Excl: Williamson courts key Tories on ‘regional tour’ as May resignation rumours build

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson

Tory party insiders say that Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has embarked on a programme of regional visits for one-to-one meetings with key Tory members.

Williamson was accused just last month of ‘boasting’ about his leadership prospects and claims he is positioning for a bid date back about as far as his appointment to the Defence brief.

The tour coincides with a sudden bout of claims among Tories – including from senior MPs to their inner circles – that Theresa May will resign if/when she loses the vote next week on her Brexit deal as unrest peaks again among Cabinet members and MPs about her ‘dictatorial’ style and refusal to listen to advice.

If only the army went on manoeuvres as often as Gavin does.

A senior Tory MP
The alleged opinion of a Tory MP on Gavin Williamson

Opinion among Tory members is said to be divided, with many unconvinced by Williamson and a substantial number even said to be agitating for a return for pro-Brexit Iain Duncan Smith.

Among his parliamentary colleagues, however, there seems to be a weary resignation to Williamson’s ambitions. One senior Tory MP told the SKWAWKBOX, “If only the army went on manoeuvres as often as Gavin does.

Of course, with May having already promised not to stand in another election in order to escape a no-confidence vote last month, the tour could also be a sign – one of several – that the Tories know there’ll soon be a vacancy at the top because a general election is approaching.

Williamson’s constituency office declined to provide comment. His parliamentary office was unreachable this morning.

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    1. Gavin Williamson, our Private Pike tribute act , has now added to his famous blood curdling menacing of Putin’s Russia , with his “Shut up and go away” jibe . His latest Private Pike outburst was unveiled with his announcement that nine of the useless , massively over-priced (circa £150m EACH) , F35 “stealth” fighters (stealthy only as long as the paintwork isn’t scratched – completely true) will soon be in operation over Syria – claiming that it announced to a, no doubt cowering, world of bad people – “Don’t mess with us” ! Funny – but tragic. THIS is a serious Tory leadership contender !

      1. I think tapeworm is a more appropriate analogy myself. They represent the parasitic class who suck the life blood out of our and may other societies and economies for their own self enrichment. They are the ‘enemy within’ but they have allies in the neoliberal/neocon fanatic or just plain indoctrinated MPs in other parties including far too many in the Labour party.
        That famous broad church (too broad imo) is still skewed towards the ruthless, exploitative ‘”extreme centre” that has emerged in this later stage of Capitalism.

  1. The next fortnight is going to be one of the biggest roller-coaster rides in the history of parliament.
    The Tories are so deep in the more that the convulsions that are rightly due to them will be visible from space.
    JC’s strategy has been correct all along.
    Politics is not for the faint hearted.

    1. JC never makes a move withought real thought, nor is he scared of testing the water first. He’s stood his ground against all smears, lies and political attack. He is for the people not the self. Tories don’t understand people like him who brings decency, honesty and peace to the country. I can’t wait to see him in number 10. Just hope security is tightened at polling stations and counts and that electoral commission keep an eye on anywhere Tories can commit fraud in electoral spending. Praying for a General Election soon.

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