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Video: in front of ‘distanced’ MPs, Starmer admits sending Johnson secret letter of support – and agrees that ‘schools are safe’ in spite of evidence

While unions were fighting to keep children and teachers safe, Labour leader admits private promise of support to Tory PM. But the reality in schools is exposed as nothing like Tory paid propaganda

Dancing to the same tune: Johnson and Starmer

In a scene during today’s PMQs that should be astonishing, Labour leader Kier Starmer went on record to agree with Boris Johnson that ‘schools are safe’ – in spite of rising infection rates and the acknowledgment that the return to the classroom will drive up the ‘R rate‘ of coronavirus spread.

But Starmer went further, stating that he had sent Johnson a letter “in confidence and in private” to promise Johnson his support in getting children back to school – and that “the only reason they weren’t back before the summer was because of [Johnson’s] incompetent Education Secretary”. But footage released today shows that the Tories’ ‘COVID-secure’ claims are nothing but propaganda:

Scottish and Northern Irish schools, which went reconvened 2-3 weeks earlier than England’s, have already seen a rapidly spiralling number of schools hit by coronavirus outbreaks, with hundreds of children and teachers infected and tens of thousands in isolation.

But Starmer would have liked English schools back earlier still – and made a secret promise to Johnson to help him achieve it, even as unions fought to protect their members and the public.

Starmer’s televised admission suggests he doesn’t even recognise why a secret letter of support to a Tory PM who has refused even to express regret for causing tens of thousands of needless deaths might be a problem.

Where is the Opposition fighting for the lives and safety of children, their teachers and their often-vulnerable families?

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  1. And he’s supposed the leader of the opposition…He may as well be de piffle’s deputy ffs.

    Just WHAT ELSE will it take for people to get wise to the careerist, westminster-centric, utterly useless gormless gobshite?

    *Awaits you know who with his usual handwringing, pathetic, platitudinal drivel of: ‘But..but…but you don’t know what stammer’s thinking’*

    Except we DO, you fucking quilt. He even brags about how he wrote a ‘Private and confidential letter’ IN SUPPORT of the morons.

    Please, Skwawky – for the sake of my sanity and blood pressure – if that deliberately aggravating knobend comes on here, defending the slime after this latest unabashed sell-out, ban the mofo’

    1. We are not so much looking at a second Blair as we are a second Ramsay McDonald.Vain, arrogant and stupid,and loves licking up to the “Toffs”plus the future leader of a “National” government.

  2. Like a schoolboy sucking up to a bully and then complaining that the bully hasn’t responded with friendship.
    What a wanker.

    1. 100% this^^^

      I’ve always said stammer wants to be to de piffle what that horridable little shite richard hammond is to clarkson.

  3. And yet all today’s headlines about PMQs are very positive about Keir Starmer’s performance and highly critical of Johnson’s car crash performance.

    1. Oh, do shut up, you brown-nosed, obsequious bore.

      Nevermind that stammer’s now openly bragging that he supports tory policies or that de piffle was his usual oafish self…Oh no, someone media outlets patted the right of centre stammer on the head because he once again said he supports de piffle.

      And you call me the tory.

      1. I think that is a pretty clear indication of the ELITES intention, expect a GE pretty soon and Starmer PM, NO MATTER WHAT THE PEOPLE Voted, but we must keep trying!
        NEXT GE we must insist that the 3 Leading Party Representatives join the Returning Officer in his/her car from Poll Station to the Teller Table!

    2. I would expect the MSM to be very positive about their creature.

    3. Dear ShillH
      What a surprise
      The state propaganda is with you, KeirSmearer is the Establishment’s wet dream

      1. helsbells2022 – Labour has had a good day, and here you are spreading misery.
        You just sound just like those recently exposed Labour staffers who did nothing but moan when Jeremy was successful.

      2. “Labour has had a good day and here you are spreading misery”

        steven…have a word with yourself, son. It went past being a joke ages ago and has now become almost homicidally aggravating.

        If you was a football fan and your team was facing relegation, and were coming away from a cup tie against a side 10 divisions down the ladder…

        … And your team got a dead shit penalty awarded to them in the 97th minute of injury time, and only scored it because the oppositon keeper…

        …Complete with clown shoes and spinning bow tie (Might’ve been bruce grobelaar or david james or loris karius ) rolled backwards over the line with the ball…

        .. And you told the rightfully angry fans that was a terrific result and they should back the manager…

        …Lad, you’d probably never wake up again.

  4. Definition of insanity is
    Schools are safe, kids dont get it, dont suffer from it and dont spread it
    For the love of God why don’t you attack the useless, lying charlatan for Cummings and his eugenics
    The exam fiasco proved this in spades
    So go with Red Wall voters condemning their kids and remind them their ancestors are spinning in their graves

  5. Surely it’s no surprise that Starmer prefers to support the worse PM ever than teachers, parents and unions.
    After all when he found an excuse to sack Rebecca Long Bailey one of his advisors was ecstatic at the thought of Emma Hardy replacing her because unlike Becky Emma would stand up to the unions.

  6. Wouldn’t expect any different from a TORY, Equally Controlled by the Elites, MSM, Equally Fucked Up, Equally Anti Socialist, Equally Anti THE PEOPLE, but a SHITLOAD more DANGEROUS, than Johnson!
    The PEOPLE have caused Johnson to U Turn a couple of times but if anyone thinks Keith ‘LOOPHOLE’ Starmer would budge as much as a comma or a stop, they’ll want to find out a bit more about this Neoconservative “Centrist”!
    AT LEAST, albeit inadvertently, Johnson is UNITING & WAKING THE PEOPLE UP!
    How many people do we hear,’I have never had to claim benefits before or use a foodbank before’, as though its some dirty thing! Then ask them what did YOU DO 2015 to 2020 when we had an ACTUAL REAL CHOICE in FRONT OF US, TWICE!?
    Usually results in Palms in the Air and a ‘WELL! WE TOLD YOU SO!’

    WORRYINGLY there are a fair few who thinks This New Labour TORY Party are worthy of their vote at the NextGE! WAIT WHAT!? The SAME BASTARDS who snatched GE17/19 from you!?
    If we want a Party FOR THE PEOPLE and NOT THE ELITE we need to VOTE Con TORY in EVERY New Lab TORY Seat and UK Labour EVERYWHERE else, REPEAT! Sure that will Give the Con TORIES another 5 years, what is the Alternative/CHOICE TOUGH!?: TORY ELITE or a SHITLOAD more DANGEROUS TORY ELITE Starmer!
    We’ve suffered 41 years of TORY HELL what is another 5/10 to FINALLY END IT FOR GOOD!? It is the only way we can cut the Cancer of Neoconservatism out if the UK Labour Party!
    OR we just continue with two PRO ELITE ANTI PEOPLE TORY Parties!
    Reminder that Jeremy was a Fluke a VERY HAPPY Fluke, but many PLP who voted for him to stand were taking the Piss, they did not think he would go anywhere! He Didn’t, We Didn’t! BUT HE DID! AND DIDN’T HE JUST! 4y3m solid non stop Red Rose Shrub Planting and look at the GLORIOUS BLOOMS they already produced: Laura P, Laura S, Zarah, Apsana, Bell, Nadia, etc, etc The ALL WOMAN Government of the near future IF WE CUT THE CANCER OF NEW LABOUR TORY PARTY OUT!
    HOWEVER ANTI SOCIALIST New Labour TORY Party make up 80/90% PLP and as long as they are there WILL there NEVER be another 2015 to 2020 Opportunity!
    DON’T ACT and your choice will be TORY ELITE or TORY ELITE, for MANY, MANY MORE YEARS than 5/10/15!

    1. HateHate – I’m beginning to suspect that you are a Tory troll who is intent on parodying ‘the left’ rather than just a sad parody of yourself.

      1. ”I’m beginning to suspect that you are a FELLOW Tory troll who is intent on parodying ‘the left’ rather than just a sad parody of yourself.”

        Fixed it for ya, knobby 👍😉

        Get you – Calling anyone else a tory (With a capital ‘T’ as well), when you openly,vociferously and unwaveringly support the tory who openly professes his not-so clandestine support for tories.

        What a prick.

    2. HateHate – Well haven’t you been having lots and lots of fun with cut and paste.
      There’s a simple solution, if you don’t like what Labour is doing then f’off and create your own party.
      Maybe we will all stand back in amazement as the self appointed guardian’s of ‘the left’ unite behind a common cause and the ‘working classes’ flock to join and fund their new party. Maybe we will all be forced to admit that HateHate was more than just a parody of himself. or maybe not..

      ps – You’ve done a really excellant job on the cut and paste, keep up the good work.

    3. You are so Magnolia SteveH it is actually becoming hilariously Magnolia, cut and paste, GEEZUS! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? YES! people do cut and paste I do, I dare say you do, in this instance I don’t think that I did unless for repetitive wording perhaps, not high on my list of priorities, nowt wrong with that!
      You’re a very strange individual Magnolia SteveH
      Why would I be a Tory Troll if my aim is to cut the New Labour TORY Party CANCER out of THE PEOPLE’S Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party!?
      I love LABOUR!
      I HATE The SABOTAGING Parasite Infestation of Neoconservative “Centrist” New “Labour” TORY Party! I will fight them until we’ve CUT THE CANCER OUT OF THE UK Labour Party or I draw my last breath!
      If you go to your GP and you are told 80/90% of your body is infested by a parasite, we can remove the 10/20% of what is left of YOU and let the Parasite live on OR we can remove the Parasite and restore you to 100% YOU, which would you take?
      Why The HELL Would we leave OUR PARTY OF THE PEOPLE when it is YOU that INFESTED OUR BODY when Blair GNAWED his way into Labour dragging behind him His, Thatcher & Reagan’s Neoconservative MONSTER “Centrism”!?
      At Present unless ANYONE can come up with a better solution, Voting Con TORY in New Labour TORY Seats and UK LABOUR in all other SEATS, is the only sure way of achieving that!
      A UK Labour Party without Sabotaging Insiders will soon take the next GE!
      Like it or NOT! You and YOURS MUST GO! Jeremy Played Nicely, got burnt a lot! WE WON’T!

      1. All those caps are reminiscent of another sadly missed recent commenter who unfortunately died in a horrific multi-autoasphyxiation accident – apparently one of them farted and they all tried too hard to hold their breath. Very sad.
        Can’t remember his name now – something like ‘windsock’ wasn’t it?

      2. Oh BOY! David McNiven
        The Future is looking BLEAK!
        SO MAGNOLIA!

        I will do AS I DO!

        YOU do as YOU DO!

        If you don’t like what you see don’t read it or block it it really is that simple!

    4. Can I mention that on the left side of the keyboard on your laptop, three keys up from the bottom, is a key marked “caps lock”? You may find this key helps you in your affliction.

      1. No it’s okay David I CHOOSE TO and I LIKE USING CAPS sorry if that is a problem for you.
        Do you also do Spell Checks and Grammar Corrections, I REALLY SUCK at both, it would be great to have my own Magnolia SteveH and David Walsh Spell, Grammar, Caps and any other Checking/Correcting you may have WITH MY POSTS!


  7. Is Johnson looking for a new job?

    Boris Johnson leaves jobs he got sacked from off his new LinkedIn profile
    The Prime Minister has repeatedly been sacked from jobs after being accused of lying. For some reason he chose not to include them in the ‘experience’ section of his new LinkedIn page
    16:35, 1 SEP 2020News

    Boris Johnson’s new LinkedIn profile has left off both of the jobs he was sacked from.
    The Prime Minister joined the professional social networking website today, a week after denying he was planning his departure from Downing Street.
    The newly created page includes a series of his previous jobs in politics, including his stints as Foreign Secretary and Mayor of London.
    But it ignores some parts of his record which ended under more of a cloud.It lists his period as MP for Henley between 2001 and 2008, but neglects to mention that during that time he also held roles as Shadow Arts Minister and Conservative Party vice-chairman.
    But it ignores some parts of his record which ended under more of a cloud.

  8. Very disapointing. I cant quiet believe Starmer would collude with the government. Just what is so important that school is more important than life.? can always get an education but can only have one life.

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