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Number of children assessed by NHS to have coronavirus symptoms more than quadruples since start of September as schools re-open

Latest NHS Digital data reports 343% rise in likely infections assessed by 111 and 999 – and a massive 530% increase in online assessments of coronavirus infection

The number of children assessed by NHS ‘triage’ to have likely coronavirus symptoms has more than quadrupled in September compared to the preceding period, a report by the HSJ on the latest NHS Digital data release reveals.

Positive assessments by 111 and 999 services have increased by 343% – and positives on the online triage service by an even more terrifying 530%:

The ‘triage’ process assesses symptoms, so some children may have other viruses, but the huge increase will be a major concern to parents.

Calls relating to older people (19-69yrs) also increased by 63% for 111/999 and 117% online.

The government has attempted to dismiss the increase by saying it may have been caused by children catching other infections at school – but the Tories, with the agreement of Keir Starmer, still insist that ‘schools are safe’ from the transmission of the coronavirus, in spite of an exponential rise in the number of confirmed cases and the number of schools affected in England.

Hospitalisations, with a lag as would be expected, are now also increasing sharply and have hit levels not seen since mid-July.

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  1. “likely coronavirus symptoms”……Miss, I’ve got a cough and I can’t taste my dinner, can I go home? Yes dear, and we’d better send everyone else home too.

  2. You really have to be terminally dim to believe this sort of crap!

    Another Fairy Story bites the dust, destroyed by facts.

    What’s it like working for the Johnson and the Spivs?

  3. What’s it like being a BS merchant that comes here and spreads lies and fairy tales I never seen you answer the question how many bodies does it take to convince a paid BS merchant? Oh I forgot no one is dying of this it’s all a lie according to you…

    Your here every day as soon as a story drops your there! So you have no life or your paid to lie and deceive.

    Just bugger off you shill, it’s tired and offensive.

    France recorded a record 10,561 new confirmed cases of coronavirus as the country’s second wave showed no sign of slowing.
    It is a new daily record as the number topped 10,000 for the first time, and it is more than three times the new infection total announced by the UK on Saturday.
    When France announced its latest figures, they were the fourth highest new case total announced so far during the day, behind India (94,409), the US (22,730) and Brazil (13,971).

  5. It’s often the attempted cover-up that exposes them. Have the Tories been fiddling the books.
    Tory ministers have been accused of covering up a six-figure cash payment to friends of the PM’s adviser Dominic Cummings.
    The company Public First, which got £840,000 to run focus groups for No10, is owned by James Frayne, who set up a think tank in 2003 with Boris Johnson ’s controversial aide.
    He was once Department of Education communications director under Cummings’ ex-boss Michael Gove and it was his wife Rachel Wolf who wrote the Tory 2019 election manifesto.
    Now Shadow Cabinet Office minister Rachel Reeves wants to know why Public First got Covid emergency money under official cost codes which relate to Brexit.

    1. Oh Rachel Reeves.
      The lover of antisemitic, Nancy Astor
      No condemnation for her, I see.

      1. Thanks for your contribution, although I’m struggling to see how it added anything to the accusations against Cummings and his cronies.
        Instead of distracting from the Tory’s woes do you perhaps have something to add about the Tories being held to account by a Labour shadow minister doing what she’s paid to do.

      2. frank – Wall you turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, is that it, is that really the best you could manage to come up with.

      3. different frank – many women not unreasonably celebrated Astor as the first woman to take her seat in parliament – the fact she was an antisemite doesn’t make those women antisemites.
        Condemning people for ‘platform sharing’ is a propaganda technique of the right that socialists should avoid.

      1. Fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        You piece of shit

      2. frank – Well at least you’re consistent, your response turned out to be as repetitive as the video you linked to.

  6. A couple of threads back a CV denier accused big pharma of not taking financial responsibility for the damaging side effects of a vaccine.

    Scientists prefer to wait for 100% certainty but governments need to be seen to be doing something so they press big pharma to rush out vaccines – big pharma not unreasonably asks that governments accept responsibility for side effects longer testing would have revealed.

    It’s stupid to try to blame side effects on pharma when governments have contractually assumed responsibility.
    With ‘commercial sensitivity’ being commonplace it’s possible the side effect was predicted by pharma and accepted by governments.

    Imagine all scientists worked directly for ‘the people’ in a pure socialist society – the same choice would still have to be made between speed and safety.
    If in a referendum the fully-informed people voted to rush out an incompletely-tested vaccine, could they then reasonably blame the scientists for unforeseen side effects?
    I don’t think so.

  7. The knight will ride to the rescue on his trusty steed,or is that just another fairytail of the Labour of knights..Lords and baroness whatever..!Totally shaming and embarrassing to all the membership of the Labour party…!

    1. Joseph – Perhaps it would be best to reserve your fantasies for telling your grand children bedtime stories. they are more likely to invest in your magic fairy-tale world.

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