Video: Watson hints strongly at exit from politics

Tom Watson speaking to Sky News

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson has kept a low profile for the last few months – apart from an attempt to coerce the party’s leadership into a better conference speaking slot in August. His threat was followed by a decision not to speak at all, an escalation of the antisemitism row after he did not get his way, a private meeting with the rabidly anti-Corbyn Dan Hodges – and a globally-trending #resignWatson hashtag.

But Watson has appeared on Sky News today in a piece on his weight loss – which ended with a powerful hint that he might be intending to step down from politics altogether:

Claiming that life has been far better since he lost weight and that he has been ‘chilled out’ as a result – so chilled out that he might not wish to be in politics.

Tom Watson was contacted for comment.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Watson’s departure would be welcomed by huge numbers of Labour members – and a new deputy leader could only strengthen the party in all senses.

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  1. Whatever else he may be, Watson is not stupid. He knows how imminent a Labour Government is and how unlikely he is to make the Cabinet after his 3 years of leadership backstabbing. For now there are still lucrative alternatives for ex-Blairites and Brownites. And he’s both!

      1. How good and reassuring it is to know that Tom Watson will categorically and absolutely NEVER be Prime Minister of the UK.

        Jeremy Corbyn is not only the safest bet for desperately needed progressive change, he is also the only prospective PM who is able and willing to turn the tide away from mindless nuclear brinkmanship with all lthe dangers this entails of humankind falling off the edge of the nuclear precipice by accident or design.

  2. Perhaps he’s friendly with someone who works for a national trade union or something who could find him a nice quiet backroom job….. Well maybe not.

  3. We need a left-winger there ‘cos it’s a vote on the NEC. Not that the NEC “Left” tend to push things to a vote, being largely fake left phonies.

  4. And no doubt taking up a permanent host show on LBC so he can further undermine Corbyn

  5. I’d imagine he has already lined up the Golden Parachute into the revolving door job that’s been on the cards for the last few months .
    Still if that solves a problem for all concerned then great , so onto more positive things who’s going to start the list of Favs for the job .
    Here’s mine to start ,,, limit to top 3 candidates pse

    1.Emily T
    2.Dawn B
    3.Barry G

  6. I wrote elsewhere that Watson had hit a brick wall regarding further advancement and he would jack it in soon. So soon in fact that he won’t be wearing a parachute.

  7. Allan Howard. Thanks for reminding us of another reason to want Watson gone – his support for the Israeli Lobby within the Party whose aim is to see Jeremy Corbyn being prevented from becoming our next PM. Which is why it is so disappointing to see Emily Thornberry and Barry Gardiner remaining in the Labour Friends of Israel when they too continually try to undermine Jeremy.

    1. I’m not much in favour of witch hunts, but I think that there are serious questions to be asked about LFI and its compatibility with Labour Party values, given what we indisputably know about funding and lobby activities.

      If being a ‘Labour Friend of Israel’ means telling it as it is – that Israel needs to drop the racism that discriminates against the Palestinian population and develop in to a modern non-apartheid state- all well and good. If it means being, in effect, a patsy – an apologist for the ‘other’ antisemitism (in the root sense – aimed by Israel at Palestinians) – then it’s time to get out.

      The problem is that too many Labour politicians run scared of being called ‘antisemitic’ by the fraudulent Israeli front.

  8. Not often I would say, “We should encourage him in this”, but we should encourage him in this!

  9. I won’t be holding my breath … but maybe there is lot more to come out about Sandwell Council which will give Tom Watson little choice.

  10. Where will he go next? Well the media always reward those who have campaigned strongly against the left in Labour. So I would imagine a career in the spotlight will be his for the taking – strictly, HIGNFY, Would I Lie to You (could get a permanent slot here), Big Brother (or its alternative), Big Bake Off, endless political programmes and commentating, The One Show, and finally ending up in bit parts of BBC dramas. Go for it Tom – you’ve earned it!

    1. He can always follow Ed Balls onto “Come Dancing”.

      I can remember that back in the day there was a cartoon book published. lampooning a former Tory PM after his fall from office entitled. “101 Things To Do With A John Major”. Needless to say, something along these lines could be done featuring Tom Watson.

      I was going to suggest a use for Watson, but it is quite unpleasant involving the use of a cleft in one of his body parts for securing bicycles in the House of Commons car park, but I should desist from proceeding further and leave something to readers’ collective imagination.

      What a prat!

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