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Exclusive: Labour so swamped by member resignations, Evans pleads for help dealing with them

The decision of Keir Starmer and Labour general secretary David Evans to suspend Jeremy Corbyn for saying something the EHRC report said he had a legally-protected right to say has triggered a tsunami of resignations by party members.

So great is the exodus that Evans has this morning emailed other departments – even the party’s regional teams – pleading with them to release staff help to the party’s membership department to deal with them:

While Evans doesn’t specifically mention resignations, the only likely reason for emailing the membership team is to formally resign. Outraged members staying in would contact the complaints department or general enquiries and anyone wanting to join the party would do so via the online joining page, not by sending an email.

And the emails are likely to be just the tip of the iceberg, as most members quitting would simply cancel their direct debit and allow their membership to lapse, rather than writing in to formally resign.

It seems that for many Labour members who were clinging on in the hope Starmer might turn from his lurch to the right and his divisive actions, the suspension of Corbyn was the final straw. Of course, there will be some on the right who will be quite happy to see real Labour members leave and will simply pull out a bigger begging bowl to wealthy and corporate donors in the hope of replacing lost subs, but it’s hard to blame those who have simply had enough of the weaseling and non-opposition that now prevail.

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  1. I am not resigning. My son is, but I want them to throw me out.
    I have emailed the national party & my CLP giving them about five “reasons” to do so & my card number for easy reference.

    1. A FANTASTIC strategy Mark Francis. Let the Starmtroopers eject me, I shouldn’t make it easy for them to be rid of me. My family members didn’t actually book a seat on the concentration camp trains, they were forced onto them.

      I’m not a victim, I’m a democratic socialist and I always knew it needed to be fought for. The fight’s in the Party.

      1. Why are you guys/girls so easy to compromise to the Labour Party? They dont give two flying fucks if you stay, but they WILL care if you leave. The fight in the party died long ago! Corbyn was the last chance to resucitate the Labour Party and even he couldnt really fight against it in the end. Im not British, and since living here its so frustrating to see the British left capitulate and compromise so easily to the centrists and right wingers. If some of the left are going to remain in the party then no wonder the Centrists will walk all over the left within the party.

        Id rather not vote then ever participate in the shambles that is considered the Labour Party, just like American politics our parties have become one of the same with very little differences between them. Corbyn was the compromise and anyone thinking the NEC is going to make ANY difference whatsoever are completely deluded, weve had a left slate NEC before and that made very little difference to achieve more democratic policies within the party, remember open selections? remember trying to re-instate kicked out members? yeah nothing changed. Fuck the Labour Party, they will NEVER EVER get my vote again.

    2. The elephant in the room and always has been with Labour is ZIONISM. It’s never been properly discussed or debated.

      If it was, people would realise that Zionism is incompatible with Socialism and would ostracise the Zionists.

      Zionism is the problem in the Labour Party not antiSemitism.

      1. Completely agree with you. Labour without socialism will never get my families votes again.

      2. I figure that you are the best bloke to ask. What’s the difference between a centrist and the right wing? ☮️

    3. Well done to you, that is perhaps the best way – getting them to do the dirty deed, so the dirt is on their hands, which is where this lot belong – in the dirt – the Blairites I mean.

      1. This stuff seemed to surface with Blair. Is he still a member? If so, how can anyone remain a member? ☮️

    4. Good news that a lot of socialists and other Left-leaning members have finally seen through the Sisyphus task of ‘turning Labour Left’. This provides a potential membership for a new radical socialist Party . But where are the signs of those ‘Socialist ‘ Campaign group of MPs making any moves to seriously fight back , or better still, leave Labour and form the initial Parliamentary bloc of a new Party – based perhaps on our 2017 Manifesto. Since Starmer’s NuLabour reborne Party has obviously abandoned ALL of our 2017 and 2019 Manifesto promises, any MP who splits from Starmer’s Blairite Party has a much more solid democratic mandate to stay in their seat, even if moving to a new Left Party, than the rest of the PLP do.

      1. Oh, right, a new radical socialist party that wouldn’t stand a chance in hell of winning a GE, and would be smeared and vilified and demonised by the corporate media et al if ever it DID begin to look like a contender. But it’s doubtful it would ever get to that point, because the corporate MSM and the BBC would just blank it.

        And the ONLY way you can ‘fight back’ is via that very same corporate MSM, and THEY are hardly going to accommadate such a party.

        How someone as knowledgable as yourself can spout such assinine nonsense is very odd!

      2. And the point of Labour ‘winning’ a General Election under the now solid control of the Blair re-enactment society Starmerites, with exactly the same neoliberal politics and policies as the Tories , Allan Howard ? None at all – it just means more years of gullible Left Wingers putting in endless hours campaigning for a bunch of careerist crooks , yet again ! But, since a Starmerite/Blairite Labour Party is never going to win back those 40 vital Scottish seats, or most opf our English odl Heartland seats, there is no chance of NuLabour winning a General Election anyway. You are trapped in the delusional dreamworld of the Labour Left since the formation of the Labour Party, Allan.

        You are also trapped in the delusion that the two Party straightjacket of FPTP, will survive the economic typhoon to come , as capitalism is plunged into global crisis by the , surplus value production strangling, covid19 pandemic shutdowns. In reality , in the UK, as across Europe over the last 10 years, the old rigid party formations are collapsing and there is a huge gap for more radical politics amongst millions of working people ever-more crushed by neoliberalism and the looming consequences of the coronaviruus impact on capitalism. The question is whether this thirst for radical politics (the basis of the failed 2015 to 2019 ‘Corbyn Surge ‘) , is now filled by socialist or radical Far Right populist politics and organisations.

    5. As much as I understand, and I’m 60 been socialist all my life, am a party member and voted for Corbyn at every opportunity and left leaning members for the plp, being latterly partially disabled I am left with lots of time to study the news, consider the implications and try to reach a reasoned conclusion.
      Like most others the result of the election took a long time to recover from, but lately I’ve been considering the many similarities from both sides of the pond and this slogan from the Democrats concerning their presidential election struck a chord ” the perfect is the enemy of the good” In reality this means that like us with Starmer the Americans think Joe Biden is neither what Democrats need or even want to elect but that in this immensely important election he is far better than the alternative.
      Keir Starmer may not be quite what we’d all hoped for, but the ONE thing is that he’s electable to. non Labour voters, and after losing two elections under Jeremy it has been proven that he isn’t.
      The fact of the rw media smearing Jeremy goes without saying but it is a fact of modern life, as Starmer is already discovering.
      We can no longer aim to achieve all that we want from the Labour party, but in a binary political system I know where my vote MUST go, even if I have to hold my nose, because as the yanks say ” the perfect is the enemy of the good” and with this bunch of talentless lying clowns in charge I implore you all to do the same…

      1. I’ve been a Labour voter my whole life but no more! Holding my nose can’t stop the stench of Starmers right wing Labour so my family and I will not vote for a party that denies free speech. I now view Labour in a worse light than the Conservatives since Corbyn’s suspension. Denying free speech is the last straw for me!

      2. Tell that to the Venezuelans and Palestinians.

  2. “over the next 2 weeks” looks like they might be trying to match resignations with NEC votes. Is it possible or does the electoral commission procedure lock them out?

  3. I never rejoined after a year or two of Blair. And whilst Blairites are running the show or causing immense probelms I won’t be joining. Other family members left the moment Starmer was announced as leader, though the Labour Party seem fixated on them merely “forgetting” to renew their DDs.

    Blair got in on 9.5m votes in 2005, with the help of the LibDems taking millions of votes from the Tories, and the “safe” 45 seats in Scotland.

    Corbyn didn’t get in in 2017 with 12.9m votes, partly because of the poor LD showing and the fact that Scotland had already been lost before he gained the leadership.

    So it looks like Labour need to find more than 4,000,000 new voters over Blair’s last effort, because even in the midst of a pandemic, the Tory vote is holding up!

    And Starmer isn’t going to achieve that!

    1. Starmer and Blair have achieved the destruction of socialism in the UK which seems to have been their only goal in life. Both came from an ‘establishment’ who see socialism as the states greatest enemy. Little wonder they wanted to destroy it. The Tories will continue in power and the far right will take votes from Labour as angry voters try to find a way to express their anger through the ballot box as they did with the Brexit vote. xx

  4. It’s not surprising that Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension is causing many members of the Labour Party to leave. RLB’s sacking, the reversal of the Party’s Kashmir policy, several other positions taken by Sir Keir and the decision not to oppose the spycops bill make many members to feel that ‘new management’ means a new party. Whereas the centrists and neo-liberals are delighted by this, many, perhaps the vast majority of members are not.

    I have never felt more like leaving Labour in my entire life (including in 1994/95, when Tony Blair’s management made me uncomfortable) – but I WILL NOT YET!! I have an NEC Election to vote in. The local North Leeds Greens can wait.

  5. I wonder if this is a calculated move by KS. Many of us have left ( or in my case become an affiliated member via Unite, but maybe not for much longer) and as JC is the main force behind the socialist group he thinks he can get rid of the figurehead of that coordinated group everytime he tries to become more tory lite. Its not just JC being out its the soul of the party and all the passion and vision of the last five years going up in smoke.

  6. Just leave….
    …what is needed is to organise: we need a manifesto group to produece a declaration of the values and practice that will lead to a new party being formed. I’m getting on a bit but sure there are plenty out there with much to offer.

    1. A password-protected online manifesto group is a great idea if it’s well-organised and firmly moderated.
      Maybe pick the 2017 or 2019 manifesto as a starting point and work through every policy on desirability and costing, either ending with consensus or a ballot. Nothing less than a pre-ordained majority gets through, but voting to be left open to reflect changes of opinion and changing circumstances.
      Skwawky? Not too busy, are you? 😉

  7. I have voted in the NEC elections for the Grassroots candidates. I believe this is the plan by Keir and Dave to get us all to leave the party, leaving a rump of about 100,000 Starmerbots that can be told what to do and how to behave by the Leader. The PLP don’t need to worry about the poor, sick, infirm or for that matter the disabled, asylum seekers or for the decent hardworking members that go out and knock on doors for them. But they will find out that those of us who go out and take to people, knock on doors, deliver mailshots will be missing. Who’s going to do all the hardwork for them. Don’t leave just don’t do anything for these ungrateful bastards.

    1. You’ve voted already? I’m getting anxious now. I haven’t received any notification by email that I can cast my vote, where and how, etc.. I’d better check my junk folder.

      1. qwertboi, the email with link to vote, was received on 19 Oct and a reminder Wednesday. Deadline to vote is Noon November 12th.
        Check Junk Folder for “BALLOTT” “Your Ballot” “labourelections”

      2. Good luck with that. You could be already on a hit list. I know that I am repeating myself but get to Derby. ☮️

    2. “Who’s going to do all the hardwork for them?”
      Paid canvassers on zero hours contracts, out of funds provided by rich people glad to see the back of socialism as a threat

  8. I’m wondering what happens if and when the country finally discovers there’s no real opposition to the Tories and the UK has become a weakened, friendless and trade-deal-less virtual one party state, soon to be a puppet of the US.
    Does anyone see that as beyond the bounds of possibility?
    If the Unions and enough members withdraw their support from Labour there could even be enough of a vacuum for the far right to make gains – but only if there’s no genuine socialist party ready and waiting.
    However hard the MSM try to spin it the other way it seems only fair that Starmer gets much of the blame – but if ALL those who cost Labour the win in 2017 get their fair share I won’t complain.

  9. If this was about discrimination against the Jewish people I don’t understand against its members makes me think all the letters I sent to Keir and not be acknowledged makes me wonder.

  10. Chris Marsden: “The suspension of Jeremy Corbyn is a vicious and antidemocratic action by the right-wing cabal in control of the Labour Party.

    “The political pretext on which the suspension was carried out, claiming the existence of widespread “left anti-Semitism” in the Labour Party under his leadership, is a slander not only against Corbyn, but of countless party members. It is a political witch-hunt designed to justify the enforcement of the policies of British and US imperialism in the Middle East, built around the dishonest and illegitimate identification of anti-Semitism with principled opposition to the policies of the Israeli state……”

    It’s well-worth reading the rest of Chris’ article on WSWS. Right click the link and open in a new tab , you don’t want to shut your Skwawkbox article.

  11. If you are still a Labour member you should stick it out just long enough to cast your NEC Vote. If and when you jump ship consider this: There already exists a 100% Socialist, fully democratic, fair, just political party, so totally committed to tackling the Climate Crisis we created the Green New Deal: this is of course the Green Party. If, instead of remaining as an Independent MP or trying to form an entirely new party, Jeremy Corbyn aligned with the Green Party, I believe that a massive swath of committed Socialists would flock to join him as would other progressive Left Labour MPs.

    It is possible within the Green Party to declare as Green and another unique affiliation, so Corbyn and any other like-minded breakaway MPs could renounce the Labour whip, or wait for the public disgrace of the Starmer purge, and then declare as “Progressive Socialist and Green” Candidates. The Unions would have a new party to consider backing with their funding and this, on top of a sizable exodus of Labour MPs, could mean that the Captain of Capitulation, our Tory Trojan horse, Keir Starmer will lose his legitimacy as Leader.

    Political Parties are now recognizing the importance of the global Climate Crisis; for the Green Party it was always a major priority, but equality, peace and the Socialist agenda is just as important to the Greens. However, the first past the post voting system kept the party down to one solitary, very well respected MP, Caroline Lucas. A new infusion of already elected MPs could mean that the Green Party finally gains the recognition and momentum it needs to surge in popularity among voters weary of austerity, inequality and injustice.

    Greens have always totally rejected Zionist intervention: we have always supported the poor, the oppressed and the Palestinian cause. For MPs hounded out of Labour, the Green Party already has a well defined progressive political agenda and a fully organized party structure in place, so they could ‘hit the ground running.” The Greens rapidly growing international membership stands ready to accept tolerant, peace loving, environmentally conscious, Socialist MPs and new members, so please consider joining.

    I have never believed in the unfathomable Tory ‘landslide victory’ of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. The only reason the public accept the crazy ‘borrowed votes’ BS is because the corrupt BBC and Right-wing media forced Labour MPs to grovel selling us this lie. Now they are trotting out more lies to help Starmer eviscerate the Labour Left; we must challenge these lies. My Petition to demand an Investigation of the result could delegitimize the Tory Government and restore Corbyn’s right to resume his role as Labour Leader. This is the last ditch hope for Labour so please sign to “Rescue our Watchdog as All Votes Must Count!”

    1. Kim Sanders-Fisher: “If, instead of remaining as an Independent MP or trying to form an entirely new party, Jeremy Corbyn aligned with the Green Party, I believe that a massive swath of committed Socialists would flock to join him as would other progressive Left Labour MPs.”

      Good post Kim, and very true.

      Thing is, some of us would rather see the Labour Movement fragment, so that Jeremy et al form a NEW democratic socialist party backed by Unite, FBU and other trade unions which believe in the class struggle.

      Obviously, a new democratic socialist party WOULD be a green socialist party, and would, I’d hope, sit very close to the left wing parts of the Green Party. But, importantly, the new democratic socialist party would, if it obtained trade union support and backing, benefit from being the Labour Movement for the twenty-first century.

      1. qwertboi you say: “…some of us would rather see the Labour Movement fragment, so that Jeremy et al form a NEW democratic socialist party backed by Unite, FBU and other trade unions which believe in the class struggle.” Also, “…importantly, the new democratic socialist party would, if it obtained trade union support and backing, benefit from being the Labour Movement for the twenty-first century.”

        That fragmented section of the Labour Party may not be able to lay claim to the name “Labour,” certainly the Starmer gang would try to prevent that name-branding. In addition all of the breakaway groups in the past have foundered due to first past the post. Strength is in consolidation not fragmentation, but defecting MP can have the best of both worlds by selecting a strong new Socialist identity and teaming up with an established Party that already promotes all of their values.

        Despite the enthusiasm among young voters for dealing with the Climate crisis, they worry that a vote for the Greens will be a wasted vote in our current system. One thing that holds the Greens back is that because we get almost zero media exposure many people only identify the Green Party with environmental issues. It would be an advantage to the Green Party to have the public realize that our party has a far more expansive Socialist agenda and we would be gaining MPs who are known and trusted Socialists.

        As a Green Party member you are directly included in the democratic decision making process on a whole range of issues that perfectly mesh with core Socialist values. So the point is, why reinvent the wheel when you can adopt a fully functioning template and as I say “hit the ground running.” It is that ability to instantly adopt a progressive Socialist template and have a support structure in place quickly that would provide a real advantage. Our warped UK voting system holds us back here, but Green parties are gaining strength in many countries overseas and defecting MPs could join that trend.

        The Unions will consider backing a party that is paying serious attention to their main concerns and fighting their corner rather than pandering to Corporate interests and supporting exploitation. They will also be strongly influenced by MPs who they know they can thoroughly trust as opposed to Starmer who has lied, betrayed their interests and squandered their hard-earned money. Socialists win through solidarity and mass support; the Tories win though divide and rule: reject fragmentation.

    2. In 2011 the Green Party entered into a coalition with the Conservatives effectively handing control of Leeds City Council to the Tories. This act destroyed my interest in the party. I would require an unequivocal apology for that error and an unambiguous statement of their ‘socialist’ credentials before I could consider supporting them.

    3. I’ve suggested a couple of times that we should join the Green party en masse, make it rich and ask Jeremy to stand for the leadership.
      I think I even signed up but never heard back – maybe Greens read the Skwawkbox too.
      I think Greens and Socialists are a good fit.

      1. The Greens are soo not left wing, they are funded by the Billionaires and the Nuclear industry, Big oil etc to split the left. I guess you think “regime change” “Nuclear” George Monbiot is left wing? Check out Michael Moore Planet of the Humans.

        The LibDems offered a fake left to those angry with Blair, the Greens are cut from the same cloth. RLB’s Green much better than anything on offer from the Green Party.

        I have read your comments for long before commenting myself. You are attempting to get the left to leave the Labour party at the point where it is about to take control. I think everyone can see your game.

    4. Who are you kidding, Kim Sanders-Fisher, the Green Party is not, and never ever has been a ‘socialist’ Party in any shape or form. It has quite a few socialists in it and quite a few racist population-reduction eugenicists too of course) , but it, and Green Parties across Europe are in fact simply middle class liberal parties with a rag bag of often completely contradictory polices – and a no-growth ideology predilection for permanent austerity (supposedly to save the planet but leaving the related big issues of state-led planning and taking the wealth off the rich aside ) that regularly leads them to go into coalition with other parties to enforce capitalist austerity . In Brighton the Green-led council under councillor Kitkat, administered Austerity just like every other Tory, Lib Dem or Labour council, tiook on the council binmen in a long strike – and Caroline Lucas organised a community , rubbish collection scabbing operation to try and undermine the strike,

      The Greens – a socialist Party ? – no way. Neoliberals on bicycles more likely.

      1. jpenney – consider what the Green party could turn into after a massive influx of three times its membership – all disgruntled ex-Labour lefties like us who’ve quit Labour disillusioned with its lack of green policies.
        New socialist members who can maybe even bring up to 30 MPs with them.
        Most Greens will love being put in serious danger of becoming relevant, surely?
        And we believe in green too, don’t we? I certainly do.

      2. Id like to like the Greens but what we saw while Caroline Lucas was leading them was straight out of the Lib Dem playbook

      3. I liked their MP leader a lot. The Greens are full of conspiracy theorists as well (over 5G) but lets face it, our dear Labour party is full of people who are either not that bright or not the full shilling – Sir Mere Bystander is one of them .

      4. Some time before the 2017 General Election I discovered a website called “Vote for Policies” that was set up to inform the public and help people decide which political party best represented their most important priorities. Under a number of separate categories there were sets of policy choices that represented the manifesto pledges of a particular party that remained unnamed. You read through the policy pledges for a party and decided if it met your approval or you moved on to review the next set.

        At the end of the survey they revealed which pledges you had selected, taken from the manifesto of which political party. There was a lot of buzz regarding this website as people frequently reported that they were quite shocked to learn they had primarily chosen Green Party policies and that the Party who best represented their interests was the Green Party. But the Greens got nowhere near as much exposure as UKIP, so unless they completed the survey tool, relatively few people took the time to look at our manifesto pledges and progressive Green Party policies. Frustratingly, our greatest political contribution is still when another political party decides to steal our ideas, like the Green New Deal.

        FYI: Caroline Lucas and other Green Party leaders have no control over party policies; they do not dictate policy decisions to the Green Party members. All policy decisions are developed through direct member voting during party conference, where the party policies are constantly upgraded and added to though our fully democratic process. Thankfully I have not had the misfortune of encountering any “racist population-reduction eugenicists” or “Neoliberals on bicycles” at the hugely friendly and inclusive meetings and Green Party conferences that I have had the pleasure of attending. Urban myth me thinks…

      5. David NcNiven. The Greens , everywhere, are NOT in any way anti capitalist socialist parties, and everywhere they enter into coalitions in Europe they have ALWAYS supported Austerity. (And at present the UK Greens are being torn asunder internally by the identity politics Trans issue). Why suggest socialists yet again enter a non-socialist Party (despite some of their rag bag of contradictory generally liberal policies being ‘socialistic’) , to get involved for years fighting the non-socialist majority over policy ? Sound familiar ? Better to build a solidly socialist Party on firm foundations – and if the Campaign Group of MPs were serious (rather than just opportunist poseurs, as too many are, including John McDonnell I’m afraid) they would now leave Labour and help form such a new radical Party ASAP, now that the anti Left purge of the Left in Labour is rolling along nicely, with total co-ordinated MSM backing-music support.

        Those who boast they intend to ‘stay and fight’ are like those sad, abused, wives trapped in a long dreadful marriage, always hoping, against experience that, despite all her many bruises and broken bones, the abusive partner will eventually be kind ! Leave now before your life is ruined. There is life outside an abusive marriage and a serially abusive Party membership !

      6. Jpenney “Better to build a solidly socialist Party on firm foundations”

        Ergo, Zionists such as yourself would not be welcome.

      7. I notice, predictably, that the troll, Jack T , the crazed anti-Semite, just has to vomit up his baseless school playground ‘you’re a Zionist’ smear as per usual. Of course Jack T’s ludicrous definition of what a ‘Zionist’ is is only shared by a few hundred Far Left obsessives in the entire UK, and the clerico fascists of Hamas, Hezbollah, and Daesh, and the Iranian fascist theocracy, elsewhere.

        Simply accepting the right of an Israeli state to exist , does not in itself make anyone a ‘Zionist’ , you nutcase . If it was , and your definition of a ‘Zionist’ was a banned position in a new socialist Party, Jeremy Corbyn and none of the Socialist Campaign Group could be members . Of course whether the serial Right Wing troll, Jack T, really believes all his constant ‘Zionist conspiraloon’ stuff is a moot point. He may well just be posting this fllth to distract the Left from the real issues facing us today.

      8. So jpenney, criticism of Zionism is ‘filth’ to you – a typical nasty Zionist response.

        By the way, please use the correct terminology when referring to Israel. It’s not just ‘Israel’ it’s the ‘apartheid racist State of Israel’ ARSI will do for short.

    5. The green party are just another confused 😕 bunch of middle class wannabees even less likely to form a government than a right wing Labour party.And has for Lucas in Brighton I watched her at balcombe in nearby Sussex turn up for a Photo op struggling with the cops then drove away back to Brighton for lunch no doubt whilst anti frakers camped out and many spent a night in the cells.A new socialist working class party built round the excluded socialist MPs who if they have any principles will jump ship before being pushed.Same for the councillors,and the membership.with many like me willing to help building a Socialist peoples party.ITs the only way forward and the chance of success is small but its the only lodgical way of getting the Labour \conservative alliance on the run 🏃.Stay and fight?….been there done that and the cancer keeps coming back to destroy the lives of the people of Britain who have put their trust in the Labour party.

      1. The chances of success are absolute zero, and YOU know it Joe!

      2. Anyone who has heard Caroline Lucas speak in a debate in the HoC will know that she is the real deal, so don’t believe a word Mr Okeefe says about her. Needless to say, Caroline is totally opposed to fracking, and even if Joe did witness what he claims, the fact that he says she ‘… then drove away back to Brighton for lunch no doubt…’ tells you ALL you need to know about his agenda. She’s an MP, and MPs tend to have lots of engagements, but needless to say, Mr Okeefe wants to discredit her in the eyes of readers of skwawkbox, just as he does Jeremy Corbyn on a regular basis!

      3. Reading the comments is it any wonder we still have a archaic monarchy and knights and lords prancing around?..Stay and fight?yes when? Somtime never from a corrupt immoral political system of privalage that the Labour party should have challenged nearly a century ago.Private schools for Labour mps and titles for all.His that the way to rebuild the Labour party?…disgusted…!

      4. Allan Howard …go and play with the green party and tell your fables to them.You remind me of judas Iscariot pointing the finger at the disciples.Get some treatment for your poisoned mind.and get to bed.

    6. The greens showed photos claiming that London would be a desert ib1995 along with stuff such as we are all going to die in2005. Believe what you want but don’t expect a mass exodus to the Greens. We’ll be around for ages even after 2030 so long as vivid doesn’t kill every single one of us next year. My truly delightful sister in law is a top nurse at our local abbatoir. She went abroad for a stay supposed to quarantine for 2weeks. She was phoned on the day of her return to get back to work immediately. Believe that or not but it’s fact. Time for socialists to become socialists again enough of the end times stuff. Jobs, education, health and fraternity. ☮️

    7. Nice try Kim Sanders-Fisher but you are wasting your time. I would love to be proven wrong but I don’t think I will be.
      This will be a true test of the integrity of the British Labour Party. Supporters and members take note; how many Labour MPs will stand up and give support to Corbyn over his suspension? McDonnell has come out this morning and said it is ‘profoundly wrong’. Ok, fair enough “Solidarity Comrade” but I cant see that that will have Starmer quaking in his boots as he peruses the morning papers.
      No I don’t think we will see any great revolt occurring over this. An MPs life is, I imagine not a bad gig regardless of what they say. They like it at Westminster.
      No, Corbyn is out in the wilderness for good. A sad old man who has only himself to blame. He had his chance, to stand up to the bullies. A golden opportunity missed. He could have been Prime Minister now, but, que sara sara.
      As for the chatter on Skwawky of a New Party (please see above), parody on steroids. It is my favorite tonic in these difficult times.

      1. They like it even more at home than at the HoC. Ten grand. Lovely, up the workers.

  12. To resign at this moment in time is to play straight into Starmer’s hands. Don’t do it! Stay and fight.

    1. Ceredig: “To resign at this moment in time is to play straight into Starmer’s hands. Don’t do it! Stay and fight.”

      SPOT-ON! Well said comrade. Say it aagain and again and again.


  13. I’m one of the probable multitude that has simply refused to renew my membership (partly because it is so damn hard to find out who to resign to). To the people who say I should stay in and fight for real socialism, I say I can’t without paying my subs and I refuse to pay to support the opposition. It would be like turning up for a pillow fight and paying for your opponent’s machine gun. We need a real socialist party now.

  14. This is an effort to destroy Socialism for a generation just as america has done across the world for many years with its interference in south america and beyond.

  15. Greens have been known to lurch to the right when pm salaries have hit their bank accounts, so I would research this before putting my name to green.

  16. I am one of the probable multitude that have avoided the fuss of trying to find where to send a resignation to and simply failed to renew. I hear people saying I should stay in and fight my corner but I cannot do that without paying subs to a party no longer worthy of them. It would be like turning up for a pillow fight whilst buying the opposition a machine gun to use.

    My money will go to a cause that shares my values and acts in a way I approve. The Corbyn led Labour party was that cause. The Starmer led Labour party is taking diametrically opposing position to me in its massive lurch to the right. I don’t agree with or want to support Tory policy even if it comes from “Labour”. Starmer’s tacit support of many Tory policies has simply reaffirmed my view. This isn’t about tribality this is about doing the right thing. My local Labour MP does a good job but my conscience will not allow me to support him again as this would be taken as approval of what the Labour party has become.

    So I say don’t stay and fight, you let Starmer win by continuing to fund him. He wants an army of paying acolytes and will simply carry on ignoring the views of the membership – how can my voice be heard when diktats from the leaders office ban discussion of any thing the disagree with in the CLP meetings? Want to question the EHRC report? Can’t do it in a meeting? Want to question the payout to “whistleblowers” despite party lawyers saying they would lose? Can’t do it. Want to discuss how brilliant and “forensic” Starmer is? Sure we’ll give you an hour.

  17. I am interested in working with people to found a Labourt party that is not Tory(scum)lite. I also have quite a bit of resource. Those interested will find me on the Internet – I often post on Euractiv & Richard Murphy’s web site e-mail me – the rot has got to stop – it has gone on for 40 years. UK citizens (or would that be serfs?) deserve better..

  18. Maybe the call for help was not just about resignatiions- because that is just members tearing up their Party card and demanding their name is taken off the database. Maybe it is instead Evans trawling through emails from those he has turned into spies who he asked to feed into his fasisctic and hungry maw, names odf any members of social media pages and the like wh might be saying anything that could be deenmed critical of the EHRC report. The ignorance of Evans and Starmer is unbelievable. Starmer has littlee experience and neither has Evans. I thought JC was naive often and far too kind in his case. Starmer and Evans are just stupid- and also base. Lackiing any ingtegrity or honesty. . By the way – a ‘new’socialist Party won;t work . Yes the ‘Centre’ has shifted left, for reasons that even Jeremy did not unerstand. But a nhew Party will not work. We have to get rid of Starmer.And, to do that members need to stay or rejojn after they ahve let off steam. Bear in mind that past activity and coment will be invesrtigated when reapplying. Anyway – Labour is not goig to get much money in the near future to fight any campaigns. It will from people like Margaret Hodge. While McLuskey is about it will get very little from Unite.The GMB is likely to stump upo -but it won;t be enough. The new chasm that has opened up in labvour is entirely the fault of Starmer, r otherwise known as Sir Mere Bystander. The question that worries me is the interference in a political Party by forces of the UK State who are compromised politically.- undoubtedly encouraged by the current incumbents in Government. That is what Starmer, Hodge and co have done.

  19. When Ted Heath asked ‘who runs the country’ the electorate responded with ‘not you’
    Temporary Embarrassment just asked the unions, members and supporters the same question
    Methinks I know the answer
    First rule of politics is ‘to be able to count’
    If not votes then Pound notes, TE has lost both

  20. Who approved insulting Muslims then branding them anti-Semitic? The same lot now calling Christians anti-Semitic. Yes peeps hide your Caravaggios!!! The council house down the Mall is stuffed with similar. Betty has anti-Semitic paintings. So does the National Gallery and EVERY country house … built with the “compensation” paid to the slave owners. Salome should no longer be performed at the Royal Opera House or anywhere. Wagner is fine…. yes even in Palestine.

    BUT Hide your copies of the guardian peeps!!! They are now being declared raving anti-Semites because Caravaggio’s Salome presenting the head of John the Baptist on a platter first to Herod then to her mother, has been reimagined with obviously SIR Keith Starmer performing the fitting role of Salome the overindulged.

    Jeremy’s head on the platter.

    Oh the horror!!! Ban the New Testament!!! Ban the Catholic Church!!! BURN the Vatican!!! BURN CofE They are coming for all of us. The ridiculous inconsistency is quite breathtaking!!! Well done Keith. Four years in the Shadow Cabinet and Years infesting the party and you did not notice and fume at the raving anti-Semites.

    Jeremy as John the Baptist. SIR Keith Starmer as Salome. Wish i’d thought of that. Yes guardian. Are we now ALL ANTI-Semites??? Will the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism be picketing Liz’s many council houses and other grand homes??? I can assure them, they are festooned with more than Salome’s. Post Covid-19 will you be protesting outside ROH?

    What about this Sunday. Why not trot over to Theresa May’s church and inspect ALL the readings. Take a tape recorder and notebooks as is your habit and harass all there. Note every word. Lodge your complaints in the thousands to the EHRC. Go on!!!

    Get with it. Lots of Scripture to get through and lodge complaints… NEW and OLD Testaments. Go on!!! Start complaining about Moses. Get your armies of note takers to trawl through the Vatican’s pronouncements to date. SIR KEITH STARMER as Salome. I often detest the guardian but proof we should scan widely. Surprises everywhere. Some quite interesting… and in interesting times too.

    1. Ps Salome danced for King Herod and his guests. He was so pleased he offered her i think up to half his kingdom. She in turn went to her mother and asked her for suggestions. The mother Herodias tells her get John’s head and bring it to me. Salome did as she was told by her “masters” mummy and daddy. She is depicted in a lusty negative way… but she was only following instructions… Asking for instructions and carrying it out.

      Perfect casting Sir Keith. Rejig the gel maybe but the obedient behaviour spot on Salome. Poor judgement. Taking instructions from those with no morals.

      Jeremy as John – PERFECT casting. Unambitious. Honest to a fault. The precursor of someone greater. Exemplary humility. Extraordinary… the definition of humility. And giving a VITAL message. True value and vision.

      Salome unfairly / harshly portrayed possibly.

      Sir Keith Starmer as Salome – INSPIRED except the verdict traditionally pronounced on Salome is better suited to Starmer. Spot on 100% Unforgivable. Salome a child. Keith an adult. And one who should know, “just following orders” does not wash in a court of law or in any decent conscience.

      The Guardian as director – ***** 5 stars

      Jeremy- “victim of a sinister and murderously violent plot”

      No one is perfect but the assault on Jeremy in my opinion is “a sinister and murderously violent plot” on justice, truth, values, vision, anti-racism, peace and equality of treatment for all. 🌹🌹🌹

      1. Well done signpostwindchimes..I am glad you explained the dancer etc and king herod as many veiw Jesus Christ and religious beliefs as synonymous with father Xmass or some take a slightly more venomous approach to belief,not without due cause.I myself have been fortunate to be Catholic and do not give up the old religion lightly.I believe that the solution for the current HQ of the Labour party and the PLP would better being dealt with for the soul of the Labour party with a gallon of holy water and exorcism to remove the evil that infects the Labour party.We could of course do it the old fashioned way,(very popular among my people)a strategic firework and more fuel in the right place might be a more permanent solution….just joking..but to “Digger Evans” feel free to put my name on record its a honour in the current witchunt.

    2. I would like to know what she has done to her portrait? Could always stick it up next to the Beeb’s statue, I suppose. Pip pip.

  21. Not sure if this is true BUT before resiging or cutting up your card sybolically ,it might be worth bearing in mind the message from JVL

    Devutopia Retweeted
    We just got a message saying “It has come to our attention: If people email the party to say they’ve resigned, their vote in the NEC is cancelled. If people cancel their DD the vote stands.” Don’t resign until the ballot is over – better still don’t resign at all, stay and fight

  22. Just seen that Mark Seddon and Ian Williams have suspended their membership unless JC is re-admitted:

    I didn’t think that you could do this (cancel your DD or SO, email Labour and inform them that your dues are suspended unless JC is re-admitted) BUT why stop there ?

    Labour members wanting JC’s re-admittance should GO ON STRIKE ! Along with the above method, inform Labour that you will no longer campaign for them as well. Imagine the impact with the local elections due early next year. Starmers first election litmus test. Think big, we are many, they are few !

  23. Momentum rally: “We can get Corbyn reinstated”
    Trickett added: “I was speaking to him [Corbyn] yesterday. He told me he joined the party in 1966, I joined in 1969. So he’s done 54 years. And in that time, whenever people were in difficulty, he had their back.

    “Now we need to have his back. And I’m convinced we can get him reinstated. We can get him reinstated not simply because of our strength of numbers but because of our strength of argument.”

      1. Fuck ‘reinstated’ – can they get Starmer out and Jeremy back where he belongs leading Labour?
        No? What’s the point then? Jeremy’d have to come to an accommodation so Starmer doesn’t lose face and that would mean conceding some merit in Starmer’s stupid position on the god-like infallibility of the EHRC, Israel and the BoD.
        As a humiliated backbencher the MSM will dismiss him as yesterday’s man – a flash in the pan – a failure.

        Launching a new party with a seriously large and activist membership he’ll be constantly in the news – yes, being attacked, but what else is new?
        The MSM can’t simply blank the ‘wild socialist ravings’ of a new political party without people asking questions.
        In explaining the benefits of socialism over neoliberalism if our arguments are good we win support – if not, we fail.
        If there’s no left wing party to vote for when the Tories’ thieving and incompetence is exposed – what was the point?

  24. No longer under the whip Jeremy can say whatever he likes wherever he likes.
    Maybe if he pushes the boat out and makes the kind of radical speeches that would make us cheer and the likes of Starmer and the BBC wide-eyed with shock something might click with the public.
    What has he got to lose?
    What have we got to lose?
    The changes the world needs are extremely radical after all – nothing less will even slow the torrent of ‘avoided’ taxes to the newer, safer tax havens in the US.

    1. David
      Or tell those responsible what is going to happen to them when the next Labour government takes power, that at least frames the story in our favour
      Vexatious claims of anti semitism are hate crimes and will be prosecuted
      MSM and toilet papers, unlimited fines and 3 strikes and your out of business
      Foreign interference in our democracy, kick out Ambassador, formal warning, BDS turbo charged, sanctions
      Ties in nicely with manifesto

      1. I’ve repeatedly written that we should announce now that next time in power our first job will be ex post facto legislation so we can retrospectively try all those in the corrupt media and elsewhere who’ve subverted democracy with their lies about us, and jail those found guilty.
        That the kind of thing you had in mind?

  25. All those leaving before NEC elections are gifting the Labour Party to the right wing for ever.

    1. They can keep it.
      If there’s a new, genuinely socialist party the right wing vote will be split between Blairite Labour and the Tories.
      What’s not to like?

  26. If you are on the left you should not be leaving the Labour Party. We have the NEC vote now, we stand to gain control. This is a manufactured crisis aimed at provoking the left to resign right at the point we are about to take a crucial step to taking back control.

    If you leave now your are doing exactly what the Whig controlled Labour machine wants.
    Don’t leave!

    1. Complete fantasy, ktmrichard. There is going to be no ‘taking back control’ of the NEC or any Party organ by a now hopelessly divided , competing slate, Left. We had our once in a lifetime chance during the disastrous four year ,Corbyn Surge ‘ Leadership period. And what happened ? The up to 40,000 member Momentum was turned into a passive voting bloc and canvassing force by Jon Lansman and his claque of old cronies, and the passive (battered wives syndrome afflicted) Corbyn Circle failed to organise any fight back in any way whatsoever to the constant smears and outright sabotage of the Right. NOT A SINGLE EXPULSION OR DE-SELECTION no matter what the Right did. Yet you claim that the Left is about to ‘take a crucial step to taking back control’. You are just inviting socialists to donate yet more of their subs money and invaluable time to keeping in their well-remunerated seats, a bunch of overwhelmingly careerist , corrupt, crooks, masquerading as Labour MPs.

      Don’t listen to the permanently deluded optimists like ktmrichard – Leave NOW, and fight to build a new socialist Party.

  27. jpenney if there was ever a moment where there is a strong desire to deselect the Blarite entryist it is now. How can this be done from outside the Party?

    We had a meeting with Lansman and since he had no convincing explanation for his destabilisation of the party we completely severed any ties.

    We have a party: The Labour Party. We on the left are the majority why should we leave? It is true that the PLP is generally a War supporting, PFI mongering, Austerity collaborating group there as a result of machine politics similar that of the Chicago Democratic machine under Mayor Daley. We had successful entryism in the Labour Party: “the Murdoch Tendency”, which took over the levers of power in the Labour party with the help of a billionaire and his News Empire.

    Now that we for the first time have the possibility through hundreds of thousands of members to take back the levers of power for the majority, for the left, we should leave and start a rump party?

    We can have the Labour Party. Why should the left seek to set up a left version of Chuka Umunna’s Independent Group? Where did that get Umunna? and remember Umunna had the backing of the “Liberal” Press while the left has no Press allies.

    I think you want to encourage the marginalisation of the Left at the moment it is closest to taking back the Labour party and through the Labour party the country.

      1. My comment to ktmrichard also obviously applies to you, signpostnotwindchimes, You are also a ‘battered wife syndrome ‘ victim of traditional Labour Left delusional behaviour. How many times does the pro capitalist, careerist, deeply corrupt, Labour Right, have to effortlessly crush the Left after it has temporarily become numerically strong, before you grasp that the Labour Party is and has been from its inception the ‘Reserve Party of UK Capitalism’ and can never be a radical Left Party of socialist transformation, Have a read of Ralph Milibands still very relevant 1968 book, ‘Parliamentary Socialism’, never mind the last four failed years of Corbynism – and wake up to the endless Sisyphus task that the Labour Left are forever fruitlessly engaged in . Enthusiastic ‘hope over experience’ can be charming in a naive teenager – but for older people to endlessly fall prey to the ‘turning Labour Left’ illusion is just pathetic.

      2. jpenney are u saying that Jeremy and the Team failed to fight back because of some inevitable trait of being in the party❓ Sounds quite ridiculous to me. They appeased because they chose to appease.

        You are incoherent. We had the leadership, the members and the NEC, but squandered all. That was due to decisions made. What a weird idea u have. Thats like saying a surgeon who goes into an operation theatre and uses a technique that killed every patient over the last 100 years is not the focus of concern but the theatre room, the hard equipment etc.

        Your rude intervention makes no sense. It is quite clear that at every point Jeremy and Team CHOSE to appease the Right Wing. Of course they are parasites. But parasites do what parasites do. Our problems was the failure to act with any sense. THEY / WE have choices. Dianne Abbott said recently that Jeremy loved them (ie his enemies) but they refused to love him back.”

        That brought the inevitable consequences. He and the team TO DATE followed the appeasement and timid frightened approach as prescribed by Allan Howard. THAT was the problem. You are like the workman who blames his tools. Run away‼️ Run away and take White Flag Man with you‼️ And best of luck in your new party. No need to let us know how you are getting on. Your glittering success will have wall to wall coverage ALL OVER the media like Chukka Ummuna, Luciana Berger, Anna Soubrey … you don’t even need the MILLIONS they had. Your magnetic personality alone is enough to make you the next PM like the last Limp Dim leader. Can’t even remember her name…
        Bye Bye 🌹🌹🌹

    1. Ktmrichard , have you been away in some foreign land, out of touch with the UK news, during the last four disastrously unsuccessful years when Jeremy Corbyn was Leader of the Labour Party , hundreds of thousands of Left-leaning members joined, and the Left controlled the NEC , and Momentum had 40,000 members ?

      But after all that, the Left NEVER defended itself against constant Right sabotage, Momentum was neutered by the old insider claque around Lansman, and the majority of the supposed ‘Corbynite Left’ membership supported the disastrous, Election-losing, Remain and Second Referendum 2019 General Election policy – alongside the pro EU Right !

      So after all that four years of effort, and disastrous Left cowardice and tactics, the overwhelmingly elected Labour (NuLabour) Leader NOW is the Trilateral Commission’s creature, Sir Keir Starmer, the General Secretary is an ex marketing company rabid Blairite, and the Shadow Cabinet is overwhelmingly full of the people who actively sabotaged the Corbyn years – careerist, corrupt, pro privatising, open or covert, Blairites !

      Yet you have the cheek to claim that the Left is in some way at the cusp of winning back the Party ? What planet are you on, ktmrichard ? The four year Corbyn disaster showed to all but the terminally stupid or willfully delusional that the Labour Party is so packed out at all levels by neoliberal , corrupt, careerists that the Right will always destroy our electoral chances and even the Party before it tolerates a Labour Party prepared to attack the capitalist neoliberal status quo world of corrupt favours and paybacks for politicians that they are in the Party for.

      Wake up ktmrichard – we’ve done all the ‘taking back the Labour Party’ stuff from 2015 to 2019 – got the T shirt – and it utterly failed. You must be either a glutton for punishment or simply delusional to think the Left is on some sort of comeback !

  28. jpenney, like most of us I wanted the right wing to be dumped out of a speeding car, but the MSM would definitely have called that “Stalinist.”
    I assumed a large part of the reason they weren’t dumped was the accusations of “Purge!” that would surely have followed.
    Although we didn’t defend against the antisemitism slurs either, we could have done, and on a factual basis.

    “Stalinist,” being in most people’s minds a matter of judgement, might have been thought impossible to defend against?
    That’s just a guess – I know nothing of what they were really thinking at the time, if anything.
    I might make an exception and read their political memoirs though, if the Corbyn leadership group write them.
    It’ll be nice to have something new to fight over for a change.

    1. And I genuinely don’t remember the left controlling the NEC.
      When and for how long was that?

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