Now Corbyn is no longer in Labour’s disciplinary system, there’s no longer an obstacle to CLPs voting on motions in his favour

Party’s ban on motions by local parties was based (falsely) on ongoing disciplinary process

The Labour Party has previously tried to ban CLPs (local Labour parties) from discussing or voting to support Jeremy Corbyn or call for his reinstatement from suspension on the grounds that he was the subject of an ongoing disciplinary process and it would be wrong to comment or try to influence the outcome. This was a misapplication of the party’s rules, as Keir Starmer and other Labour figures were freely discussing and supporting the suspension in the media, but general secretary David Evans still suspended elected local officers for allowing such votes to go ahead.

But as of last night, the disciplinary process has concluded with Corbyn’s reinstatement. Starmer’s cowardly and purely political decision this morning to claim he has decided ‘not to restore’ the Labour whip to Corbyn (it had already been restored and Starmer has withdrawn it) is not a matter for Labour’s disciplinary processes.

No process, no confidentiality, no excuse under the rules to ban CLPs from voting on anything they want to say about it.

CLPD (Campaign for Labour Party Democracy) is drafting a new ‘model motion’ for CLPs to use or adapt – and local Labour members are free to discuss and vote whenever they meet. Chairs who attempt to rule out such motions will be breaching their own obligations to run proper meetings and enable member democracy. The SKWAWKBOX will publish details of the model motion as soon as it’s available.

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  1. This isn’t over untill Corbyn is expelled along with any supporters. Akehurst pointed to future Labour policy in a tweet today calling for a two state solution with new borders for Israel outside the pre 1967 borders. Our foreign policy towards Israel is being redefined to fit the American/Israeli solution and Corbyn has no place in it…..just as displaced Palestinians don’t.

    1. Has akehurst not been suspended while complaint is investigated…..🤔

  2. Imagine if Mr Corbyn and the socialist Labour MP’s were to leave Labour and set up a true socialist political party. Labour would have less votes than the Lib Dems! Please Mr Corbyn, set up a grass roots led socialist party and bring back dignity and humanity to the UK.

    1. If only it were that easy. Under FPTP the PLP is hogging the position of “second party” and will do so until the PLP crashes and burns, like the Liberals did in the 30s

      1. marty, the entire argument , that used to be perfectly valid, that ‘First Past the Post’ will always marginalize and exclude new ‘insurgent radical parties ‘ (of both Left and Right) from achieving a significant presence in the UK Parliament, is now very much open to question in the ongoing political and looming covid9, and EU crash out-evoked economic crisis, which has smashed all previous assumptions about fixed, habitual, voting habits.

        First the generations-long loyalty of Scottish voters to Labour was smashed by the SNP – Labour will NEVER regain Scotland with its warmed-over Blairite politics under Starmer. Then we saw the astonishing vote in the 2019 General Election whereby , in response to Labour’s betrayal of its 2017 promise to ‘Respect the EU Referendum result, millions of former Labor voters helped elect TORY MPs in former Labour strongholds ! Add to that the millions of Labour voters the Party has lost during the Blair/Brown years via their Tory-lite neoliberal policies – a toxic policy mix which will be the ‘offer’ again under Starmer.

        The millions of ex Labour voters who lent their vote to the Tories over Brexit in 2019 will gain no improvement in their lives from that . So in 2024 the ‘choice’ facing voters will be three varieties of neoliberalism with few differences – plus the same, plus a bit more environmentalism and faux Left posturing, from the Green Party . So, as the ever-growing economic and related political crisis grows (in Europe and the US too) , a huge political gap will emerge for radical politics , unfortunately potentially to be filled by insurgent parties of the RIGHT as much as the Left, to scoop up millions of those disenfranchised voters, as electoral support for both Tories and Starmerite Labour collapses via mass abstentions.

        The ever-growing UK (and European and US) economic and political crisis puts all the old certainties about the permanent roadblock of FPTP to radical Party success, on hold. Unfortunately, if I was a gambling man , I’d have to say that the unscrupulous flexibility of the radical populist RIGHT will so far stand them in a better stead to benefit than the current , identity politics obsessed, middle class, radical Left !

      2. Errrr , the Brexit party ??? lets see , yes of course they had no influence whatsoever in our politics ,,, and Brexit is all a bad dream .
        Really it shows that that argument is defunct . Sorry .

      3. rob. Remind me again, just how many MPs did the Brexit Party get?

    2. Barrierreid, taking today’s news into account does it mean that he has been effectively booted out of the party. I believe that he should have a by-election as whatever he prefers and he can test the water. He’ll win but we need to know the mood of labour left. Test em and see. The party’s over for all but the vile. Regards ☮️

  3. If Labour has any regard at all for democracy, which is doubtful, they should be calling for a single democratic State for all in Palestine.

  4. Time to bring back Kier Hardies’ Independent Labour Party, (Jeremy as leader)
    Blairs’ New Labour has clearly failed…..

  5. So he is officially expelled now? What happens if he appeals, will that mean there’s an ongoing legal issue with the same restrictions?

    1. Time for a motion of no confidence in the Leader of the Parliamentary Labour Party?

    2. Take the swine to court, win, thanks for the dish I’m off, new party. Easy. Cheers.

  6. I wonder if the argument will be that , as the Whip is the prerogative of the Leader, this is non-competent business for the NEC and the party at large? We will see.

    I suspect Starmer knows where he intends to arrive (the marginalization of the Left) but he cannot control events as he would wish

  7. In this matter Starmer is simply following orders, though whether they come from MI6, the Trilateral Commission, the Israeli Embassy or the United States is not easy to tell. One thing is clear- the Labour Party membership is of no concern in this matter, a mass withdrawal with neither please nor trouble Starmer’s masters.
    The important point- to ensure that no country with the historical importance of the UK should elect a socialist government with anti-imperialist foreign policies- has been established. Milton would have been saddened- he always held that the English people would show the world the way.

    1. The last “election” shows that the ruling class will never allow a progressive government to be elected.
      The idea of a parliamentary road to equality, etc, is a bloody delusion.

      1. 21 hours ago – “Expect more, expect more, including even a CW debacle of suspend, un suspend, re suspend, expelled.
        We have been all “knifed in the front”…
slowly and with a twist
🥀🥀🥀 ”

  8. Matt


    I apologise for voting for Keir Starmer in the Labour Party leadership election. It was a weak field of candidates and I gave him the benefit of the doubt, regarding pushing on with the 2019 manifesto pledges and seeking party unity. I was very wrong.

    Well said Matt ( whoever you are )at least you have the courage and good grace to say so unlike some others who still are unable or simply incapable of admitting the truth now so evident in the corrupt actions of shit house starmer .
    Non of these actions can possibly be condoned by any anyone with a single sense of honesty and decency , mind you that excludes 90% of the PLP straight off .
    Starmer the weak little man , terrified of JC and what he stands for , whose only way to deal with his own fears and inadequacies is to adopt a demagogy dictatorship approach. It’s always the same with little inadequate men , who think stupid actions show how big a man they are , what balls they have got to do things when in fact the big swinging dicks have balls the size of a fucking peanut and a brain half that again . Simply not up to the job of uniting the party , where is the leadership challenge ?

  9. I think the answer is yes they can
    Show support for JC and affiliate to JVL is a good start

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