Two important changes on Labour’s NEC

Two important changes took place on Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) on Tuesday. Diane Abbott replaced Kate Osamor, because Ms Osamor was on the NEC as a Cabinet representative but resigned from the front bench last month.

In the more significant change, CLP representative Ann Henderson has replaced Unison’s Keith Birch as chair of the equalities subcommittee and therefore in the important Officers group, which plays a large role in deciding the NEC’s priorities and programme. Henderson was elected to the NEC as a member of the left slate.

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    1. Is this environmental catastrophe in any way linked to the rise in population figures & the destruction of woodland & forests? Will these problems get worse as the world’s population increases? In the 1960s there were warnings about over population & even ‘pop’ songs were made about it. Now, no such warning, problem solved.

    2. I think the Media Lens article is a bit one-eyed. Obviously, corporate interests have a massive influence on the climate change drivers and the shaping of opinion. But ‘The Guardian’ ?? With all my distaste for it’s editorial line on a lot of issues, it’s hardly an outstanding culprit on this issue in the field of the corporate press.

      … and, of course, the wider population of wealthy, late-capitalist countries are not just passive ‘victims’. They/we are complicit in driving climate change, as can be seen in protests in any moves to tax carbon fuels or to provide cheaper public transport. And that’s just one example. The lifestyles of a capitalist economy depend upon assent. That’s why the Tories have a habit of getting elected.

      1. And perhaps just a teensy-weensy bit to do with the MSM. I wonder where JC would be in the polls if we had an impartial media.

  1. I’ve posted a number of comments over-night and this morning in relation to Poll-gate – including a link to a Spectator article by Isabel Oakeshott about QT/Diane Abbot published on Monday – all of which I’m sure will be of interest. You can find them here (scroll down to the comment by southhay and they are directly below):


    1. Sharp analysis Allan – don’t think I’ll pursue any further links to the nausea inducing Spectator though!

  2. So what is the current make up of the officers group of the NEC. How are they split between right and left wing currently ?

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