Tories binning tens of thousands of completed C19 tests – and only using 1/6th of capacity, making mockery of official reports of infection levels

Boasts of Johnson and Hancock exposed (yet again) by chaos revealed in leaked ‘official sensitive’ report

A leaked ‘official, sensitive’ report has revealed that the Tories’ coronavirus testing system is in complete chaos:

  • tens of thousands of completed tests binned without being analysed
  • a backlog of 185,000 tests – many of which will never be checked
  • tests sent to Italy and Germany for analysis

So complete is this chaos that, while Johnson and Hancock have boasted of ‘capacity’ of 375,000 tests a day, in reality only an average of 62,000 a day are being analysed, while tens of thousands are being binned because they are too old or have been damaged in storage or transport.

In spite of the abysmal lack of testing, the number of positive tests has rocketed exponentially – meaning that the real level of coronvirus spread among the population is almost certainly several times higher than the 3,500 a day being currently reported.

And even the 3,500 a day is the highest level since mid-July. The second wave is well and truly here – and the Tories are hiding it.

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  1. Covid deniers must be having a Sunday lie-in.
    Or maybe a zoom conference to think of something new to say?
    Waiting for Cummings to weave a path through the maze of lies and pass the word down to the trolls at the sharp end?
    Wages late and ‘pens down’ in protest?

  2. The real scandal is outsourcing. We could have had empty NHS labs and universities doing testing but the Tories had to line their mates’ pockets with the usual poor results.

    1. “Lockdown” – quarantine – works perfectly, but only when scientifically applied.
      Scientists are their brothers’ true keepers but unfortunately there is a whole sub-class of brothers – known as “fuckwit fuckwittus” – that believes itself entirely above and immune to science and noisily and with great commotion disregards it to the detriment of all.
      We call those brothers “Tories.”

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