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Excl: ‘double standards’ Starmer refuses to discuss Reeves celebration of Hitler fan Astor because she wasn’t there – after lengthy discussion of Long-Bailey in her absence

Fury as Starmer denies Long-Bailey’s account of agreement on wording of tweets – then uses ploy to block discussion of front-bencher’s ‘praise’ of notorious antisemite, immediately after ‘lengthy’ discussion of Long-Bailey sacking

NEC and party members have reacted with outrage to Keir Starmer’s insistence that “I’m not going to discuss [that]”, after an NEC member raised the issue of front-bencher Rachel Reeves’s celebration of notorious antisemite Nancy Astor.

Starmer went on to deny the discussion on the grounds that Reeves was not present to defend herself – but just moments before, that had proven no obstacle to his lengthy discussion of the sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey.

In her absence.

An NEC member told the SKWAWKBOX:

Lara [McNeill] asked Keir, “Are you going to continue to allow Rachel Reeves to serve after her campaign to erect a statue to Nancy Astor?” He responded “I’m not going to discuss an individual member of cabinet on a zoom call”, because she was not present. Of course, he’d only just finished discussing the Rebecca Long-Bailey thing.

He also claimed he’d asked Becky to take down her tweet, which directly contradicted her statement that they’d agreed wording for her to use. He didn’t refer to that agreement at all.

The double standard couldn’t have been clearer.

Astor’s antisemitism was entirely open and has been well attested, including such foulness as:

there must be something of the Jews themselves which had brought them persecution throughout all the ages. Was it not therefore, in the final analysis, their responsibility?

[Hitler would have to do worse than give] a rough time to the killers of Christ [to justify Britain’s and America’s entry into the war]… Who are we to stand in the way of the future?

Only a Jew like you would dare to be rude to me.

Astor also praised Hitler as a potential ‘solution’ to the “world problems” of Jews and communism.

The Jewish Chronicle’s comment as a statue to Nancy Astor was erected

NEC members were not the only ones to react with anger to Starmer’s selective interest:

Starmer has also failed to react to Shadow Communities Secretary Steve Reed’s sharing of an article referring gratuitously to the owner of two UK businesses as an “Israeli billionaire“, or even to respond to queries about the incident.

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  1. SBox

    Here you are again continuing to attack the LOTO, instead of the PM and this Tory government, responsible for one of the biggest catastrophes to hit this country.

    Priorities ????

      1. I think the MSM – ie the Establishment’s propaganda machine – had more than a little to do with it!

      2. Aided and Assisted by hardline Remainers sabotaging policy coherence. People like Starmer. Compare 17 to 19 and what changed? Brexit trickery.

    1. Peter Berry. So as far as you are concerned, it’s a case of ‘my leader right or wrong’ …. correct? Starmer is a fraud and helped to destroy Corbyn, the best chance we have had for decades of having a Socialist government.

    2. Well Peter I ‘d have thought the priority was to elect a Labour Govt at the earliest opportunity , now remind me what did the RW bastards in the PLP and LOTO staffers do to help undermine that opportunity TWICE in the last 4 years !!!

      Greenhouse– Stones ,, Look in the mirror ,, Pot Kettle black etc etc and any other quip that represents HYPOCRISY
      Because of those actions imo people are going to die / already have done … let that sink in…

  2. I haven’t got a problem with Reeves tweeting about Astor or Reed tweeting about some billionaire. I’ve got a problem about two virulently anti-working class, anti-socialist apparatchiks like Reeves and Reed being in the shadow cabinet. I’ve got a problem that the Labour Party is now led by a dissembling, mendacious fraud who plunged a dagger into his predecessor’s back. I’ve got a problem with RLB and others who were stupid enough to agree to the BoD’s list of pledges because they should have seen that the campaign against antisemitism was nothing of the sort; it was a campaign against socialism in borrowed clothes. This is largely what happens if you allow yourself to be sucked into the sewer of idpol or ignore the reality that there has always been one rule for the goose and another one entirely for the gander.

  3. Did that kill 65,000 people or leave millions unemployed or crashed the economy !!??
    Get a grip

    1. Peter, I still don’t know if the alleged operation “cup cake” was enacted or it was lose talk. If it was enacted I will say that without their alleged sabotage Labour could have won another 5/10 seats. Enough to deprive a Tory government and have Corbyn as PM in n10.
      In this scenario, Corbyn would be the PM now and with almost three years under his belt to reinforce the NHS, we would have dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic in a different fashion, with far less deaths as we will have had PPE in reserve, we will have followed WHO’s advice and trace, trace, trace, rather than ignore WHO’s advice as the Tory government has done.
      Hence, it is our right to criticise Starmer, as the Party has only suspended the alleged saboteurs after been taking to Court by a labour member and still he allows Party’s funds, our funds, to pay for McNicol’s defence.
      So Peter take your own advice and get a grip.

  4. Jack T

    No. But then again reject Starmer, and how long before a left Wing Labour government is installed.
    In the meantime you’re happy for a continuation of Tory government ?

    1. Reply to Peter Berry
      None of us want a Tory government whether it is a real Tory government led by Johnson or a watered down version led by Starmer.
      Most people posting on this site want a Socialist government.We were denied this due, in large part, by the despicable campaign of character assassination directed against Jeremy Corbyn by the establishment, the state broadcaster,the BBC , other media, the PLP, the so- called grandees ( there’s nothing grand about them) and our paid employees.
      It really does stick in my throat that people who worked against us are now sitting on the front benches and are intent on making an exhibition of themselves (and us) by displaying their lamentable ignorance on subjects like historical antisemitism and racism.

    2. Peter Berry, “In the meantime you’re happy for a continuation of Tory government ?”

      No of course not but that does not mean I’m prepared to put up with a phoney such as Starmer who has gatherd around him this bunch of contemptible creatures:

      The greatest obstacle to having a left wing Labour government is Starmer himself. Even if in the interim we had a soft left leader who wasn’t in the pocket of the right wing BoD it would be far better than having Starmer in the job.

  5. I think we can safely assume that had it been a left-wing (female) MP tweeting praise for Nancy Astor they would have been reprimanded, or sacked if a member of the Shadow Cabinet.

    I just did a search on the Jewish Chronicle’s website re Reeves and Astor and got zilch results, so obviously not a problem for them, unlike when Jeremy wrote a forward to Hobson’s book, as he did in 2011, although no-one had a problem with it then, and it was only after he became leader of the LP – and even THEN not until May of last year – that it suddenly became a big issue!

    Anyway, just came across the following from last week:

    Statue of first female MP Nancy Astor is defaced by vandals with ‘Nazi’ spraypainted on its plinth after it appeared on hit list of ‘racist’ statues to be torn down

    PS When I was on the JCs website I did a search for the JC article referenced in the above article (the screenshot), but nothing came up in the results…..??

    1. Allan Howard those accusations and allegations against Jeremy Corbyn were/are so transparent anyone could see through them. Well for some unknown reason MSM and others couldn’t

  6. It’s all a matter of ‘conceivability’ BoB, and for millions of people it’s inconceivable to them that the whole of the MSM and the ‘moderates’, so-called, and the BoD and the JLM and the CAA and LAA,et al are ALL lying and conspiring in a super massivive Smear Campaign, and that all their outrage and condemnation is false and phoney. And the MSM et al know it!

    And I don’t mean inconceivable in the sense that they consider that possibility and then dismiss it as inconceivable, but inconceivable in the sense that such a possibility doesn’t even occur to them in the first place because it’s beyond the realms of their conceivability.

    1. Afterthought: And if anyone could see through them – ie the smears – as you claim, thenTHAT implies that just about everyone knows that all the allegations are false and contrived and confected, and if that WERE the case, then surely just about everyone would feel anger and hostility towards tthe MSM and the Blairites and the BoD and the JLM et al AND the Tories and the Libdem leadership AND, as such, have overwhelmingly voted for Jeremy in 2017 AND that the Tories would never-ever win another GE precisely because they all know that they – the Tories – conspired in the smear campaign against Jeremy, and did so so as to subvert democracy.

      In the poll of around one thousand people conducted for the authors of Bad News For Labour, respondents, on average, believed that 34% of LP members had been reported for anti-semitism, and THAT is testament to the power and effectiveness of the MSM et al.

  7. It feels as if Starmer could crash anytime soon – perhaps several times before 2024. He doesn’t have the political nouse and while his supporters argue he’s ‘taking back the centre ground’ by saying he’s a policeman at heart and BLM’s ‘moment’ to de-fund is ‘nonsense’, no doubt it’s designed to win over the typical Mail reader. But does it work? If the reaction is weak or dismissive then he’s hit below the water line already by losing Labour’s Left of Centre and the Under 40’s (Under 45’s by 2024!). It means he can’t win an election. What support he does have will be blasted away by the RW media who are already describing him as an exceptionally dull and boring pettifogging type of lawyer whose head is so full of useless data people can’t listen to him. Cummings has imagination and he may opt to let the stricken ship sail on, slightly leading the pirate ship ‘Tory’ and then blow it up with some spectacular bomb akin to the election exactly 100 years ago, the Zinoviev letter given by M16 to the Mail and Times just 4 days before the 1924 election. It wasn’t revealed as a forgery for over 50’s years. It was orchestrated by an Advisor, Major Joseph Ball, then at MI6 but later Private Secretary to Neville Chamberlain after working for the Tory Party throughout most of the 20’s and 30’s. A leading member of the Fascist groupings around the Army, Intelligence Services and crucially, the Royal Family, one of his first services for Chamberlain was to provide transcripts of intercepts of the Cabinet’s home phones that were all tapped. Chamberlain told his sisters in letters how entertaining it was to read private conversations when the speakers had no idea they were being listened to. Cummings and Johnson in earlier lives? Do you think Starmer would survive that world? Corbyn put up a fight but they got him in the end.

  8. A question for stammer and the board of deputies…

    The holocaust started with rounding up of (communist) political prisoners, then the murder of the disabled, then they started on jews.

    While this toerag government has hardly gone to the lengths of jailing and disposing of dissidents, they have, however, implemented a financial version of the ‘Aktion Tiergartenstrasse 4’ programme that has been directly responsible for the deaths of many disabled people.

    As israel has it’s ‘never again’ stance that you are so in favour of; can I ask the following question?

    If you never want to see history repeated, WHERE is your concern for the disabled of this country? Why are you so concerned about this alleged discrimination against all jews, and bring up holocaust references when israel’s put under scrutiny , yet you say NOTHING about this government’s discrimination and cruelty against the disabled.

    Need I remind you of who were the first victims of the nazi genocide? Do Pastor Niemoller’s words not apply in the disabled’s instance? Because I NEVER hear ANY of you warning people about ‘history repeating itself’ when it comes to tis government’s policies on the disabled.

    The holocaust happened to other people too. Why are the disabled (as just one sector discriminated and hated upon by the government and media) unworthy of the same vehement defence you offer israel?

    I don’t see the disabled seizing land and subjugating others. I don’t see the disabled interfering in other nation’s politics.

    And I NEVER hear you defending them.

  9. Fair comment on the awfulness of Lady Astor who also insulted 8th Army men fighting in Italy, and calling them “D Day dodgers. Fair point on Reeves too….but someone else made a favourable comment on the Aston statue. From ITV news online during the election

    I”n Plymouth, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was there to see the statue on the day it was unveiled. While Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn praised Conservative Nancy Astor’s legacy saying: “I’m really pleased the statue is going up”.

    Thoughts ?

  10. Well…obviously further evidence of Corbyn’s antisemitism – isn’t it, starmer, hodge, mann, et al?

    1. Actually no. I guess if it was pointed out to JC’s campaign team by someone, a “period of silence” would have sufficed to get past it as the media circus moved on. But I’m staggered that no-one picked up on what is a commonplace about the lady’s political history. Ditto for Rachel Reeves. I see all this not as conscious anti-Semitism on his or her part, but a woeful lack of education in political history – something that badly affects the Labour Party at the top, and regardless of the political colouring of the people concerned.

  11. Nancy Astor was a bourgeois racist, a bit like most members of parliament of the time. She is celebrated because she was Britain’s first female MP.

    She also provided a brilliant comic foil to Winston Churchill (another bourgeois racist).

    “Sir, if you were my husband, I’d poison your tea.”

    “Madame, if you were my wife, I’d drink it.”

    and on another occasion:

    “Mr. Churchill, you’re drunk!”

    “And you madam are ugly, but I shall be sober in the morning.”

    This is relatively ancient history – except it’s not.

    Britain’s first female MP was not Nancy Astor, it was Constance Markievicz of Sinn Fein!

  12. Without defending Astor, casual antisemitism was ubiquitous before WWII.
    Without the Holocaust there would be no Israel.
    Without the Holocaust would antisemitism today be higher or lower?

    1. I can recall many examples of casual antisemitism when I was growing up in the 1950’s. But Nancy Astor was more than just casual about it, she was part of British fascism that was so powerful in the 1930’s and her baiting of Churchill was part of a pattern that saw him as choosing to oppose Hitler and Chamberlain’s pro German stance that did fortuitously perhaps win the day in May 1940. There is little doubt that if Lord Halifax had become PM Britain would have reached an agreement with Hitler that would have allowed him an easier run against Russia. It’s why Churchill’s statue should remain in Parliament Sq in my opinion despite all his sins as an Imperialist racist of the most extreme sort! .

      1. I remember how amazed I was to see news footage of young Germans strutting with swastikas in the 1960’s, only 20-odd years after the war – but being a hippie by nature and with an ember of optimism remaining I stupidly put it down to the teenage rebellion of a stupid tiny minority. A passing phase I thought.
        It was a chilling reminder of Brecht’s “The bitch that bore him is in heat again” though.
        “The bitch” is the ever-present moronic rabble looking for an excuse to strut and a ‘strong leader’.
        “Him” can be a Hitler, Trunt, Farage, “Robinson” or a BloJob – any idiot with a glib, angry spiel to rouse the gullible adolescent fucktard Kevins.

        I don’t object to statues – what I object to is the exculpatory view of English history promulgated by the establishment through statuary.

      2. And barely 10 years after what happened in Eastern Europe In WW2was well known and condemned the British built their own system of Concentration Camps in Kenya where thousands were tortured and killed in ways very similar to what the SS did in Poland. The only concession to ‘modernity’ was that the Ministers back in London knew it had to be kept secret- not covered up afterwards but kept secret while it was still operating.

      3. I think it was in 1949 that a local newspaper in Lancashire, I think in Morecambe? was either fined or closed down for running a campaign against Jewish refugees settling in the area based on all the usual slurs.
        In the mid 1950’s I remember my Mum asking Dad why Ben didn’t go with him to the ‘Golf’ (actually drinking) Club with him.
        “Well he wouldn’t be allowed in”
        Dad seemed bemused. “Well, he’s a Yid”.
        She seemed to understand.
        That casual anti semitism (constant references to ‘Jew Boys’) seemed to die out in the ‘60’s -replaced by anti colour prejudice and in my Father’s case a fierce hostility to Harold Wilson who he’d been told by some spook had been a Russian agent since the War. Prejudices are easily transferable it seems, lose one and you soon get another.

  13. Yes Paul. It was the aptly named editor of the Morecombe Visitor, one James Caunt in 1947. Despite being bang to rights he was acquitted by a magistrate in his home town. Questions were asked of Home Secretary, Chuter Ede, but all he could do was to say he would “stay vigilant.”

  14. Either you are against anti-Semitism or you are not.

    The sheer opportunism with which the accusation is trundled out is sickening.

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