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Since the SKWAWKBOX’s last update 3 weeks ago, the blog has been as busy as ever. Here are just some of the items it has published either exclusively or against the flow of the mainstream narrative – in some cases forcing the ‘MSM’ to follow in its wake:


  • outright fake news pushed by the BBC about Labour members’ view of Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit strategy – and a letter from Labour officials that the Guardian refused to publish
  • news that Labour’s NEC has authorised general secretary Jennie Formby to prepare for the selection of parliamentary candidates ready for a new general election
  • a remarkable admission by YouGov’s CEO that the company ‘primed’ a poll conducted for the so-called “People’s Vote” campaign
  • Diane Abbott’s response to the vile treatment she received on the BBC’s Question Time programme, which the BBC arrogantly dismissed – and the stats the BBC lied about
  • exclusive news of the BBC’s refusal to release footage of the pre-show warm-up, which would have refuted or confirmed the abuse toward Abbott
  • death-threats against a Labour front-bencher for refusing to support a new referendum
  • inconvenient endorsements of the Venezuelan electoral system – and a glaring example of false claims about the situation there
  • manoeuvres by Tory MPs positioning themselves for a leadership bid as the Tories continue to prepare for a new general election
  • an admission by a pro-referendum group that supporting a new referendum would cost Labour the next general election
  • exclusive news of the government’s civil service scramble to prepare for a no-deal Brexit
  • news that the DWP is forcing domestic abuse survivors to prove abuse in order to claim assistance – and the abhorrent DWP treating survivors as intentionally homeless
  • Theresa May’s torrid reception when she chose a Liverpool hospital as the venue for the announcement of her damaging and misleading ‘ten year plan’ for the NHS
  • May’s desperate manoeuvres to try to fake a parliamentary win for her doomed Brexit deal
  • the sham of May’s post-defeat Brexit talks
  • proof that Jeremy Corbyn can renegotiate Brexit in a Labour government
  • Corbyn as favourite to be the next PM
  • the three ‘Labour’ MPs who astonishingly voted for May as she suffered a record parliamentary defeat
  • comments by renowned author Michael Rosen about antisemitism smears against the Labour Party – and a television personality’s antisemitic comment as she made them
  • Tory MPs declaring war on Commons Speaker John Bercow – and his emergence as victor
  • Jeremy Corbyn’s full Brexit speech ignored by broadcasters
  • Amber Rudd’s astonishing claim that the hated Universal Credit system is ‘doing a good job’
  • the collapse of ‘centrist’ arguments that Jeremy Corbyn must support a new EU referendum – and their floundering response to polls showing the opposite
  • the confirmed Brexit deadline that rules out a new referendum
  • a humiliating climb-down by ‘PV’ MPs over their planned referendum motion
  • massive support for Labour’s policies under Corbyn – and the Establishment’s fear/smear response
  • the real meaning of Corbyn’s amendment to May’s latest Brexit motion
  • Tom Watson’s possible exit from politics
  • coverage of the roasting given to Tory Twitter mouthpiece James Cleverly after he tried to dismiss the I, Daniel Blake film as meaningless fiction
  • exposure of the anti-Labour tactics used by media presenters to prevent Labour guests conveying an answer – and their repeated failure in the case of Barry Gardiner
  • a report on keywords used by anti-Corbyn campaigners trying to undermine Labour’s electability
  • the LibDems’ copying of Labour’s groundbreaking party political broadcast
  • important changes on Labour’s NEC

Local – around the country

  • Sandwell council leader’s behaviour – eventually used by the Times – and eventually resulting in his suspension by Labour after an investigation
  • the dramatic collapse of a trial brought by Sandwell council against a local blogger as video evidence proved the council’s claims untrue – and the bizarre events as a councillor’s trial for harassment was called off and then reinstated
  • the resignation of Birmingham’s waste-management cabinet member over the council’s ‘declaration of war’ on workers – and exclusive leaked emails accusing the council leader and council officers over their behaviour around the strike issues
  • Streatham Labour members’ complaints about anti-democratic rigging by supporters of Chuka Umunna

In these ways and more, the SKWAWKBOX continues to help create a more honest media landscape and narrative – and to change outcomes for the better.

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