Keir Starmer’s record so far in a nutshell makes the bleakest reading

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Keir Starmer’s record so far makes grim reading. So far, the Labour leader has:

• broken Labour rules to withdraw the whip from his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn

freely discussed Corbyn’s original suspension all over the media while the party tries to ban Labour members from discussing and voting among themselves, on the basis that disciplinary matters are supposedly confidential

opposed Black Lives Matter protests by condemning the toppling of a slaver’s statue, dismissing out of hand BLM’s ‘defund the police’ campaign and dismissing the entire movement as a mere ‘moment‘, while publishing a token ‘taking the knee’ photo from his LOTO office – a token gesture dismissed by many black activists as meaningless (see video at the end of this article). BLM UK described Starmer as a ‘cop in an expensive suit

• opposed wealth taxes, describing them as ‘the wrong thing to do’

sacked Rebecca Long-Bailey on a pretext

sent a letter ‘in confidence and in private‘ promising to support Boris Johnson on schools

opposed teaching unions trying to protect children and their members

• supported tougher treatment of benefit claimants

• rebuked two black women MPs for being on a zoom call and not spotting that another black person on a call of hundreds of people was considered undesirable by the Labour right, but:

defended a right-wing MP who called for a statue for a notorious antisemite by preventing discussion of her conduct at an NEC meeting because she wasn’t present to defend herself – moments after holding a lengthy discussion, in her absence, about Rebecca Long-Bailey

spent a six-figure sum on forensic computer specialists to hunt the leakers of a Labour report on racism and sabotage

• set up a ‘diversity’ review panel consisting entirely of white staff

appointed the least diverse LOTO team in a decade

sidelined Labour’s most senior ethnic-minority staff member

three times failed to discipline right-wing MPs for actual antisemitic tweets shortly after sacking Long-Bailey for sharing an accurate article

• refused to defend asylum seekers

• supported Johnson’s haste to lift lockdown that has driven an early second wave

forced general secretary Jennie Formby out after she kept working for the party while battling cancer

• sacked left-wingers from the Shadow Cabinet after campaigning for election on a promise of unity

• promoted racists and bullies:

– an MP who ‘screamed in the face’ of Labour’s first black woman MP in what witnesses described as ‘disgusting’ and ‘disgraceful’ and which left the victim ‘shell-shocked’

– a front-bencher who had to apologise for discriminatory comments about Gypsy-Roma travellers

– another who boasted of swearing at a black colleague and joined with TV presenters and guests in mocking and laughing at the same colleague’s manner of speech. The same MP was also accused of Islamophobia after comments about disabled Pakistani men and their families

– one who publicly bullied a colleague by instigating a pile-on for not answering a media question about antisemitism and then, when it became clear that the colleague had answered the question, failed to apologise publicly

• run ‘entirely factional‘ meetings of Labour’s National Executive

All these are on top of a general failure to oppose Boris Johnson, instead resorting to telling him to do what he’s doing but more efficiently, while Johnson condemns tens of thousands to death and tanks the UK economy.

Kerry-Ann Mendoza of the Canary has published video analysis of Keir Starmer’s attitude to the Black Lives Matter movement, concluding that ‘Black Lives don’t matter to Keir Starmer’:

There must be change.

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    1. Not really a surprise, surely, to any serious socialist ? the wooden Starmer, as ex DPP, was always going to be a trusted creature of the UK Deep State – and also as an invited member , since 2018, of the globalist neoliberal promotional organisation, The Trilateral Commission, also a trusted agent of US-led neoliberal globalist capitalism. What is MUCH sadder, is how many supposed ‘Corbynista Leftists’ have immediately bought the delusional nonsense coolade that Starmer will honour his utterly cynical ’10 Pledges’ garbage from his cynical Leadership campaign ! There is no limit to many dyed-in-the-wool, old Labour Party Leftists’ willing gullibility ! Just have a read of this utter tosh, from the likes of that writer of our 2017 Manifesto, Andrew Fisher, and many others, who should know better :

      This is the repeat for the umpteenth time of the regular reaction of the Labour Left to having their collective arses soundly kicked by the always utterly ruthless Labour Right. The Labour Right have repeatedly proven quite willing to split the Party (eg, the Gang of Four’s SDP in the 1980’s, and the failed ‘Tiggers’ this time around) – and even (as per 2017 and 2019) actively sabotage our electoral chances, using every dirty trick imaginable. But the craven Labour Left just cringe passively at their attacks, repeatedly apologise, constantly water down their socialist politics to try to ‘win the Soft Left over ‘ – and then when the Left are utterly defeated – they start to announce the need to ‘Trust Starmer’ and see his cynical nonsense about the ’10 Pledges’ as proof positive that the ‘gains of Corbynism’ are now somehow permanently written into Labour Party policy !!

      All exactly the craven response of the Labour Left to their defeats over Nuclear Disarmament in the early 1960’s, and the failure of ‘Bennism’ in the 1980’s ! The reason should be perfectly clear to any realistic socialist , ie, that most of the PLP Labour Left are mainly interested in maintaining their own personal Parliamentary career gravy trains, than actually fighting for socialism. If this wasn’t the case, Jeremy, McDonnell, Abbott, Lavery, Trickett and co would have actually actively confronted the sabotage of the Right during 2015 to 2019, and now, with the Left utterly defeated, they would split from the now politically and electorally bankrupt Labour Party, and form a new Socialist Party – and such a party could have circa 100,000 members almost overnight with them as even figurehead leaders ! What a spineless bunch of losers.

      1. Spot on. McDonnell did as much damage to Labour chances during the 2019 GE campaign as the Blairite plotters did. McDonnell is a snake

      2. Left utterly defeated, they would split from the now politically and electorally bankrupt Labour Party, and form a new Socialist Party this is the way forward why waste time/energy battling the Labour right? leave them to stew in their own juices/see how electable they actually are

  1. I can well understand Skwawky’s antipathy towards Starmer but not in the case of Jennie Formby. She was complicit in expelling some of our strongest anti racist members from the LP and thereby conspired in promoting the anti-Semitism smears.

      1. qwertboi, the real enemies are those within who hide in the shadows and those who preach solidarity but who are weak and only too willing to throw comrades to the attackers instead of confronting them. If it hadn’t been for those people, the LP would not be back in the hands of the right wing and people such as Starmer.

        It’s the enemy you do not or will not recognise which is the most dangerous. What’s happened in the past is a lesson for the future.

      2. Qwertboi, Jack never-EVER misses an opportunity to trash Jennie or Jeremy! He alone – never-mind the OTHER shills on here – has posted the same things about Jennie and Jeremy probably fifty or sixty times or more in the past fifteen months or so, but NOT prior to that! Jack T has been posting on here for at least three years (he initially used to post as ‘Jack’ and then changed it to Jack T). As I’ve said before, if you regarded Jeremy as weak and cowardly and spineless for appeasing his enemies and not fighting back blah, blah, blah, and as someone who has thrown ‘good comrades’ under the bus, you would of course despise such a person, so ask yourself what the fxxx the likes of Jack are doing on a JC-supporting blog if they despise him, as anyone would if they supposedly thought what these posters think of him, and Jennie.

        The joke of it – ie the joke they’re playing on readers – is that Jack & Co endlessly repeat their black propaganda shite, whilst simultaneously pretending that they think he’s wonderful and a man of great integrity etc, etc, etc. The reality is that no-one on this planet would find such a person likable, and yet THAT is precisely what Jack said in a post on JVLs website a couple of weeks ago after having just trashed him initially – eg ‘Corbyn is weak and cowardly and spineless and throws friends under the bus, but he has many likable qualities’!

        The objective of the shills – and THAT is why between them they have repeated these things several hundred times on here in the past fifteen months or so – is to have readers of skwawkbox despise him!

      3. White Flag Man, when you have to resort to lies such as this regarding my comments: ‘Corbyn is weak and cowardly and spineless and throws friends under the bus, but he has many likable qualities’ It’s clear that your neuroses and lack of self awareness are getting the better of you. You need to see someone who can help you, the sooner the better.

    1. Jenny Formby was doing her job,carrying out party decisions Jack
      .They may well have been wrong,but that is another matter.Would you prefer her to be like the bum that has her job now?

      1. Ah, the Nuremburg defense. It doesn’t cut it with me John and nor should it with you.

    2. The standard automated response from the Trolls – when confronted by unanswerable evidence of the treachery and electorally suicidal Right Wing politics of the Starmerite Labour Right – just vomit up non sequitur bollocks about ‘Zionism’ . And the sad thing is, every predictable time they do it , too many on the Left ARE indeed distracted from the issues. Jack T is either an active anti-Semite , and/or, a paid troll constantly posting on this issue to sow confusion and discord on a significant Left blog. Ignore him.

      1. jpenney – the gift which keeps on giving. If you or anyone else believe I have said anything which is antiSemitic please give me an example.

        There is no more dangereous and treacherous entity than the Zionist State of Israel. To further their illegal occupation in Palestine, they will stop at nothing. If you want to know where the most determined and ruthless threat to any Socialist government is, it is in Israel. There are many in the LP who need to be educated about the true nature of Zionism but not by the Zionist JLM who are agents of the Zionist enterprise.

        Here is an horrific example of the Zionist’s treachery:

    3. Regarding Jack’s response to my initial post in which HE accuses ME of lying – yeah, what a joker our little fascist shill Jack T IS – I have responded in a post at the end of the Comment section (at the time of posting) so as to not push in above other posters again.

      1. Allan – Absolutely nothing to do with grabbing the opportunity to repeat yourself 3 times with a bit of free virtue signalling thrown in for good measure then?

      2. This particular post from Skawky has generated a lot more heat than light.It was,if folks will cast their minds back,about Starmer’s non-performance as leader of the LP.JackT,you were the first to drag us away from the target of the post by attacking Jenny Formby,you then went on to blame all the lefts problems on Zionism.The agents of Israel are far from innocent but there were a lot more people interested in defeating Corbyn than them.All you did was give Starmer’s chief supporter here a chance to help lead the discussion away from Starmer’s lies treachery and incompetence,and Howard to pursue one of his many personal vendettas,again at the expence of a discussion about Starmer’s failures and how we can fight them.

      3. john – This particular post from Skawky has generated a lot more heat than light.

        Was it ever intended to do anything else.

    4. I lost a lot of followers and was blocked by many for criticising Jenny Formby. It’s about time the genuine left (if there are any) woke up and fight or form a new socialist party

      1. David Lowton – You could always join John and his oh so earnest band of comrades in Left ‘Unity’.

  2. It is heart breaking to see what we have been reduced to with this awful man as our leader.

  3. And offering to back Johnson’s power-grab in the “Internal Market” bill. OK he said he wanted some changes, but if there were those changes – there’d be no bill to back! There were rumours of his weak stance on social media 48 hours ago, but not a word of it in our mainstream media! Quelle surprise.

    He appears to be more concerned with the right-wing attacking him than with getting on with the job of Leader of the OPPOSITION!

  4. To me, Zir Keir is a very dangerous leader of Labour.

    His record shows he does not ‘respect’ the same Labour-values that have endured through most of the Labour Party’s history.

    Of course, an invitee-member of a billionaire-led neoliberal pressure group, the Trilateral Commission, is certain to “challenge” Labour’s democratic socialist values, its purpose and its role.

    Chalk and Cheese. Labour and Capital. Love and Hate. Some things are opposites, and some opposites are antagonists and cannot co-exist without being changed as in reduced or oxidised.

    Sir Keir Rodney Starmer is an Antagonist to me. Labour needs rid of him (or of me). If only we had half a million mostly leftwing members, it’d be an easy problem to fix.

  5. Wrt the claim that Starmer “entirely factional”
    This to me highlights the importance of not allowing the left vote in the upcoming NEC elections to be split and so allowing the right – wing factionalist to retain control.

    Without exaggeration It is a vote for the heart and soul of the party.

    A right wing factionalist dominated NEC will only vote for the interests of their faction not the Party.
    This would result in
    Leadership nomination criteria being rigged
    NEC make up being changed to include more “centrist” groups in Party and dilute grassroots members influence
    Purges of dissenting voices using spurious allegations.
    Conference decisions being ignored.
    Thousands of members resigning.

    To Save the party – Vote for the left slate.

    1. How many members were unjustly purged from the party during the Corbyn/Formby tenure?

      1. Put the blame where it belongs, Steve.
        The left made some poor choices in response to unjust attacks from all sides, but that doesn’t mean we should switch allegiance to those who lied and cheated like Tories to win.

      2. Purged? Purged? As in cleansed or removed?

        Neither Corbyn nor any democratic socialist in Labour actually expelled or ejected any of their party’s members in the manner you imply.

        Of course many fine non-antisemites (and socialists) were – at the bequest of the likudist interests in centrist Labour, the Board of Deputies, JVL, etc. – evicted from their political home.

        You, Sir, are shameless!

      3. qwertboi – “You, Sir, are shameless!

        Why, because I had the temerity to ask a question?

        You can try to spin it and shift the blame but the fact remains that the investigations were carried out with the delegated authority of the GenSec (look at the rule book).

    2. In the comment above, I’m sure that quertboi meant the JLM, not our good friends and comrades in the JVL!

  6. “Save the party” – the party that cheated us all out of electoral victory and helped the Tories win elections so that its right wing could keep its comfortable sinecures? Fuck the poor, we’re all right?
    I don’t think so.

  7. I fail to understand why Skwawkbox is lamenting Keith Starmer’s first 162 days as LOTO, far from a failure, Keith’s lamentable tenure has been a Tour de Force in Toryism at its best and what a Tory he’s proved to be!

    For all those who fell for Keith’s bollocks, you ain’t got the excuse that you were not warned, so, it would seem the UK has the poxy government it deserves and the Labour Party has the poxy leader it deserves – I just feel sorry for all those who opposed Bojo the Clown and Keith, among them myself.

    1. Just out of interest, WHO warned them, and when and how – ie through what medium? You imply that left-wingers were warned about Starmer and yet still voted for him….. well, I don’t think it was like that at all. The only possible choice left-wing members had out of the three contenders was RBL, and for a variety of reasons many felt that they couldn’t vote for her (and didn’t vote at all), and if any left-wing members DID vote for Starmer, it was because they were duped into believing that he would continue with Jeremy’s program (which Steve H dissembled and reiterated on here so as to dupe people). But I don’t think that amounted to many, and the vast majority of people who voted for Starmer were right-wingers.

      And even if people – and you can only be referring to left-wingers – WERE somehow ‘warned’, it doesn’t make sense that they would have then just completely ignored the warning, and voted for Starmer anyway. I don’t buy it, but then I don’t buy the assertion that ‘they’ were warned in the first place OR that more than a small number of left-wingers voted for him.

      1. Allan – ….and yet the actual figures tell a different story. A very substantial proportion of those who voted Corbyn in the 2 previous leadership elections must have voted for Keir this time round because otherwise he wouldn’t have won in the first round. You may also note that a lot of the CLPs (including Jeremy’s own CLP) who previously nominated Corbyn nominated Starmer this time. I’m disappointed that the NEC didn’t also publish the 2nd preference votes so that we could have a more complete picture of the level of support Keir has from the party’s members

      2. I for one warned people off Starmer.
        His record as DPP and MP had lots of warning signs.

      3. You say that Iain, and yet WHO did you warn and how? I’m sorry, but I think yur spouting B/S lies, cos no left-winger could possibly vote for someone who they knew had, for example, screwed over Julian Assange.

        As I just said Steve, unless they were duped (by people like you, and Starmer himself and the MSM), it is inconceivable that left-wingers would have voted for Starmer. And how ironic that YOU of all people on here who REALLY REALLY pushed the Starmer line, should NOW – in your post – be in effect defending and backing up those coming out with this B/S about having ‘warned’ people not to vote for him, but that they did so anyway. What a complete and utter fucking shill joker you are SteveH!

        Left-wing members were leaving the party in droves after Jeremy was defeated and announced that he was standing down, and I have little doubt that the Blairights were signing up in droves simultaneously!

      4. Allan – “Left-wing members were leaving the party in droves after Jeremy was defeated and announced that he was standing down,”

        Perhaps bot the brightest political decision the self appointed guardians of ‘The Left’ have ever made. How did they anticipate they were going to influence the future direction of the Labour party without a vote.

      5. Oh, and yet AGAIN, Steve H is on the case within a matter of minutes….. and the reason he IS, is because he’s a paid shill/propagandist who constantly monitors the site fifteen/sixteen hours a day every single day.

        This is just MORE propaganda shite that the shills have dreamed up so as to denigrate the left membership, and THAT is why they keep repeating it, but of course they DON’T say HOW these people were supposedly ‘warned’ OR how THEY know that they still voted for Starmer anyway. It’s all complete and utter B/S.

        If, as a left-wing member, you knew and understood Starmer’s part in the change in Brexit policy, and knew and understood his part in fitting up Julian Assange when he was head of the CPS, then there is no way on this planet that you would have voted for Starmer.

        NB I just quickly checked his wikipedia profile, and THEY have him as: ‘Ideologically, he identifies as a socialist and has been described as being on the soft left within the Labour Party.’ Hmm, I wonder when the entry was posted!

      6. Allan – I suggest you calm down, have a cup of tea and then start again and this time try to avoid the incoherent ramblings

      7. Here’s MORE complete and utter B/S from the same post Jack posted on JVLs website, and directly follows on from the paragraph I posted above:

        ‘Having said that, Jeremy was unique, he was probably the only person who could and did unite all the various factions within the Party, except of course for that tiny Zionist contingent who from the outset were determined that they would not let him succeed. They had only one aim and it was to deflect all criticism and attention away from the apartheid actions of Israel. As soon as they saw he was weak in his opposition to them, they drove the knife in even deeper.’

        You see it was ONLY a ‘tiny Zionist contingent’, and Jack doesn’t feel it’s worth mentioning that the whole of the MSM conspired in the A/S smear campaign and gave this ‘tiny Zionist contingent’ a direct line to tens of millions of people with their vile and abhorrent black propaganda lies, along with the Jewish newspapers and the Tory Party and the LibDem leadership, not to mention the CAA and LAA and CTS and BoD (I assume Jack INCLUDES the JLM and LFI in his ‘tiny Zionist contingent!). And Jack is lying – doubly lying in fact – when he implies that because Jeremy was ‘weak’ in his opposition to them, that had he NOT been, they wouldn’t have driven the proverbial knife even deeper. If you believe THAT ffs, you’ll believe anything! Nothing on this planet that Jeremy could have done would have stopped them from driving the knife in further, or to ues the ‘Bully’ analogy, as the shills often DO, there is no way this particular bully was EVER going to stop bullying, becaus THEY had total control and/or access to the all-powerful weapon that they hammered Jeremy with – ie the corporate MSM and the semi-corporate BBC.

        And it is of course complete and utter B/S that Jeremy united ‘all the various factions within the party’. Oh, right, all the Blairights – whether MPs or members – were ALL united by Jeremy! What a bunch of Propaganda tosh!

      8. I’m hoping this will appear just under my previous post:

        And ANOTHER falsehood that Jack dissembles in his post – ie the passage I posted above – is that the ONLY aim of this ‘tiny Zionist contingent’ was to deflect ‘all criticism and attention away from the apartheid actions of Israel’. Yeah, SURE Jack, and their aim wasn’t of course to ‘transform’ Jeremy (and the left membership) into anti-semites and do so, as such , to make sure that he doesn’t get elected and form a government.

        As I’ve said on more than one occasion previously, AFTER the 2017 GE when he came so close to winning, they trebled down on their smearing and character assassination, and ESPECIALLY the A/S smears, and each of the ‘direct’ claims of A/S happened in the months and the year or two AFTER the election – ie the ‘Mural’ episode, the ‘English Irony’ episode, the ‘Anti-semitic Book’. episode etc. And you can be 1,000% certain that the Israeli lobby and the security services here had dug out ALL this stuff on him within a few weeks of Jeremy being elected leader, but they held it all in reserve, so to speak, as opinion polls (and no doubt their OWN private polling) was telling them that what they WERE doing (with Ken and Jackie etc during the first twenty months or so prior to the 2017 GE) was all working a treat, and so they didn’t need to use that ‘direct’ stuff THEN, but given what then happened, it was now time to use that ‘direct’ material. And they DID, and anyone who thinks that it all just happened to come to light AFTER the 2017 GE is living in Cloud Cuckooland. Of course it didn’t! And apart from the fact that they figured they didn’t need to use the personal stuff, their agenda from the outset was to ‘transform’ not only Jeremy into an anti-semite, but the WHOLE of the left-wing membership as well, and ALSO transform the Jeremy Corbyn-supporting membership in to bullies and thugs and homophobes etc.

      9. Allan – Much as we all ‘appreciate’ your considerable efforts do you really really think it was worth it just to impress yourself with how ‘politically astute’ you are?

      10. Allan,
        On all forums i posts on I slammed Herr Fuhrer Starmer for what he is, namely an establishment Stooge – further, my own Unite Affiliate Vote never appeared, maybe something to do with the fact I’m banned from the Party for allegedly threatening to murder Neil & Stephen Kinnock, and a ban from Full membership, does not extend to my Affiliate vote, which i was able to cast in 2016. In a nutshell, no genuine Socialist would have cast a vote for Starmer, wishy, washy Corbynista though did vote Starmer, many of these being People’s Vote types.

      11. Christopher (just spotted your post), whatever the case, what *I* am arguing against is the B/S that posters on here are spouting – and not for the first time – that left-wing members were ‘warned’ about Starmer, and yet – so these posters claim – they still went ahead and voted for him. BUT, nowhere do these posters – despite my having asked them previously – say WHO warned them, or through what medium they were warned. In one post recently (I can’t remember who it was, but it WASN’T one of the regular all-day every-day posters AND it was right at the top of the Comment section) they said something along the lines of ‘We warned them about Starmer, we pleaded, we screamed’ etc, as if to say that FIRST we warned them, but they – whoever ‘they’ were supposed to be – still insisted they were going to vote for him, and so THEN we pleaded with them, but STILL they insisted they were going to vote for him, and so then ‘we’ – whoever ‘WE’ is supposed to be – screamed for them not to vote for Starmer. And WHERE did this all take place supposedly, well, nowhere of course, because it’s ALL complete and utter B/S.

        The thinking behind the B/S is to have readers of skwawkbox – in view of all that Starmer has done SINCE he became leader (apologising to the ‘whistleblowers and John Ware and paying them damages etc, etc) – is that ‘we’ tried so hard to warn you what he would be like, but you just wouldn’t listen, and you just wouldn’t accept that we were right, despite all our warnings and all our pleading, and it’s all YOUR fault that he is now leader.

        As I say, I don’t know where all this is supposed to have taken place (and it DIDN’T take place anywhere!), but the only person on skwawkbox that I can recall ‘advocating’ for Starmer was SteveH (and I recall one post by RH who came out with some B/S about an aquaintance of his who had previously been in the Communist Party saying (to him) that we had to be realistic, and Starmer was the realitic choice out of the contenders, or words to that effect).

        Oh right, and simultaneously they were posting lots of comments about how useless RLB is, or whatever!

    2. Allan,
      In response to your last response to me. i think it fair to say that most on this Forum, and other Forums i use were opposed to Starmer, this was qualified by another fundamental fact, namely, the actual line-up for the Leadership contest was lamentable, much of this due to the fact that certain Leftwing forces within the Party thought it time for a female leader, which was a huge mistake in my opinion, hence we were lumbered with RLB, rather than the best person for the job, two of whom come to my mind and both are male – I must add, i should have given Lady Nugee more consideration than I did, given the poor opposition Starmer is providing, this despite a strong aversion to her EU credentials and pro-Israeli stance – that’s hindsight for you!

      The fact remains, the genuine Left pushed for RLB as the Stop Starmer Candidate and Richard Burgon as Deputy, and on both accounts we were beaten, meaning the actual number of genuine Leftists within the Party was lower than many thought – my only consolation from this farce is the number of eligible voters who did not vote was high, meaning most had little appetite for any of the Leadership contenders – In a nutshell, Corbyn should have stayed on as Leader in my humble opinion, which, hopefully would have facilitated the split in the Party that’s necessary if it is ever to claim to be a democratic socialist Party, rather than the neoliberal, wanton warmonger machine it is today.

      1. “ Who’s careless words exposed the party to the court action?“

        Yours? Barbara Hodge’s, Tom Watson’s? Maybe that great labourite anti-semitism shah, John Mann?

        Does it actually matter now?

        Unless we become as nihilistic and as bombastic as the centrist right You seem to admire so much, and (like them) believe that if we do not get our party back, then we should break it to smithereens.

        OUR WAY OR NO WAY!!!

        Happily, that’s not what we are. We are better and too principled for behaviour like that- but we WILL win!

      2. qwertboi – It is unclear how much your outburst of empty rhetoric has added to the discussion.

  8. Regarding Jack’s response to my initial post in which HE accuses ME of lying – yeah, what a joker our little fascist shill Jack T IS – I have responded in a post at the end of the Comment section (at the time of posting) so as to not push in above other posters again.

  9. In a post on JVLs website four weeks ago Jack said the following:

    ‘Because of Jeremy Corbyn’s eagerness to appease, he must accept some of the blame for Labour’s loss of electoral support. He failed to stand up for those such as Chris Williamson, Mark Wadsworth, Jackie Walker and others who went out on a limb to support him. He gave more support to his enemies than to his friends.’

    So what Jack would have people believe is that there were people who didn’t vote for him – for Labour – because of Jeremy’s ‘eagerness to appease’. In other words – or so Jack would have readers of JVL believe – these people KNEW that the claims and allegations of A/S were for the most part false AND, as such, were aware that it was a massive Smear Campaign against Jeremy and his allies and the left membership, but they didn’t vote for Labour because Jeremy didn’t stand up to them. Right, so they didn’t give a fig about the Smear Campaign itself, and all those who conspired in it so as to dupe millions of people and, as such, undermine and subvert democracy, oh no, they – according to Jack – were only concerned with Jeremy not fighting back, and so much so, these people who would normally vote Labour DIDN’T. Yeah, Jack, it sounds so plausible! NOT!!

    What you have to understand is that Jack T is a shill AND a propagandist, and any way he can – even if it makes absolutely no sense once you give it a little thought – he will come up with ways to further trash Jeremy in the eyes of those of us on the left.

    Oh right, and all these people that Jeremy ‘failed to stand up for’ ALL ‘went out on a limb’ to support Jeremy, and needless to say, Jack and his fellow black propagandists threw THAT in so as to make it sound even worse to readers of JVLs website that he should have not stood up for them – ie Chris and Jackie and Co – and ‘gave more support to his enemies than his friends’.

    If you can’t see through his blatant propaganda then it’s no wonder the Sun and the Mail and the Express are still in existence!

    1. White Flag Man, I detect an impending collapse of your sanity, it worries me, please seek help.

    2. JackT was correct in his criticisms of Corbyn,who continued to appeal for unity long after it was obvious the right and their many friends in the corporate media etc wanted only one thing,the defeat of the left.That does not detract from all the good things that came out of the Corbyn leadership,but the left lost,and we need to understand why and how so we can defeat the enemies to our right,the first being New Labour mk2.

  10. He declared himself a Zionist, loving the apartheid state of Israel,some of his front bench also,along with RLB, is this what the country needs, a full on Zionist party, in the UK?
    Any true Labour MPs, need to call Starmer out, but I see they are cowards.

    1. Mmmm, maybe not cowards, just politicians in that nasty, managerial style that many people/voters despise. To whit, Jeremy Corbyn’s integrity and principle.

      We need more people of his calibre in Labour

    2. Richard Burgon and the MPs in the SCG agree with me, they “want to see Keir Starmer in No10” at the next GE.

    3. Dave:And what do you think would happen if these ‘true Labour MPs’ called Starmer et al out for being Zionists? How do you think the corporate media and the BBC and the Zionist groups themselves would react (the JLM and the CAA and LAA and LFI, not to mention the CST and the BoD and the Chief Rabbi etc)? AND the so-called ‘moderates’ in the party of course! They would all go ballistic (albeit ALL an act) and be calling for said MPs to be thrown out of the party, and I have little doubt that Starmer would oblige. Is THAT what you want?!

      You know that this is what would happen of course, and you are just pretending that you don’t!

      1. The first acts of capitulation were the start of a very slippery slope.

      2. Ah,so we mustn’t fight back because it will be hard and we might loose.You really need to take a close look at the various completely contradictory positions you have taken on these pages over the the last few months.You share some excellent sources and articles,yet you completely fail to take on board the logical direction they take the thoughtful reader.Time for some self reflection Mr Howard.

      3. I’ve only just seen your post John (and the one prior to that) and you are being TOTALLY disingenuous. It has NOTHING whatsoever to do with it being ‘hard’ to counter and refute the lies and falsehoods, because THAT is NOT the reality, and YOU know it. And the reality is that the very MSM who conspired in the A/S smear campaign from the outset were never-EVER going to allow Jeremy to expose the lies and falsehoods that they were dissembling. The joke of it is that you and Jack et al pretend that Jeremy COULD have fought back against the lies and falsehoods, and THAT in itself is a falsehood.

        Oh, and I like the line about how I share ‘some excellent sources and articles’, and yet I fail to see ‘the logical direction they take the thoughtful reader’ blah, blah, blah. You are of course lying through your teeth – and for the obvious reason – but perhaps you could name one or two of these sources and articles you refer to.

        No? Thought not!

      4. Allan – Don’t be so needy, it’s only 5 minutes since you posted your ‘challenge’.

      5. I think I might just make a complaint to SB about you ‘stalking’ me all the time Mr H. And just out of interest, why don’t you use your full name (and THAT’s assuming your first name really IS Steve!)? Needless to say, no-one but a shill who’s monitoring the site – the comments that is – all day long every day, could possibly be ‘Replying’ to my posts as often as you do, and within a few minutes practically every time!

      6. Allan – Aww didums, is that really the best you could manage to come up with after having had more than a day to think about it. Please feel free to run to ‘teacher’, I’m not the one repeatedly making false accusations.

  11. That was a brilliant video from Kerry-Ann Mendoza at the end of the article. I agree with everything she said.

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