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Yet another right-wing MP forced to apologise after tweets linking Jewish figures with Israeli money. Where is Starmer’s ‘zero tolerance’?

Seems ‘zero’ is a flexible concept

Right-wing Labour MP Barry Sheerman has issued an apology for a tweet linking two Jewish peers to Israeli money. In an attack on Philip Green and Richard Desmond, Sheerman appeared to link the pair to ‘shekels’ – the historic (and current) currency of Israel:

Sheerman tweeted an apology a couple of hours later after seeing the adverse reaction to his comments:

So far Keir Starmer has not commented on the issue.

This is the second time in less than a month that a Labour right-winger has been forced to apologise for antisemitic tweets, after front-bencher Steve deleted a tweet describing one of the same figures – Richard Desmond – as a ‘puppet master‘ and also deleted an earlier tweet praising Starmer’s supposed ‘zero tolerance’ of antisemitism.

Starmer, of course, sacked Rebecca Long-Bailey from the front bench after she shared an Independent article falsely accused of containing an ‘antisemitic conspiracy theory‘, although in reality the sacking followed a huge row over Starmer’s enthusiasm to rush children back to school.

It appears that ‘zero tolerance’ is a very flexible concept: when the right is involved, the difference between zero and plenty is an apology, while it goes beyond zero into minus territory when it involves the left.

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  1. If rules aren’t followed consistently then they become tools of discrimination. Which is obviously what they are. The Wavertree 4 are still suspended due to accusations of racial bullying. An article on here Sqwarky would demonstrate how ridiculous the charges are against good people, while the real villains never face charges.

  2. Sherman has also kissed goodbye to his holiday in the Eastern Med.

  3. Keir is making a big mistake in applying double standards to our MPs. Antisemitism is wrong and can never be justified no matter who the alleged antisemite is.

  4. Seems to depend on which side of the party you come from to be called out for anti semetic comments. Will be waiting patiently on Starmer the Stupid to hammer this clampit. Thing is I don’t think he will.

  5. It seems to be alright with stammer (And the toerags, plus the jc, jlm and just about everyone else) if the tweets mention dirty desmond…Can’t think why.

    No, honestly, I have no idea why that seems to be. And philip green’s toxic to just about every sector of society, isn’t he?

  6. Interesting that he thinks being a friend of Israel means that he could not be an anti-semite. I’d have thought that it made him more likely to have latent (at least) facist tendencies, but has nothing at all to do with anti-Semitism. Smug RW Twats like this really piss me off. Being a friend of Israel would have to be close to being one of Geoffrey Epstein’s inner circle of best buddies on any scale of unpleasantness. Oh well, it takes all sorts, and obviously this has to include total shits.

  7. I’m pretty sure I’ve posted the following information on here before (about a year ago), but here it is again anyway, as posted on Counterfire several days ago:

    The JLM – unlike their buddies in the CAA – don’t post very many articles-cum-statements, but if you go onto their website and click on ‘News’ and then go back to the first article/statement they ever made on their website, you will see that it was posted on Feb 3rd, 2016 (and just happened to be entitled: ‘JLM Elects New National Executive Committee).

    I wonder what happened to the OLD one!

    As for the CAA, the extraordinary thing is that their first post was on Jan 10th, 2015, the day after the Paris attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the kosher supermarket, and yet they say NOTHING whatsoever about it!

    Their next post was four days later on Jan 14th, and was entitled: ‘Annual Antisemitism Barometer Published’, and gives the reader every indication that they had done such surveys in previous years. But they hadn’t, and this was the first one! They ALSO say that the survey was the ‘largest study of it’s kind’, and yet no-where are there any details about WHEN the supposed survey was conducted OR by whom OR how many people participated in the survey. Hmm……..

    Perish the thought that it was a fake survey cobbled together very quickly so as to exploit the Paris killings and peoples fears – ie Jewish people. And they STILL didn’t mention the Paris attacks! I wonder why NOT! Oh, right, but: ‘It was in response to this record-breaking wave of antisemitism [in July, 2014] that in August 2014, the Campaign Against Antisemitism organised a grassroots-led movement dedicated to identifying and combatting antisemitism…’. Ah, so the CAA had been in existence for some months prior to posting their very first article the day after the Paris attacks, and they didn’t just suddenly materialise the day after the Paris attacks AND the day after the meeting with Theresa May et al (which is what their first article is about).

    Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention that they obtained charitable status on October 1st, 2015!

  8. I don’t have anywhere to put this so I will put this here: We are in the hands of Maerkel and Cameron. Did you know Wera Hobhouse MP for Bath and rival for Lib Dem leadership is actually German and that she is know to Mearkel so to speak? That we are in the hands of those who want to condemn us poor to low income and no job security while they teach green theory from schools but not representation? No union studies? Green Theory at Bath University Dept of Mechanical Engineering (five star apparently). We are a nation on non unionised labour with no talent in our leadership to speak of from jeremy Corbyn God himself to Kier no personality and leadership Starmer. I am leaving the UK that is a fact, after I get to the bottom of my attempted murder by James Dyson and co in Bath circa 2002. Greetings from the West Country now do some real analysis instead of nitpicking.

  9. It’s funny (NOT haha) how something suddenly occurs to you – in this case WHEN did John Ware and Co initiate their legal action against the Labour Party for Libel – and whilst a few people who have very good memories may recall when it was, I think for the vast majority of people it’s lost in the mists of time AND, if they were to think about it, they would probably assume it was in the weeks after the Panorama program aired on July 10th last year, as I myself did when the thought occured to me just now. So anyway, I then did a search to ascertain exactly when it was, and it turns out it was only in January this year that Ware and the so-called whistleblowers began their action (reported by the MSM on Jan 22nd).

    So that’s just over six months after the program was aired AND the LPs response/reaction to it, *AND* just over five weeks after the GE. Now why on earth would you – or ANYONE for that matter – wait six months before initiating legal action if you thought and believed you had been libelled. Perish the thought that in the weeks prior to announcing it, Starmer and the Blairites contrived the whole plan with Ware and Co (and senior figures at the BBC) – and that they (Starmer and the LP) would apologise and pay Ware et al damages – so as to FURTHER reflect badly on Jeremy and discredit him and his team (at the time) for their criticisms of the program and the former staffers – ie the so-called whistleblowers – AND cause thousands (and quite possibly tens of thousands) of left-wing members to quit the party in anger and disgust.

    I mean the Panorama program itself was obviously a black op hatchet job, but surely they wouldn’t have ALSO conspired to blacken Jeremy’s character even more by concocting and contriving such a scenario!

  10. And unless I’ve missed it, it appears that despite it being all over the MSM (eleven days ago) that John Ware was going to sue Jeremy for libel (for what Jeremy said in relation to the apology and making a settlement with Ware and Co), that nothing has actually happened. I mean why would you announce that you plan to sue Jeremy, but then a few days later start a libel action against JVL and NOT Jeremy!

    The reality is that despite the way the vast majority of the MSM reported it, giving their millions of readers and viewers and listeners every impression and indication that Ware WAS going to sue Jeremy, what he in fact said was that he was considering it. But he KNEW he could depend on the totally corrupt MSM to misinform and mislead their readers etc, and given that he has now started proceedings against JVL, I think we can safely assume that Ware never-ever intended to sue Jeremy, because he KNEW he would almost definitely have lost the case!

  11. Sheerman appears to have got away with it – as far as the LP & the MSM are concerned. Rebecca LB not so lucky or like all other left wingers accused of AS.

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