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Exclusive: Starmer’s white-led ‘diversity’ review presented to Shadow Cabinet on Tuesday. BAME staff network ‘furious’

No explanation why new Labour leader’s office lacks diversity.

Labour leader Keir Starmer

The SKWAWKBOX understands that Keir Starmer’s chief of staff Morgan McSweeney led on the equalities and diversity paper presented to the shadow cabinet on Tuesday – and that no explanation was provided as to why Starmer has the least diverse LOTO office in a decade or so.

The SKWAWKBOX reported two weeks ago that the panel for the ‘diversity audit’ that Starmer announced on the anniversary of Diane Abbott’s election to Parliament was all-white and consisted entirely of ‘LOTO’ (leader of the opposition’s office) staff – while Labour’s most senior BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) employee had been ‘sidelined’.

According to party insiders, Labour’s BAME staff network is ‘furious’.

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  1. Obviously when we see the contents of the report we will be able to make an informed judgement.

    1. Again with the ‘Let’s wait and see’ stalling bollocks. Like it’s gonna be any different to what everyone knows now.

      We all know what’ll happen then, don’t we? You’re gonna do the frank bough for another day or two while the righteous derision is poured on the charlatan, hoping nobody notices.

  2. SBLabour’s most senior BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) employee had been ‘sidelined’.

    Who is this mysterious person?

  3. Steve ITs all Bulshit from your leader “Lets wait for the report” ?Just more sidelining and doublespeak by you and the knight of the realm…..The party needs proper representation and a bunch of whiteys is a insult,but thats the plan from your Tory boy leader.and you are consistent in taking the forty peices of silver to push the right wing establishment propaganda.

    1. I thought you’d stopped the drivel Joseph. Nice to know you’re still with us even if not with all the brain cells necessary for intelligent life. Your attachment to thoughtless tokenism and virtue signalling gestures is part of what alienated traditional working class voters about your hero Jeremy. Looks like Starmer is trying not to repeat that error. Anyway, nice to have a figure of fun in these columns, keep it up.

      1. More shit from the conservative and unionist party….The right wing are on a high,but you are by the natural law of gravity going to end up on your backside.Still Squawk box keeps us on our toes by allowing us to have an insight into your nasty cruel mind of you Torys.

      2. Plain citizen, just to make sure I understand your post, are you implying that their is a lack of talent among BAME MPs and BAME labour members?

  4. This makes for interesting reading – from Open Democracy and reposted by JVL. There’s been worrying signs that in addressing the constituency highlighted in this report, labour may lose a whole chunk of its BME support which has been augmented by the BLM campaign.

    One hopes this “white-led diversity review” is keeping up to date with changing sentiment and will insist on the core values.

    1. Tea Sarah, I started to read it but jingoism – what the author called Churchillism – is so obvious it hardly bears mentioning.
      Pride in empire was instilled in we older ones in school back when half the atlas was pink.
      People like to feel like winners, even by proxy, in empire and politics as in football.
      It’s not an intellectual thing.

  5. Unsurprising there was no explanation of why there was no BAME representative involved in the review – what explanation could there be?
    “There was nobody sufficiently qualified?” WHAT? “We asked but ‘they’ all turned us down?”
    Johnson’ll already be itching for Labour to raise a BAME issue in PMQ’s so he can make Starmer a laughing stock.
    I know fuck nothing about football but even I know what an open goal looks like.
    What a moron.

    1. The problem here is that implicit in some responses is that the shade of brown/pink of ones skin is what is necessary to be a member of this review as opposed to ability, knowledge and character. Some of us don’t want to be patronised by that lazy stereotype. It’s hilarious the way Patel is treated by some in our party because she’s not playing a proper victim of oppression and discrimination, while Abbott was lionised by the same group although her gaffes, ineptitude and lazy inability to prepare for interviews and appearances probably cost as many votes as Jeremy’s performance.

      1. Another bucket of Bolton dross from the Consecutive and unionist party,.We all know racism and bigotry especially when it is from you plain stupid.citizen.

      2. If one wished to learn about diversity in order to ensure the party is ‘diversity-friendly’ – which ought to be the intention – one would involve the people who suffer discrimination as a result of being ‘different’.

      3. Plain citizen, knowledge you say? What direct knowledge does a white person has of racism?
        Please clarify: Are you saying that BAME MPs only have, ability, character and knowledge if they are Tories? While all Labour BAME MPs are lazy?
        Why Priti Patel will behave as a victim of racism? Isn’t she a member of the Gujarati Patel caste? The caste system is the purest form of racism and as a member of a high caste, she is very much part of the establishment.

  6. Oh, and that “forensic” label people love sticking on him – fucker’s about as forensic as a baby sucking on a Rubik’s cube.

  7. “See me, see my colour”. ‘Good’ Diversity means ‘Quotas’ & ‘Bad’ Diversity equals mono culture. Is the Labour Party institutionally racist because it doesn’t have bigger BAME quotas & a place for Mendoza & Walker on NEC?

    My family are ‘mixed race’ & proud. My father’s family are Gypsies. I do not care to belong to any imposed cliched stereotyped racial profile & only seek to be judged on who I am & not what. Each individual judged as an individual & not representing a meaningless trope to please those desperate to shine their liberal badge.

    1. Steve is I wish that everyone could be chosen on merit,but lifes not like that in Britain and never has We have a class and colour system topped up with religious bigotry inside the establishment we oppose.That’s life and I myself have been the victim of all of the above and its crippling for some who cant defend themselves ITs sad but we can at least try by having diversity in the knight of the realm Labour party.

      1. Sorry Joseph, but I disagree. Diversity imposed by nominal quotas is a false reality. It is a bourgeois system of ‘painting by numbers’ for the sake of appearances & usually populated by ‘chosen ones’ such as Trevor Phillips to provide credibility.

      2. I’m sure you are a victim of everything Joseph, indeed I think anyone reading your contributions would be surprised if you were not. When do you get your medal? ‘Order of Victimhood 3rd class’, I suppose Jeremy can pin it on you and you can have a chat about how they’ve all got in in for the both of you. You’re not still blaming the CIA and Mossad for the Bolton traffic and roadworks scandal are you? I thought it had been proven that it was the Freemasons and the men from Mars by now. Keep writing Joseph, it lightens up the day.

    2. “[I] only seek to be judged on who I am & not what.” – and yet I remember you describing your heritage in your previous comments…

      1. ……….which allows you to place my comments in a social & historical context, not providing you with a criteria to judge me……..however much you appear so keen to do so, perhaps you just believe that you can make judgements based on the most limited evidence & information?

      2. Quotas are far from ideal, and yes, they create a ‘false’ reality because it’s an imposed reality – but if we want to change society we have to try, and I’m aware of no other realistic option.
        Since one can’t legislate discriminatory thoughts out of employers’ minds, what other means would you suggest to reduce the effects of discrimination?

        And I didn’t judge you, I simply pointed out a fact.

        And since it’s discrimination in employment we’re discussing – without seeking to diminish the problem BAME people face, there are other groups who suffer discrimination.
        Anyone with a council estate address, anyone currently unemployed and women also suffer discrimination. For known left wingers blacklisting in certain trades was commonplace and probably still is – and, being even easier to achieve today and the Left being under greater attack, that may increase.

  8. To Maria Vazquez: on your specific point, I don’t know if there is a lack of talent in the BAME group and neither does anyone else but Starmar has to make a judgement so he’s made appointments based on his own knowledge of the possible candidates. Merely appointing people on the basis that they’ve had experience of prejudice and discrimination is not enough. I’ve been knocked down by a bus but I wouldn’t be an authority on Traffic Regulation, road layout or passenger vehicle design. The way out of poverty and under achievement (always exacerbated by prejudice and discrimination) starts with education, and the sooner we find out why certain groups do not thrive, the better. In the US the top performing immigrant group in terms of average earnings for first and 2nd generation members is Nigerians. A fact which surprises many. So let’s forget our preconceptions and find the facts.

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