LibDems accused of cloning Labour’s ground-breaking party political broadcast

Late last year, the Labour Party put out a ground-breaking party political broadcast (PPB) video that shook the Establishment. Even the usually-hostile mainstream media were talking about its communication, its style and its message as frightening to other parties – and wondered how those other parties could compete.

It seems at least one of those parties decided that if you can’t beat it, clone it.

The LibDems’ new PPB has been accused on social media by the maker of the Labour video of copying his work – with scene after scene uncannily similar:

In at least one case, the LibDems even used the same hospital set:

Although slightly different areas are used, film-maker Simon Baker advised the SKWAWKBOX that it was a different view of the same London studio set.

Baker also told the SKWAWKBOX:

I watched it with my mouth open, literally. I mean seriously, they can’t think for themselves at all – and the execution is genuinely terrible, with piss-poor production values.

It’s even got similar music, script and structure. It’s scarcely believable – but it just confirms everything we know about them – and what makes it worse is they’ve used our hospital set – and we’re about to use it again for a new video!

Simon Baker

The SKWAWKBOX contacted the LibDem press office for comment on the accusations. The LibDems have not yet responded.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The LibDems have been woeful in every respect since they collapsed after propping up the Cameron government. They clearly still have no original ideas – and their recent behaviour suggests they haven’t even really learned the lesson of their self-destruction when they spent five years enabling the Tories to wreck the lives of millions.

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  1. Quite ironic given how they spend their time trashing the Labour Party at every opportunity, but then see fit to use there PPB material

  2. Thank you for this.

    However, a majority of Liberal Democrat MPs (7/12) have spoken out against President Trump’s plans to tear up the INF nuclear missile treaty and thus risk a new nuclear arms race.

    In fact, the percentage of Democratic Unionist MPs who have spoken out is currently greater than the percentage of Labour MPs!

    There can be no room for complacency on a matter of such vital importance:

    Has your MP signed?


  3. We won’t back any labour no confidence motions…But we WILL plaigiarise their PPB’s in some subliminal attempt to try to reflect some of their popularity on us because we’re disdainful of public opinion & perception and we believe the public are too dense to realise the yawning chasm between the parties and won’t notice we’re just yellow toerags.

    You really do have to be some sort of mentally deficient to even consider voting for them.

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