Labour front-bencher Melanie Onn receives death threat – for opposing 2nd referendum

Great Grimsby Labour MP Melanie Onn has been the subject of threats, including of being ‘gunned down’ – for opposing a new EU referendum.

Ms Onn tweeted this morning about emails she had received:

The matter has been reported to the police.

While the vast majority of responses to Ms Onn’s tweets were supportive, a few ‘FBPE’ types – appallingly but not astonishingly – couldn’t restrain themselves from using the thread to criticise Ms Onn and push their ‘stop Brexit’ agenda:

Sadly, such crass insensitivity is anything but uncommon and such tweets have been seen in response to all kinds of tragedy, which have contributed to an increasing distaste for the ‘PV’ movement among many Labour supporters.

Ms Onn should be applauded for her bravery in confronting the issue and her publishing specifics.

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    1. Most likely,,,

      Call a toerag remainer a ‘nartzee’ , however…

  1. I’ve seen comments in the Guardian threatening civil disobedience if they don’t get a second referendum. Is there a middle class rebellion under way?

    1. Those spineless creatures had the running of the Labour party for 20 years,we know exactly what they will do,and it does not include “civil disobedience”.They are only fit to pull the levers of state repression as with Macron.

    2. PV-types threatening civil disobedience? Oh I’d LOVE to see that!

      It’d be so respectful, politically correct and of course, effective (not).

  2. Speaking of second referendums, I read an interesting tweet from Craig Murray claiming a cabinet office contact informed him that the Tories were considering a second referendum with 3 questions and the option of voting for a favourite and second favourite option: 1. Stay in the EU. 2. Leave with no deal and 3. Accept May’s deal.
    This Machiavellian scam indicates that the cabinet office think May’s deal would win overall.

    1. You’re right. The government will be calculating it as a way to get a Brexit deal.

      And that damn thing ‘democracy’. Can be devilishly ‘Machiavellian’ – as the frantic Leaver desire to hold onto the last non-result under that specious rationale demonstrates!

  3. “I’ve seen comments in the Guardian threatening civil disobedience if they don’t get a second referendum.”

    FFS! we’ve all seen extravagance from the rightist swivel-eye Brexiteers, too. So what?

    The slant on this story is no better than the right using Facebook nutters as evidence of ‘antisemitism’ amongst people they disagree with.

    Christ on a bike! Is there so little substantive argument to be made?

    1. What are you on about about now! I’m not trying to “make a substantive argument, I’m pointing out that Liberal Guardian readers who love to denigrate the “Wetherspoons class” of “swivel eyed Brexiteers” as violent thugs are essentially no better themselves.
      You don’t like it when I call those remain supporters who can’t let go and won’t accept the referendum result “fanatics”….I do so because of what I’ve seen and heard from people who’ve been posting in the Guardian for years and who I previously thought of as left of centre. The referendum result turned them into arch defenders of Macron, the Euro, and anything European. The very people who used to get angry about calling the working class “chavs” now deride them for drinking in Wetherspoons and talk of violent insurrection. It is an interesting phenomena to see how the referendum has infected a small group of people to the extent that they’ve changed their social/political philosophy and become exactly what they used to hate.

      1. I think you’ve missed the point. By a mile.

        Nothing new.

        (Hint : It’s about attributing significance to the insignificant margins)

      2. You would make light given you’re a fanatical remainer yourself. This is a left wing blog where Labour supporters can express their opinion. Please allow me to do so without sticking your verbose beak in.

      3. Not sure how you got yourself into orbit from this launchpad.

        I was merely pointing out the futility of giving credibility to the Facebook-type nutter fringe as representatives of anything but that – of all flavours.

        “This is a left wing blog where Labour supporters can express their opinion.”

        You said it. That includes opinions that contradict yours – i.e. those of a large swathe of Labour supporters.

        I’m certainly a ‘Remainer’ – again like a large swathe of Labour supporters.

        But ‘fanatical’ ??? No. Simply left enough to know the dangers of assenting to right-wing Tory policies as conceived of by the ERG plutocrats, let alone adopting them.

        “arch defenders of Macron, the Euro, and anything European.”

        ??? Do get a grip on the reality, and stop erecting fictional straw men. Getting worked into a lather about the Guardian and drinkers in Wetherspoons really isn’t the top and bottom of socialism.

        I mean – let’s be serious. All of us have sympathy for people drinking in Wetherspoons – they really tend to be shitty as pubs. 🙂

  4. Yes someone I know was telling me that their brother in law (he is very middle class) came round before Xmas and they were having a nice chat about holidays when suddenly he stood up and started to rant about the EC (he loves the EC and has been on all the pro-EC/PV demos) and wagged his finger in their face for 10 minutes.
    He then clouted them on the face saying “What are you going to do to stop it?”
    He is all over the place politically and once said he loved JC but now because of Brexit he hates him which is why I suggested those around Jeremy need to provide JC with proper security.
    So there may be a few hotheads on the fringes of both sides but perhaps some need to calm down and do the more difficult human task of actually thinking about ideas and peacefully debating them then let ideas and democracy decide.
    Oh my colleague unfriended them for life!
    “Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are a vexation to the skin!”

  5. I stand in Solidarity with Melanie Onn. Thank you for representing us, and for standing up to the bullies.
    Most Remain voters are perfectly reasonable people who accept the result of the referendum, but there is a euro-fanatic element trying to force us to stay in the EU, using any means possible, including personal abuse and threats. These extremists deepen my wish to leave the EU.
    As EU members, we are all part of a vast bureaucratic machinery that has helped to create peace and order across the continent, and lifted people out of poverty; but has at the same time, eroded democracy to a meaningless nub, and shown its willingness to spurn the popular will when it doesn’t accord with the wishes of the elite.
    By leaving the EU, peacefully and with good will towards our neighbours in European countries, we send a message, about the consequences of ruling without true democracy and respect for the people you govern.
    Britain’s problem is not Brexit, but the euro-fanatics established in our own political parties, and in ordinary homes across the UK, clearly feeling threatened by our vote to regain our national independence.

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