The three sorry Labour MPs who missed their moment of history – by backing May

The trio – spectacularly out of touch

On an evening during which Labour – together with no fewer than 118 Tories and blanket support from every MP of other parties – inflicted the heaviest government defeat in parliamentary history on Theresa May, three Labour MPs chose to miss out on their little piece.

By voting with Theresa May, for her epochally awful Brexit deal.

It takes a kind of heroism to be that catastrophically wrong – that monumentally out of touch with the zeitgeist and to have their fingers that far off the pulse.

Ian Austin, Kevin Barron, John Mann – such towering wrongness deserves recognition.

(Frank Field would have made this exclusive club – but blew it by resigning the Labour whip last year and therefore counting as an independent.)

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  1. Let’s hope they make one sound decision, and stand down before the General Election.

  2. Regretfully they will be joined by more in the no confidence vote. Chuckup has already declared labour members do not want a GE. That’s out of touch!

  3. These men, everyone of whom, has a record of calling for the expulsion of members of the Party on the slimmest of grounds, have been daring the Party to withdraw the Whip ever since the membership elected a leader that they didn’t like,should be suspended.
    It is a matter of disgrace that, under the rubric of Broad Church, these three and others like them are untouched by disciplinary procedures while their victims, including men like Livingstone and Galloway who, with their superb campaigning skills and long record of service, will be indispensable in the coming campaigns for socialism, not to mention dozens of rank and file militants, are banned from taking part in political activities.
    There is as much shame in the fact that these men are members of the Labour Party in Parliament as there is in their characteristically treacherous actions today.

    1. While Austin is without doubt a Labour Friends of Israel member, Barron wasn’t known to me until I read a letter by Joan Ryan on behalf of LFI and Barron’s name was on it. Mann’s disgraceful attack on Livingstone speaks for itself and so do the votes these men cast against Corbyn. The Israel lobby certainly haven’t given up hope of destroying the Labour leader. CLP’s across the country need to deselect dozens of MP’s with loyalties primarily to another country.
      To give Corbyn any chance of becoming Prime Minister we need to make the ‘Labour Friends of Israel’ into mere ‘Friends of Israel’.

      1. This isn’t anything to do with Israel or LFI. Don’t make it so and give them the ammunition by mentioning those words – else we’ll subjected to more hyperbolic shrieking from the hypersensitive, all too easily offended blerts.

  4. More to the point how long will it take for the NEC to give their respective CLPs permission to start the procedures to get rid of them.

  5. Voting against a three line whip should be automatic expulsion, unless Jeremy didn’t call one.

  6. Its strange to be a labour voter and a labour member, yet not like some of the labour mps. I have never really been that excited about politics before, I voted labour because my dad did. Now I vote labour because of Jeremy Corbyn and a few good people. Who are really genuine good decent people wh have a vision for the many not the few.

  7. These traitors need to be deselected if they can’t support our democratically elected leader they need to go

  8. Nice of the rest of the world not to do anything newsworthy so the BBC can repeat May’s forlorn speechifying 24/7 innit?

  9. I’m still struggling to understand why these people are voting for this. The leavers were voting against it, and the remainers were voting against it so what was their purpose in trying to prop up the conservatives

  10. Any of these blowhards could have earned a little respect by pairing with Tulip Siddiq to allow her to give birth at the right time and protect the health of her and her baby-to-be. That they forced her to attend in a wheelchair against medical advice should nail the coffin shut on their careers.

    1. From what I have read and heard on the news Tulip was offered both pairing and nodding through but declined to accept either because she understandably couldn’t trust the Tories to honour any commitment they made.

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