informed they must not accept any orders until after 1 February

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wants the lockdown to last until till 31 March, but the Tories have been trying to blame Sturgeon and her Welsh counterpart Mark Drakeford for increased cases in their nations. Johnson aims to remove devolved powers and hopes to win back seats in Scotland and target Labour in Wales.

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  1. Expect to hear Starmer say how much he supports Johnson and his Tory guard dogs of the 1%🔴

      1. SH it’s true isn’t it? Your Keith and your “Mandy” are in step with Johnson🚨

  2. Christmas bubbles must be axed say medical journals in historic joint plea to Boris Johnson
    Two leading medical journals have demanded plans Boris Johnson scraps plans to allow household mixing over Christmas.
    Ministers were warned they were about to “blunder into another major error that will cost many lives” if the rule relaxations go ahead.
    For only the second time in 100 years, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and Health Service Journal (HSJ) today published a joint editorial urging ministers to the plans warning they risk overwhelming the NHS at at time when they are already under pressure.
    HSJ editor Alastair McLellan and BMJ Editor-in-Chief Fiona Godlee wrote: “The government was too slow to introduce restrictions in the Spring and again in the Autumn.
    “It should now reverse its rash decision to allow household mixing and instead extend the tiers over the five-day Christmas period in order to bring numbers down in the advance of a likely third wave.
    “It should also review and strengthen the tier structure, which has failed to suppress rates of infection and hospitalisation.”
    They added: “If our political leaders fail to take swift and decisive action, they can no longer claim to be ‘protecting the NHS.’”


      1. Lundiel, it’s not worth engaging with him.

        Everyone should just ignore him and hopefully he’ll fuck off!

      2. lundiel – Are you advocating that we all ignore the scientific advice and kill a granny for Christmas.

      3. Kill a granny for Xmas? Ooh, yes please! Where do I sign up, oh clichéd one?

    1. SH – “protecting the NHS” joke is just that. Spin to hoodwink a gullible public. THE priority of your lot is milking Covid-19 for profit ASAP. They are wrecking small and medium sized businesses, and even some big ones. Their Hedge Fund vultures will then gobble them up, asset strip and stuff loot in tax havens. At the same time, deliberately depress the market to profiteer.
      So Max Headroom will give “full support to the government”. Starmer’s desperate for his turn.

      We are living through another Wild West of plunder. Marauding bandits are now dressed in suits. They have ‘set-aside-names’ for their types eg Alexander, Dido, Tarquin, Sixtus, Piffel, Keith, Max, Headroom

      1. Science journalist is another, just shorten it to SJ. See, marvellous.

    2. I thought that the boffins were working on a cure, sorry vaccine. How wrong I was. Is it like that mink thingy. How many died? Are minks being vivisected as we post. The search goes on. The NHS was never in danger of breaking down. This is bollocks. But never mind If we behave we might go down a tier. Why are we in the effluent in the new year? Most of us are masked up and locked up. Could that mean that the, cough, masks are worthless and we’ll have to get jabs. Well from TV reports our scientists and researchers are in complete agreement, apart from thousands of qualified nutters, deeper, longer lockups it must be, unless you want to kill you granny that is. See you on the next march. ☮️

      1. Alex – Thanks for the advice but I’ll be having the vaccine as soon as I’m offered it.

  3. Not gonna happen!

    The tories will be dining on their faeces washed down with piss before Nicola Sturgeon and Mark Drakeford allow that to happen.

    And the tories can fuck off with their power grab too. This country is ripe for a violent revolution, and I can’t wait to see it happen!

    1. “The tories will be dining on their faeces washed down with piss…”

      How did you know I’d just got a job as a waiter in the West End? Are you stalking me? 😉

    2. Perhaps that’s why UK constabularies have been issued 5,000 assault rifles twenty-odd years ago (probably more now). Also don’t forget all those troops billeted all around the country – ostensibly for administrating Covid tests. The fat, lying slob is licking his lips over the prospect of imposing martial law.

      1. I hope I’m right that today’s troops have more family ties than troops years ago and are in much closer touch with their families than during the miners’ strike where IIRC there were only a few hundred deployed?
        Barracking troops far from home so they have no friends among the people they might have to shoot – might not work so well today, and I think I’m right that there are now fewer troops, fewer police and more of us.
        Martial law nationally is less likely to be a success today than it might have been historically I believe – locally it could be a possibility but they’d only be able to cover a few locations in depth I think.
        With a mass and widespread movement they’d be spread far too thin.

  4. The swing from Blue Tories to Red Tories must stop. It only encourages them. Only support decent MPs, councillors, officers, delegates and members. Lick not a single stamp, for parasites. They are not Labour. Stop hoping for crumbs🔴

    1. windchime – Another lesson that you’ve learned from those that sabotaged the 17GE, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  5. I don’t give a shit if you lot want to drink, party and kiss your grannies – it doesn’t bother me or affect me in the least.
    If your granny has other heirs though, and her house is worth a good lump, don’t be surprised if you get accused of deliberately infecting her for the inheritance if she dies of CV in January.
    ‘specially if you’ve got Tory brothers, sisters or cousins 😉

  6. SH it’s your lot’s old guilt tricks which gives u confidence to try again to make us help “those that sabotaged the 17GE”.

    Where’s the sense in that❓

    Not a single door should be knocked‼️ To help them is aiding and abetting deceitful crooks, lying frauds, disgusting parasites like your SIR Keith Starmer🛑

      1. HA😂 SH it’s your AH & other frauds’ wish to discourage and drive out anyone calling for learning and changing. Pull another one😂 I’m not the run away type, not a fair weather friend, not the leave an elderly victim of thugs on a toilet floor.
        No SH it’s odd to leave the party to your lot. The party has to be changed from within eg NEC votes, delegates etc. I’m in for the long haul. I won’t wait for others to toil for change then jump back on when a “nice” leader comes along. Who wants a “comrade” who’s only prepared to gush ho air when the going is good❓

        I agree with Tony Benn re Say what u mean and mean what u say. Daid it b4. Saying it again. Your SHs’ “loyalty” and “support” MUST be returned, multiplied X 1000 + ASAP‼️ From within and from outside re those unjustly suspended and expelled by your lot. To each their own. But walkouts, back foot, defensive, keeping head down, ignoring basics, have been proven BY HISTORY to be damp limp pathetic sulking. I’m for action, DYNAMIC SUSTAINED action to drive parasites out or at least END their parasitisation. Hard work yes. Beats repeating same failed doings. Beats whining and moaning. Beats ignoring the core priority of your lot.
        So SH, try your trick on others. I’m in for the long haul so pull another one❌❌❌

      2. ps while Starmer infects the party, not a stamp should be lifted for him and his parasites🛑

      3. Non party members have always helped at elections esp esp from the old CPGB.

  7. Kill a granny for Christmas
    You make it sound like a new thing
    It has always been grannies choice to mix freely with her little petri dishes in the winter

  8. Phew, we can be grateful that we don’t have seasonal flu to deal with as well. Well since we seem to eradicated that nasty menace we can look forward to our jabs of choice.

      1. lundiel – Do you not think that may have something to do with how flu is spread and the restrictions that many of us are living with.

  9. Lockdown joke in British Isles. Most islands easily & effectively closed their borders in complete isolation…….from the Isle of Man to New Zealand but in UK the planes keep flying; schools; restaurants & pubs open. Interesting news item on RT about ‘High Value Executives’ being able to fly anywhere but not having to isolate, to keep the economy going.
    Politicians fudge & refuse to make hard choices. Covid 19 could have been stopped in its tracks but quickly spread world-wide on the wind?

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