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Hospitalisations rise as new virus cases become exponential

Pandemic deniers have challenged rise in cases by asking ‘where is the increase in hospitalisations?’ As was always clear, it just lagged behind cases

The daily number of coronavirus hospitalisations has shown a sharp increase, lagging behind rising case numbers, as would be expected.

A hard core of people who want to deny the significance of recent exponential rises in the daily number of infections have demanded to know where the corresponding increase in admissions to hospital with COVID-19.

As was always obvious, there is a lag between infections and admissions – and recent admissions numbers now also show a sharp increase and has already risen beyond the level seen in mid-July:

Chart compiled by @ToryFibs

The national ‘R rate’ across England is now above one and the number of cases is said to be doubling every week.

The increase in hospitalisations comes against a backdrop of a rocketing number of schools hit by the virus – and the government rationing or even withholding coronavirus tests from children, while it stubbornly refuses to reconsider its back-to-school plan.

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  1. Deaths are only attributed to CV in the current regime if the deceased had had a positive test within the preceding 30 days as far as I know.
    If new in-patients and care home residents are not routinely tested (and I don’t know if they are or not) and if other victims haven’t travelled hundreds of miles for a test, they clearly won’t fit that testing criterion and won’t be counted as CV deaths.
    Making it difficult to get tested clearly prevents CV being allowed to appear on at least some death certificates.
    I suspect it’s widespread since the fewer the CV deaths, the less incompetent the Tories appear in the recorded “facts.”

    1. ps – the point being, Terry, that deaths with CV symptoms but no test will naturally show influenza/pneumonia on the death certificates, since those attributions can be made on clinical judgement alone as far as I know.

      1. Nonsense. “Medical practitioners are required to inform the coroner, to the best of their belief, if a patient has died of Covid-19 without diagnostic proof in order to prevent delay.”
        Guidance for doctors completing medical certificates PDF Gov.UK.
        As usual you’ve got it arse about face in your desperation to prove your argument.

      2. “A further six people have died within 28 days of a positive test”
        BBC two minutes ago.

        This from Aug 12 – my emphases:
        “The total number of deaths reported in the daily numbers is less than the total number of deaths registered with COVID-19 on the death certificate, so the numbers reported have not generally been an over estimate. However, in recent weeks the numbers of deaths in people who have tested positive have become substantially greater than the numbers of deaths subsequently registered as COVID-19 deaths by the ONS, which is why we are now changing our approach to reporting deaths.”


        “… the number of deaths in people with COVID-19 that occur within 28 days of a first positive laboratory-confirmed test. This is intended to provide a headline indicator of the immediate impact of recent epidemic activity. Deaths that occur more than 28 days after a positive test will not be included in this count.”

        “Deaths that occur after 60 days will also be added to this figure if COVID-19 appears on the death certificate. This will provide a more complete measure of the burden of the disease over time.”

        “Using these new measures, the total number of deaths in people with laboratory-confirmed infection is reduced by 5,377 if only deaths within 28-day of a test are included, and by 1,668 if including only deaths within 60 days or at any time with COVID-19 mentioned on the death certificate.”

  2. I might be prepared to give some credence to the deniers when they can produce an incontrovertible explanation for the EXCESS deaths compared to the five year average.

  3. Sweden
    Whatever the question, the answer is Sweden
    What Killer Snowflakes on here cannot see is the Zillions of GBP’s being hoovered up by Spivs and Thieves who support the cheap and nasty Tory party

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